Let's play & pray today!

34.Calculate  Namaste Committed, Creative, Conscious Co-Creators!

Thank you for being here; centered in the circle of time for another mindful moment to contemplate and celebrate what it is to co-create  ~ life, death, and every breath in between.
CircleTimeI attended a funeral today; driving my mom and stepdad down to honor the passing of Clyde. In our mostly unblended patchwork family, Clyde has been with my stepbrother Michael since before our parents were married in 1980. I have often talked of Michael and Clyde as a ‘go to’ example of what true Love and partnership looks like. Their names have always been linked together ~ they embodied the oneness of marriage. Clyde was only 2 years older than I and he truly brought a smile into the heart of this world. It is so true that we remember most how people made us feel and Mike and Clyde have always made me feel loved, happy, and appreciated in their presence. Thank you for your life Clyde Ralph Brown!

This, with so many other family events and service this week alone, have left me feeling a bit wiped out. Thankfully, there are so many transformational tools we can use to clear energies ~ whew!

Of course, it is always a choice to implement our tools ~ or not! For instance, last week my ego consciousness was saying to eat the ‘comfort food’ of cookie dough for dinner when in reality, that choice only led to lotsa avoidable feel bad. I could have so easily used the quick and easy Emotion Code to release some trapped (concealed) emotions instead which undoubtedly would have led to a more nurturing, sustaining dinner choice. Consciously cleaning our energies just makes for a happier journey! No matter the energetic clearing work, it seems I feel continually and consistently challenged in the callings of my contributions and communications to keep up with my calendar. Yet I let the courage of my convictions be fed by Love and my commitment to keep showing up! Ultimately, compromise is called for and though what I calculate as my ‘To Do’s’ often feels more undone than not, it’s important to relish and celebrate the ‘Ta Da’s’ ~ otherwise, the part of me that is driven towards overwhelm and not enoughness threatens to not allow deep breath gratification and celebration. The circle of calculation and contemplation is not complete without celebration.

So! Celebrate!

My creative process has me publishing more Laurie StorEBooks ~ reaching back into my early reading fluency work with Physical Phonics ~ creating 2 levels for each letter ~  still completing the letter C and yet to start on letter D, won’t you celebrate with me, A and B?!!!








And! One of the alliterative blends celebrating the br sound has been in the re-making for some time. This week, Brittney became a brontosaurus and her brown bread branch took on new proportions!
BrittneysBranch00 copyBrittneysBranch05 copy

These Laurie StorEBooks and so many others are being added to our Kindle shelf and into our Leaping Literacy Online Library along with a long list of our Spiritual ABC’s … A-D … to zealous Z!

In this celebration of commitment, Love, and the circle of time, I have to honor a dear friend and colleague Carol Ingram Moore who published her book, Mama Left Me this week. A book about young Natalie left in the care of her grandmother, Ellen. Speaking to so many grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, this co-creation runs deep into the heart consciousness of every one of us ~ read the first few pages and you will be instantly drawn in. Carol has been working on this book in the 4 years I have known her and I believe for many years before that. She has stayed committed to the calling … clearly this was hers to do! Carol, I celebrate you! You can celebrate this family Love too ~  Mama Left Me on Amazon here!


Whatever dreams you are contemplating and co-creating, may you also be celebrating and allowing your heart to dance with delight ~ this special weekend of Valentine Love remembrances and every day of this precious life … conceived in the circle of time, we are the dream. Namaste, Love!

Catering To Co-Creating


Namaste Courageous Co-Creators! I gratefully greet you this first fab February Friday full of conscious cracks (aka shadows!) and conscious co-creating! So deep breath conscious connection … where are you this blessed moment? How are you this moment? How are you really? However, wherever, you are, thank you for being here to take a mindful moment with me to contemplate and celebrate what it is to consciously co-create.
groundhog-629863_640So! Let’s begin with a bit of conscious trivia that was floating about this week … Ground Hog Day was Tuesday, 2/2. Lesser known in mass consciousness is that 2/2 is also the Pagan celebration of Imbolc & Sughnassad (northern/southern hemispheres) wherein there is an Wicca reflection on the power of the gods from which physical and spiritual harvest will come. Some might see the groundhog as a small earthly god or at least a tiny prophet projecting the arrival time of spring. As my mathematician teenager Jeremiah informed me, the groundhog’s prediction success rate is less accurate then the flip of a coin. So why do we bother with such a pastime? It’s become a tradition, it’s fun, it gets our minds on the brighter days of spring … which brings more physical and spiritual harvest. Mmmm … full circle back to the Pagan tradition?!
groundhog-956701_640See, whether we are conscious of it or not, the patterns, rituals, and traditions that have gone before are still very much ingrained in us and what we choose to do today. Some Celtic Christians celebrate February 2nd as Saint Brighid of Kildare Day; recognition of Brighid who displayed unusual compassion. While it is noted that Saint Brighid was brought up as a Druid and became Christian, it is less often attended to that Brighid was a powerful, much revered triple goddess long before she was made a saint. There are many such examples in Christianity, evolutionary evidence of the tide that turned the spiritual consciousness of generations from a more earth based religion to that of one that looked to Jesus Christ and the church for guidance.

