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Rebirth & Renewal

Namaste Beautiful Beings of Sacred Awareness!

I hope you are finding your centered place of yes blessedness in the midst of the chaos we collectively face. Times of breakdown are portals into breakthroughs, woo hoo! And there can be a lot of pain along the way in this human journey. Yet! Spirit is always here to Love us through, inviting us to release resistance and to embrace the new. In keeping with these callings, this bog has moved to our new commercial free space; the branch of Leaping Literacy Library called Creative Family Literacy. We have new and developing Invitations and Celebrations there supporting you and yours for Traditional, Creative, and Spiritual Family Literacy. I hope to see you there in this new start and I wish you all the best in living true to you, following the wisdom of your heart! Namaste, Love!

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In The Heart Of Love

Who Do You Love? What Do You Love? Where Do You Love? When Do You Love? Why Do You Love?

Namaste Beautiful Hearts Of Love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

While this day has long been seen as a romantic celebration for couples, the patron Saint Valentine also brings protection to epileptics and beekeepers! Most folks probably don’t think much about the Saint, more about the cards, chocolates, flowers, balloons, aka STUFF that we get to say, “I love you.” However we celebrate this day, it is, in fact, an opportunity to focus on LOVE!

As conscious co-creators of our lives, being in the heart of Love any day and every day is the best way to stay awake and aware. We are sometimes aligned with the heart of Love and sometimes we can be aligned with our wounded heart looking for Love. Our song, Always Love, sings this concept, “An act of Love or a cry for Love, Love always.”

If we look at life through the heart of Love, we can clearly see that we are always living this … we are acting with Love or we are acting out with a cry for Love. When we choose to look at life and Love this way, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, tenderness, oneness all become more plausible and practical as everyday concepts we can choose to embody every day. There are many ways to keep our hearts open and free to flow Love yet like all else it is a spiritual practice that requires showing up!

Snuggle into the prayer chair to see and free your heart!

It’s true that often forgiving anyone or anything or even any 1 given situation is a process that must be repeated with dedication to keeping your heart open & free … The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
~ Mohandas K. Gandhi

We win by tenderness. We conquer by forgiveness.
~ Frederick William Robertson

The Heart of Love is tender and soft, forgiving, allowing. It is there we can be fully aware of who we Love, how we Love, what we Love, when and where we Love. In this place of awareness, we can experience more of our oneness with all that is created in the great Love of our Creator. We can flow this great Love, in and through us as co-creators!

We all are Love in action choosing what we bring our hands and hearts to!

Before I leave you to the questions of who, what, when, where, why to explore in your own heart of Love, I will say for my part, all that I have done and loved here for New Thought Families as well as in other areas of work and family continue to be an exploration of transformation. We have new web resources being slowly implemented to serve the families who are called to be with us and our resources. In my own family, we midwifed my mama out of this world a few weeks ago and continue the process with my dad and stepdad. My Jeremiah is here today and before he returns to school tomorrow, we celebrate his 21st birthday. Family, in all the generations, is indeed at the heart of Love ~ including the wounded heart crying for Love ~ it is all there for our transformative gifts of embodying more Love, mind, heart, soul!

I leave you now divine Valentine to be in your own heart of Love to answer any call or cry that is there. May you know yourself as the heart of Love you truly be, able to align with your divine shine! Thank you for the Love of you lighting up this world. Namaste, Love!

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2020 Vision: 20 Questions

Namaste and Happy New Year Seekers and Dreamers!

As we close out this perilous year, I am squeaking in my reflective 20 questions in an invitation for inner conversation. It is Hawaii time, the last of this 2020 year. I know everyone is so ready for 2021! Yet! I have a one last, big release at this moment … a new CD, Circle of One!

2020 Squeak Peak New Release: Standing On The Mountaintop In The Circle Of Time

This CD was too long in coming yet in divine perfect timing, here it is. Songs in the circle of timeless oneness. There’s a song for each Solstice and Equinox, songs of death, life, rebirth, renewal. A touch of injustice, compassion, life in the circle. The circle of time. Circle Of One. Here’s a list of the songs, each with a lyric sample and some 2020 questions offered us in the circle. I will be linking here to the actual song samples. Whether or not you have interest in this CD release, perhaps 1 or more of these questions can help you see a gift you wouldn’t want to miss from the plenty that was 2020?!! If you must, skip my poetic song snippets, and scroll to the sifted list of 20 Questions for 2020. Cheers To Us for Gratefully Seeking Gifts in the Shifts!

1. Circle Of Time:
Standing on the mountaintop in the circle of time
Heartbeats of my ancestors are beating with mine
And the heartbeats of the children who will be here soon
We are all one heartbeat in the sacred mother’s womb

What would our ancestors say about 2020?
Is there anything we learned this year that can benefit future generations?

What about the health and well being of the planet?

2. Life Is a Web
Life is a web, woven in grace. We are all weavers, weaving in faith. Love is the thread connecting the web, we are all weavers. Love is the thread.
What 2020 threads of Love were woven into life’s web? Where in 2020’s web did you weave your faith?

