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Meeting In The Middle Of The Mystery

Namaste Marvelous, Miraculous Mystery! Happy May!

I greet you this day in reverent miracle mindedness; measuring a few life milestones and moments ~ some in celebration of mystical manifestation and others in surrendered contemplation ~ all somewhere in the intersections of those inspirations! Near the end of these May mindful musings, I have some marvelous NEWs to share! Yet, first let’s settle in with sacred breath. Our New Thought Families May Play & Pray Calendar is embracing The Mystery narrated by intergenerational voices. Based on this AHsome anonymous audio, The Mystery, I invite you to contemplate & celebrate any May day with us on the Calendar and here and now with our video, The Mystery:

And so it is we meet here in the Mystery … the awareness of sacredness and divinity in our reality. Thank you for the gift of your presence here and now. As so many aspects of political and social culture are in varied amounts of meltdown both nationally and globally, it is good to meet here, breathe deep and affirm divine order. The more centered we stay as individuals, families, communities, the more we can stay the divine in the face of the insanity of humanity.

As spring weather warms up, the mosquitos are coming out; ever thought of how these tiny beings cause destruction in their blood sucking way of survival?! There has been talk of scientifically eradicating them due to the belief that they only cause harm and provide no measurable benefits. So why did the Creator make mosquitos? Is it divine co-creation to eradicate them and thereby the life threatening diseases they carry? Are there those in the world who would be horrified if humans eradicated mosquitos? If it were attempted, would it even be successful?! Would our Earth Mother weep if we waged war with her children the mosquitos?! As we bring those questions home, what ‘mosquitos’ in your life would you like to eradicate? What purpose do they serve?

In the middle of our May Mystery celebrations and contemplations, is motherhood. With Mother’s Day celebrated the second Sunday in May,  we honor our mothers, and often, their selfless giving for our well being. Mother’s Day began in 1870 by Julia Ward Howe as a Mother’s Day For Peace; she was, in part inspired by Anna reeves Jarvis who in 1858 started “Women’s Work Days” for women working for more sanitary conditions for both sides of the civil war. These mothers didn’t want to lose their sons to war and they didn’t want any mother to lose their child to war no matter what side of the fight they were on. It was a motherly reaching and teaching of oneness, unconditional Love and the sanity of humanity. Our New Thought Families page on these Mother’s Day origins is here.

Every month has it’s special celebrations; in fact every day has been declared for multiple somethings it seems! For instance, May 1st is not just for dancing around the May Pole! From quite a roster of holidays found here, the one that had peeps taking to the streets this year was International Workers’ Day as thousands took to the streets marching in solidarity for (undocumented) immigrants. While I have not made another march since the Women’s March, I applaud the active feet and voices chanting and singing for each other, for justice, for the health and well being of our planet. Undoubtedly, there are those who view protestors as mosquitos while I revere them as the lifeblood of democracy.

In the midst of our current civil unrest, the well being of our Sacred Mother is under another series of attacks. With climate change denial at the center, artic oil drilling tops the list of old ways surfacing to be reinstated. While we as individuals and families don’t have a lot of power against big oil, collectively our marching feet do! And! In the green begins with me core of who we are, there are truly infinite ways we can practice living green ~ in conservation and in reverent respect and adoration of our Mother.  I had a call yesterday with Rev Barbara Williams for her Deep Green series and a recording of that green talk, green walk call is here.

I join Rev Barbara again tomorrow 5/6 at noon Pacific, 3:00 Eastern on her Blog Talk Radio Show to continue the conversation! Join us in yessing the Greening Our Being!

So! Yes we can align with the shine of our divine design … any time! Especially in these crazy times where the insanity of humanity seems so prevalent. We just keep listening deep for what is ours to do and trust that transformations are always turning true! The New Thought TV Channel has been in touch for family programming and even though our archives are not of the production quality they require, we will be collaborating in the future. Meanwhile! The process led me to this compilation celebrating Mama! It includes: Mama & Earth Mama Music Videos, Sacred Moments with Nature, Green Living At Home for reverent mama earth living & Sebastian Wakes Up Laurie StorEBook. EnJOY!

New Thought Families Leaping Literacy Celebration: MAMA
Password: LLLNTM
Runs: 23:36

Our Leaping Literacy Library has some new innovations that will be going live throughout the summer. The Leaping Literacy Library Free Shelf is stocked with videos, songs and Laurie StorEBooks that celebrate variations of mama and more!
Before I close this sharing, I do want to speak to a celebration that feels like a full circle, mystic manifestation … I interviewed at our old church this week, Spiritual Life Center, for a part time Youth Education Director position. It has been a loooong time since we were really part of this loving community ~ though in divine order, I was there 3 WOW Wednesdays in the past few months, presenting with my interfaith minister friend Karene. There are a myriad of details I could dive into yet what’s important is that this was a process of surrender and “Thy will be my will” in receiving the call to apply, applying, and receiving the job. The Mystery is at work and play in and through the leadership I will be working with at the church, in and through me as well as in and through the beautiful youth and families I will serve and be served by. It has a full circle bringing home of the resources at New Thought Families ~ many that started at Spiritual Life Center! ~ and the Leaping Literacy Library in terms of them becoming more organized and accessible for use by others. It is a happy heart synergy for me just knowing that what we nurture and envision as good can be birthed as magnificence into the mundane.