So it goes that we bloom through the cracks of consciousness ~ we (re)shape our realities to fit our beliefs in the spirit of evolution, cooperation, co-creation . I share the belief with some that we co-create our reality; this is the shaping that comes from where our free will meets the higher will of the divine Creator ~ whose vantage point is always greater than what we can know from our more ego based human existence. Co-creation is often a blend of surrender to the higher will and courage to follow the path that our heart and soul calls us forward into. We can run into all kinds of (often unconscious) roadblocks and the work of discerning what impulses and desires we cater to can often be tricky. We all can hit potholes along the way but as the courageous bloom picture so beautifully documents, the will to grow, bloom, shine, is a powerful force that will break through any force of darkness. The light of Love and creation is part of that force that cooperates and co-creates miracles in all forms of break through. So how do we know what we are called to co-create? It lights us up! Our yes makes us feel a joyous, expansive energy that irresistibly urges us to cater to the calling.

38.CoCreateAnd then, there are lots of other co-creations that feel less joyful but every bit as irresistible … some reside in compassion. When we are called to serve others like I am with my elders, it is a compassionate urge to do what’s right for the good of others. It is often a balancing act to care for others and ourselves simultaneously. For my part, I have recently set new boundaries with my family and have been getting more of my own work done. Yet, there have been substantial situations that arise like medical emergencies where I choose to act with compassionate care for those who need me. I am catering to co-creating care, compassion, consideration for others.

Then, what about the times we co-create decisions that do not serve the highest good ~ like eating cookie dough for dinner which I did one night this week?! Where did that come from? I confess it actually seemed like a compassionate choice for my emotional self who just wanted comfort food in that moment. Unfortunately, it aided and abetted a breakdown the next morning. I suppose some bodies might tolerate such a decision better than mine. Why publically confess? I guess as compassionate testimony that we all fall off our conscious path in different ways, at different times. And! It is ALL our co-creation … of self, of family, of community ~ whether it be cracked or shadowed, inspired or inspiring, conscious or unconscious!

In the end, we do get to choose our experiences yet Spirit will always meet us with infinite care when we call on our God by any name to co-create with us our highest and best. Our human part is to ask, allow, believe, consciously receive … and yes, activate our capacity to co-create!

In the Leaping Literacy Online Library co-creations, there are some stellar synergies happening between the old and the new. Our New Thought Families daily Play & Pray Calendar embraces C & D this February and even embraces the evasive letter E by month’s end! Join us for a delightful daily dose of spiritual ABC’s … for Humanity! Our Leaping Literacy Free Shelf is stocked with a few short e vowel celebrations as well as some clever, catchy, crawling, comical, and creative C’s featuring Conscious Comedy & SoulPlay storyteller Ruth Humphreys with her original magic carpet story … enJOY!

So courageous convictions! Whatever co-creations you are catering to, may you consciously, compassionately care for them and for yourself in the process. Thank you again for connecting with me and with the infinite possibilities of consciousness and creation. Namaste, Love!

Believing In Breathing

Breathe deep in blessed belief!

Breathe deep in blessed belief!

Namaste Beautiful, Beloved, Believing, Breathing Beings!

I greet you in the name of the breath and yes expressed for the letter B and our ABCs of humanity! Can you take a deep breath of blessings with me? Here and now … this mindful moment … let’s just … breathe … our blessings. For sanity. For humanity.
25.BreatheBlessingsBefore I bombard you with the plethora of new and developing ABCs at Leaping Literacy and Creative Spirit Families, let’s breathe some more … big, bold, beautiful, centering breaths of yes … of Love expressed … of life itself.

