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Namaste glowing, growing, flowing, grace filled graduates in the school of life!

This week’s musings are around graduation and ceremonies for it is that time of year again around here. We attended my nephew’s college graduation Sunday, another nephew is completing a long journey with his high school diploma while my niece is also graduating high school this week and being married in 2 weeks ~ whew! Last year at this time, Jeremiah graduated 8th grade and we travelled for another nephew’s college graduation. In the circle of life, graduations are right up there with our most powerful & recognized ceremonies of birth, death, marriage. As parents, we feel such a range of emotions as our children graduate into the world.

In olden times, the term graduation was part of an alchemical process; brought about by gradual change. Today’s school graduations are a ritualistic mark in the circle of time that are indeed a celebration of perseverance, consistency, and continuous willingness to keep showing up … to classes, projects, tests, papers … word by word, day by day … a gradual sequence leads to graduation. If you think about it, life is a series of graduations as we gradually grow up, grow out, grow on …

Life itself is a gradual growing process ...

Life itself is a gradual growing process …

The big ceremonies like graduations, weddings, funerals, they speak to our heart and souls of the deeper layers of our existence. I had a very sad, impromptu funeral of sorts this week for one of my dad’s cows. Several weeks ago, he (his neighbor) moved them across the road as he does every year where they graze free range for a few months. I have missed them some and wondered often if they were alright. Word came the other day that a cow had died so I walked the fields and sure enough found her. It was the grieving mother cow who had lost her calf.

She stood where the calf was born and died. Waiting. Sometimes sniffing the ground where the scent still was. And sometimes loudly wailing. RIP Mama Cow.

She stood where the calf was born and died. Waiting. Sometimes sniffing the ground where the scent still was. And sometimes loudly wailing. RIP Mama Cow.

When I found her, she had been dead a while. The horror and grief I felt at the sight of her was mixed with a holy wonder for the way nature works … her eyes, tongue, all of her innards really had been so precisely removed and gone on to nurture the buzzards and perhaps others in the circle of life. The rest of her lay there intact, very stiff and somehow solemnly resolved. As the tears flowed, the other cows and calves came over the hill to join me. They stayed a certain distance but were definitely right there with me. One mama called a few times for her calf who came running. The bull who is their pasture buddy this summer came too. They were all looking at me. I felt the need to speak a few words of honoring for our dead friend. So I spoke a bit of a prayer. One cow wailed a few times. I acknowledged my grief and theirs in just a simple, spontaneous honoring of the life lost, a celebration of the life lived tinged with sadness for her end. Just as we were wrapping up and they all were going over the hill, dad’s neighbor came to check. He no doubt thought my tears were silly and that the cows had merely come to me thinking I was there to feed them. Could be I suppose. Though we all get to have our truth and what I felt with the cows was real for me. And maybe, just maybe, they felt some Love and peace in their grieving too and our cow friend’s Spirit sensed us there in the honoring of her life. As I walked slowly back to my dad’s, it began to rain softly over me and the drought soaked fields … as the sun was still shining brightly and beginning to slowly set for the night. I didn’t see a rainbow but I determined to feel one.
So it is that this gradual wheel of Life continues to turn. As I celebrate the accomplishments of the youth in our family and community who are graduating on to the next levels of their place in this world, I continue to gratefully grow my work and offerings in both live and online resources. This week, I had what felt like a graduation celebration for my family spirituality literacy work ~ I received notice that my presentation proposal was accepted for the Parliament Of World Religions Conference! WOO HOO! What an exciting and humbling honor to be anywhere on the roster of these luminaries topped by his holiness, the Dali Lama! The event itself is in October 2015 in Salt Lake city with an anticipated participation or 10,000 from 40 countries and 50 religions. If this kind of interfaith gathering speaks to your heart, sign up and we’ll see you there!

Meanwhile, our annual Family Camp in the sacred Sierras still has some cabin space if you care called to join us!

Cabin reservations are extended ~ 1st come, 1st served!

Cabin reservations are extended ~ 1st come, 1st served!

And our May Mystery Calendar is delightfully there for you 24/7 as are the singing, reading, flying freebies on this week’s Free Shelf! Red Fred’s Red Bread Bedspread is an imagination celebration chock full of short e vowel fun and UK Storyteller Ruth Humphreys provides such colorful enchantment in her magic carpet SoulPlay!
FreebiesThank you precious, passionate, playful one for your presence here. I honor and celebrate you this mindful moment and invite you to do the same ~ for whatever gradual steps you are taking or leaping graduations you are making ~ I honor your journey for we are all a circle of Love. Namaste!