So whatever good you’re up to, let’s continue to live the Mystery holding hope for the heart of humanity and walking our path as straight and true as we can … as the I Am that I Am! And so it is. Thank you, thank you for the heart of you so true. Namaste, Love!

Spiritual Family Time! Come to Feathers Of Freedom Camp with us this summer!

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Vibrant Voices Vibrate Vision


Namaste Visionary Voters ~Vibrational Voices Of Vision!
I greet you in gratitude for this moment of time in the Circle of Creation. With a vibrational remembrance of unconditional Love, let us breathe our divine essence now. Deep breath. Let us make space for the still small sacred voice within to be heard.307-turndownvolumeIn this week of Halloween, Samhain, All Saints and All Soul’s Days, Day of the Dead, and the last few days before our American election, there are indeed many voices swirling all around us and inside us. They all carry vibrations and as vibrational beings in a vibrational world, our emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies can’t help but respond. We are response able ~ and responsible for all of our reactions and vibrations even if they are all too often still playing out in our unconscious reality ~ you know, the one that shows up as THE reality?! And! We can, in every moment, choose to be and feel the GOOD VIBES of the ever present, omnipresent sacred in us and all around us!308-vibrationsSo! As awake and aware conscious beings on a spiritual path, we can name and claim the visions of our hearts as the reality we are shaping ~ for ourselves and others. The holy days of this week hold vibrant voices of the past that tell us much of what we do and how we do it ~ should we choose to listen! Briefly, the Pagan or Wiccan traditions embodied in Samhain, were, and are, all about honoring the turning of the seasons including the remembrance of our ancestors. Halloween precedes the Days of the Dead/Souls/Saints as part of this remembrance. I like to think of the playful dress up of Halloween as the dead’s way of reminding us to be anyone and everything we choose while we’re still alive in these bodies! If it’s one thing I have learned from all the elder care and in asking the ancestors and departed friends for guidance, it’s DON’T WAIT! (And ya, I still procrastinate! Been working on this post all week ~ in this space and in my head! ~) 300-visionaryVisions are all too often extinguished out of fear! We do this to ourselves and to each other.  Again, in keeping with the holi-days of this week, did you know that the word witch simply means wise one?! When patriarchy and Christianity were on the rise, the wise women ~ witches ~ were such a threat that there was a holocaust killing between 9 and 11 million people. We will tend to this next time in more deserved detail ~ in the W post! ~ yet for this vibratory discussion of voices, let us stay awake and aware that society all too often silences the voices of the wise.

When hundreds dressed in riot gear showed up at Standing Rock shooting rubber bullets and pepper spray at the ‘Water Protectors’, the buffalo came too ~ hundreds of them … in their earthly and divine wisdom, they came seemingly to protect the protectors.

Our Mother Earth has such wisdom for us and (too) many refuse to listen to her insistent, wise voice! Our indigenous people have always listened, and we in turn, as a society, don’t listen to them! Standing Rock is the current setting for one of the most profound spiritual uprisings and perhaps one of the biggest shifts of our time. Because of police violence that broke out there last week and has continued this week, more people are hearing about it though it seems to be still a trickle into mainstream news. In answer to my own heart hurting as this escalates, we have a page on the New Thought Families website with some videos about the big story and some of the smaller ones … some of the faces in the now 8,000 that have gathered, like the beautiful young woman, Sky Bird Black Owl who gave birth there. In case you need a short recap; Standing Rock is a native American reservation in North Dakota. The Great Sioux Nation retains this reservation in accordance with the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851. They started camping out the 1st of April (more than 7 months ago!) to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline project which threatens the drinking water for millions and has been tearing apart sacred burial grounds that should be protected under the treaty. More than 350 tribes of indigenous peoples have now come to Standing Rock to join the Water Protectors in their peaceful, prayerful protest of the ‘Black Snake’. They are unarmed. They are in constant prayer and ceremony. And they are being attacked even as the construction continues (though it is supposed to be on hold). The voice of big oil is drowning out the wise voices of our indigenous people. Part of the divine order yes in all of this is the joining in solidarity; some of the tribes praying together used to war with each other.  I pray for their safety, and for the sanity of humanity to once and for all stop this destruction. I also pray that we, as a nation, will hear their voices, vision, and vibrations for a more harmonious way to be in relationship with our Creator, our gorgeous earth home and with each other. Aho! May we all see in sweeping vistas of divinity … For Humanity!

And then of course there are all the prayerful whispers and angry shouts accompanying our upcoming elections. With a particular focus on our unprecedented Presidential race, my heart has also been hurting with what seems like so many around me in my rural town, and indeed in my own family who are voting for the man endorsed by the KKK. I voted this week already, had an emotional and cathartic phone conversation with a female family member followed by a long FaceBook post. So for now, I am back in divine order peace trusting the highest good is unfolding for all. I did vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton and I am praying for her and for all in this turbulent time. Our country and the world deserve a leader who listens as well as has a strong voice. In my prayers for humanity, I absolutely join with those at Standing Rock in hope that our government can and will listen to the wisdom of the people and of the buffalo ~ even over the roar of all the other accusations, name calling, and ugliness that has become this election. Perhaps more than ever, this is a vote of character over and above party & politics. hillary-clinton-1754429 302-vote

I Am Voting For Humanity!