The essence of human existence lives in the breath of life that breathes us. Whether or not we ever stop to think of it, we are always believing in breathing ~ without question! Ok, there’s asthma, and allergies, and colds, and other things that sometimes bring us into conscious connection with our lungs but mostly we just breathe day in and day out. Yet! Our breath can be one of our most powerful re-alignment tools ~ with our hearts, with our calm mind, with our blessings. Have you ever calmed yourself down with breathing? Have you ever garnered strength from a deep breath?
27.BeBraveTaking a Brave Breath is included in the Believing In Breathing video in process for our expanding spiritual literacy library of transformational tools. So is making a Wish Breath … like you’re blowing out a candle on your birthday cake. Try that one now … make a wish aloud or in your mind and then breathe out. Then make your wish again and blow like you’re blowing out the candle … feels different in your body, mind, and Spirit … like a gentle gust of grace!

So! Bravo for breath and bravo for B! And A … and C! I am in the midst of them all at the moment as I stand my holy ground for balance … with plenty of aware allowance and conscious co-creation! With only 52 weeks in the calendar year, 26 letters and my commitment to getting to them all this sweet 16, I find myself on the brink of C already!

B meets C on tomorrow's Play & Pray Calendar at New Thought Families!

B meets C on tomorrow’s Play & Pray Calendar at New Thought Families!

The daily Play & Pray Calendar at New Thought Families is the one place where the alphabetic timeline is completely on track. I am loving all the (Pixabay) graphics, creating new calendar pages, and recording the audio with my teenage Jeremiah who turns sweet 16 himself in a few weeks. Arranged in 2 week increments, we fully embrace letter 3, the big C, this Saturday, the 30th. One of my goals is to incorporate lots of new, intergenerational voices into the calendar this year ~ how about you and yours?!

Our timeline is also clicking with some new songs breathing life into an old vision/project. Our Leaping Literacy Library Members can sing along with us as we add to a developing CD of Children’s Chants ~ Awake And Aware, Appreciation, Yes, I’m Blessed, Breathing … Ah!, I Believe, Creation Celebration, Centered … whew! We’re only 3 letters in … yippee!

And yes, videos too from the aforementioned Transformational Tools … Altars, Affirmations, Angels, Believing In Breathing, Blessing Box … Well, you get the picture. Lots at work and play.

It’s tempting to wonder about my sanity in all of this but I figure there are many ways to be yes Love expressed for humanity so why not play with ABCs of *spiritual* literacy?! And the truth is I feel most alive when I am (co)creating … even if I am mostly a bird singing in a forest not really sure *who* (you?!) can hear me!

January 30th Play & Pray Calendar!

January 30th Play & Pray Calendar!

And! If you can hang in with my Leaping Literacy Library updates a bit further, Physical Phonics songs A~Z have been added to the ChildSing section and I am SO happy to report more Laurie StorEBooks are being re-illustrated and newly initiated! Check out the old and new Dan as well as Animal Airplane!

Dan 3

OLD Dan!


Shiny NEW Dan!

AnimalAirplane00 AnimalAirplane02Ooohh SO fun is this A saturation of animals flying with aviator Annie Alligator on Atlas Animal Airlines! Again, great gratitude for Pixabay where I was able to get gorgeous graphics to allow Annie’s airplane to come alive and soar! We’re still getting our Leaping Literacy Library formats done for Marvelous Members but you can see and hear more here and you can purchase it on Kindle if you want to ~ woo hoo!

Suffice to say there are A LOT of ABCs at work and play in all sections of Leaping Literacy Library … and I’m still trying to figure out the best ways to let folks know what we’re up to should our offerings serve them … not my favorite part of things … happy to be singing in the forest … yet my nest requires rent, utilities, etc. so maybe more tweets?!

By the way, have I mentioned to you that you can try out Leaping Literacy Library for free??!! If the content serves you and yours, it’s just $12 per month ~ wowie zowie!
Member Library ReOpens!
And! In addition to all of our Leaping Literacy Library offerings, early bird registration is open for our annual summer Family Feathers Camp:
Feathers16B Feathers16AHow beauty blessed would you be to join us this Awesome August in the sacred Sierras?! Breathe into it! I would love to put your name on your cabin and hold your space in the Circle Of Love that is Feathers Of Freedom Family Camp!