Mother Oneness ~ OM!

Every human being begins in oneness ...

Namaste bright, beautiful, bold birthing beings of imagination, elation, and co-creation!

This past Mother’s Day left me with the above musing … that in the miracle way we are created, every human being begins in oneness … baby and mother’s heartbeats in sync … How wondrous creation is, that every being, no matter where we are born has this same experience. Deep breath aaahh on that one!

Our May PlayShop celebrated motherhood connections, reflections and creativity in our hands!

Our May PlayShop celebrated motherhood connections, reflections and creativity in our hands!

One of our greatest gifts and symbolic expressions of our bodies and beingness is our hands. Our May PlayShop gave way to some wonderful, intergenerational voicing with hands at the center:
InOurHandsMayPlayShop4InOurHandsMayPlayShop3 InOurHandsMayPlayShop2IMG_3179
When we focus on our hands in our PlayShops, we are mindful of all we do with our hands as well as the ways hands can communicate all we be. In addition to actual hands, we also strung beads ~ as gifts ~ and also for the meditative focus this has for our hearts, minds and hands.
My own hand expression grew this time around to show the physical me and the divinity me ~ to speak Love and to just be Love with no words at all … the way the aspects of body, mind, Spirit come together as a prayerful breath of BE!
LHandsI do so love our gatherings and am holding physical and heart space for the special families that are called to play with us in the Sierras this summer!
Reserve your family's cabin by 5/15!

Meanwhile our online offerings are being nurtured along with a hiring process in place for summer interns ~ I am getting help ~ woo hoo! The process of getting some help with my dad has shown me how far just a little help can go. So I am thrilled to finally be getting more hands on deck for the Leaping Literacy Online Library! This week’s fab freebies celebrate mapping things out!
FreebiesSo wherever this week finds your hearts and hands, may your journey be mapped with mindful mothering … the kind that breathes Love into all you do! Here is one more honoring and celebration of mama … the song that sings in us from before we are born … on and on … in oneness … in Love. And so it is. Namaste, Love!

A mother's love is like the morning sky; an unconditional expanse of beauty & possibility.

A mother’s love is like the sky’s opening & closing of the day; an unconditional expanse of beauty & possibility.

Namaste Beautiful, Bountiful, Memorable, Mystical Expressions of Life & Love!

I greet you in the appreciation of whoever you are with special honorings this week for mothers, teachers, literacy, music, children’s books, and the infinite circle of family, faith, and Love!

Happy Mother’s Day! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Happy Children’s Book Week! For me, they all go together like peas and carrots (Forest Gump!).

Yes, there is much to celebrate this week and, as always, I will *try* to be brief. Yet, I simply must share this inspiring tidbit from magical, mystical, mentor Mr. Rogers. His soft & simple style says so much of what’s in my heart this week with this story:

“When I was a boy, one of my closest neighbors was Mama Bell Frampton. She was my grandmother’s age, and she loved children. She not only had a front porch, she had a back porch that led right to her kitchen. Every time I needed a treat, I’d knock on her back door and she’d welcome me. “Come for toast sticks, Freddy?” She knew me well.


Told from the book, “The World According To Mr. Rogers: Important Things To Remember

I would have been about five or six when Mama Bell asked if I would like her to show me how to make my own toast sticks. Well, that was quite a day. She let me put the bread in the toaster and the butter and jam on the toast, and she even let me (ever so carefully) cut the toast into four long “sticks”. Seems like a simple thing, but sixty-five years later, I can still feel it ~ that neighbor’s trust and my own pride at having made those first ones on my own. When I hear “Love your neighbor as yourself,” I often think of Mama Bell because I think she really did love me. She just somehow sensed what I needed in order to grow.” ~ Fred Rogers

I love this telling for so many reasons; it speaks to the power of mothers/grandmothers, teachers, community,  memories and (always!) Love. It also demonstrates how freeing empowerment can be. To empower, knowledge & hands on experience are second only to the creative, open, divine flow of the heart’s wisdom, in my book. If you explore your good memories, don’t you find this flow of Love & trust somewhere in the experience?! Perhaps, in the “bad” memories, we find a lack of trust & Love? If we can allow memories to be un-judged or held in the affirmation of divine order, they can further root our empowerment. We all need to be heard, our lives to be validated. Fred Rogers said, “I find out more and more every day how important it is for people to share their memories.”

