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Heart Inspirations

103.HeartVisionNamaste Integrated Hearts of Inspired Humanity!

Thank you for being here in a celebration of humanity and some spiritual ABC’s for H & I ~ including another springtime splendor Vlog below! I have had a heaping helping of helping others since I was last here celebrating the happy, healthy, harmonious H ~ I also found myself in an inner holding pattern in having the heart to express in this space. Sometimes, the outer busy can force an inner break; perhaps just providing time for integration. Admittedly, I have been over-giving to others, leaving my own heart in need of a hug so I have been doing some of that for physical, mental, and spiritual health. And! All in all, I am still fully committed to communication and celebration ~ for the best of me and for HUMANITY! 112.HipHipHoorayAt the heart of humanity, is the helping hand. When we help each other, we answer the calling of our hearts and we build the collective heart of us ~ the best of what it is to be human. So who have you been lending a hand to, my friend? Lots of someones?! There are so many ways to help ~ a prayer can potentially touch countless others ~ If you turn within, I’m sure your heart will show you what a helper you are! And maybe, you, like me, need to remember to also help YOU!100.HelpingHandYes, let us remember what a help it is to be healthy and HAPPY. Far from being selfish, it is surely for the highest good of our own hearts and that of the world, when we harvest happiness and harbor whatever it is that makes us happy.101.HaveHappinessMay your heart be smiling with happiness now with the beautiful faces above! I am so happy to be able to integrate such smiling hearts into our New Thought Families daily Play & Pray Calendar (thank you Pixabay!). We also have a sprinkling of narration voices there ~ UK Storyteller Ruth Humphreys and our local Creative Spirit Families friend and talent, Jenni Knight narrate a few April days along with teenage Jeremiah and I. My heart is still holding for more voices to join us! How about you?!

Our Leaping Literacy Library Free Shelf is full of I’s as the calendar rolls along!! SoulPlay Wendy Fedan is an imagination celebration not to be missed! Our New Thought Families’ offerings are a few videos from the archives playing with intuition and imagination.
FreebiesAnd NOW! I am so happy to be sharing with you another vlog featuring some of the springtime splendor that surrounds us these fleeting April days. Today’s video speaks to some of our spiritual H’s and I’s ~ with an oh so handsome H that makes an unscripted appearance. It also features 2 of the latest little Spirit ABC songs I wrote yesterday. This Spirit Sing project is called Children’s Chants and there are some great ones coming through though I have started questioning if they are truly ‘chants’ ~ perhaps ‘small songs’ or short songs’ is more accurate. Irrespective, they are being birthed and nurtured this sweet 16 as part of our spiritual ABC’s ~ For Humanity! These 2, in particular, may be bleeding through on melody lines ~ especially in the video. They are Humbled By Humanity and Inside My Heart. Give a listen here to the rough demos if you like:

The process of co-creating is what makes me truly happy. What is it for you? Your inner wisdom, your intuition, is always at the ready to help you invite in more happiness! I wish you all that and more. Namaste, Love!

And! Thank you for sharing the blog ~ and the blog linked vlog below ~ any heart inspired moment you do. Truly grateful for you!

Have Hope For Humanity ~ Creative Spirit Families

Hello Hopeful Hearts, Helping Hands, and Hearty Hugs of Humanity!

I heartfully greet you in this home based celebration of letter H in our progressing spiritual ABCs. Hope this finds your heart and home happy and harmonized. Ours? Mostly so ~ both of them! As I continue to run my dad’s homestead in addition to our own, and all the extra curriculars, I find in addition to the exhaustion, I have some deeper questions and answers about what home is … to me. So for this week, let’s explore some aspects of heart and home …

It is famously said that home is where the heart is.

Heart Home ~ Creative Spirit Families

When our heart feels at home ~ wherever that is ~ we are safe to feel, safe to express, safe to be. When home is harmonious, we not only feel safe and supported but also free to laugh, play, create, fully express who we truly be. In harmony, home and heart are united in co-creating dreams, hopes, indeed, our highest potential.

Happy Hippos ~ Heartful Home ~ Creative Spirit Families

All too often, home is a place that isn’t the safe nest we would hope for ~ for a myriad of reasons. And there are so many ways that home ~ and our hopeful ideal of it ~ simply crumble.