So! Yes I am breathing and hope that you are too ~ whatever you are beautifully co-creating this moment, this time. Before I bid you adieu, I must make 1 conscious confession from last week’s blog ~ I wasn’t able to be impeccable with my word and post the For Humanity video ~ too much technical difficulty. So I did something I’ve never done before … went in and changed last week’s post! Whaaaaat?! Ya, you can do that and it was kinda fun and freeing! The song MP3 is there … if you’re called, scroll down, listen in and sing along! I love the thought that you might. I love you. If you are reading this, I absolutely love you. And I feel deeply blessed that we have breathed in blessings together, thank you, thank you. Namaste, Love!


Beauty Blessed

Namaste Beloved Beings of Beautiful, Bountiful Blessings!

I greet you in the blessed name of all that is we truly be … holy divinity embodied in the realities of humanity. On the eve of this Martin Luther King Jr. holi ~ day, I sit with a musing mind and a humbled heart with how far we’ve come and how far we have yet to go in what it is to be in human community ~ humanity. The great Dr. King’s dream(s) echoes in all of our hearts as a reminder of what reverent vision and revision can bring to this beautiful planet home and all of us who inhabit it.
While most of us don’t dream as big as Dr. King, we all do have dreams and callings of our hearts. When we answer the call, and act on our dreams however big or small, we truly do bless ourselves, each other, and the whole world. The example of  Dr. King’s life is still such a beautiful blessing so many decades after his death. Thank you Dr. King! Our New Thought Families tribute page to this great one is here. The above picture is from today’s Play and Pray Calendar at New Thought Families where the blessings of bountiful Bs are gracing our days this week and next.

I am reminding myself that I am indeed a BEing in the midst of my doings! And that all I wanted to have done by this moment that is still in process is just part of the I Am that I Am. The one I will share is a song I wrote last week with the Spirit of Pete Seeger. I planned to have a music video of it done for today ~ in celebration recognition of Dr. King’s life and dreams, for our year long theme, For Humanity,  and for this Monday’s mindful musings. What I have is a work in progress and some wonderful life moments along the way. When I get out of the way, lay expectation down and affirm divine order, it truly is all good!

So the writing of the song was a breakthrough freedom of me getting back to me and feeling the wonderful presence of Pete Seeger in the shape and message of the song. I learned it and sang it for the video camera this weekend before going off to a conscious community gathering where I sang it for the folks there who immediately ~ in true Pete Seeger style ~ sang along beautifully! Someone videoed the moment even … but the footage is vertical … oops. Anyway, the perfectly imperfect video will come out eventually and I will post it here. when it does. But what really matters is that the song was birthed, that folks easily and whole heartedly sang along ~ to my great delight and (the Spirit of) Pete’s too. A friend played an amazing guitar part along side me even as he was hearing the song for the first time; that gift always amazes me. Earlier in the week, I sang it with a small group of yoga friends after our class and they sang along too. The power of voices rising up together in song remains one of the best forms of Love expressed I know. Such a beautiful, bountiful blessing!

It is the small moments of dreaming that make up the emerging evolution of each of us and all of us. This song, For Humanity, is indeed our theme song for the year. The lyrics are here with a rough home recording … In the Spirit of ease and grace sharing, Hear It HERE and sing along!:

For Humanity  ©2016 Laurie Story Vela

Hand in Hand we take a stand
Each our own part, heart to heart
One Family … For Humanity … For Humanity

Clean the seas, plant more trees
Save the bees, restore our home to sanity
For Humanity … For Humanity (Chorus)

Set all slaves free, build homes for refugees
Feed & house the hungry, share our wealth of plenty
For Humanity … For Humanity (Chorus)

Let all people be, living with dignity
free from bigotry, change the path of history
For Humanity … For Humanity

There’s enough Love in you, in me
to live this dream of humanity …
Stop suffering and pain at the core
Put an end to war forever more
Restore … Humanity  (Chorus)

Mmmmmmmm … and so it is!

Our Free Shelf is basically restocking every 2 weeks when our letter changes. We have lots of B’s as well as our continued short a vowel celebrations. My A list is still being worked on even with the ushering in of beautiful B. I am choosing to accept, allow, and become the beauty I am dreaming of in this and many other areas of work and life this moment,  and all throughout this sweet 16. So it goes with how we be … dreaming, living, awake and aware, being blessed ~ consciously choosing not to be discouraged or distressed!