Sending Love & good, musical memories out this week for San Francisco Folk Music Club Matriarch Faith Petric!

Sending Love & good, musical memories out this week for San Francisco Folk Music Club Matriarch Faith Petric!

This week has taken me down ‘memory lane’ with my dad, my son Jeremiah, and as I write this, with my mom, other moms I’ve known, and the standout teachers who made such a difference in my life. I find more and more a willingness and necessity to let the negative memories fade away with gratitude for the purpose the people and experiences played in my journey. Perhaps this is because I see how negativity, bitterness, resentment, eats at my father in his final days as he re-tells some of his stories. I sat and read to him for about an hour from the GHB Voice ~ the handwritten newspapers he generated as a youth with his brother and cousin. Truly one of the biggest treasures unearthed in the ongoing cleanup of the old family house and store downtown, these papers provide a fascinating window into the life lived on the ranch by my father in the 1930’s. His creativity, diligence and devotion to the weekly paper has come back to serve him now with happy memories, chuckles, and in my estimation, a form of integration of his years lived. Notes and details from childhood, some (or most?!) long forgotten have resurfaced to nurture my father and to delight me.

Memorable Musings!

Memorable Musings include my dad cleaning the coups of 400 rabbits for his Uncle Al for $1.50 per week!

In my Mother’s day musings this year, I find myself going deeper into what it is to be spiritually parenting my father … yes, caretaking the physical needs of him & his ranch including getting more help so I can stay balanced in all other aspects of my life ~ but also holding that unconditional mother Love for him when he is still so often negative and heavy to be around. In some ways, he has softened greatly, in other ways, he rails hard at the loss of his functionality. The quote of the week from my dad: “If I can’t feel good, I’d rather be dead.” Simple, somewhat humorous, yet profound. With congestive heart failure, not only has my dad lost his physical oomph, he literally has lost heart for living. He also told me this week he doesn’t believe in the soul …. whaaaat?! So again, I held unconditional Love and respect for his viewpoint and I gave him a full dose of my own. I continue to care for his outer needs and send his ailing hearts lots of light and unconditional Love for the soul I recognize even if he does not. This is the only way I know to spiritually parent ~ with a mother’s Love.

Do you know the origins of Mother’s Day? It came as an honoring of mothers who had lost their sons to war. We have a celebration page on the New Thought Families website that gives lots of the history including the Proclamation written at the time that begins:

Mothers’ Day Proclamation
Arise, then, women of this day! Arise all women who have hearts, whether your baptism be of water or of tears! Say firmly: “We will not have questions decided by irrelevant agencies. Our husbands shall not come to us reeking of carnage for caresses and applause. Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn all that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy, and patience. We women of one country will be too tender to those of another country to allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs.” (See ALL HERE!)

As mentioned last week, I released a music video with 15 year old Jeremiah and I singing God’s Spot in conjunction with our New Thought Families Mystery May. Check out the NEW narrating voices on this month’s daily Play & Pray Calendar! In juxtaposition to the 2008 version posted in last week’s blog and on the site, here is the current version of Jeremiah and I singing ~ the same heart of Love, just more grownup voices (at least Jeremiah’s!)

Both versions of the God Spot music video are featured this month as part of Mystery May ~ do share in our lovely voices there and the oh so inspirational, anonymous audio, The Mystery. As I continue to mother the websites and our nonprofit, Creative Spirit Families with baby steps, more live and online offerings are being birthed and nurtured. Our Free Shelf is packed with ‘mother’ offerings and! We are giving an additional Laurie StorEBook away each day this week in celebration of Children’s Book Week!  This is the 96th anniversary of the annual celebration of books for young people and the joy of reading. Children’s Book Week: May 4-10, 2015 — Hence! In addition to this week’s Free Shelf celebrations of reading, singing & mothers, we are posting another free Laurie StorEBook each day this week! Sign up/in for all our freebies:
So whether you join me in celebrating mothers, parents, teachers, children’s books, memories, Mr. Rogers, the Mystery, or anything else this week, thank you for being with me in this not at all brief appearance. As always, I trust if you were called here, some bit of it served your heart and will enable you to better serve the hearts of others. So it is in the Circle of Love, Life, Family, Time. I am grateful for you. Namaste, Mystery Blessed & Expressed!