In my song, “When Dreams Die”,  the bridge sings,
“A house is a home yet dreams are of the heart.
Can there be home when dreams are torn apart?
Is home a feeling? A person or a place?
Can dreams find home in empty space?”

So, when family and home split up through divorce, death or even happier occasions like graduation or job change, home can be the place where hurt is. Irrespective of circumstances, home is often a hurtful place ~ one that nurtures pain patterns rather than providing a more positive presence of support and encouragement. Sometimes, it is the very safety of home that allows for the freedom to express our darker sides like sadness and anger.

Angry Hippo ~ Hurtful Home ~ Creative Spirit Families

Anyone in your home ever look like this?! Quick! Hide!

 Hurting Home ~ Creative Spirit FamiliesIt is in the haven of home where we can hone horrible habits like hording, hiding, hitting ~ with words or fists ~ or less overtly offensive horrible habits like complaining, laziness, overdoing with food, drink, work, or other addictions. In the cycle of family pain patterns, our parents can unconsciously pass down the hurts of their parents. In energetic healing work like Dr. Bradley Nelson’s,  The Emotion Code, heart wall pain is often traced back generations. Even though we haven’t literally met our ancestors, we may be unconsciously carrying forward these family pain patterns. Sometimes the horrible habits are right in our face ~ like hording. The family store we have been cleaning out is a great example of stuff, dust, and more stuff and dust layered deep that I still have my hands in. This last week, Jeremiah’s high school cast performed a new round of their student written one act version of the tale of this family store, 14 Main. We went into the store, with friend, cast member and co-author of the play, Jenni to do a bit more cleaning and take out some of old Uncle Al’s taxidermy pieces for the set. It is moments like these where we can clearly see the heart, dirt, and the hurt of our family ‘home’ carried forward into our own hands and hearts. Cleaning Home Hurt & Dirt ~ Creative Spirit FamiliesHere is where I turn to the divine order perfection discussed last week. The very hurt of home is indeed where the heart is. And even in truly horrible homes where abuse runs rampant or in the absence of home all together for homeless, or in makeshift tent city homes for refugees, there is heart on some measure. And there is a call for healing. Hurt provides the opportunity to heal. And as we heal layers of (generational) hurt, heart has the opportunity to transcend habit. Each of our hearts is called to heal. In the divine order perfection of the soul journey, the family patterns are carefully co-created so that our souls may completely heal and evolve. Healing Home ~ Creative Spirit FamiliesIn looking at the human journey, family is home and where the circle of hurt and healing originates. This holds true for the family of humanity. With more and more conscious awareness, I believe we can and will heal at least some of the horrible hurts of the past. I know my heart and hands are dedicated to the cause. Happy Hippos ~ Healing Home ~ Creative Spirit FamiliesAnd as for the heart and family of humanity …. It is each of us that can heal our human legacy, if not for the human journey, for this planet home. We have undoubtedly inflicted horrible hurt on our earth mother yet we have the collective heart and hands to heal her. At home in the heart of humanity, we will heal. With Earth Day coming up, it is a great time to think of our planet home holding her in heart and hands for healing harmony.Earth Day Every Day Creative Spirit Families
So! Hopeful hearts of humanity! Let us do what is ours to do as we can with harmonious hearts and hands ~ to uplift the beauty and sanity of humanity. Could be as simple as cleaning one corner of your home, taking time to honor a loved one with kind words, careful attention, and an apology if necessary. Perhaps you can take some time for energetic healing or happy celebration of your home and family. Maybe this week in particular, you want to use your hands to plant a tree or pick up litter. I hand it to you to hug ~ facing and embracing the callings of your heart to hold more happiness.

We have another week of Happy H’s on our daily Play and Pray Calendar at New Thought Families. Our Leaping Literacy Free Shelf has a huge, heaping helping of Hands, Hearts, Hugs, Harps! SoulPlay Harpist Cymber Lily Quinn is in the redwood forest playing her celestial sounds ~ playing so beautifully! Experience this in Earth Day & Humanitarian Celebration! Thanks Cymber!Leaping Literacy Library Free Shelf!And thank you! For sharing this mindful moment here and for being aware of your home, heart, hands, hurts, and healings. May you have ease and grace harmony in all … May we all be happy in our healing choices and voices … for ourselves, for family, for earth, for humanity. Namaste, Love!