You know ‘For Humanity’ as our Spiritual ABC Theme this year ~ little did I know where we all were headed … Glad Spirit did! Ultimately, as a species we are waking up into more and more of our truth as spiritual beings. We are having some pretty extreme birthing pains as evidenced in so many angry voices … voting and otherwise. Yet! Each voice, and each vote counts ~ yours, mine, every voice! Let us not lose faith or hope in humanity and our evolution ~ no matter what! And! Let’s join our voices together in solidarity and song! I wrote the For Humanity Song last January and when friend & SoulPlay Storyteller Ruth Humphreys ( & sometimes daily Play & Pray Calendar narrator!) interviewed me for her Live Your Childhood Dream web show , we thought of doing a compilation music video with faces and voices from all over … the world?! So! Before our bittersweet 2016 ends, here’s the song with your invitation to sing along! Our webpage has lyrics, chords, and a download of those + mp3 and this singing video + Ruth’s video with the backstory. Page is HERE! We are looking for as many participants as possible this month of November to sing some of the song on video and send it to us for a group compilation video to come out in December! The video below is just me singing it in my living room the other day ~ you can sing it anywhere too. I sang it lower for what will hopefully be a better key for you?! We would SO love YOUR voice singing along!

So, yes, our vivacious V’s are already making way for wonderful W on our daily Play & Pray Calendar at New Thought Families! Today, we are reverently connecting with water and I add here and now deep gratitude & protection for the Water protectors at Standing Rock. By the end of the weekend, W should be the new feature on our Leaping Literacy Library’s Free Shelf ~ so grab your V’s ~ including voicing your dreams with SoulPlay Visible Dreamer Jean Kathryn Carlson!


Thank you so much for being here in visionary vibration as we voice our vote for ourselves, each other, our planet home, and for Humanity! May you continue to envision vistas, voice your visions, and turn down the volume on all else when you need to. Let us be in faith filled ThanksLiving with the truth of the divine that is always giving us the free will blessing to co-create our highest and best! Namaste, Love!

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Using Understanding Utilizes Unity!

284-underNamaste Unique, Understanding, Unified Ones!

Yes, we are celebrating the Letter U with all the understanding and unconditional Love we can muster! First, as peace and all else begins with us, as in each of us, we celebrate what it is to be our unusual, unique selves. Some of us seem to thrive on being more unusual than usual and yet, if it’s one thing this path has taught me; being true to yourself (myself!) is the only way … even if and when you stick out like a unicorn …  or a sore thumb! 283-unusual281-thumbsupThe only way I have found to understand me, much less anyone else, is through the deep dive within … going under to understand. The place of darkness is also the place of light. Nurturing this underbelly of ourselves gives us more access to understanding, and ultimately, the Light within us and all around us.290-uniqueUnder the umbrella of our inner Spirit is also the place where we meet up with the ultimate Source or server. Think of your brain like a computer often running old programs from the hurts of the heart … Like a computer we can update our programs, information, and even the access to our Server, aka Source. Unlike our computers that randomly update as they like, we can update at any moment with the universal Server simply by going into prayerful connection.  291-updateAnd so it is we are called to unionize. First with ourselves and our Source … updating and upgrading regularly, daily. From this place of union down under, our unique umbrella of understanding grows allowing us to better understand others. Our current political climate is calling to us to unionize through raging polarization. We are all feeling it to varying degrees in our own families and communities as well as in all the angst in our world family. The humanitarian crisis of refugees has reached a staggering 65 million people displaced from their homes. Yet, in any given moment, we can harmonize and unionize through a heartfelt prayer.293-union

In these turbulent, trying times, we are constantly being invited to walk our talk, live our prayer, and Love unconditionally, especially those we don’t understand. Here is a short vlog that speaks to this and also utilizes the ukulele with the new Letter U Spirit Short Song:


Being in my creativity keeps me tethered through all the uncertainties I continue to navigate with my parents, family, community, world family. I was blessed to attend the Children’s Music Network’s National Gathering last weekend and truly singing songs with good hearted people is sure to help heal the hurts of humanity! Did you know that this Saturday, October 22nd is World Singing Day?! Sing along, wherever you are! And! October 24th is Global Oneness Day ~ join the chorus of positive voices speaking their YES for Love, light, and humanity in a unification celebration.

Ah, the raising of voices and vibrations with all the hope and goodness humanity has to offer. On the next V post, I will be speaking more about vibrations, music, and inviting YOU to sing our (2016 theme) song, “For Humanity” from your backyard.