PS Yes Blessed!
Our upcoming live event face to face Circles of Love include:

Our merry May PlayShop is this Friday evening at the Sutter Creek Community Building. Our theme is In Our Hands: Voices & Choices

Our merry May PlayShop this Friday evening at the Sutter Creek Community Building. Our theme is: In Our Hands: Voices & Choices

Summer Feathers Family Camp! Reserve your family’s cabin by 5/15:

Reserve your family's cabin by 5/15!

Washing off decades of dust ~ Thanks Living & grace giving to see more clearly the integration of the Mystery.

Washing off decades of dust ~ Thanks Living & grace giving to see more clearly the integration of the Mystery ~  from the history of ancestry to the synergy of consistency …

Namaste timeless treasures of the Mystery manifested so beautifully! I greet you in the name of passionate purpose in these fleeting days of April flagged by May Day this Friday, May 1st! Though I have no plans of a Maypole dance (do you??!!), I am in full circle celebration in the circle of time!

Ancestral house clean up continues ... with lots of everything ~ including beautiful dishes where sumptuous meals were once shared!

Ancestral house clean up continues … with lots of everything ~ including beautiful dishes where sumptuous meals were once shared!

Yes the family house and store clean up is continuing with interesting interactions with some family members ~ dead & alive! This little table had such an awesome surprise inside that I had to bring it home:

Sitting in the garage, waiting for the perfect spot to be cleared in our tiny home!

Sitting in the garage, waiting for the perfect spot to be cleared in our tiny home!

Meanwhile, with commitment to consistency and passionate purpose, I am moving forward and backward all at once with several areas of my beloved work and content for the Leaping Literacy Family Library. Many of the fascinating contents of this old home frozen in time will be coming into our Library as digitized Vintage Voices ~ stay fine tuned for this emerging branch/section! And as shown last week, I am re-illustrating Hazels Home and getting her into a Laurie StorEBook to be released one fine May Day soon!

The Neocolor paint crayons that I started this project with 15 years ago were not found within the physical reach last week ... but ordered online as they are made in Switzerland ~ ah the global family connections helping to bring Hazel and May into new life!

The Neocolor paint crayons that I started this project with 15 years ago were not found within the physical reach last week … They are online as they are made in Switzerland ~ ah the global family connections helping to bring Hazel and May into new life!

Hazel’s Home is a story that covers several aspects of home, family, society & community and it brings me home into so many aspects of what home is to me ~ imagination, co-creation ~ creativity and family living in harmony. This is the heart of spiritual parenting ~ I find myself in that role of spiritual parent to my teenager, my father, myself … many other relationships too with varying degrees … attending to all with Thanks Living harmony. So much of what living in harmony entails is simple presence. Our own presence with each other and awareness of the divine presence that is ever present & omnipresent. This brings me to some other co-creation production notes! I have been wanting to add more family voices to our New Thought families Daily Play & Pray Calendar for a looooong time ~ it is part of the vision to capture lots of other voices over time. We had some beautiful (new) family voices in January and now again, coming up for May. Woo Hoo! The daily Calendar began in May 2009 so as our sixth year anniversary, this is a great month to have these family voices. The 1st 2 pages for May 1 & 2 are linked so get a sneak peak! Our May theme is The Mystery. We are using the word ‘Mystery’ as synonymous with God, Creator, etc. Our May celebration & affirmations are based on a wonderful, anonymous audio called The Mystery linked to each calendar page ~ do listen on one or more mystical May days!

Our May Mystery Celebration also calls on our “God Spot” song ~ though we are using the word ‘Mystery’ in place of the word ‘God’ on this month’s calendar. Here is LaurieStory & Jeremiah’s God Spot music video from 2008 with another 2015 version featuring Jeremiah’s guitar work in juxtaposition being posted for the month in the next few days ~ enJOY!
Music Video: God’s Spot
Running Time: 4:12
Password: LJSingingSpot


There are lots of fun freebies always on the Free Shelf! May you be free as the co-creator you are to live in blessed, grace filled Mystery happiness. Namaste, Love!

Reserve your family's cabin by 5/15!

Reserve your family’s cabin by 5/15!

Beloved dogwood 2015 blooms beginning to fade ... still smiling out the window in today's  early morning misty fog ...

