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Synergies & Energies


Namaste Blessed Yes! In the fleeting moments of this transformational September, the smell of first rain is trickling in and all around me as light sprinkles fall on our drought soaked land … I am smiling a blessed, zealous YES! And! I am making the transition from September’s Trust The Truth To Transform Daily Play & Pray Calendar to October’s Zealous Yes Of Love Expressed.  Join us  any day and every day to remember, to celebrate, to co-create! I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm, and do the things that ought to be done by me.”~ Charles Fillmore, founder of Unity at age 94LeapYes
Ever notice how different folks react differently? Ignited or indifferent? It IS always a choice! As I continue the caretaking and spiritual parenting of my 90 year old father, this truth has become poignantly pronounced. Yet, all I can really change is my own energies in this or any other situation. As my father is dying, there is a myriad of responses around us; denial remaining a prevalent one. For some reason, our society in general prefers quantity over quality. As he constantly talks of death, I am one of the few who engages with him in that conversation, that prayer, that silence, that mystery. Others are constantly affirming he has plenty of good years left even though his days are increasingly full of bad moments. As a life long empath, I have to continually separate my energies from his … I sometimes feel so exhausted ~ like I am dying ~ then I turn to my transformational tools to free my energy and align with the ever present omnipresent synergy of what it is to die/give space for rebirth. And ya, sometimes I simply NAP! For any other caregivers out there, you know the exhaustion and I invite us all to keep nurturing ourselves with the same Love we give others. For all those who may read this who know caregivers ~ especially those (siblings) who provide this service in your own family, stop this moment to send Love (in any form) to those in service. As we all choose who and where we serve, we can honor ourselves and all those who do it … especially those who may do it differently than us.
How we are called to the music of our souls is always different!

So! My other choices of how to align with the shine of my divine design include spiritually parenting my teenager, Jeremiah. He is working on getting his driving permit in time to do some of the driving to Salt Lake City this month of October when we go the Parliament Of World Religions. Do say a prayer for us! And I know our helping angels will have the pretty Prius surrounded! I greatly enjoyed making music with my man cub this last Saturday at the El Cerrito Folk Festival. And am so excited & delighted to be presenting a performance PlayShop at the Parliament with my compassion in action, oh so talented teenage musician & co-presenter! Our Creative Spirit Families ministry both online and in live events is still my favorite way to serve! Did you know that the meaning of the word ministry is to serve? So, when we answer the callings of our hearts and souls, we are not only serving our purpose, but also the others we touch, the earth at large and THE creator that breathed our life, passions and gifts into these bodies in the first place! Yessing that blessing of full circle co-creation and manifestation!CreationInHand
Yes! I am loving the Leaping Literacy Online Library that is in my hands as the consolidation nears completion and we ready for the begin again re-opening to paid Marvelous Memberships on 10/10. This week’s Free Shelf is singing and we update the Free Shelf every Fab Friday so do join us with your free Leaping Literacy Library Card! SoulPlay, Spiritual Literacy, New Thought Families, Laurie StorEBooks, ChildSing Music … so much goodness is zealously YES blessed! Freebies
May the energies and synergies of your heart & soul callings be in full bloom this moment of our connection. Whatever your circumstances, may beauty find you and bring a smile to your heart and a zealous yes to your breath. Namaste, Love!ValleyBloom

Balance Beckons

FireRoseNamaste bright, blooming beacons of beauty!