94.GrowGratitudeNamaste Green Growing Gusts of Grateful Gusto!

I greet you with great gratitude and appreciation for you ~ and April, and alphabetic guidelines, for the Letter G ~ and H! ~ and for the grace filled growth of gratitude. In this week’s blog, we are further embracing G’s galore as we explore what it is to grow gratitude. From my blessed, safe, and beauty filled existence, I have 3 pictorial examples of how gratefulness can help garner more grace from experiences that otherwise lean towards doubt, grief, defeat, and fear. Though these stories are small, I hope they may serve you in some way ~ thank you for being here!

Birds and animals gratefully store their acorn groceries for another day!

Birds and animals gratefully store away their acorn groceries for another day!

If you watched last week’s grace vlog, you caught a glimpse of the green glory that is surrounding our home this time of year. We are richly blessed with hills and fields of green, dotted with wonderful wildflowers. Right outside my (office) corner window is a dazzling dogwood tree. Even though this is the 5th spring bloom I have witnessed of this tree, I found myself giving into an annual doubt that the itty bitty buds couldn’t possibly yield big, beautiful blooms this year … Blooms1I remember last year thinking my fabulous pink faced friend wouldn’t bloom because of the drought. With much more rain this year, how could I doubt? I dunno … I just did. I watched myself doubting and had conversations of faith. Surely our dogwood would absolutely sprout in grace …???!!! I have to say, I gave gratitude every day and affirmations of this beautiful life unfolding … as if I was gently scolding my inner doubts, that of course the buds would sprout. YES! Of course blessed! Blooms2My little work corner is once more graced with glorious pink blooms galore! With pink triumphantly smiling and sprouting a go-go, how could I ever have been doubting my little buds would grow and glow?! Blooming WorkSo while I am graced in pink divine, how can I help but rhyme?! I have been co-creating more Laurie StorEBooks in keeping with my alphabetic calendar … still a bit late but loving how great it is to co-create! Now, in this next sharing example, you may easily miss the doubt, fear and defeat that threatened to be ample … Briefly put, I ran into more of the technical difficulties that seemingly can come from old software, no budget or supporting workforce, and a grim reaper that can rise up to shout how silly my ‘work’ is and to just GIVE UP already! Whoa. See how the energy just shifted … In the face of the details, I was able to stay my mind on the freedom of grace ~ firm faith in divine order. Everything turned out more than fine ~ I find these latest alliterative Laurie StorEBooks divine! You may remember seeing this title a few weeks back … but the diner was way too dingy … DinaDiner00 copySo technical difficulties aside … rah, rah, and TA DA!DinaDiner06 copyYou can now find Dina Dimetrodon’s Dessert Diner on Kindle! You can also find Fiona Fay’s Family Flower Farm on our Kindle shelf!FlowerFarm00 copyFlowerFarm07 copy
So! I am ever so grateful for staying grateful … or at least faithful in these little big ways in my world this week. What I found is that appreciation is fed by gratitude and this leads to an inevitable altitude of Spirit! Being grateful and faithful has also been fed with large doses of allowance, acceptance, forgiveness and an intermingling of some big C’s ~ commitment and a much dreaded (by me!) C … compromise! In my alphabetic timeline, I seem to forever be behind … of course, this plays out elsewhere in my “never enough” existence! So! With great and grateful use of the spiritual tools, I am celebrating and adjusting as needed. I am working on “G” books and loving them even as I celebrate the “D” and “F” titles above. The Leaping Literacy Library shelves are slowly be transformed for the way better in how they look as well as what they house. (Patient blooms!) For New Thought Families, our daily Play & Pray Calendar is right on track ~ today, we technically are crossing over from G to H:
99.GrowHopeAs we continue to grow and hold hope for humanity, tomorrow marks our 100th “For Humanity” calendar day! We still have hope of sprinkling more narration voices onto our calendar pages ~ the lovely Ruth Humphrey’s narrates 3 days this coming week ~ yay! How about adding your voice?  Contact us, ok?! The magic of technology could add your voice with ours! What do you say? I also want to say that the new Children’s Chants, A~G (11 of them!) are roughly recorded and in place for our Marvelous Members.