In fact, this weekend, our daily Play & Pray Calendar as well as the Leaping Literacy Library Free Shelf are all turning to the visionary voice of Letter V:freebiesWhatever unicorn yearnings are stirring in you, may you honor all of your unique unusuality! And! May you find ways to unify with yourself and others with going under to understand, updating your Source connections, practicing unconditional Love, creating & honoring unions … singing, praying, uniting as One with the many good peeps around you. Namaste universally unified expressions of Love!285-unify

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Om Of Oneness


Namaste Original Ones!
I greet you with an OM of oneness! In the midst of a sizzling summer swirl, I made it back to the beach this week for 2 nights arriving home just before Jeremiah and dadio Daniel arrived from their coast to coast driving adventure … after 5 weeks away, my boy is home! I am cherishing the oneness that I felt while he was away as well as the atONEment I feel now that he is home. Practicing this OM of oneness in this now moment … here … even as the next few days loom large, breathing OM now … Before I take him on to band camp, take his dad to the airport to fly home, take my dad to more doctors, get back to Laurie StorEBooks and the Leaping Literacy Online Library, and finish my county fair entries … So! I know you have a long list too so let’s just center in this cyber space together and OM as ONE!…! grandomMy meditation on the letter O is offered below followed by a bit more on sacredness in politics mentioned in the last July blogpost here. And! Here is the ‘Ocean OM’ vlog celebrating Letter O I did on the beach if you want to om with me here or directly at Vimeo with the password: VLOLS

In Our Origin Is Oneness!
All of life originated from the same Source; with intention we can open ourselves to this sweet Spirit oasis place anytime, anywhere. With the desire to experience oneness, we can allow our awareness to expand. As we breathe out the sacred sound of OM, we can connect with all of creation … no matter how much our conscious brain allows for, the experience is there. When we say Namaste, we are honoring the divine in us sees the divine in another. When we use compassion to see others, oneness awareness is fostered. When we give thanks for our food thinking of some of the hands and lives that brought it into being, we expand our awareness of oneness. Though oneness is in the natural order of who we be, often (always?!) the process of awakening into oneness consciousness is like water over stone. It’s spiritual practice!


In Our Origin Is Our Originality!
The place of our originality ~ the uniqueness of our own gifts to give the world is also innate in our origin. All too often, this too is forgotten as adults become overridden with responsibilities and seeming obstacles to happiness. Yet, the truth of our being is always there. What did we love doing as children? What do we love doing now? When we do what makes us feel blissful, we are in alignment with our originality. Knowing and feeling this should be all we need, right? Sure. From the earliest stages of life, babies and children look to others for encouragement and acknowledgment, “Watch me!”, and permission, “Is this OK?” Unfortunately, our originality is not always rewarded which can be one of the reasons we tune it out. Yet! Original us always exists! And in fact, it often will persist and insist to be let out (again!) to play!

205.OwnOptimismIn Our Origin Is Optimism!
Yes, I know some of us seem to own more optimism than others yet when we turn again to look at our youngest teachers, the evidence is there that we are born with hope, good cheer, and an optimistic outlook that life is a gift worth living! No matter where you find yourself on the optimism scale, it is like any other habit or virtue ~ with attention and nourishing, it will grow! Another spiritual practice, gratitude & appreciation can help your outlook be more optimistic as you gratefully see your blessings and life’s goodness. There are scientific studies and/or you can just trust me on this: optimistic peeps are happier than pessimistic ones thereby bringing more happiness to others!

201.OrganicallyOur Organic Origins are LOVE!
The place where we connect to Source and Oneness is Love. The place where we align with the original shine of our divine design is Love. The place where we allow an optimistic outlook to guide our way is Love. We are organisms programmed for Love because that’s what we’re made of. And then there are the opposites. The opposite of Love is fear … forging it’s way as hate, abandonment, even mental illness that commits acts of terror and senseless violence. Often quoted here, it bears repeating that, “Everything is either an act of Love or a cry for Love.” ~ Ernest Holmes208.DivineOrder

We are One with all of it! Yes, one with beauty & goodness yet also one with ugly and pain. This is so beautifully expressed by the great poet Thich Nhat Hanh. Here is part of his famous poem, Please Call Me By My True Names:
“… I am the frog swimming happily in the clear water of a pond. And I am the grass-snake that silently feeds itself on the frog. I am the child in Uganda, all skin and bones, my legs as thin as bamboo sticks. And I am the arms merchant, selling deadly weapons to Uganda. I am the twelve-year-old girl, refugee on a small boat, who throws herself into the ocean after being raped by a sea pirate. And I am the pirate, my heart not yet capable of seeing and loving. … Please call me by my true names, so I can wake up, and so the door of my heart can be left open, the door of compassion. …”


Our Old Ones …
In the circle of Love and the circle of time, our old ones offer us a great opportunity of heart opening compassion. Of course, as in generations past, our old ones offer a wisdom of life experience and way showing. Sometimes, the wisdom slips away before the body does. As many of our elders live longer and longer in aging bodies that cause the indignities of deterioration, those of us that care for them can feel oppressed as (parts of) our own lives are put on hold to take care of them and their needs. However, when we can center in the optimistic origins of life, allowing our hearts to open, we organically come home to Love, home to ourselves, to family, to community ~ local and global.