The last 10 days since I was here in blogland have been an amazing mix of beauty & horror, sorrow and joy. Our mindful meditation moment here and now centers on the oneness of all of it and how balance, sweet balance is the beckoning in how and what we make of this life experience. Truly, we choose our perspective and that is a powerful precipice in which to perch.
Do you see what I see?
The big news at the heart of all that has transpired here is The Butte Fire which had just started at my last post. On 9/11, it became hugely apparent what a big wildfire this was with so many of our neighbors evacuated from their homes, power outages, displaced animals and scores of helping angels stepping up and in to help. I was *so* reminded of *the* 9/11 when I was on the last plane out of Sacramento, CA at 6:00 a.m. with 18 month old Jeremiah on my lap. The intensity of that experience came back to me on *this* 9/11 more in the wake of the way people around me were awakened … awakened to the kinship of who we are. Everyone in the grocery store was talking to each other … really talking … to know how we all were doing and what we needed. I hugged quite a few little known neighbors to convey my support. As the days have progressed, we now know that 545+ homes were lost though most if not all were in our neighboring Calaveras County. Some of these folks work here and are known to us though all of them need the help of a neighbor. When Creative Spirit Families was approached to help, of course I said yes, you can join that effort here.
BalanceThere are so many ways we can support each other. In times of crisis, the goodness of our humanity rises and it is a beautiful thing. I was also shocked to hear of looters found going in evacuated homes so as a balance point, we must realize that the depths of despair can also arise in these times. Certainly the fear and suffering was palpable … not only from humans but all of the life lost in the 71,000+ acres burned. And there are other neighbors only a few hours away in CA suffering the same devastation in the Valley Fire. So, most of us are called to restoration … how can we help?! Certainly donated goods & money + displays and demonstrations of gratitude for the firefighters that came from far and near … MyHero1
Yet I offer that an important balance point is also for us who have not lost to continue living and vibrating our joy. Our September monthly PlayShop strove for that very contribution. Originally scheduled at a nearby lake that was in the thick of where the fire started, it looked like it was going to be cancelled like all else that weekend when even gathering in the local park was out due to smoke. I took it to Spirit in my morning meditation and followed the guidance to ask our neighbors for use of the Methodist church. He immediately reached in his pocket and handed me the key. Instead of making mobiles and wind chimes, we made gratitude signs to join the others popping up around here.
And! We celebrated Equinox ~ equal night, the time of balance is coming this week 9/23 ~ and balance in our lives. Our yogi Keith drove a few hours to be with us! We did a bit of yoga …
YogiBalance1 YogiBalanceAnd! Our small group of 17 went on an inner treasure hunt of listening and guidance with fun surprises tucked around that blessed social hall. One of our families was evacuated and it was a time of community, creativity, play and fun for them and all of us. We all found the vibration of joy to uplift our Spirits if even for that little while. Yes, collectively and creatively, we changed our perspective and hopefully helped lift the Spirits of others in our hurting communities.Happy3View Happy2View So, yes as kindred Spirits in the oneness of creation, of course we feel each other’s pain; compassion in action is the natural reaction! It is indeed a silver lining that tragedy reawakens this within our often sleepy consciousness. One of the gifts for me was a small sense of what the Syrian and other refugees were fleeing when the planes and helicopters were loudly flying overhead constantly for 1 or 2 days in particular. These planes over my head were helping angels. Yet I felt the fear that went with their presence and coupled with the news of homes being destroyed by fire, it helped me know, just a miniscule fragment of what it must be like to live in a war zone, to have ‘home’ destroyed and to need to leave to seek a better life. The refugee crisis is just one of many in our world today and this fire in our backyard helped me feel a deeper kinship with them. Because, truly we are all One. And! An important compassion in action step for me is to step out of my empathic place of sorrow with and for the pain of others and live the joy that I am blessed with. Yes, be aware and send prayer. Yes, take whatever giving steps I can to help. And yes, live the joy I am blessed with. Here I am from this last weekend showing some of my photography and art with other wonderful local artists in a county wide ‘Open Studios’. It was a gift to the county I think in it’s time of healing. It was a joy to be with other artists and an overall good celebration of this part of my soul expressed. It was also a personal remembrance to me of the preciousness of my time and energy and my personal need for balance.


It is all too true that for everything we say yes to, we are saying no to a myriad of other things! In the midst of being in my art love last week, I spent some hours at the hospital with dad and the school with Jeremiah … our lives are always unfolding in our moments made of choices and perspectives!

DSCN3459Yay for art and photos on display!

DSCN3470A new piece speaks of family and divine order all lined up!

DSCN3458And the transformations of life go on … September’s daily Play & Pray Calendar at New Thought Families is all about transformation celebrations. Remember with us here!

Jeremiah and I are giving a concert this Saturday at the El Cerrito Free Folk Festival and gearing up to present an In Our Hands Performance PlayShop, Compassion In Action, at the Parliament of World Religions next month in Salt Lake City ~ you can still go to this amazing event!