The final little pictorial story for grace filled gratitude comes from the calf who died on Good Friday at my dad’s ranch. Briefly told, the little calf got sick and kept taking herself into the pond. Her poor mama didn’t know what to do ~ except protect her from us ~ our good ranch neighbor who tried to help …Cow1Mama cow was having none of the cowboy’s tricks. She ended up on the other side of the pond which caused baby to swim across to her … The whole time, the rest of our little herd of 3 mamas and 3 babies were calling and calling …Cow2Simply put, shortly after crossing the pond, we watched the calf die. I had been praying to the helping angels and it seemed they answered with a hastened death. Since she was to go, and she was suffering, quicker is better. The other cows immediately stopped calling and went away. The mama stood grieving and as I turned away in sadness with our neighbor, I turned inwardly to gratitude. With a prayer of surrender similar to that of my ‘technical difficulty’ one, I affirmed divine order. The conversation that ensued, ended up bringing a huge shift in my dad and release for me. Sadly for my 90 year old dad, and in a blessed gift of grace for me, we will be letting the cows go later this year and our good neighbor will rent the fields for his cows grazing. Truly, divine order grace! Meanwhile, our grieving mama cow is most often found with the small herd but looking away from them. Here, another mama sits with her as she gazes into the flowing creek. Grief is real and deep for this mother and even though I can greet at least part of this situation with gratitude, I’m not sure how it soothes mama cow. I do believe she has grace. And in this and hopefully other moments, she has a friend. Sometimes, just to be gathered together is the greatest gift.Cow3Again, I thank you for being here and I do hope that you are able to garner gratitude for whatever gifts of grace you are facing. I really know how gratifying it is to affirm divine order when everything looks good and how challenging it is when things seem ‘wrong’. Yet I also have a deep appreciation of how gratitude grows the altitude of our well being on all levels … especially when we employ faith filled thankfulness for ALL. Truly, there is no spot where God is not and for that, I am forever grateful. Namaste, Love!

PlayShop THIS Sunday! SO grateful to be gathering!

Glowing Grace

92.BeGenerousNamaste Glorious, Glowing, Growing Goodness!

There is (always!) a lot we could discuss this day … including my Good Friday experience of watching a calf die at dad’s ranch yet in the Spirit of life & death, springtime & breath, and the great and glorious letter G … I offer a green vlog this week celebrating grace and gratitude:

Thank you to beloved Jesse for holding the camera and thank you to you for sharing the green, grace filled flow of it all with me now on the blog. Here are the words I sing in celebration of the web of grace and us as the thread of Love:

Woven In Grace © Laurie Story Vela

Life is a web
woven in grace.
We are all weavers
weaving in faith.

Love is the thread
connecting the web.
We are all weavers,
Love is the thread.

Again, thank you for being here and for the thread of Love you are weaving your own glorious grace filled space. I am grateful for you. Namaste, Love!
Our Leaping Literacy Library Free Shelf features G reading and singing as well as some green living and grief games with SoulPlay Grief Guide Uma Girish ~ sign up or in with your Free Library Card.

Faith: Freedom’s Grace


Namaste Free Floating Feathers Of Faith Filled Fulfillment!
I greet you in celebration of Equinox, Spring, New Year & Christian Holy Week/Easter ~new beginnings all noted on our daily Play & Pray Calendar pages at New Thought Families.
Wicca/Pagan Goddess ~ PaganOstara & Mabon Equinox ~ March 20
Christianity ChristianityChristian Palm Sunday March 20

Baha’i Baha'iHindu Hindu Happy New Year ~ March 21

This also comes with a prayer for all those in Belgium who suffered the latest, large scale terrorist attack from Isis this week ~ the insanity of humanity that can indeed, try our faith. As sad and unsettling as it is, I remain in humanitarian solidarity with the goodness and light that will prevail.  May we all continue to send heart thoughts out to our global family.HeartThoughtsOn the home front, I am still physically and mentally recovering from our Disney trip last week ~ and the cold that invaded my tired body upon arrival home. I am still processing how, in the happiest place on earth, there could be so much discontent. Here’s a shot from a parade that had me grinning ear to ear (Chesire Cat style!) the whole time. Check the crowd for smiles  … ~!


