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Reverence Rocks!

Namaste Glowing, Glorious, Green Growing Beauties of Life & Light!
IMG_2148We are back from our spring break adventure road trip to Arizona ~ the state of amazing cacti, rock mountains, and THE premier museum of musical instruments! For any who are old like me and can remember the TV jokes ~ and real life too ~ of the proverbial slide shows that friends and family would endure after a loved one’s vacation?! Well, here it is … blog style in smallish thumbnails … sprinkled with this week’s musings …
IMG_2847 IMG_2856IMG_2858 IMG_2857
Cacti are such amazing expressions of Love blessed expressed! From the ‘trees’ to the spiney rounds, cactus in Arizona abound and I love every one of them I found! We returned to a cactus walk we had found last year before the St. Patty’s Day Giants spring training game (the team wore green hats) ~ the game found me sitting in our assigned lawn seats while Jeremiah and his dad roamed and sat in whatever seats they liked. I actually sat next to people from Jackson, our neighboring home town ~ and we shared some great memories of our old band teacher, Mr. Hill, who we had both grown up with and been so positively influenced by. Synchronicities! After that game, we returned to the powerful vortexes of Sedona’s sweeping red rocks:
LJ15IMG_2103 IMG_2213 IMG_2167
Maybe due to the power of the rocks and the spiney cactus too ~ or probably mostly just the natural evolution of the circle of life, I declared this to be our last alternative family vacation with Jeremiah’s dad. With Jeremiah now 15, the time has come for him to travel with his dad without me. Our styles are very different ~ from the way we choose a seat at a ballgame, to lots of other things, there’s good reasons we didn’t stay together! And I am naming and claiming the freedom for myself to vacation without him ~ on multiple levels. While change can be painful, sometimes NOT changing is more painful. And with change comes new growth, new opportunities & freedoms. Freedom rocks!IMG_2270 IMG_2258 IMG_2137 IMG_2136
Arizona is full of beauty and glorious rocks. On one hike, I found a plethora of playful piles ~ stacked up for fun! In the old mining town of Jerome, the museum had the above treasure among others on it’s grounds. We also discovered another amazing museum treasure in MIM ~ Musical Instrument Museum in the Phoenix area that would rival any in New York or DC. It was immaculately clean and spectacularly laid out covering every country and musical instrument you could imagine ~ and some you could not! We barely scratched the surface in the few hours we were there ~ there’s great reason to get the 2 day admission pass they offer!
IMG_2609There were sections of instruments that covered many countries like bagpipes and the pipe organ room. There was also a section for every country that not only had instruments but videos of native peoples playing the instruments ~ sometimes with dances, parades, rituals. What a beautiful bird’s eye view into the world!
IMG_2707IMG_2709    IMG_2655 IMG_2656
One of my favorite exhibits was the recycled orchestra with instruments made from trash. While they looked funky, they sounded like the real thing ~ and then some! I will re-visit this with more detail and credits. For now, look for visionary music teacher and creator Favio Chavez from Cateura, Paraguay. Perhaps there are YouTube videos we can find to experience this reverie of musical recycling! Saty fine tuned for more on this inspiration of living green, reverent of the resources at hand …
IMG_2659IMG_2844 Jeremiah is pictured at MIM with the Octobass. I took a video from the demo we were blessed to experience on our short visit there ~ part of the museum’s ‘String Break’! I will definitely get that video posted into our Leaping Literacy Library!Freebies
There are many facets of the Library still at work and play as I continue to navigate family and a myriad of life commitments. It is all about consistency and commitment, awareness and action. One thing I was struck with on our trip away is how hard something relatively simple like recycling can be when away from established routine. ~Another difference with my ex who doesn’t recycle! And me, recycling is part of my religion …  in reverence for resources, and our beautiful planet home. Like anything that matters to us, we must put hands and feet to the intention and prayer!
IMG_2106 IMG_2107
~ Filling and reusing a water jug on the road!~

As the Irish proverb goes … may the road rise up to meet you this moment wherever you are in your journey! For me, I am back tending to home ~ mine and my dad’s ranch ~ yesterday had me chasing after 1 of the calves with a blue plastic trash back someone threw in the field and he decided to eat ~ arg!
IMG_2871Breathe. Affirm divine order. No matter what. And keep naming and claiming freedom in every breath, in every step. I will close with your invitation to our annual summer family camp in the sacred Sierras. Name, claim, and calendarize some freedom, beauty, and fun fun fun for your family ~ with us ~ or with whomever and whatever calls your heart! Namaste, Love!
Freedom is the natural stirring
in our hearts … to fly ever higher.