The truth is, we are so richly blessed. My prayer for all of us is that we can breathe in our blessings this very moment, and all throughout this beautiful day ~ and life! I behold you as the blessing you are; a breath of beauty gracing this world ~ and gracing this sharing here and now. Thank you. Namaste,  Beauty Blessed Love Expressed!

Appreciation Activation!

Namaste Awake and Alive Ones!03_AlivenessHow are you this sweet 16?!  I am in a mode of integration and celebration with reawakened energies from our annual music camp (my 24th!) and this New Year that holds the integration and completion vibration of 9. Musically, I am declaring that I will have a SINGING 2016! It just really hit me how much I have had my music ~ and other things ~ on hold. So! Back to the best of me.

9!  2016 ~ 2+0+1+6= 9

Numerically, the vibration of 9 is all about completion and integration and I am feeling it ~ are you?! For any who are interested in more about numerology and the power of 9, Kari Samuels has a great explanation here. There are just so many ways to understand and give our lives meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

New Year resolutions are running rampant and all I have to say is I SO appreciate what is and what can be! And! I am armed with plenty of acceptance & allowance as I embark on a year with a very big, alphabetic To Do & To Be List! Already, I have been doing a dance with resistance … procrastination creeping in around the edges when I make the moments for what my heart truly calls me to. Why is this? The reason only 8% of New Year’s resolutions make the full year?! We are complex beings of habit … yet! We are Spirit in action called to higher Love, higher expressions of who we truly be so that’s why we have … EPIPHANY!

Last week was Epiphany; the end of the Christmas season and all of it’s bright light insights. It left me in full solution, resolution and restitution energy with a core of Epiphany ABCs shaping my sweet 16. I am re-establishing a decent work schedule and doing the caretaking of my dad all in 1 day and 1 evening a week. Even though it is finally starting in earnest this (day!) week, I am feeling freer than I have in a long time. Whee!

Came home from cleaning the barn and hay at my dad's ranch, feeling the sweep of new energies, and a full rainbow was smiling over our home!

Came home from cleaning the barn and hay at my dad’s ranch last week, feeling the sweep of new energies, and found a full rainbow smiling over our home!

The Christian tradition of Epiphany follows 12th Night with the arrival of the 3 kings to baby Jesus in the manger. Metaphysically, Epiphany is all about receiving the gifts of our lives. What gifts can you surmise in the midst of the New Year focus on revise?

For my part, on Epiphany I spent time with the gifts of Creative Spirit Families and made a few videos. One is mostly a review of 2015 and the other a candle lighting celebration and look forward into our 2016 focus. If you want to spend a few of your precious moments with me, watching 1 or more of these latest videos, I’d be honored.

2015 Celebration of Creative Spirit Families:

Lighting Candles! Awakening 2016 with Creative Spirit Families:

I also felt compelled to break out the ukulele and my inner awake and aware angel in the home music video, “Best Of Me”.

You see, 2016 is the year of Creative Spirit Families ABCs. Spiritually, we are awake and aware with plenty of appreciation, abundance, allowance and adoration. And as our Happy New Year post unveiled, we are doing our daily New Thought Families Play & Pray Calendar with ABCs … for Humanity! On the 15th of this month, A meets B and the 16th through the 29th is all about Beauty’s Blessings.08_ActivateSacredThere is also a focus on revising our New Thought Families ABC pages complete with related links to the Membership Library materials ~ videos, songs, etc. that correspond to each of the page virtues. It really is more of the needed integration and clarification of the Leaping Literacy Library contents. Leaping Literacy Library Section BranchesWe have sweet 16 things To Do and To Be in every section of Leaping Literacy!

This new beginning time of year begs us to look at what we want to revise in our lives. It also is the perfect time to review and celebrate what has been. Life can be a wonderful mix of tradition and revision. I had a renewed and deep appreciation of our annual music camp this year. Jeremiah played with the band for the swing dance. At one point, the MC asked Jeremiah how old he was, “15”, and how many years he had been coming to camp? “16”. She then said she had known Jeremiah for about 18 years after all my singing about my biological clock and being a childless mother. It was a beautiful reminder of a longing fulfilled, a dream come true, and passionate purpose woven with Love in the web of life.