I was a happy fairy flitting around Disney after being band mom ~ the kids did great in their workshop and performance and then they scattered throughout the park. I was left, that 1st day, for an incredible 8 hours by myself. In a sea of people, I didn’t see 1 familiar face yet I smiled and sparkled with many. I had so much fun! I was free. Free to be happy. Free to keep choosing happiness. Free to experience my beloved Small World:SmWorld1
SmWorldCome on! Take the cruise in your imagination right now! Or maybe your prefer to twirl in a teacup? There’s one waiting for you! Whee! Always free to be!

The 2nd and full day in the park , I hung with a buddy named Faith, who tortured me with riding Indiana Jones (I don’t do roller coasters!) and I tortured her with Small World (seriously, what’s not to love?! I went  four times!) and we found ways to be in free flowing choice, cooperation and communication throughout the day. Faith was one of our students who is recovering from injuries so getting through the park was extra challenging for her. I think we made a good team and we both had a good time. It was a warm 86 degrees and that, along with long lines made for what seemed like an inordinate amount of grumpy faces all around. I did my part to remind people to smile and enjoy the ‘happiest place on earth’ though in the end, everyone always has that freedom of choice. The experience has made me deeply ponder the human propensity to suffer ~ even when we’re greatly blessed! Just what makes it so counterintuitive to fly free?!

On day 4 of our little spring break getaway, we spent a few hours at the beach before the loooooooooooooong bus ride home. I took a glorious beach walk, picked up some (art!~) seashells and some trash. I find the calling irresistible … there is that freedom to serve everywhere we go …
BeachWalkIn getting back home, I was piled up with the ‘homework’ of 2 homes (ours and my father’s) + the physical cold and the depressive darkness that sometimes descends upon me after vacations and times of visioning ~ which this trip was big on. It can be overwhelming for me to facilitate what is after seeing so much of what can be. In this Holy Week, I am reminded of the lessons of Jesus … as he goes from celebratory palm fronds through betrayal, his Garden of Gethsemane anguish and the horrible crucifixion and suffering endured before his ultimate Spirit Rising of Easter. I look around my personal circumstances and that of our world … the unspeakable Presidential primary voting in this country and all the violence and unrest in so many places worldwide. So much suffering and unfairness that seems to prevail and yet … I have faith in the light. I have faith that always and in all ways the light will triumph to free each of us and all of us from the darkness of our own imprisonment. And! We know that darkness is required for germination. So it is with faith that we allow our seeds to freely germinate in the darkness and grow with grace into the light. And we choose. We choose to know that humanity can overcome all darkness to grow on in grace filled light and Love. No matter what.

So in that Spirit … of allowance and acceptance of how humanity grows and how freedom rings, I will speak to my own horrified amazement that so many Americans are voting for Trump in our primary elections; a man who uses his freedom of speech to bully others and perpetuate racism and anti-American values of building a wall vs. continuing to embrace immigrants. Yet in this as in so many other instances, I  look to the children to uphold the light of Love for the hope of humanity. With some reservation, I offer you this conversation:

FreebiesAs for our little corner of Leaping Literacy, there’s a few more days for featured F on the Free Shelf; we start the cross over onto G on Friday ~ Good Friday to be exact! Good Friday. Whether or not you observe the Christian observance of Christ’s crucifixion this Friday, may we all pause to bring the light of forgiveness, faith, fortitude, and freedom to the family of humanity … especially to those who perpetuate the crucifying insanity. We can and we will continue to grow a garden of goodness through the faith filled freedom of grace. It does indeed live in each of us.86.GatherGoodness And so it is. Namaste, Love!
Feathers16AP.S.! We’ve extended early bird pricing for one more week to save on Freedom Family Camp registration! And! Happy Easter Blessings, rollover surprises onsite here.


Faith Filled Footsteps

FaithTrust copyNamaste Fellow Faithful, Fun Filled Friends!