Namaste lucky leprechauns of love filled light! Greetings this magical March moment of green spring break singing and St. Patricks Day celebrations! We left our Sutter Creek green rolling hills on Saturday including grandpa’s cows and wild white cat …
SutterCreekIMG_1900 IMG_1907
Our New Thought & Creative Spirit Families March PlayShop was Friday night instead of our usual Sunday afternoon. The intergenerational inspirations were alive and well with our theme of branches, trees, flowers and bees:
IMG_1949IMG_1940 IMG_1925 IMG_1933 IMG_1934IMG_1936
I so love the heart sharing of all ages and the light of accomplishment that smiles in the simple creation process …above are some “Bee Love” creations from some of our youngest ~ and oldest! Young Michael is showing his creatively constructed bee, his heart felt tree and his flower where the bee came in for a landing! The simple freedom of creativity and moments of awareness opened us all for planting seeds of … patience, music, power, creativity, family, … responsibility! Michael’s older brother Carter who spoke such words of encouragement last year about continuing our local monthly Playshops chose to plant seeds of responsibility ~ which prompted us all to sing the opening verse of “In Our Hands“! Carter also shared while taking his affirmation off the Easter Tree that he has been making his own affirmations and putting them into a box to share … my goodness, our PlayShop Love practice has branched out ~ woo hoo! So of course I invited Carter to provide the affirmations next month and I can’t wait to read them and experience others reading them too! Thank you Carter! Thank You God! Ah, how good it feels when the roots of Love branch out!

Meanwhile another note of gratitude for my sister keeping my dad this week … we drove 3 hours south on Saturday and left my dad with her for the week … whew! ~Can’t tell you how free I feel! And then another hour and a half south to see old friends … the minister and his family that left our local Methodist church and Jeremiah’s old best friend JJ:
Jeremiah and I sang in their church Sunday morning which was an uplifting experience ~ for all! We sang in conjunction with the message about letting go and giving up for Lent all for the purpose of allowing more of the truth of who we are as spiritual and Spirit filled beings to flow through us ~ as us. Their church building was over one hundred years old with wonderful stained glass ~ ooh how I love stained glass!
ColorDove IMG_1989 IMG_1981
And I gotta say, I do love a good church service! While we are much more aligned with the metaphysical Christianity of New Thought ~ Unity, Church of Religious Science, et al, the sweetness of the Methodist is always welcome! Paster Alex is a musical minister ~ plays piano, guitar, sings, and it really made my heart feel at home ~ mm mm good! Doing music with my teenage Jeremiah was also so much faith filled fun! And then we drove … and drove … and drove!  My printed directions didn’t pan out so co-pilot Jeremiah took over on his phone GPS which apparently “GPS loses signal” ~ and the co-pilot too! ~ in the dessert highways between California and Arizona …
IMG_2041IMG_2047  IMG_2050 IMG_2061IMG_2064IMG_2069
A bladder break at 6 hours of driving … and … After some 10.5 hours after leaving our friends, we arrived at our AZ hotel late last night to meet Jeremiah’s dad for another spring break adventure. Here’s what I saw out the window this morning:
IMG_2072 And such is this blessed, abundant life in America! Thank you for being a witness to this week’s pictorial ‘Dear Diary’ entries! I am so grateful that you would share a mindful moment with me … What green blossomings are happening for you in this blessed time of Equinox?! Are you feeling leprechaun lucky? Blooming abundant? Or like a struggling green sprout determined to rise up from the darkness no matter what?! Whatever light, dark, green or brown bleakness this moment finds you in, may you be blessed on your journey … thanks for sharing ours … indeed, we are all a circle of LOVE growing in the hand of the master gardener. Namaste!
Free Shelf!

Wondrous Women

Namaste Passionate People & Holy Humans! Greetings of grace this Mindful March Monday! In keeping with International Women’s Day yesterday, here’s a few mystical musings about great women, forgotten women, what it is to be a woman and how I would love to see a sacred Love Day! ~ A day where we honor the sacred in all beings. Ooh that sounds like a lot doesn’t it?! So let me embrace the brief in each of those and go in reverse order … ~! Deep breath into the sacred yesness of creation, of life!