And so it is we return briefly to the discussion of sacredness and politics. Mmm … politics … oh … ow. A needed place for OM if ever there was one! I had shared about Stephen Dinan’s book, “Sacred America, Sacred World” last time as I was so excited to receive and read it. When it arrived, I was drawn immediately to the chapter on family. After reading that chapter, I couldn’t quite get into the book. I waited a few days and read the chapter again in an effort to stay really open. I re-realized a few things … everyone has their own opinions and views of our world … I see the model of family as one with global family and from that perspective, Dinan’s offerings, “Building Stronger Families” had way too many omissions for me. I think there’s probably lots of other good to be gleaned from the book so am trying to stay open. Meanwhile! I re-read The Tao Of Pooh at the beach and it settled my soul. And! There’s another outstanding voice blending sacredness and politics that you can listen to here:


Peter Bolland was this week’s guest on the Association For Global New Thought’s webinar and his recording is linked on his page above. You can still sign up for this outstanding offering; the first 2 of 16 weeks are still available to hear and week 3 is next Monday. Thanks AGNT and Peter Bolland!Webinar BannerAs our pictures here obviously show, we are all about the Letter O at the New Thought Families Play & Pray Calendar  ~ For Humanity! ~ as well as on the Leaping Literacy Online Library Free Shelf!FreebiesIn a blink, we will be pondering the powerful letter P full of playful prayers, and promises of peace. For now, another OM of Oneness ~ for all our letters, all our relations, and all our own originalities operating with, for, and of, the One. I am deeply grateful for you sharing this OM moment with me. May you be filled with optimism, openness, and opportunities! Namaste, Love!

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A Nurturing Nest Needs Freedom!


Namaste Natural Nest Nurturers! Namaste Hungry Birds!

Thanks for sharing a mindful moment here … I am posting in the afterglow of the July 4th celebrations~ Happy Birthday America! For any who like to reach a bit beyond the BBQs into the heart fireworks of true freedom, I salute you! And bow to you. Namaste.

For as much as I celebrate the freedoms of our free nation, and appreciate all the freedom fighters who have gone before us to make it so …. I truly treasure the inner freedoms more ~ forgiveness, allowance, alignment … the freedoms of imagination, inspiration and celebration itself! In that Spirit, here’s a little voice from our New Thought Families spiritual literacy video section of the Leaping Literacy Library:

Home Spirit Celebration: Freedom Of Forgiveness
Passcode: LJFree

Jeremiah’s young voice in that video is narrating and celebrating from one of our daily, multimedia calendar pages, way back when, even as the now 16 year old Jeremiah is winging away from our home nest all summer! Our current calendar and Free Shelf at Leaping Literacy Library feature Letter N which has us nurturing nature and letting nature nurture us! From imagination celebrations to Niagara Falls to nesting to natural beauty Lake Tahoe and an Earth Gym demonstration from SoulPlay Rachel Flower, N is naturally nourishing!FreebiesWith our daily, multimedia New Thought Families Play & Pray Calendar, we are reminded to notice newness and reverently kneel with nature negating the negativity of life which seems to be working overtime these days! 188.KneelNatureIn this celebration of freedom and life ~ especially in the face of what can feel so oppressive ~ we are reminded to rise up like fireworks in the sky, rising from the inside out, naming and claiming the truth of the splendor of who we truly be!

194.NegateNegativityNegate Negativity: Denials And Affirmations
In New Thought, the use of denial and affirmation can be powerful when focused on the inner truths of freedom. To deny is not to insist that something doesn’t exist, rather, it is to focus on the positive affirmation of the highest and best you while you disallow the outcome or impact in your life of the negativity you negate or deny. In this way, forgiveness is a denial. You are denying anger or resentment to eat away at your peace and joy. Whatever thoughts and emotions we experience ~ especially repeatedly ~ we are using them to shape our outer reality. When we focus on what we truly desire from the inner truth of who we be, we deny the power of negativity to bring us down as we affirm the holy presence that is always present in divine order. For a (more!) clear explanation of Denials and Affirmations, see this post from Finding Unity. And so it goes that we mindfully measure meaning of what we’re nourishing  … For more about New Thought … our webpage is here. And! The Association For Global New Thought is hosting a weekly webinar that begins this Monday, July 11. Check it out and sign up here ~ it’s free!Webinar Banner

And! Yes, there’s more … Stephen Dinan, founder and CEO of The Shift Network is launching a new book that engaged my heart so fast, I did the Amazon 1 click! Yes I am excited to read “Sacred America, Sacred World” available with launch bonuses today and tomorrow here! I am hoping this book lays out spiritual wisdom for nurturing our national nest. Here is author Stephen Dinan with the book trailer:

Sacredness in politics?! Sign me up! You’ll find this timely and oh so needed book here, thank you Stephen!

And as we nurture our nest with the best of us, so shall freedom rain and reign … with a true liberty and justice for all. Of course it’s a tall order but there is only infinity in divinity and I see, know, and affirm divine order ~ always! This ~ denial ~ and affirmation really help me align and realign with peace, joy, and freedom.

FREEDOM! Our Feathers Of Freedom Family Camp is coming! You can still join us for sacred Sierra time … Sacred You, Sacred Family! Our family nests are indeed naturally nurtured with time away to pray and play, connect and reflect. Ask your inner wise one; our camp may just feed a need for you and yours … heart and soul!


So, thank you again, for making mindful meaning and feelings of freedom as we nurture our nests with our highest and best. Namaste, Love!

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Forgiving For ThanksLiving


Namaste Vibrant Voices of Leaf Dance!
In this beautiful fall moment, my heart is full of contemplation, celebration, and compassion. In the wake of another unthinkable attack on humanity, I have been holding heart space with our global brothers and sisters as well as many in my immediate family who are hurting. Ah, if only we were as deciduous leaves in our life and death cycle … glowing colors of change throughout the seasons ending in a rapid, victorious dance down to return to the earth! Fall leaves, I celebrate you!