Thank you for being here for this week’s trust walk celebration of faith and the fearless letter F! Our daily Play & Pray Calendar is freely flowing faith this week and next. In our Creative Spirit Families alphabetic expressions, F has found us still and forever catching up yet fully tethered in faith trusting forward motion! For your part, I hope this finds you floating free as a feather …  at least in this mindful, full breath moment … 75.FeatherFloatFor my part, I spent the day on a bus with the (Jeremiah’s) high school band. In a hotel tonight, they’ll play at Disneyland tomorrow. I, the band mom, am here in service to many, sometimes frayed and frazzled, callings of my heart. In the freedom and fun loving part of things, I am here in service to being a mom to many, at least in tiny part, and I am here for the Spirit of fun and frolic. Feathers, stickers, wings, glitter … I’ve got it all … following the faith filled footpath of … fairy … ME!
78.FunFrolicPlayful me is here to experience and facilitate fun for others ~ in twinkling, trusting fairy style! Tired me is wondering what was I thinking?! Business me (yes, there is one!) is forlorn at the fallow efforts actually applied thus far for what was mapped out for Membership March. Yes, my money making efforts seem to (yet again!) be going by the wayside. And! In the midst of all of it, I sit here now tethered in faith and trusting divine order. The moments and days leading up to this getaway have been full to the brim with family service infused with ongoing fortitude and forgiveness for the work play of Leaping Literacy Library and gathering as Creative Spirit Families. This last week, a plan with beautiful partnership came together for our first local PlayShop of 2016 + some of our beautiful families are utilizing March’s early bird sign up for Feathers of Freedom Camp. YES!
Feathers16B Feathers16AFaith … Freedom … And Feathers!
Last year, after 10 years, I changed the name of our fun filled family camp … from Feathers Of Faith to Feathers of Freedom … for a few reasons. Faith can sometimes be a misleading word. I view faith as an unshakable though sometimes fragile substance within that gives Spirit substance to our lives. Though many find faith through religion, faith is far more than a framework based on beliefs. It is an essence of our souls. Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation. ~ St. Thomas Aquinas

FOFIn the case of our family camp, I got the feeling far too many times that the word faith brought a question of religion. Our camp (and other work) holds space for any and all religious tolerance, education & inspiration. Yet we are all about Spirit of the heart, Love expressed in so many ways … hence, the freedom! Our camp itself has a plethora of activities to choose from so denotes the freedom to choose the experiences most fitting for each family. We come together to be creative community, and to embrace the holy within each of us and all of us in playful, appreciative, celebratory ways. The sacred Sierras that nest us for the weekend are soul nurturing sustenance. The whole of it makes room for feeling more freedom. MMM good! My favorite fun and frolic! Do join us if you’re called!

And in a few hours … I’ll be in Disneyland for a different backdrop of family fun. Some years back, while in Disneyworld, I had a huge vision of Creative Spirit Families … theme park style! ~ And so in divine order faith and trust, I am open to whatever fun, frolic, and forward motion awaits me and our merry band tomorrow!
77.FaithfulFriendBefore I publish this and surrender to sleep so I can be fun fairy me tomorrow, I wish to briefly speak to 2 of our F fostered spiritual literacy lessons … family & friends … and faith filled manifestation. Ooh kinda big stuff for a few words … so it will be up to your meditative mind and faith filled heart to draw what you may need here to carry forward fostering with fortitude! And feel free to share your insights here with me and others too!
Family & Friends!
The above picture is a much younger Jeremiah who I admit in hushed tones that I still miss. In being here now for my 16 year old ~ as well as my 90 year old dad ~ faith is the knowing that the changing landscape of our relationships is strongly tethered in divine order unfolding. The circle of life that holds and loves us can be trusted and is worthy of our faith. As family members and friends change, or even come and go, having faith in our hearts gives us the freedom to keep showing up for each other. As with most of life, I find that if I stay stuck in what is “supposed to or should be”, I will completely miss the blessing of what is. We are always free to feel Love or fear. And whatever doesn’t feel good most likely is (deep) rooted in fear.
79.FaceFearsFear can definitely be a very tricky bedfellow. Lurking in each of us, it often takes awareness to Love it into safety, surrender … and divine order co-creation.
Ask In Faith
The few words I will give this vast subject will mostly be sung below in a vintage music video of “Ask In Faith”. The actual recorded version sample with lyrics is here on the Trust What You Hear CD page. So as the video attends to, the basic formula for Law Of Attraction is found in a bible verse from Mark that reads, “Whatever you ask for in faith, believe you have received it and it will be yours.” For my part, I continue to (re)align all the callings of my heart with this faith filled belief. And you? Be with the song and see what comes up! Ask In Faith is also found on our current Free Shelf with a total of 5 fab songs, Fay’s Gray Bay Laurie StorEBook and Freedom Tales with internationally renowned storyteller Luisah Teish. FreebiesThank you for sharing a mindful, faith filled moment here my friend. I pray that whatever you are asking for in faith, you are indeed able to not only conceive but believe and achieve it! For in this full circle of co-creation, we are truly FREE! Namaste, Love!