Who supports your view? Who imagines with you?

In the sacred we live … who and what sacred being can you see, witness &  honor today?!

As much as I have felt the suffering of women and the injustices of a patriarchal society, I firmly believe it is high time we embrace oneness. Certainly oneness between the races & sexes, religions & cultural casts … oneness with our earth mother and all beings … beginning with humans! I am drawn to work with familial oneness … oneness between all ages. And yes, I suppose it begins with equal rights awareness, demonstrations and justice yet isn’t it just as powerful to simply honor the sacred in all ~?! So just for this mindful moment, let me wish you a Happy Sacred Awareness Day!

LaurieBloom And yes, let me honor women in general. Often, so self sacrificing and nurturing … carrying burdens and dreams not only for ourselves but for our loved ones, our communities, and beyond. I have felt lately like my own dreams were slipping away as I cared for others so I bring that sacred awareness right into my body, mind, Spirit and deepen self Love. I started going to yoga classes again ~ what a forgotten treasure ~ the classes and my body temple! Women, men and all caregivers who put others first, remember to put your oxygen mask on first! Peace begins with me. Here’s a beautiful YouTube video on the subject:

There are so many beautiful women in this world …. Here is Every Women’s Song on YouTube:

And while every women is beautiful and every being is sacred and worthy of reverence, we do well by humanity to remember, celebrate and tribute greatness that touches our lives and changes the course of history … From our own mothers to matriarchs of movements like the San Francisco Folk Music Club shepherded by Faith Petric … Faith  There are so many stories never told … or at least not widely … like that of Claudette Colvin, the young teenager who refused to give up her seat on the bus inspiring Dr. King and Rosa Parks & the planned moment when Rosa also refused. Thankfully, most (young) Americans know about Rosa Parks but far too few know about Claudette Colvin. We have a page on Claudette coming up on the New Thought Families website and she along with Jeanette Rankin and others will be included in new rounds of Name That Peacemaker Games. For now, you can find pages on Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells, Mother Teresa, Wangari Maathai and some oh so inspirational men too! Here’s one more YouTube video that names many great women in a tribute set to Mariah Carey’s Hero song (guess the term ‘heroine’ is just too problematic!). How many of these ladies have you heard of?! So if you didn’t honor a woman yesterday, any day is a good day for flowers! And any moment is deserving of sacred awareness … of all beings. Start with the amazing being looking back at you from the mirror. Reverently celebrate yourself as I do now … Namaste, Love! SacredOut

Review & Renew

Namaste Miracle Mindful Moment Makers!

Thank you so much for being here. Greetings of sweet spring wildflower bluebells reemerging … IMG_1867IMG_1874IMG_1872 This week’s reflections are centered in silent contemplation … I am musing on life reviews and choosing which energies & commitments to renew … Unlike our fabulous flower friends, we get to weed out which annuals we want to stop blooming, aka seasonally re-creating! Yet the miracle of nature shows us the beautiful essence of what it is to be an annual …. these wildflowers magically reappear each year in all their smiling glory … sprouting from the Master Gardner’s hand, they shine the divine order of an unseen plan. So much of our lives and our own beauty are tethered in this mysterious circle of life.  Nature & the seasons serve to reawaken in us these timeless truths.

These flowers were planted by the hands of my ancestors and each spring they return to beautiful manifestation again!

These flowers were planted by the hands of my ancestors; each spring they return to manifest beauty again!

As I look out the window this mindful moment, my beloved dogwood tree stands bare with the first buddings of blooms just starting to show. Her bounty of pink blossoms will return and I celebrate them now as well as the essence of this tree itself. I don’t know the hand that planted this seed, seedling, tree but I send my gratitude to that hand now. I send my gratitude to all the planting, building, sowing hands that have come before me …

The barn my ancestors built still houses the hay for my dad's cows with lots of light shining through these old walls!

The barn my ancestors built still houses the hay for my dad’s cows with lots of light shining through old walls!

IMG_1818 I am heading back over to the ranch shortly to feed dad’s cows. The caretaking continues and the (3) baby cows are growing fast! I am surrounded by Spirit Love in the circle of time, the circle of life, that continuously lives, dies, and is reborn to bloom again.

BIG cow babies!

BIG cow babies!