There are so many ways to celebrate life and navigate death and to forgive the injuries sustained along the way. In this 3rd post giving attention to ThanksLiving, let’s sit with life’s tears a moment and the freeing gift of forgiveness. How can we not cry when we are hurt, when our loved ones suffer, when our global family is harmed and heart broken. Forgiveness is a powerful force of the heart and can sound like an empty word or concept sometimes. Let’s practice some right now, this peaceful moment. Think of something that hurts your heart; something you have or are suffering yourself or something that may be outside yourself like the attacks in Paris. Hold the hurt for a moment and let your mind/heart go where it wants to … blame? Anger? Deep sadness? Now let’s think of forgiveness … if it’s just a word, let it be so. Maybe you are already great at this … bring that energy here. Ask your heart to open up room for Love to hold the wound/wounded … Ask your heart to allow the power of forgiveness to bring peace to all those you blame or feel anger towards. Let the peace envelop your  heart in angel wings of light. Speak the words inside and/or aloud, “I forgive you.” And if necessary, “I forgive me.” Breathe into it and feel the peace and Light of Love fill you up. Do you feel lighter? Freer? If so or if not, know that it’s a start. Forgiveness like any spiritual practice comes naturally but usually after some time and choice to keep implementing it. Think of it as necessary heart, soul & joy maintenance!

The cleaning process of release and forgiveness can be important stepping stones to walking the path of ThanksLiving. Everything in this world needs some clean up now and again if not regularly like clockwork. I have written here before about some great tools like Colin Tipping’s Radical Forgiveness, Dr. Brad Nelson’s The Emotion Code, Alex Lloyd’s The Healing Codes, Access Consciousness to name a few. Prayer, intention, meditation, allowance and surrender are also right up there ~ linked within!

You see, I find for me, and I think this true of humanity, we cannot truly be in Thanks Living when we are harboring the heaviness of hurting hearts. We need the clean sweep to free ourselves up to live joyfully and gratefully. As I posted here in the September post, Balance Beckons, among the raging Butte Fire that devastated so many families’ homes, I believe that part of what is ours to do is to lift humanity up by gratefully living the blessings we are so richly blessed with. Yes hold heart space for the pain of others and absolutely do what we can to help but part of what we can do is to fully embrace the good we have joyfully in ongoing Thanks Living.

Our November PlayShop was yesterday and we did just that; we held the doors open for grateful celebration! We made appreciation chains and gratitude rocks as well as stone soup to eat and a creativity stone soup bowl:ChainsGratitudeRocksCRSoupCCRSoupI love our PlayShops and the beautiful families who come. One of our moms had been in a serious car wreck and she was back with her whole family ~ thank you God! Her young daughter sat with her eyes closed and a beautiful smile in a heart filled space while I sang “Grateful For You” ~ it really filled my heart! We drummed our thanks, and sang We Thank You and Soup Of The Soul. We heart shared gratitude and blessings and colorful art creations. Here are a few invitations I gave the families, and now you too, for the old paper chains as holiday decorations ~ and family affirmations!Chains1 1. Take colorful paper strips of paper and decorate them with affirmations of Joy, Love, Peace or anything you are living and/or want more of.
2. Write wonderful words about your family members … Create the chain between now and Thanksgiving and then read them together. You can make it like a riddle and have everyone guess who each one is about!
3. You can simply write things you are grateful for and build your chain up over time. Jeremiah and I did this for a few seasons and a Home Spiritual practice video from our New Thought Families archives is on the Leaping Literacy Free Shelf this week. Also on the Shelf is a Gratitude Walk I took a few years back on my birthday and the Laurie StorEBook Snake In My Birthday Cake in further birthday celebration ~ yes, happy birthday to ME! Whee! I’m turning (gulp) 53! Our SoulPlay featured fun one this week is Harriet Tubman Wright of  The Wright Resort who was our Spirit Sanctuaries Counselor for the SoulPlay Camp. 3 of Harriet’s videos are on the Free Shelf with her building altars and play, play, PLAYing with us! Yes, mixing 2 of my most favorite things ~ sacredness and silliness ~ thank you Harriet! FreebiesAltars are a powerful way to super charge the energy of your home or any space to bring in … beauty, gratitude, mindfulness, peace … forgiveness! Anything goes!

One of my window sill altars with our beloved dogwood smiling fall brilliance!
One of my window sill altars with our beloved dogwood outside smiling fall brilliance!

So yes, this week is full of Thanks Living celebrations … tomorrow/today! (long post process!) is my birthday and I will be pretending to be 3 instead of 53, with no responsibilities, just painting, singing, a teddy bear picnic! On Wednesday, Jeremiah and some of his drama classmates are performing a preview for some of my family of the student written one act play entitled “14 Main” … remember the old store and home of my ancestors I’ve been cleaning out? It’s going onstage! I’m hoping my 90 year old father can be forgiving of the teenage poetic license! Jeremiah has also made his way into the community theatre production of “It’s A Wonderful Life” which opens Friday .. with lots of meetings, appointments … and a teddy bear picnic in between … indeed another full week of Thanks Living!