Meanwhile, the Leaping Literacy Online Library is still in beta testing … wanna help?! We want YOU! Any helping angels reading this who are called to peruse the Library NOW, give us useful feedback over the coming weeks and enJOY a full year’s free Library Membership, submit the form on our Beta Tester page! We gratefully invite you in for this win-win as we begin again!
Member Library ReOpens!Our weekly Free Shelf where we feature fun freebies from each section of our Leaping Literacy Online Membership Library is featuring a book from each section this week! SoulPlay Playmate Marsha Therese Danzig reads her book, The Tiniest Acorn along with 3 Laurie StorEBooks ~ enJOY!Freebies

MarshaAcornArmadillo00Smell00QuietTitleThanks so much for being here for this sharing … your presence is such a gift! May whatever else you are saying yes to this day, this time, be a blessing to you and others as we ripple our experiences into the oneness of our humanness with the balance that is always beckoning. Namaste, Love!Yes


Begin Again!

Namaste (re)emerging miracles of creative manifestation & life celebration!

Greetings of Labor Day (7th), International Literacy Day (8th), Leaping Literacy Library Re-opening (9th), Unity World Day of Prayer (10th), 9/11 Remembrances, Ethiopian New Year (12th), Centers For Spiritual Living World Day Of Service (13th), National Grandparent’s Day (13th), and Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah (sundown 13th – 14/15th). Our New Thought Families Inspiration page and daily Play & Pray Calendar pages note them all and others this inspirational, transformational September.
The 2 pictures above come from 2 AWEsome free web resources: pixabay.com for free use photos
and today’s Play & Pray Calendar at New Thought Families celebrating rebirth and new beginnings.

When we honor and remember, unite and celebrate, we make more connected sense of this human journey. Calendar dates can be guideposts on our path though it seems that the sheer number of them and the collective fast pace of our days and weeks can render the remembrances as white noise … it is up to our mindful, reverent hearts to choose participation to what calls to us the loudest. And so it is that our monthly local PlayShops resume this Sunday … in balance and beauty!
September PlayShop!
As I write this, my eyes are a bit stingy from heavily smoky skies; a wildfire rages very near us and even closer to my dad’s ranch 1 town over. The road into Lake Tabeaud (above) is closed and that beautiful spot may indeed be now blackened. We remain safe though thousands are without power and are being evacuated. As I tracked down a flashlight for my dad last night and left him alone, the fragility of his 90 year old failing body temple was so poignant. We are on delicate ground these days and with nature flaring up around us, the naked truth becomes that much more palpable. And yet it is these times that make the swirling calendars, to dos, ta das, what ifs … all of it just stops and comes once again to breath. So much of life is reaching me through surrender these days!

In the midst of work, prayer, service, life … I do love how rebirth and New Year holidays call us into contemplation and celebration … For any who are celebrating Rosh Hashanah with young children, check out the brilliant simplicity of Children Music Network’s Joanie Calem on their 9/9 blog ~ thank you Joanie and CMN!

For our part, the scheduled consolidation, re-organization & re-opening of the Leaping Literacy Online Library scheduled for 9/9 was necessarily modified. We are re-open ~ for beta testing ~ and a projected public re-opening for 10/10. I am so grateful to have beta testers inspired by my helping angel Leaping Literacy UK Librarian ~ and SoulPlay Storyteller ~ Ruth Humphreys. Thank you Ruth! Any helping angels reading this who are called to peruse the Library NOW, give us useful feedback over the next month and enjoy a full year’s free Library Membership, submit the form on our Beta Tester page! We gratefully invite you in for this win-win as we begin again!
Member Library ReOpens!And! As always you can join us via the Free Shelf where we feature fun freebies weekly from each section of our Leaping Literacy Online Membership Library!
Free ShelfI do indeed feel re-born in continuing to show up for this work/play of traditional, creative & spiritual literacy even and especially as I continue to spiritually parent myself, my teenager and my father. We are all a circle of Love and I am grateful that you are here in the circle this moment.

Whatever new beginnings that are being born in you, may you be bathed in grace as you open up to them … Namaste, Love!