My commitment to New Thought Families continues and there are some marvelous March mindful media matters offerings there for you! Our daily Play & Pray Calendar is flowing gorgeous nature sounds and waters … This is an adapted calendar from the very 1st one I did in May 2009 … perhaps it can serve you & yours with some playful & prayerful, mindful March moments! Our Free Shelf is stocked with water fun as well! (The dates are correct for this week!) And I have dusted off our old Peacemaker games ~ and vowing to finish some new rounds ~ for the Season Of Peace ~ visit the site and play Name That Peacemaker!


Leaping Literacy Library ~ Sign Up/In & enJOY!

No matter the season you are experiencing ~ in your heart, outside your window, or under your feet, may you be blessed with the sweetness of renewal. Perhaps, you can choose as I do, to take time to review and choose what to renew. Again, I am so grateful for your beautiful presence here and on the planet. What a blessing it is to be in this circle of Love, of Life, this circle of One! Namaste, Love.

Co-Creative Care

IMG_9280 Namaste Committed, Connected, Compassionate, Caring, Conscious Co-Creators! In this deep breath remembrance Mindful Monday Moment, I greet you in the name of appreciative awareness. Thank you for being here ~ in any given moment!

Born to grow, you know!

Born to grow, you know!

I find myself still in the thick of family service and spiritual parenting ~ for both my teenager and for my elder father. Though they are in totally different places in their lives, I find my job with each, as well as what they need is the same ~ unconditional Love! And so it is with all beings, of course. We each have needs and when they are met, we feel loved, supported, safe & secure. Spiritual Parenting is holding for the highest while doing the day to day and allowing the flow of Love no matter what. Though defiance can make for challenges in the day to day, the divine flow of grace is always available.

No matter what our age, we all need Love! Spiritual Parenting is holding for the highest while allowing the flow of Love no matter what.

No matter what our age, we all grow with Love! (Taken last December, my dad has lost 30 pounds since then & Jeremiah is even bigger & stronger!)

As conscious co-creators, we know that Spirit is always here to care for us and we simply have to keep opening and allowing the flow of amazing grace. In the center of all of it is choice. And commitment. As multi-dimensional beings, busy parents, and all around blessed busy peeps, choosing our pathways can be some of the hardest decisions! But that is why caring for others’ needs has a way of defining our road … Which roads are you choosing to travel? And why??!! Some of our journeys are steeped in ritual and commitment and some are adventurous new roadways. Where are you going these days?!

Which way to go?!

Which way to go?!

Some of the highlight moments this week included hosting a 24 hour birthday party for Jeremiah and a few friends ~ the 15th annual party ~ YES! These big boys played tag for hours, running around and hiding in the dark as well as a few very late night heated chess matches ~ how cool is that?! Also interesting this week was attending a war hero memorial where Jeremiah and some high school youth enacted a beautiful, student written tribute play about this local hero. As the veterans held their ceremony, I felt so much of their pain and honor ~ even as I was reminded of Eckhart Tolle’s insight on war as collective insanity. Even as we perpetuate a broken system, we look to celebrate & honor the souls who have carried forth what I see as the madness. Choices. I also brought dad home from the convalescent hospital ~ another place that is full of caring, compassionate souls carrying on in a broken system. And this last week brought the onset of Lent & re-visiting our old local Methodist church for the first of their weekly Lenten practice that includes a film & discussion. Desmond Tutu was the featured film speaker and he emulated his shining light while articulating his faith eloquently. He invites us all to speak our faith which I did, in part, that night. It was an interesting time of re-connection and disconnection.

Service to each other and to our own hearts ...  is in our hands!

Service to each other and to our own hearts … is in our hands!

In praying on a 40 day spiritual practice for the 40 days of Lent, a great question came forward from my Spirit, “Are you a Christian?” It was cause for pause. And a re-alignment of my faith; Christ was a prophet and great teacher of Love who died because of our sins, not for our sins. I would think many Christians would not find me one. I believe in the presence of God everywhere … speaking to me anytime from anywhere. So for my 40 days, I am choosing to keep remembering this essence while taking small daily steps towards professional and personal goals, dreams, desires, callings. It all seems to fit my ongoing interfaith practices and my 2015 resolution of consistency. As Jeremiah’s birthday party was winding down yesterday, I picked up 3 art pieces I had started long ago ~ and finished all 3. Yippee for art therapy! And the flow of creativity!