Ask In Faith Music Video
Passcode: FaithLJAsk


Namaste Elevated, Evolving Energies!
I greet you with the everlasting embrace of entirety … for humanity! Yes, today’s enthusiastic embodiment is all about the letter E so herein are some of the ABC’s of E’s Energy along with updates from me (Laurie Story) and Creative Spirit Families! It all begins with Awareness … being aware of the energy that is in us and all around us. Breathing is a natural way to center and re-center both awareness and the energy itself. Consciousness denotes more awareness of how our energies are flowing and what we are Co-Creating with the Divine Dance of Energy that is us.
70.EmbraceEnormousEnthusiasmEnthusiasm. ENTHUSIASM! ENTHUSIASTIC ENERGY ~ Yippee! It’s great when we feel it, right? But what about when we don’t? What about when energy is low and enthusiasm is lower? Sometimes we need to just be with the ebb. And sometimes we need to reach higher. Just how do we elevate? Let’s start with the basicness of …
Energy’s Ecology
So when looking at ecology, it is where the organism (aka, us) meets the environment. From the green environmental standpoint, it often refers to the necessary clean up of our messes. In our personal and spiritual realms, it can mean the same. Energy flows best in a clear path. As nature begins to wake up in spring, the ‘spring cleaning’ often begins around our homes ~ we clean the dust and clutter to make more room for the blossoming of our growing Spirits. I have long believed that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” because it allows a freer flow of that Spirit in and through us. This is good for our physical environments as well as the ecology in our minds, hearts ~ and hands!62.EnergyInMeTake a moment now to check in … How do you feel? What energies are you embodying in this moment? Look around you … how does your space feel? What is it embodying? Just as we can choose to tidy up our physical spaces, so we can and do with our inner, energetic space. There are many transformational tools for emotional clearing like EFT ~ Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping, free pdf here. The quick and easy one I prefer is The Emotion Code from Dr. Bradley Nelson. Leaping Literacy Library Marvelous Members can join me in a video doing the Emotion Code on a glorious fall day in the sacred Sierras. Our Transformational Tools section of Leaping Literacy is still in development yet given the lag time in this, maybe a simple Recommended Resources page should be the next goal! And though the tools can be essential; the enduring, endearing, everlasting Essence that birthed us is always on the ready within … to guide us towards what our heart and soul needs to elevate at any given time. Often, just centering in prayer or even 1 deep breath … letting Spirit in … can be the only release required to be lifted up.69.EntrustEverlastingEssenceFor my part, this day, I have to entrust my energy’s ecology to the everlasting embrace that helps me juggle the care of 2 sets of household chores, groceries, bills, etc. ~ mine and my fathers ~ + all the entwined generational messiness & energies of the elders, my teenager, and menopausal me … enter the essential Essence of all Love, peace, co-creation … I must *always* and in all ways, trust and entrust, in THE ENERGY! In aligning with what’s mine in the dance of the Divine, using transformational tools and cleaning up the physical messes (mine and the family ones I take on!) are sure fire ways to free energy but ultimately in the surrender to the Essence of Creation, is where sure elevation exists.63..ElevateThe Elevation Of Evolution
So yes, using awareness to implement a clearing breath or prayer for ourselves and cleaning the physical space in our homes & other (work) spaces are sure ways to move energy and allow more flow of positive life enJOYment. There truly is an endless, infinite supply of Spirit to tap into! And this eternal Essence is always in a process of elevation and evolution. And so are we! Life’s evolution is always issuing us invitations for participation …

All the pictures above are from the Evolving Energies of the E’s on our daily Play & Pray Calendar at New Thought Families. As hinted in last week’s blog, we are slowly evolving the narrative voices on these daily devotions. Do you want to add your voice? Send us a note and let’s hear you on some upcoming letters this sweet ’16!