Miracle Merger


“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle;
you can live as if everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

Namaste Impressionistic Imprints of Inspirational Imaginings!

I greet you in the fleeting moments of August as I work to transition our New Thought Families website from Abundant August Beauty Blessed to September Stirrings of Transitional Transformations ~  Still trusting the truth to transform ~! And true to form, I am also due at the school in less than an hour for Jeremiah and on to my dad’s shortly after that. I will be meeting another new caregiver there who will free up some more September hours from me from dad care. All good even if part of me still feels continuously pulled in too many directions! Ah … to focus on the moment at hand is to be at peace. Truly.

Deep breath yes of August day rolling into our new month. September is full of interfaith inspirations like Rosh Hashanah reminding us we can always begin again! And! We are always merging our past, present & future with miracle reminders at hand …

I was walking and breathing in the bounty of nature’s beauty the other day when what did my wondering eyes did appear …


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

This most amazing leaf! I picked it up and marveled at it ~ such a magnificent piece of artwork … and alchemy! A merger miracle!

It made me think of so many things … the circle of life including ancestors and family … marriage … parenting … friends that leave an imprint on your soul long after they are gone … how we are always imprinting *something* into the world … my own current melding of all my literacy work in the Leaping Literacy Online Membership Library … again … and still … ya the circle of life!

I went back out in the evening with my camera to capture this creation and where it came from ~ I had found it on the road at the base of an oak tree. On further investigation, the oak leaves were covered with these little chocolate chip shaped red dots …

DSCN3014So many wondrous miracles in nature … like how an acorn grows into the oak tree … and how the oak tree lives on when covered with red dots … and how this oak leaf could imprint itself on another leaf …DSCN3038 After being with the oak quite a while, I looked around … directly across the street was the other tree in this union … maybe a poplar? I held the leaf up and yup, it matched right up!DSCN3065 So somehow these leaves came together … perhaps held together by the red dot blight?! The leaves from 2 trees living across the street from one another. Made me wonder what other merry miracles are manifesting in my backyard? Countless ones to be sure!
DSCN3059When the solution is simple, God is answering. – Albert Einstein

The silhouettes of the trees on either side of this picture are the aforementioned ones … do you suppose there are any shadows in your world harboring miracles? I like to think this reminder is a resounding YES to the blessings of change, transformation, and emerging answers. I don’t know about you but I know I often discard the obvious, wrestle with allowing ease & grace and just generally make things harder than they have to be. The miracle leaf is reminding me to let grace flow and let life be easier.

In merging my work in the Leaping Literacy Online Membership Library, I had some wonderful help last week and counting on more on the way! We are set to re-open our digital doors (yes, again!) to paid memberships on divine 9/9. More about that next time! Though our Free Shelf is re-stocked and beckoning PLAY ~ TODAY! The sign up/sign in gets you in our newly revised platform so do join us! Fay the Gray Stingray wants you to play in the gray bay, hooray! We have playful songs to sing and the oh so inspirational Marsha Therese Danzig and I are playing dress up with her prosthetic legs ~ from last year’s SoulPlay Camp! Freebies


Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. – Albert Einstein


In the merging of all the Laurie StorEBooks, songs, videos, calendar pages, galleries of art & photos and the Family Creativity Forum, my continued hope and prayer is that it can be of service to those looking for supportive resources for traditional, creative & spiritual family literacy. And when it all feels too hard and impossible … I take a play break and maybe even find an amazing manifested miracle!

So as we usher in September, may we all experience manifesting miracles mindlessly merging into our lives … let’s allow easy peasy changes and grace to flow … with lots of PLAY, o.k.?! Hooray! Yes, my Love, Namaste!



What Now? Allow!


Namaste bright blessings of bold beauty! I great you in the name of beautiful essence always available … especially in the ugly!

Remember this scare share last October?!Remember this scare share last October?! Finding this ginormous cricket in my laundry coming OUT of the washing machine … and still alive …  was a heaping helping of EW! NO THANK YOU!

I am reminded in this moment as I take an ‘ew review’ ~ with lots of appreciation too! ~ of the current challenges I continue to face with family and work et al. I feel a bit like I’ve once again crawled out of the ‘wringer’ in new celebration, determination and preservation!