©Laurie Story Vela

Sewing Tree © Laurie Story Vela


Snap Tree © Laurie Story Vela

Sparkle Star Sea © Laurie Story Vela

On this week’s Library Free Shelf, we are playing with rocks! In keeping with the evolving feature of Releasing Resistance, check out our SoulPlay video of clearing the blocks! Sign In or Sign Up with your free Leaping Literacy Library card. Free Shelf!The free shelf has been getting stocked since the first website, Laurie’s Stories launched in 2000! Some choices and commitments continue year after year … until we choose differently!

Feathers Of Faith Family Fun Camp is renamed this year, Feathers Of Freedom!

Our live events are also still being offered. We are now taking reservations for our annual Family Camp in the sacred Sierras … join us for intergenerational, interfaith play & pray time! Whatever choices you are consistently making, may you be bathed in compassion and care … for yourself and all others. For truly, Love is heart and home at any age. Namaste, Love!  

The Breath Of Remembrance

Breathe deep and give thanks!

Breathe deep the Love expressed you are!

Namaste Blessed Breath Of Love Expressed!

In this mindful Monday moment, on this U.S. Presidents Day holi-day following St. Valentine’s Day, let’s pause to breathe in Love remembrance. Yes, we can remember inspirational people like presidents … feeling the love filled legacies they left behind or continue to embark upon. Perhaps you can gratefully breathe in the love of family, friends, community, nature … any Love that has ignited your heart and lit your path. So much Love filled inspiration to tap into! Yet, what I invite you to most remember in this moment is the Love expressed you are ~ the Love you are created from and continue to co-create every sacred moment whether you remember or not. So let’s remember NOW! Let’s celebrate the sacred!
SacredOutCelebration of the sacred is core to our New Thought Families mission and messages. As is remembrance. We are celebrating our 8th year on line this week/month … debuting on 2/7/2007, we typically put out a celebratory remembrance on the February day corresponding to the year … in this case, yesterday ~ 2/15/2015. I had several visions/plans for this but instead simply surrendered them into a prayer for further guidance and some powerful partnership. Below is more on how this prayer was answered yesterday and continues to unfold but here and now is our 2013 Love Expressed which remains a voice for our New Thought Families core beliefs of remembrance:

And of course, our daily invitations are always available on our Play & Pray Every Day Calendar!

So in the midst of our sacred remembrance this mindful moment, let’s talk about Love. What is Love? What is it to you? For me, it truly is the divine flowing through life … it is all Love! As Ernest Holmes said and we sing, it is Always Love! Whether it is an act of Love or a cry for Love, it is always Love. My own acts of Love for my father have sorta taken over my life the last few weeks. He has been in the hospital a month and goes home Wednesday. Logistically, this has turned into yet another unpaid job in my life and an amazing opportunity for me to practice unconditional Love as well as deepened self care. I rejoined the gym last week … I thought it had only been a few years but I was there last in 2008! Some workouts did me a world of good and even got the bulge to budge a few pounds which was a sacred celebration! Mostly, it was just an important body mind Spirit act of Love for me. For my father’s part, there are many aspects of his journey I could focus on … he is dying of congestive heart failure. He is not religious or spiritual and often very negative. He is a classic example of how hurt people hurt people. Yet we are doing some sort of remembrance dance. I am there for him to remember he is loved ~ among other things ~ this seems to be the one he most grasps. He is there for me to remember that I am here to be of service. And he and his situation remind me that our elders are not to be discarded or forgotten. I am also remembering to take great care of me and to re-align with all that calls me to do while I am here and healthy enough to do it. This includes healing the wounds of my heart ~ something my father couldn’t do; in part because he simply didn’t have the consciousness tools to work with. Thankfully, I do. So I honor my heart with all the Love I can. I pledge allegiance to my heart this patriotic President’s Day ~ written this time last year, I remember it again now uttering it in a sacred vow:

Allegiance1In sacred surrender, allegiance, and remembrance, I was blessed with a strong connection yesterday that may actually bring our New Thought Families vision and work back to our old church where we had a Youth Choir and an awesome Peace Cabaret. Those ministry days still play in my heart and I am open to next steps of service and evolution for all of us. The youth education director there is an amazing woman who knew Dr. King Jr as a child … her own father being a Baptist minister and civil rights leader in his own right. The synergies of our work are strong … despite the difference in our backgrounds ~ and our fathers! Yet, Spirit is always weaving this web of Love called life … stay fine tuned!