Whatever your week has in store, may you be filled with deep peace ~ through forgiveness if need be ~ and may you be fully free to enJOY a week of Thanks Living. Thank you for the gift of your presence here and in the world. Namaste, Love!Fall copy

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Heart Of Humanity: Parliament Ponderings

TipiMorningNamaste Glorious Glimpses of the Heart Of Humanity Reclaimed, Reawakened, Reunited with the One Heart that created us all!

Traveling with my teenage man cub across the desert was good heart time.
Traveling with my teenage man cub across the desert and at the Parliament was quality  time truly at the center of this mother’s heart.

We returned safely home last night from our time at the Parliament Of World Religions which wraps up today. The first Parliament Of World Religions was held in 1893 in Chicago; the 2nd 100 years later in 1993 also in Chicago, then in 1999 it was held in Cape Town, South Africa, on to Barcelona, Spain in 2004, Melbourne, Australia in 2009 and now Salt Lake City in 2015. We had a great adventure in attending and also in the honor of presenting as part of a huge gathering of religions and hearts from all over the planet. The Parliament’s 2015 theme was “Reclaiming The Heart Of Humanity.”

The Dali Lama was scheduled but had to cancel due to health concerns. He had a special recorded message for us ...yes, it is in our hands!
The Dalai Lama was scheduled but had to cancel due to health concerns. He had a special recorded message for us …yes, it is in our hands!

Jeremiah was back at school at 7:00 a.m. this morning and me back on grandpa, groceries, life and laundry duty ~ with trying to do this blog and other work in between it all ~ ya, business as usual! Still, I am committed to the expanded heart just experienced and want to share a color packed photo smattering of what was an awe inspiring event; one that will take some time to assimilate and integrate. In fact, there was so much there, any one of us attendees could only experience a tiny fraction of it and yet, there is so much take away, it is almost easier to not do the work of integration. Except, of course, that’s not really a possibility giving the calling of our hearts that had us all there in attendance in the first place and all we couldn’t help but take in while there. Deep breath … of … zealous … YES!

The closing ceremony of the Women's Inaugural just before the opening ceremony of the Parliament.
The closing ceremony of the Women’s Inaugural just before the opening ceremony of the Parliament.
One of many captivating dancers ... chanters, singers, speakers!
One of many captivating dancers … chanters, singers, speakers!

The ceremonies and plenaries we attended were bursting with powerful energies from those on the stage and those in the audience. I was trying to reach Jeremiah and found myself in the midst of this pulsating throng taking pictures of the opening ceremony procession; with the native drums on stage, Chief LookingHorse led the way for his people followed by many more leaders of other faith and cultural paths. As you can see from the audience pictures, we were indeed a very diverse gathering:

Chief Looking Horse in Procession
Chief Arvol LookingHorse in Procession



In between all the power packed huge gatherings, were hundreds of smaller sessions including our own. All that I attended had more empty seats than filled which made me (my ego) feel better that we had probably 20-30 present in our small ballroom for our In Our Hands PlayShop. Because the room had no tables for the hands on crafts I brought, I was Spirit led to lay them out down the center aisle and our playful participants for the most part readily took to the floor and created throughout our songs and invitations.

In Our Hands PlayShop at the Parliament
In Our Hands PlayShop at the Parliament

They came up with wonderful, colorful representations of their lives through their hands punctuated with words and thoughts in their art or in the little notebooks we had for them as we took some still moments to reflect. We had some group spoken, physical, and musical interaction and connection including a beautiful, hand in hand version of our song, Circle Of Love. Our small gathering was for the most part the joyous, play filled experience we planned for. We sang 11 of the 16 songs planned ~! Some of our peeps left their hand art behind and I found a little message that nearly broke my heart ~ I can only hope this lovely one doesn’t really feel this way herself ~ in one corner it said “Nobody Special” …  in the other corner was drawn a little bug … I had passed out a plastic creepy crawly for each and we sang, If I Were A Bug as we were compassion in action for our earth from the smallest of creatures.PPlayShop3 PPlayShop4 PPlayShop5 PPlayShop7I was able to be a helping angel for a new friend I met there ~ came to the ‘rescue’ with my laptop for her powerpoint presentation; Mangalam runs the children’s program at the biggest Hindu Temple in Melbourne, Austraila and she brought her adopted aunt, her ‘oldie’ to the Parliament, we are all pictured here.ParliamentFriendsWe made friends moment by moment in workshops and hallway encounters; so many delicious, serendipitous meetings, greetings, pictures and scriptures ~ religious displays of information, inspiration, and celebration:

Harmonious, Happy Hallway Moment!
Harmonious, Happy Hallway Moment!
A flowing flock of angels fluttered through!
A flowing flock of angels fluttered through!
Tibetan Monk's Sand Mandala Creation
Tibetan Monk’s Sand Mandala Creation



Artist Kelli Bickman with her mother and daughter and her 9ft x 36 ft incredible Peace Banner!
Artist Kelli Bickman with her mother and daughter and her 9 ft x 36 ft incredible Peace Banner!
Me jotting a heart note on Kelli's Peace Banner.
Me jotting a heart note on Kelli’s Peace Banner.

I re-connected from afar with an old folkie friend/voice in Pat Humphrey ~ we unfortunately left the next morning so I couldn’t attend her full concert set ~ there were far too many things we couldn’t attend yet we floated in a sea of divine order divinity!