Beloved dogwood 2015 blooms beginning to fade … still smiling out the window in today’s early morning misty fog …

Namaste beautiful, bountiful branching ones rooted in relational reverence!

I greet you this week in the Spirit of Earth Day (4/22) and Arbor Day (4/26) anchoring us in rooted beauty and reverent bounty. Our sacred Mother has always been THE physical touchstone of Spirit for me with one of her most beautiful, bountiful voices being the trees.

Look outside your window now ~ any trees smiling at you? Our magnificent dogwood has graced us again this year with pink splendor despite years of drought conditions ~ testimony to the tenacious truth of beauty ~ Love ~ yes expressed!

Looking up, rooted in truth! This cedar tree is in the front yard of my dad’s house, the old ancestral ranch.

Trees hold such a perfect kinship with us humans that we refer to our family trees, and family roots. As I continue on through generational clean up this week, I look to not only the beauty but the incredible strength of trees to help buoy me on in this journey. When you look at your own family tree, what branches lift you up and what roots anchor you?! As with so much of life, these energies are unseen but often hold more power than we dare be aware of. Yet, knowledge is power and by simply asking our higher Spirit for guidance, the voices of our ancestors, families, roots and branches will surface into our consciousness with accordance of what we need for our highest good. We are one with all our relations … those in our human family tree and all those who co-inhabit our gorgeous planet home.

Here is a sacred moment from our Leaping Literacy Online Member Library:
Sacred Moment Celebration: Redwood Trees Family Ring
Running Time: 1:25
Password: SMCRT2

As I was making baby steps in the Leaping Literacy Membership Library revisions and navigations this last week, I was reminded of the strong presence of nature and trees in our offerings. Our Living Green section is chock full of ways to live a more mindful, low impact existence on our Mother. And there are many Sacred Moment Celebrations of trees. You can look at an overview of some of our videos here.

Lots of Tree Celebrations on the Free Shelf this week!

Lots of Tree Celebrations on the Free Shelf this week!

Of course, I hope our Leaping Literacy offerings can serve you and yours but if so and if not, may you be blessed in this moment to take a mindful deep dive into your roots and a deep breath into the expanse of your branches ~ for sometimes, what is calling you back is also calling you forward!

My old (5th grade +++) clarinet playing happy notes in between pages!

My old (5th grade +++) clarinet playing happy notes in between pages!

For my part, I have been in my creative flows that sustain me and confirm my purpose. In celebration of all of that, and of trees and family, I returned to one of my oldest (and best?!) stories this last week. I performed it Sunday night and it was mm mmm good ~ for all of us! And! I am re-illustrating Hazel’s Home ~ I realized that the re-illustration process of this story started and stopped when I was pregnant with Jeremiah ~! 15 years ago ~ whaaat??!! So! I begin again.
IMG_3018 IMG_3015 HazelTransformation
Part of today’s adventure is tracking down these old paint crayons to be able to finish this re-illustration project ~ helping angels, on the job!! And yes, I must mindfully say that I know the Library navigation et al would have come MUCH further this week had I not been doing all of THIS. Yet, THIS is the root of why I am here to share & explore creativity & literacy and the Library will continue to branch out in good God time!

So whatever family, earth, tree, or other celebrations you engage in this week, may you feel rooted in Love, connected to all, hugged in all ways by life’s infinite branches of isness. Remember, when you hug, you get one back! Here’s a hug of Love for you with our Hugs video … Namaste, Love!

How Many Hugs? Music Video
Running Time: 1:25
Password: SingHugs

Reserve your family's cabin by 5/15!

Reserve your family’s cabin by 5/15!

Vibrating Voices …

The thoughts we think and the words we speak ... in our hands! ~More about young Carter's affirmations below.

The thoughts we think and the words we speak … in our hands!

Namaste vibrant, vibrating voices of past & present ~ vocal stewards of life, Love & light, home, heart & happiness!

As told last week, I continue sorting through ancestral voices of the past, integrating present awareness’ and listening, ever listening to the whisperings that call me forward. In the ongoing clean up and clean out of the old home & store, I elbow greased this magnificent piece of the past into the gift of our present:

Ah, the power of lemon oil brings back the old shine! Gorgeous old wood ~ and stories ~ resurrected!

Ah, the power of lemon oil brings back the old shine! Gorgeous old wood ~ and stories ~ resurrected!