3. Your Wings
We celebrate your Spirit, so full of Love. We honor the goodness of you that lives on.
Who do you know that died this year? How can you honor them?

4. You Are Free
… Let your Spirit lead you on. Your heart is your home. Follow the light of your soul.
Did you find any new freedom in letting go of something(s)?

5. Travel Well
Travel well my friend, wherever it is you’re going …
Are there friends you lost or friends you found in 2020?!

6. Oh Shenandoah
Unafraid, be bound away. Home to me, your Mother Sea.
Were you afraid this year? Could you feel safe home?

7. Ostara
Green is reaching for the light. Spring is here alive and bright!
Did you grow towards the light in 2020?

8. Circle Of The Sun
We are called to shine, we are called to live this divine design.
Did you experience any sense of shine and divine design?

9. Mabon
We rest in the dark, we renew in the light …
Did you experience extra rest and renewal this year?

10. Light Of Love
The light of creation is inside of us. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Did you create new experiences from the death of old circumstances?

11. Conception
New beginnings are born in me now. From the unknown, I simply allow.
Did you allow anything new to be born in and through you?!

12. Meet In The Center
Fires are burning, yearning for justice. Our hearts are timeless flames of forgiveness.
What injustice did you see or experience this year? Did you experience (more) forgiveness?

13. Refugee Stranger
I want to live and work with meaning, when I get home to that new land.
Did your home change this year? Your work? Do you have a new way of thinking of home and work?
14. Circle Of One
We are one in the circle connected with all that ever was
Here and now, ahead, behind. All there to find because …
We are one in the circle.

Can you hold the circle of 2020 as sacred connection to past and future?

Sift For The Gifts Of 2020!
20 Questions:

May these or any other reflective, introspective questions help you find more clear vision and hindsight from the gifts of 2020 as we embrace all to come in 2021. Namaste Love!

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Shining Solstice: Yes In The Darkness!

Namaste Shining Expressions of Divine Design~

Happy Winter Solstice! On this shortest day of the year here ~ and longest for our friends on the other side of the globe ~ we look to this day’s auspicious alignment of planets bringing us the age of Aquarius and a brilliant ‘Christmas Star’ just in time for the holy days. It is indeed a deLIGHT to be here in celebration and appreciation.

When last in this sacred spot, we were celebrating and appreciating Hummingbird as Feature Creature Teacher and the (Advent) Light of Hope that so powerfully shines through any darkness. Our Hope resources including Om HomETV were added to this month with the other Advent virtues of Love, Peace, and Joy. While Hummingbird also speaks to Joy, Dove is THE bird of Love and Peace.

As seekers in this life, we are ever turning within and listening to the messages that call us higher into our fullest expressions of ourselves. Dove can teach us so much! A few fun facts; dove and pigeon are synonymous, they share parenting equally even down to both the male and female producing a kind of milk to feed their baby squabs. WOWSA! Both parents fast a few days before the eggs hatch to purify the milk they produce. We too can purify ourselves in various physical, emotional, and spiritual ways to allow a fuller embodiment of Spirit. We can live in balanced partnerships. We can disallow the human tendency to judge some as high and lofty and others as a dirty nuisance. Always about perspective, as we open to embody more Love, peace becomes a more common occurence.

Indeed, when we feel loving and well loved, we are naturally at peace!

In our Spiritual Literacy Offerings, we have various transformational tools for inspiration and action as found in our Leaping Literacy Library:

We have a new CD coming out next week, Circle Of One. It has a song for each Solstice and Equinox. Here is the Winter Solstice Song:

“The Light Of Love is who we are!”

In the markings of time and nature, there are always Spirit messages to be found and appreciated. Summer Solstice shines the bright light of purpose. In Winter Solstice, we sift through the darkness for our purpose. Like all of the green sprouts on this earth, we are ever reaching for the light. On the Fall and Spring Equinoxes, we are reminded to be in balance. In every noticing of light and dark, balance beckons. Doves/Pigeons also have strong messages of balance as they mate for life, almost always have 2 young at a time and share all the parenting duties. In looking at the lessons of 2, it is easy to see that balance is a strong foundation for sustainable Love and Peace.

As we are moving into the new era of humanity and the new calendar year, let us pray for balanced harmony; within ourselves, our families, communities, nation, world. We live on a glorious planet that needs us to heed more careful stewardship. We live at a time of divided values and priorities that beckon us all to compassionate truth. May all beings everywhere feel loved and peaceful even in the midst of humanity’s insanities. May we all fly with the dove in all things possible Love. Thank you for continuing to raise your vibration in life celebration! Namaste Messenger of Light filled, hopeful, joyful, loving Peace.

And so it is!

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Singing Notes Of Hope

Namaste shining beacons of hope!

I greet you in the flame of the 1st Advent candle lit this week for hope as we open our hearts to this 2020 Christmas season and the beckoning of a new, brighter year. I have a whole list of 2020 gifts to share here at some point this month yet this Transformational Tuesday of charitable giving, I am focused on the powerful gift of hope.