Pat Humphrey's and Emma's Revolution with a beautiful, local children's choir on stage singing shalom, salam, peace ~ yes, we all sang along!
Pat Humphrey’s and Emma’s Revolution with a beautiful, local children’s choir on stage singing shalom, salam, peace ~ yes, we all sang along!

From the plethora of powerful voices we did hear, there were many transformational moments and a few surprises. I was excited to hear Karen Armstrong after reading some of her books. She deservedly won an award for founding The Charter Of Compassion. I ended up being in disagreement of her message … I think … it may be that she spoke an inconvenient truth I am not ready to embrace so I am sitting with it. Briefly paraphrased she said that if compassion had a feeling, it would be ‘disturbed’ and that she was often asked what a compassionate city would look like and her response is ‘uncomfortable’.

Karen Armstrong, founder of the Charter For Compassion.
Karen Armstrong, founder of the Charter For Compassion.

While I get her meaning that in her estimation we have to feel disturbed or uncomfortable to be moved to action, I really do disagree. For me compassion in action is a natural outcome from living a mindful, sacred, aware existence. Even without the consciousness of it, people do want to help, it is a natural response and part of who we are as a species. And yes, there are a myriad of ways we are not living this … overwhelm for instance … as co-creators, we can go way over the top ~ I, and the Leaping Literacy Library are good examples of that ~ as was the Parliament event itself … yet we can adapt to how we are often ‘too much’, to how we here in the West have ‘too much’ in juxtaposition to so many on the planet … with deep breath simplicity. We can, in any breath, align with the shine of our divine design … in heart and mind … and focus on what it is for each of us to do … on any given day, in any given moment. I do believe we can act out of joy and Love rather than uncomfortable disturbance.

Jane Goodall embodied peace, power, poise, humility, and harmony.
Jane Goodall embodied peace, power, poise, humility, and harmony.

While it was a thrill to hear people like Rev. Michael Beckwith & Mairead Maguire speak live, the highest speaker in my heart was Jane Goodall. I was, of course, excited that she was speaking but her presence was breath taking. When it was her turn to take the stage, she did not enter from backstage like all the others, she arose from the audience. She, like no other, truly embodied peace. She opened with the chimpanzee calls/language of how her chimpanzee family would know her. She told of some ways her own mother had shaped her by believing in and supporting her ‘crazy’ dream of living with animals in Africa. Her mother also did a remarkable thing post World War 2 when everyone’s fear of the Germans was so thick; Jane’s mother wanted her to know that the war was a terrible thing but Germans were not terrible people so she found a German family and sent Jane to live with them for a while. Wow! Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots organization to empower youth through social justice is definitely on my follow up list of inspiration & integration! JaneThere was so many whisperings, stirrings, and shoutings as a call to social justice that I am digesting with relish and the peaceful prayer of ‘How can I help? And what is mine to do?’ And even as I was stirred and sometimes ‘disturbed’, I was also SO blissed to be witness to so much beauty. The first day I set my intention to see beauty everywhere and I was quickly bursting ~ needing to add to my intention to allow the beauty in and through and to be a mirror of it for others! I also kept seeing people who looked so familiar, I could swear I knew them but we had never met. We did see a few beautiful faces from our old church, Spiritual Life Center and that was a fun, warm smile. We ate Langar … the ‘Open Kitchen’ free lunch served by the Sikhs as an amazing gift to anyone who wanted it. Though it was an astounding operation, I couldn’t help think of the harm all those styrofoam plates and plastic forks were doing every day as they got thrown ‘away’ … and as the refrain of Allan Boesak ‘s speech said, “We mustn’t be afraid to say it.”

Mountain Clouds ~ Mama Truth
Mountain Clouds ~ Mama Truth

And the truth is, especially when we travel, all the ‘disposables’ we are dealing with are not in keeping with tending to our Mother from the heart of humanity. So many of life’s gifts are indeed a double edged sword. Which is exactly why social justice is such an important part of reclaiming our humanity! For our part, we will continue our integration of informations and heart centered commitments. And! We offer some bravery, Love, and the SoulPlay awareness of the social justice goodness found on the Overground Railroad this week on the Leaping Literacy Free Shelf ~ enJOY!FreebiesAs we travelled home yesterday, I stopped at the Salt Flats. Jeremiah chose to stay in the car and sleep as I was amazed to see peeps walking and driving across the flats that seemed to be mostly salt, part water, and a mirror like something that seemed like ice but obviously wasn’t.  I sifted through some of my own alchemy of Parliament, life, Laurie, and Leaping Literacy. And I picked up some trash.

It is always ours to do to walk our talk.
It is always ours to do to walk our talk.
Choices are always in our hands.
Choices are always in our hands.
The freedom of who we truly be is always a celebration!
The freedom of who we truly be is always a celebration!

Well, it is no wonder this epic event turned into an epic blog post! There were constant reminders to tweet and blog there at the Parliament but I was full up in the moment to moment as it was! So thanks for letting me begin to integrate here and now. I am ever grateful for you and your heart time shared here with me, thank you, thank you, thank you! Whatever alchemy you are in the middle of this blessed breath, may it be full of joyous and grateful allowance for all that is, and all that is to be. Whee! Namaste, Love!