Among the other treasures lately found, are old words … long since printed and now re-read with fresh interest and fascination. My dad’s Uncle Al who had the store with all it’s offerings of his talents, had become a Christian Scientist after reading & following the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy & being restored to health. His hand written, 2 page testimonial is now in my hands:

On page 2 he writes, "I also realized that when I broke the commands, I was cheating, lieing, and stealing from myself."

He writes of many ailments & impending death of 53 years past. Saved &  restored by “god good”, he further writes, “I also realized that when I broke the commands, I was cheating, lieing, and stealing from myself.”

I am also now holding a series of home newspapers published weekly by my then 12 year old dad Harry, his 9 year old brother Bob and their 20 year old cousin Grace ~ a would be writer and teacher and no doubt the ring leader of the production. Called the GHB Voice, it was hand written on brown wrapping paper from the store and covered local & family news, a variety of features including fictional stories and cartoons by none other than my dad ~ really?! What a surprising wonderment in the legacy of our  family literacy!

So as you can see, I have been caught up in lots of reverent family reverie ~ and LOTS of dirt, dust & mess you can’t see! So, where does this leave me with this week’s Creative Spirit Families & our thematic Leaping Literacy Library?! Well …………… More words!CSFAffirmation
Our April PlayShop was Sunday and as promised, our young Carter brought his box of daily affirmations to share: ApPlayShop1Carter had been inspired by our affirmations to make his own. ApPlayShop2 His younger brother Michael helped! They didn’t have any mini rubber bands so they creatively used bread holders to clasp them. My affirmation clearly told me: CMAffirmation OH YES!
We also listened for the song of our heart as we made & played musical instruments like drums. ApPlayShop4 ApPlayShop3 The live, intergenerational creativity and heart sharing of our PlayShops continues to inspire my slowly emerging vision of the Leaping Literacy Library integration of traditional and spiritual voices of body, mind, Spirit. This is National Library Week so I was going to unveil some new navigation of our Online Library but I instead gave my elbow grease to the old dining table … and! I am realigning and divining some action steps for our Leaping Library this week ~ voices for emerging literacy with intergenerational integration lives on! Visit our Free Shelf for Leaping Literacy expressions of intergenerational celebrations:Freebies

Our May PlayShop is coming on 5/8 and we are reserving sacred space now for our frolicking summer Family Camp!

And! I also heartily and heartfully invite you to take a daily Play & Pray moment with us at New Thought Families. Our Calendar for April has us … Thanks Living Every Day ~ Grateful & Grace Filled In Every Way! Grace Filled Gratitude! … You’ll find our Calendar here!
In words, voices, and Love in action expressions to come, I am working on a long overdue calendar anew for May with fresh family voices … I pray that all involved align with these choices! Yet in this mindful moment, there is just the gentle voice of yes, the pace of grace and deep breath gratitude … for beauty, for literacy, for voices ~ past, present and future, and for you. Thank you for YOU! Namaste voice of Love, Namaste!

Namaste divine order beings of breath & perfection! Post Easter greetings of blessings & resurrection!IMG_2871

After posting last week from some of the darkness & questioned sanity I was experiencing in my inner Gethsemane, death, grieving and a robbery all hit at once. I didn’t immediately affirm divine order but pretty soon into it as grace so definitely enveloped me. Now a week later, the pain of it seems so distant yet still real. And yes, compared to Jesus on the cross, my week was a cake walk yet we all have our crosses to bear don’t we?! In my grace filled world, the death was of the 5th & final calf of the season at my dad’s ranch. I learned even more about cows. They grieve really deeply. And me being the empath I am, I would feel their grief and start crying every time I drove in ~ I especially felt the sadness of that poor mama all full of milk and missing for her calf that our neighbor took away for the buzzards. She kept returning to the birth spot:

She stands where the calf was born and died. Waiting. Sometimes sniffing the ground where the scent still was. And sometimes loudly wailing.

She stands where the calf was born and died. Waiting. Sometimes sniffing the ground where the scent still was. And sometimes loudly wailing.

The seasoned neighbors and ranchers took it all in stride while I was in full blown oneness & compassion. I would send mama and the others lots of Love and peace for their loss. And I would knowingly watch mama eating grass with a fervor that surpassed the average spring grass feeding zeal ~ I didn’t consider that cows could be emotional eaters?! She seems to have calmed down now though her heart and bag are still heavy.

So full of mother's milk and longing!