Briefly, I continue to mindfully evaluate the life I am blessed living … the good, the bad, the ugly. I am embracing my freedom to change AND to love what is and change what I can at the pace of grace. While I know immediate leaps and shifts do happen, my path seems to usually be slower.

Me with dad

And the life I have chosen is intertwined with others … most immediately, my teenage son and elderly dying dad. What I know to be true is that I can and I must make a conscious choice to nurture me ~ dare I say, sometimes first ~ before I nurture them. The mother/daughter dance I am in can be dizzying though I am learning and allowing new dance steps more and more in allowance with my own heart. A big part of caring for myself, especially in the wake of a myriad of situations that come to me for ‘tending’, is to make time and commitment for my beloved artistic, spirit, and literacy work. I am on an exciting new track to re-open our Leaping Literacy Online Membership Library on 9/9 and while I still have the need for a team, I am getting the bit of help needed to do it ~ woo hoo! I am spending the time to complete what has been patiently awaiting my presence and action … I am acting and I am allowing it all to come together. The years I have spent with literacy ~ traditional, creative, and spiritual come together now at Creative Spirit Families and the Leaping Literacy Library. The New Thought Families branch is a rich resource for remembering … playful & reverent family spirituality with hundreds of songs, videos, calendar pages, pictures … I am acting on a renewed commitment to make it all accessible for any who can benefit from it. I am answering the call to finally bring it full circle.NTFLLLThe Free Shelf this week is freshly Friday Freebie re-stocked! The Laurie StorEBook is a whacky version of the ‘Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly’ ~ a singing celebration of Long I Vowels. Our ChildSing song is of the caterpillar to butterfly transformation while our New Thought Families offering is one of our Conscious Comedy episodes, “Which Way To Go?” ~ goofy Godly play! From SoulPlay, cook with our (last summer’s) Camp Chef Anne Baker. FreebiesThe Free Shelf is a little glimpse into our Leaping Literacy ‘OM’ Library re-opening in divine time on 9/9!

Live events coming up are also heart filled exciting. Our next local PlayShop is a mini Feather’s Camp at the lovely Lake Tabeaud:
And! Jeremiah and I will be hosting Compassion In Action: An In Our Hands Performance PlayShop at the Parliament Of World Religions in Salt Lake City in October! Our little presentation is part of a plethora of powerful programs packed into this 5 day event. While we are honored to be anywhere on the roster, it is exciting to just be a attending such a grand event. Maybe you & yours want to go too?! There’s still time!

Whatever you are celebrating, embracing, enduring or tolerating in this moment, this time … may you deep breath allow … Love … that is all around you for your highest good. May you deep breath allow … the flow of Love … that is you. Namaste, Love!


Namaste Beloved Lights of Love Expressed Life!

Greetings of Grace this integrated, inspirational moment we have chosen to take a deep breath together. Deep breath of Love expressed …

This week has me working on many pieces of life … Jeremiah’s first week of 10th grade and a renewed commitment to rectify the Leaping Literacy Online Library among many other things.

Truthfully, I have also been battling some grandpa grumpies, life tiredness, and disillusioned depressions over what seems like commitments I can’t re-negotiate. Revision decision! Of course I can and I am. Changing at the pace of grace and with deep gratitude. The grateful way is the only way for me to make happy revisions to previous decisions. I am also napping daily!

Always so many pieces … as today’s New Thought Families Calendar entry speaks of … we are always parts of the whole!

Pieces of Beauty

Yesness Expressed: Abundant August Beauty Blessed

Pieces of Whole Beauty

One Love … and each us us expressing it in our own ways!

While some of my big picture plans still seem elusive, I keep returning to my heart of the moment … you know that deep breath centering in the blessedness of yes expressed this moment.

And in what can clearly be argued as creative avoidance of cleaning the Leaping Literacy Library shelves, I illustrated and published a title from the archives with the help of the generous photographers at Pixabay. “Ducks Can” was recorded on our ChildSing Spring Into Summer CD and is one of the Laurie Story Physical Phonics rhymes that engages kids in moving and acting out … the wonderful world of … yes, ducks!