Another great integrative unfolding was this year’s Camp Kids’ Chorus ~ the 23rd I have held space for … there were some big groups of kids at 1 point with lots of Camp related songs penned and sung over the years … this year just 3 gorgeous girls gathered. As a warm up, we sang I Am A Bright Light (Small After Small CD) which they liked but wanted to change. Sara asked, “Can we be anything?” (other than a bright light). “Of course. Like what?” “A digging mole.” The M song was born! Briefly put, the mermaid, mole, and marshmallow shone the bright light of imagination & merriment ~ and helped me further integrate my love light for the fun of letters, language, and the power of the imagination.

HatParadeTitle Of course, the ‘traditional’ roots of Leaping Literacy and Laurie’s Stories are all about the above. The 26 letters will bring out at least 26 alliteration Laurie StorEBooks this year. And, we are spending each month this sweet singing 16 on each of the major vowel sounds beginning with short a. Our online, interactive game pages will finish their transformation ~ after a failed intern attempt last summer! ~ we are choosing to keep showing up for revision! And! The Laurie StorEBooks ~ of course. Revising 3 more titles for short a this month. JackTitleDanTitle
Password: ZSSSEB

On the Leaping Literacy Free Shelf, you’ll find: Zak the Black Yak stacking snacks with a knack ~ with you, the Color Cloud and color friends like Green Queen Colleen! Zak’s Snack Stacks is available in multiple formats along with Giraffe In Our Bath also on the Free Shelf this January as is the Awake and Aware, Sebastian Wakes Up:Sebastian00

This blog will remain for our Spirit musings most Mindful Mondays this ’16 with many of the offerings regularly appearing on the FaceBook page and perhaps our old (13) freeliteracy blogspot space. 11 days in and still working on the deets perfectly imperfectly! So it might be with (some of) your new resolution solutions?! It’s ok, we have divine timing on our side, always. And in all ways.

Ya, here’s the ’16 thing, my mindful, awake and aware beautiful beloveds; a new start is always welcome but not always easy. I hereby give myself ~ and you! should you choose ~ permission to embrace new resolution solutions and allow the imperfection of slow and faltering steps along the way … to know and be comforted in the peace that is Spirit Yes ever guiding us onward … to begin again … and again … and again … every time we say yes to being Love expressed.

So thank you, thank you for being witness to our Creative Spirit Families Epiphany ABCs … January ~ December 2016. Here they are in their alphabetical divine order. From A-Z, I adore & appreciate you zealously! Namaste Awakening Beauty!

Awake and Aware
Beauty’s Blessings
Conscious Co-Creating
Divine Dance (disciplined devotion!)
Evolving Energies
Faith Filled Freedom
Gratitude’s Grace
Hopeful Hearts
Intuition, Imagination, Inspiration!
Joyful Justice
Kindred Kindness
Love Light
Meditative Mindfulness
Nurturing Nature
Opening Oneness
Playful, Prayerful, Peaceful Practices
Quiet Quest
Reverent Remembrance
Sacred Service
Trusting Transformation
Understanding Unity
Vision’s Voice
Working Wisdom
Exuberant Xenophilia
Yielding Yes
Zippy Zealousness

Namaste awake and aware, alive ones! Happy 2016!01.AwakenLimited wifi greetings from our annual music camp! Jeremiah and I are here making merry music as we do every year. In the midst of this full experience, I wanted to connect here to wish you a joyous and prosperous New Year … for humanity! One of our spiritual literacy focuses of the year begins today ~ hooray! After meditating on the Parliament theme of “Reclaiming The Heart Of Humanity”, our daily Play and Pray Calendar will focus on each of the 26 alphabet letters for about 2 weeks … For Humanity! We’ve got the A team slowly making their way to linking from the calendar page … and I am accepting and affirming ALL AWEsome!

As we embrace a new beginning, I SO appreciate the blend of traditions, revisions, commitments and consciousness … I so appreciate YOU! In the coming days, may you be newly awakened to the callings of your own heart, new beginnings, and continued commitments … for your heart and for the heart of humanity! For my part, I will keep integrating and communicating … hopefully with a blessed balance of disciplined regularity! And if you, like me, need to embrace yourself in the (a)wake of not doing things perfectly … or rather showing up perfectly imperfectly … let us allow tenderness to caress our awareness. Namaste, Love!05.AwarenessCaress

HappyThotsNamaste Light of Love Happy Thoughts!