So full of mother’s milk and longing! All of nature knows we must process grief ~ dance with our SoulPlay Grief Guide Michelle Peticolas this week on the Free Shelf  (below)

Meanwhile, as full as my dad’s ranch is of ancestral remnants, the store in town was packed to the brim. And the store was the place that was robbed and ransacked. The details of all of this are vast and actually pretty fascinating. I may have to write a book featuring these relations! But for our purposes here and now, I will summarize a few of the juicy tidbits. My dad’s uncle had run the store and all it’s many functions ~ Al was a master alchemist and known far and wide for his saddle oils and taxidermy among other things. An array of the stuffed animals ~ deer, owls, etc. are there in the store along with a huge amount of ‘stuff’. Antoinette was Al’s wife; reportedly a good cook, fine seamstress and an overbearing, overprotective mother who sheltered their daughter Grace from becoming what she wanted in the world. Grace wanted to be a teacher but her mother wouldn’t allow it. Grace played saxophone and after 2 concerts with the community band, her mother made her quit. Grace did have pen pals world wide and kept every piece of correspondence. The whole family was Christian Scientist, didn’t ‘do’ doctors, and Al lived to be 86. So, daughter Grace lived in the place above the store her whole life and after her parents Al & Antoinette died, she remained there. All of her childhood things remained there. With failing sanity, the place became messier and messier. Grace died in 1989 and my dad, as executor of the estate, has been paying taxes and utilities on this property all these years, waiting for the lawyers to figure out probates as each died without a will. My dad thought the probates should be in place before cleaning up the place and dispensing of any treasures there. So when the thieves went in, they unceremoniously opened every drawer, dumped, stashed, trashed as they went. Hard to say what they took except for some big items like an ornate silver and gold cash register from the store ~ the other register they smashed up trying to get at any ‘loot’. They had gained entry through broken glass in the front and just took things out the back. I went in to find a trail of ‘goodies’ like old hats dropped on the stairs on the way out. The local police took a report over the phone and said if I could give them an itemized list of what was taken, they could put it out there. 2 days later, I noticed they had been back … or someone had. Not so much more things stolen but definitely things moved around. Now, the building is hopefully secure and a major clean up has begun. I have been talking to these ancestors for a good while now and they are relieved to say the least that we are indeed taking care of all this unfinished business! We not only are cleaning but starting to repurpose:

This unusual bookshelf desk was calling to me for months so with some help and elbow grease, it is my desk now!

This unusual bookshelf desk was calling to me for months so with some help & elbow grease, it’s my desk now!


Grace's childhood desk is here now.

Grace’s childhood desk is here now too.

There are so many small things too; the thieves had taken some of the pictures so I gathered up as many as I could and will figure out distribution from here … There’s still plenty to clean down there but we are doing it ~ I guess, in part, thanks to the thieves! It is the ever present, Omni presence of divine order!

At 45 miles per hour, sing "Highways are Happy Ways" At 55 miles, sing "I'm But A Stranger Here, Heaven Is My Home." At 65 miles, sing "Nearer, My God To Thee!" At 75 miles, sing "When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder" At 85 miles, sing "Lord, I'm Coming Home"

I was quite enamored to find these cool pencils Al had printed up at some point advertising his business while advocating to “Sing while you drive” with recommended hymns! At 45 miles per hour, sing “Highways are Happy Ways”
At 55 miles, sing “I’m But A Stranger Here, Heaven Is My Home.”
At 65 miles, sing “Nearer, My God To Thee!”
At 75 miles, sing “When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder”
At 85 miles, sing “Lord, I’m Coming Home”

So yes, even though last week I thought I was drowning in the affairs of others, I took a super deep dive from there with all this store business, my dad’s new energizer bunny pacemaker, hosting Easter breakfast here for 11 …. And! I am that I am. It is not I but the Spirit within me that doeth the work. So with this indwelling grace and Spirit, I will continue to clean up ancestral messes as well as realign with my own messes, aka, works in progress! I plan to reflect that work thematically the next few weeks and beyond here at the blog and the sites.FreebiesDo know that the Free Shelf at the Creative Spirit Families’ Leaping Literacy Library is always full!

Thanks for sharing the stories this week; I am so grateful for the prayer of you, your heart that cares, and for our time shared! Whatever trails or beliefs you are exploring, joy or grief you are experiencing, may you know the presence of divine order grace and the perfection of you in every step, and every breath! Namaste, Love!


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