I know, another ‘To Do’ … but maybe one that is calling you?! It is easy to be swept up by life’s ‘To Dos’ and forget that we are ‘To Be’ an ongoing expression of evolving energy. For my part, like so many women, my days can easily fill up with caretaking the needs of others. This very post has been interrupted multiple times by such callings as they are constant. Quite possibly, at least some of the needs that call me are ones I should say ‘no’ to. My own creative avoidance can be a master at skewing priorities. My 16 year old Jeremiah is in a very funny play at school; a spoof on Shakespeare’s “Servant Of Two Masters” I have vowed to be at the theatre each night and last Friday, I was running back and forth from there and my dad’s house. I truly felt like a servant of 2 masters!

What’s mine to do? A question to be continually asked! The evolution process asks it … subtlety but surely. The feeling of elevation is one sure marker that YES, this IS mine to do! As Jeremiah is evolving into a man, our relationship is naturally shifting. I find myself still wanting to be there for him like when he was younger. Sometimes it’s needed and wanted and other times, not so much. This last week at the drama room, I have witnessed the custodian bringing them ‘dumpster dive’ food that these hungry teenagers gobble up. I find myself being called to be a ‘Room Mom’ and provide, at the least, a crock pot of Mac-N-Cheese on performance nights. Jeremiah rolls his eyes knowing how I already have way more list than days. I ask him, “Who else could I get to carry out this great idea?!” He replies, “No one is as crazy as you mom.”

Enough Is Enough!
So how do we decide what’s ours to do? Only we can tell that for ourselves but employing our ABC’s  of Energy can help: Awareness … Breathing … Consciousness Co-Creating Divine Dance Energy!
And! I emphatically also espouse my own needed maxim of Enough! For those of us who continually run the “I’m not enough” programming in the background (or foreground!), our evolving energy is best served by tempering ‘To Do’ with ‘Ta Da’ and just, simply, if not easily, removing a bunch of the ‘To Do’s’. I am personally stepping back to look at why I keep doubling *everything* … is it saying yes to abundant flow or yes to overwhelm to prove I’m not enough?! Only the Aware, Breathing, Conscious, Co-Creating Divine Dance Energetic me ~ or you! ~ knows for sure!

So! Enough of this epic length essay on E! A few ‘Ta Da’s below … And! In an effort to get ahead of my alphabetic wheel and get this blog back at the top of the week rather than the bottom, this is it for E. Our letter and Free Shelf change to Fearless, Faithful F at the end of this week. Explore our Free E’s including some scrumptious SoulPlay Earth Gym with Rachel Flower! This is also Leap Day Membership March where for a measly $29, you can access the WHOLE Library ~ for a whole LEAPing YEAR! Enough is Enough ~ sign up!
FreebiesStill wrapping up some E’s and a few lingering C’s and D’s but lots more Laurie StorEBooks at Kindle and coming onto the Leaping Literacy Library shelves:
C1 C2 Carey ChooD1 D2 DinaDiner00 copyWe are also calling out to any fine feathered friends who want to join us at our Feathers Of Freedom Family Camp this summer ~ early bird registration pricing saves you 17% this marvelous March! Feathers16AFor any of you who have read ~ or skimmed! ~ this far … thank you! And I have 1 last very special invitation for any who are interested any further in the evolving energies of Creative Spirit Families and my enthusiastic embodiment of my childhood dreams. The wonderful Ruth Humphrey’s interviewed me from the UK for her new web series, “Living Your Childhood Dream” embedded below.

As for you … I celebrate your evolving, elevating energy of life’s everlasting YES so beautifully expressed in and through you. Thank you. Namaste, Love!


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