I greet you in the Spirit of the season and light returning in this early dawn after Solstice. Winter Solstice marks the longest, darkest night and the presence of light returning… Indeed, we are ever turning and returning to the Light of Love we are made of!

Walnut tree at dad's ranch gave it's bounty and now stands sunlit and winter bare.

Walnut tree at dad’s ranch gave it’s fall bounty as it has for generations and now stands in its sunlit winter bare beauty.

My daily prayer and intention is to keep turning and returning to the guiding light within me ~ at the moment, the light is shining through my own little Santa studio filled with gift giving madness. I find myself every year with this long list of those I want to remember and thank. My little world is full of good peeps to honor and this year, the nice list is longer for the peeps who are in my dad’s world ~ and thereby mine. The web of elder care is woven with hearts who weave with such Love and dedication. We are blessed. And! What would my world look like if I didn’t have the holiday list?! If I could just continue to keep each in ongoing prayer and let that be enough?! There are different ways to do holiday gratitude and remembrance besides the inevitable overwhelm that seems to be my default setting! I have scaled back with no baking ~ rice krispie treats for all! Utimately, it is ever and always about choice ~ even and especially in the face of overwhelm. I somehow chose not to be present to the gift of this blog over the last few weeks though it has been on the list ~ finding the balance between live life and cyber reflections of life I guess. Our season has been a busy one with plays and music, PlayShop and other events. There is a bit of a pictorial recap below but for any on the holiday go, I offer you this thread from life’s web: keep turning and returning to the light of you … the star, the candle flame, the Solstice sun … light is always calling us home! ShineAnd in this time of holiday heart remembrances & year end reflections, let light ever guide us home. Here is one of the Play suggestions coming up on our New Thought Families, Oh Holy Light daily Play & Pray Calendar:  Map a lighted pathway today! Draw a map of where you’ve been this year. Make sure you mark all the highLIGHTS! Celebrate the bright spots of your year as well as the dark places where the light found you & called you out. See how all the lighted markers on your path helped light the road for your journey. Honor yourself, your family, your year, your life!

For my part, the events of this month have reflected the year; a mix of traditions with stepping more into the light of who I am and what I can offer the world ~ all tempered with what currently is and with the exhaustion that can come from caretaking and running 2 worlds ~ my father’s and my own ~ I have once again been feeding my dad’s cows ~ 4 big hungry mamas who glare at me expectantly when I open the barn door and almost smile gratefully as they chow down their hay:
HungryCows HappyCowsI wonder if our Creator ever sees us like this … the hungry and happy versions of humanity!

One of the gifts of darkness can be a deeper awareness if we let it be. Our December PlayShop included a sing~a~long concert from our 12 Thoughts CD; the whole event was extra preparation & clean up, etc. so when it was lightly attended by just 3 of our oh so beautiful families, my teenage, multi-instrumentalist elf Jeremiah was moved to tears at day’s end. He simply wanted a bigger audience for the effort. I can relate. And so it is, we co-create! I am re-shaping our 2016 local PlayShop schedule in response to what seems to be a healthier balance of what is and what can be. The PlayShops are an opportunity to share creative heart time intergenerationally. I love them. And it is essential I stay in my own creative heart to effectively offer them! PrePS1 PrePS PSSing CHPSSing2 CHPSSing1 CHPSSing CHPS6 CHPS4 CHPS2For any who may be called to sing transformational thoughts this week (or next season!), Our 12 Thoughts Of Christmas CD is available for instant downloads through CD Baby and also on our new Seasonal Specials Shelf offering in the Leaping Literacy Online Library!12CoverSpecials

The Seasonal Special also includes 6 Christmas LaurieStorEBooks each in 7 super fab formats! Our Leaping Literacy Free Shelf is being QUIET this week which I highly recommend for turning and returning to holiday enJOYment! Our SoulPlay featured one is the harp shaman Cymber Lily Quinn playing in the redwood forest ~ treat you & yours to this unusual moment of merriment! FreebiesFor any of you who ever wanted to peruse the entirety of Leaping Literacy, the Library is open free for 3!

Cruise & Peruse the Library in its entirety FREE for 3 days! Then! Save $200 by joining us for a year for just $97 Special Free & Wee Fee Merry Memberships Available through 1/9/16 Celebrate this end of the year, new year beginning circle of life, light, Love, and *Leaping* Literacy!