Brand new release is sitting on the Free Shelf this week!

Brand new release is sitting on the Free Shelf this week!

Part of my own generosity and the whacky oh so loose business model I am employing allows this sharing … to release a brand new title and just give it away! Folks are doing it in lots of ways these days on Amazon et al … it is an amazing time for publishing and sharing our gifts!

Ducks Can is Laurie Story word play celebrating a few of our natural wonders found in ducks.

Ducks Can is Laurie Story word play celebrating a few of our natural wonders ~ ducks!

From the metaphysical perspective, we are also in an unprecedented place of co-creation and empowered manifestation in our human evolution. The power of our hearts is growing with tools like gratitude and Spirit connection aiding us to be more of who we truly be. Of course, we still must choose to override the old programming that says “we can’t” and love ourselves and our dreams through every bit of doubt and fear that arises. We just keep choosing Love. No matter what.

This week’s Free Shelf celebration of ducks is a mirror for our own self celebration. The SoulPlay offering of the week is an inspirational Reset Moment with the Wake Up Your Magic Lady Susan Guild who wisely reminds us to find our inner voice with vim, vitality and vigor! We’re also celebrating that SuZQ  has a new release out ~ Wake Up the Creative Healing Power Within: Your Cells and The Mighty Crayon ~ More ways to revise with inner eyes!

Voice your vim, vitality & vigor!

Voice your vim, vitality & vigor!

Free sign up or sign in Leaping Literacy Library card!

Free sign up or sign in Leaping Literacy Library card!

Leaping Literacy Library Free Shelf!

So beautiful blossoms of divine timing, whatever decisions, revisions or incisions you are in the midst of, may you find the encouragement and inspiration you need to keep on being the Love expressed you are. Again, we are infinitely blessed in the media plethora available to us. At a particularly low point this week, the amazing grace voice of icon Oprah Winfrey brought me back home to my heart. The link to that talk is below. May you find whatever re-connects you to your own inner knowing of grace filled precision. We are all an important piece of the whole. Created from Love, so richly blessed, our only ‘job’ in this life is to be Love expressed. Namaste, Love!

Feathers Of Freedom

Welcome to Feathers Of Freedom Family Camp!

Welcome to Feathers Of Freedom Family Camp!

Namaste free floating feathers of faith, fortitude, freedom and fab family fun!

This week’s post brings you a mini Feathers Of Freedom Family Camp experience … from Silver Lake at the base of Thunder Mountain in the sacred Sierras, with all the fab family hearts of all ages that gathered, and with your own heart now whatever mindful moment you pause here to join us …

Welcome to the Circle of Love!

Welcome to the Circle of Love!

What do feathers mean to you?!

What do feathers mean to you?!

We gathered in small and bigger circles to sing, drum, make music, connections, and share heart time. Check into your own heart now … what does freedom mean to you? What would it feel like to be at summer camp in the Sierras with your family? With yourself? Your friends? Your community?

Let's start the day with early bird yoga!

Let’s start the day with early bird yoga!

Early bird yoga … a great way to start the day! A mindful, heart centering practice led by yogi Keith, we stretch and re-awaken our bodies while we open our hearts to ourselves, each other, and our beautiful surroundings … mmm mmm good!

Early bird yoga ... a great balance of self care and a sacred yes to the day!

Early bird yoga … a great balance of self care and a sacred yes to the day!

In what ways can we start our days in a body-mind-Spirit practice that opens our hearts to our blessings?! Close your eyes right now and feel yourself as a feathered bird … you may want to stand on one foot, extend the other leg out and your arms out as wings … for real or in your mind … BE that balanced bird flying FREE!

Do you have yuckies, troubles, stresses in the way of your freedom and yesses? Let’s PLAY them away!

Feeling yuckies? Let's express them into the heart of Love, them blow them away with play!

Feeling yuckies? Let’s express them into the heart of Love, blow them away with PLAY!

Blow your troubles like bubbles ...floating through the air. Troubles like bubbles, float your every care!

“Blow your troubles like bubbles …floating through the air. Troubles like bubbles, float your every care!” ~ From the song found on our Small After Small CD!

When we release our yuckies with play, we can change our perspective in freeing ways!