This week my Jeremiah turns 15 and is counting down the days to get behind the wheel. (gulp) The Christian Lenten season also begins this week with Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. I am meditating on a 40 day practice, not as penance but as co-creation. I could definitely benefit with giving up sugar again but I am breathing into something much more challenging … perhaps actively seeking and allowing myself into a soul mate relationship. There. I said it. January 2014’s PlayShop had me constructing the Vision Board for him/us and November 2014 had me marrying myself. Valentine’s Day 2015 had me full deep breathing so much Love … and yet as I dance the dance of remembrance of who I truly be, I know that I am deserving and capable of a rich and satisfying relationship. I have healed something in my soul that had me choose the father I did. I am pledging allegiance to a grace filled existence of tender loving care. I choose to remember I have a soul mate and I choose to dance with him now. Ooohhh …. breathe that in! ~ And breathe in your own deep heart desires, Love!

Breathe deep and give thanks!

Breathe deep and give thanks!

On that breath of Love, I bid you adieu until next Mindful Monday when I’ll let you know just what 40 day practice I embrace! May your heart be full of Love, sweet Love. Thank you, thank you, Love! Namaste.

If you want to play this week , visit our Leaping Literacy Library!

Valentine Voices Of Love

My Valentine ... from me to me! ~ To you!

My Valentine affirming Peace at the center of the free flow of Love … from me to me! ~ And now to you too!

Namaste Beautiful, Bountiful Hearts of Love!
I am here this Mindful Monday full of Valentine Voices from February’s local PlayShop. My invitation to yesterday’s interfaith, intergenerational playmates was to make a Valentine for themselves (mine is above) and then to make them for loved ones as they wished and if they wanted, to make a Valentine for someone in the convalescent hospital where my dad remains this week. I will happily deliver these Heart Notes to the hospital on the wings of Love and splash some of these Valentine Voices here now with a few mindful musings on the voice of Love, sweet Love expressed and blessed …

The hearts of all were on display yesterday in most joyous ways!

The hearts of all were on display yesterday in most joyous ways!

I am in Love with what happens when we hold heart space for all ages. There is a synergy of all in a most beautiful example of oneness! And there is simultaneously a grouping of ages that happens in a sharing of similar life experiences ~ i.e., the littles will clump together to run and laugh while the parents will connect, etc. Amidst the grouping however, there is a strong thread of community oneness that fills my heart with the smiles of sweet Love.
IMG_1698IMG_1673 My invitation to do a Valentine for self was not widely followed … some did it, maybe a third of our small group of 22 … and most if not all who did it, did not do it first. Hey peeps, the Love oxygen mask on yourself first, right?! My Valentine to me was the only one I had time to make during our time together and since I pour so much time and energy into the event itself, I was happy with me for honoring me, tee hee! And when one of our littles blurted out in the sharing circle that she thought hers prettier than someone else’s, I interjected with her parent’s gentle reprimand, that I thought it o.k. for her creative heart to prefer her own creation and that somehow our society got off track in the self Love expressed department. No matter what our age, we are made of Love, here to be Love expressed for (and to!) ourselves and all others.
IMG_1691 IMG_1694 IMG_1680And yes, when we feel full of self Love and God Love, we have so much more Love to give others. There were some awesome expressions for loved ones:

For a cat loving cousin!

For a cat loving cousin!

Jeremiah making one for Nana!

Jeremiah making one for Nana!

And my teenage Jeremiah made one for me that had some beautiful words plainly written on a foam orange heart. The words themselves carried all the beauty necessary. Reminiscent of the years when we made heart walls full of Love Notes to each other and to the world, he so beautifully expressed,“You fill my heart with love, compassion, wisdom, and dreams. I love you.” ~ Jeremiah (to mom me!) Oh how we all love to be loved! Our Heart Notes video is part of our Membership Library and our 330+ Vimeo videos. I embed it here and now with the password, in case this bit of technology can deliver Valentine Voices to your heart and/or seeds of home Spirit ideas for your home! If it calls your heart, enJOY!
Password: LJNotes1

Meanwhile, here are some of the Love Note Valentine Voices finding their way to a few seemingly forgotten souls at the convalescent hospital this week:
IMG_1703IMG_1702 And what better note to leave you with than that … Happy Valentine’s Day! You are Love. And you are, indeed, SO loved! Namaste, my vibrant Love filled Valentines!

This week's Leaping Literacy Library's fab Free Shelf!

This week’s Leaping Literacy Library’s fab Free Shelf!


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