As the Leaping Literacy Library speaks to, there are so many ways to explore and express our hearts. Attending to more of the playful and prayerful WHY we read, write, speak, listen ~ communicate! Since attending the Parliament Of World Religions in October, I have been listening ever deeper to what is mine to do in reclaiming the heart of humanity. In the wake of the violence in Paris & San Bernadino along with increasing Islamaphobia, I was called to represent Syria and the humanitarian crisis of refugees in some small way. In trying to put a web page together, talk about overwhelm! But I did post a page in an effort to educate and honor ~ it is mostly some YouTube videos of which there are SO many to choose from. You can share in the ones I chose on our Spotlight On Syria page here.
SyriaFireI also chose to represent Syria at a local event sponsored by an agency that serves children 0-5 and their caregivers. Because how you do 1 thing is how you do everything, I will briefly recap a bit of this experience: Non-profit agencies that serve young children and families were invited to participate by representing a country with a fun, participatory activity/craft, and/or snack. The theme was Winter Festivals though as it turned out, that really meant Christmas. Initially, I signed up saying I would have hummus and pita bread  and a craft to make a Syrian flag. A few days before the event, I was told the flag craft would not fly and to do something holiday related.  Looooooong story shortened, I chose an activity that some of the Christians in Syria have done or do practice. After telling a lot of my participants that 90% of Syrians are Muslim as part of my educational introduction to the activity, I relaxed and related to what was going on around me. Mexico had red and green playdough ~ they were swamped with happy hands. Africa (yes, the whole continent) was making little manger scenes from pre-made craft kits. I had constructed a tissue paper fire representing the bonfire where Syrian Christian families would gather to sing, each holding a lighted candle, hear the Christmas story read by the youngest son and as the fire died down to embers, each would make a wish and jump over the fire (3x). I handed my visitors a battery operated candle to hold as they made a wish and jumped over the tissue paper fire. Many of the littles tried to blow out the flame ~! As I watched the different aged faces making their wishes ~ so beautiful! ~ I was taken back to the heart of my work which is to help others remember their essence by being in their hearts. So simple and yet so complex! And even though I made ‘kid friendly’ hummus replacing the tahini with peanut butter and yogurt, it was still too garlicy and foreign for probably the majority of my visitors! Still and all, I followed my call. And when it was clean up time, I again had to heed my heart and be the Green Queen that I am! ReUse

The manger scene craft next to me yielded a lot of waste that I dumpster dove out ... paper instructions to be recycled, craft remnants to be re-used in PlayShop free form crafts!

The manger scene craft next to me yielded a lot of waste that I dumpster dove out of the trash can … paper instructions to be recycled, craft remnants to be re-used in PlayShop free form crafts!

I only know how to follow my heart as fully as possible. Somewhere in all of it, there is peace, harmony, goodness and balance. I am grateful.

And so it is, we return to the light, the traditions of our hearts, hearths, and homes even as we embrace (or at least accept!) the necessary evolution of change always at play for our families, and this world family of humanity. After several years of being musicians with Jeremiah for our little town’s walking Las Pasadas, this year I sang in the walking choir while Jeremiah played Harry Bailey in the community theatre holiday hit, It’s A Wonderful Life. The high school drama department produced Beauty & The Beast under the direction of Giles Turner (my old drama teacher!) who is a true George Bailey ~ and while I have a fairly cool metaphysical interpretation of Beauty & The Beast that emerged this season, I will close this lengthy holiday post with a simple thought … WE are the gifts and the light of the season ~ for each other. Our higher divine shine aligns with whatever path we find in higher mind, but in the end, us showing up for each other is the gift. Our Feathers Camp Yogi Keith reminded me of this song on our Circle Of Love CD sung to the tune of Simple Gifts:
Some gifts are simple, some gifts are not.
Some gifts are free
and some store bought.
There are lots of ways to give,
here’s just a few.
The best gift we know is the gift of you!

Thank you, thank you shining gift of light and Love! May this moment and season bathe you in the shine of your divine design full of deLIGHT and all things merry and bright! Namaste, Love!

Here is a clip from our local TV station ~ check out 50 + year drama teacher Mr. Turner! ~ while the events we were promoting have passed, the light of our hearts and intentions lingers on!


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