When we release our yuckies with play, we can change our perspective in freeing ways!

Can you see your yuckies and challenges through the lens of light hearted play? Blow bubbles for a few minutes releasing your cares into the floating, popping bubbles … do you feel lighter and freer?!

Let’s head to the lake for some water fun … on the beach, in the water, it is fun to be free to have fun!

Just being lakeside if freeing and fun ...

Just being lakeside if freeing and fun …

Wade in the water ~ and splash some too ~!

Wade in the water ~ and splash some too ~!

Paddling is SO freeing & fun!

Paddling is SO freeing & fun!

Paddling together builds heart centered teamwork!

Paddling together builds heart centered teamwork!

From Sandy Beach … some stay for lake & beach fun and some head onto the Waterfall Walk ~ let’s go! Since you are with us in imagination, you can do both!

In sacred Sierra beauty, we go!

In sacred Sierra beauty, we go!

Walk this way ... more beauty & water play!

Walk this way … more feathered beauty & water play!

We're HERE! And the further down you go, the more waterfalls you find!

We’re HERE! And the further down you go, the more waterfalls you find! Walk & splash in the freedom of your  mind!

Freedom to run the rocks, splash in the water, sit in stillness drinking in the beauty … what calls to your heart and feet? Are you running, splashing, or taking a seat?! You can do it ALL!

So many ways to play! Let’s head back to Camp for a fairy tea party!

Put on your wings!

Put on your wings!

Fairy Tea Party!

It’s a Fairy Tea Party!

Put on your wings and sip some tea!

Be FREE! Put on your wings and sip some tea!

Look! A big flying fairy!

Look! A big flying fairy!

Here in the woods, you can also take a self guided Forgiveness Footprints/Spirit Calling walk stopping to reflect, forgive, listen … mindful and heart centered contemplation & celebration of the many relationships and circumstances of your life … our lives are filled with others’ footprints!

Is there someone or something calling you?

Is there someone or something calling you?

What pets come to mind? Anything or anyone to forgive? Can you celebrate and honor the pets you have had?

What pets come to mind? Anything or anyone to forgive? Can you celebrate and honor the pets you have had?

We can stop for individual family members and/or our (global) family!

Family! We can stop for individual family members and/or our (global) family!

More PLAY! Art! Music! Variety shows filled with talent! It is so fun to be us!

Artist joyful Dena shared her watercolor supplies and face paint talents ~ woo hoo!

Artist joyful Dena shared her watercolor supplies and face paint talents ~ woo hoo!

Teddy bears, face paint, and drumming, oh my!

Teddy bears, face paint, and drumming, oh my!

Listen to this! Blooming talent is about ~ what song is in you waiting to come out?

Listen to this! Blooming talent is about ~ what song is in you waiting to come out?

Musical talents combined! Who can you make music with today ~ in body and/or mind?!

Musical talents combined! Who can you make music with today ~ in body and/or mind?!

Yessing the blessing of music!

Yessing the blessing of music!

And drama too! what talents lie in you? Express your YES!

And drama too! What talents lie in you? Express your YES!

You can roast a marshmallow now … in the indoor fireplace above or on the big, outside campfire … go ahead and make a smore … imagination calories are full of ooey gooey no harm good tasting fun!

Thanks for coming to Family Camp! Hopefully you could glimpse the freedom of joy in your own heart from this … I took over 600 pictures so this really is a glimpse, tee hee. I am SO deeply grateful for all of you campers and co-creators who came to camp and made our experience so rich, so joy filled, and so free! Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

Feathers Of Freedom Family Camp is an invitation to the beauty of nature, the heart of family & community, the Love of Spirit, all centered in the freedom of creativity and fun. You can join us next August in the sacred Sierras and you can co-create your own freeing fun any mindful moment between now & then … just ask your heart for wisdom and your Free Spirit of play for guidance!

Thank you for the gift of your Feathers Of Freedom presence here and in the world. Namaste, Love!

Anything bugging you?! Visit our Free Shelf this week for so much fun with BUGS!

Anything bugging you?! Visit our Free Shelf this week for so much fun with BUGS!  http://www.creativespiritfamilies.com/LLLibraryCard.html





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