Our newest Om HomETV is centered on the fiery power of hope with song and some time to play and pray. Our Feature Creature Teacher is Hummingbird who reminds us of the power of small and the mightiness in keeping it light. As the tiny teacher Hummingbird shows us ~ when we are light weight energy moving with faith filled dreams, we do feel joyous and filled with hope.

The smallest bird in the world has the biggest brain and certainly keeps the energy moving!

The whole OM Hope show is below at the end of this post if you want to spend more time with Hummingbird and all the rest. From The Transformational Toolbox, there are 3 invitation celebrations. Should you choose, here it is in a video excerpt and/or in part, in the wonders of words!

Om HomETV Transformational Tool of Hope

Yes! As we reach into our Transformational Toolbox for hope, we find the friends of hope are there too; light, faith, imagination, dreams, joy, and as always, divine energy flowing!

Shine the light into any darkness!

Hope is the light in the darkness. A deep despair feeling is a dark place we can light up with a hope filled thought. The candle is an age old transformational tool and these days (especially with younger children), we can easily use a battery operated flame or even a flashlight to call in the light. We can call in the light to any darkness. You can sit in a dark room and then switch on a battery candle or flashlight in silent motion or affirmation spoken. As we affirm the presence of light in hopeful affirmation, we fill our hearts and minds with faith. We choose to believe in our hope filled thoughts. Let’s try this now …
Think of anything that feels like darkness … some disappointment, disillusionment, or despair. You can have eyes closed or be in a dark room, ready to flip the switch of light. Your affirmation of light opens your mind and heart with the power of hope and new possibilities. Hope is a light in the dark! Hope is also the fuel for your dreams! When you open up, with a hopeful yes and let your imagination help you experience your dream as reality, you are entering into the great potentiality that you possess as co-creator. As we spend transformational time with hope, we know that we can always begin again in any moment we have only to say YES!

Shine the light of hope on any darkness!

As we embrace the infinite possibilities that hope helps us center in, we play with the light. Feature Creature Teacher Hummingbird in free form flight is always feeding from the sweetness of life, reminding us to keep our energy moving and light!

Helicopter Hummingbird can fly in any direction reminding us to change course (of thought) as needed. Keep your energy moving in a positive direction. Keep it light!

LIGHT! Shine a light on any darkness with hope filled affirmation. You can also illume any dreams or visions with imagination! Spend time with your dreams fueled by hope filled faith … experience your dreams as reality with imagination ignited by your hopeful YES I can! Feel the comfort and joy that hope brings!

At New Thought Families, we are playing in the light for our daily Play and Pray Calendar tis December. We are singing our transformational thoughts to the traditional tunes of Christmas. And this week, we center on hope with our Feature Creature Teacher Hummingbird ETV, Power Point, and Ask and Affirm Cards. Our new Your TruEBook templates are focused on generating hopeful thoughts all found on our Leaping Literacy Library Free Shelf. With or without our templates, generating hopeful thoughts you can draw from at any time you need a lift, can be a positive, light filled gift!

EnJOY our Leaping Literacy Library Free Shelf Resources for fostering Hope!

YES! We be blessed with the light of hope. Thank you so much for sharing your light here and in the world! Below is our Om HomETV Show, Notes of Hope. It’s also found at

Keep your flame of hope ignited as you fly freely, lightly and playfully with your dreams! Namaste friends.

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ThanksLiving: Appreciation Celebration

Namaste Celebration of Life and Love Expressed and Blessed!
Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanks Living!

It is in the Spirit of Thanks Living every day in everyday ways, I greet you with this invitation to keep growing your appreciation and thereby life celebration. With Turkey as our Feature Creature Teacher this week, our Spirit guide offers much wisdom irrespective of its place at the dinner table. Turkey is the give away bird who in many native cultures is a shaman gateway to enlightenment. Transcending the ego need to be thanked for service, Turkey’s give away is whole and completely selfless. This non-attachment to outcome is cause for celebration as it brings ultimate freedom.

Turkey also helps us with our life celebration reminding us to bring our attention and appreciation to all the little things. As we facilitate and communicate all that we appreciate, we cannot help but magnify the good and feel happier in our every day experiences. What are you appreciating in this moment? This day? This season? This oh so intense year of 2020?! Even in the midst of challenges, we can choose appreciation. We can choose celebration. We can choose inspiration. Look up, down, all around. Look within. What is calling you to an inspiration appreciation life celebration?!

Join us with Turkey and our other November Feature Creature teachers on the Leaping Literacy Library Free Shelf! We are fully embracing Thanks Living and appreciation as we work with Christmas and advent offerings coming next week. There truly is always something to be grateful for and lots of goodness to recognize here and now as well as look forward to in the days and weeks before us. With the vibrant, celebratory, appreciative energy of Thanks Living, we embrace the gifts of this holy season and life. I embrace the gift of you with great gratitude, and a yippee skippee appreciation celebration! Namaste, love!

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The Dance Of Abundance

Wow! Whooshing Whale! Wonderful World!

Namaste beautiful, abundant expressions of the divine!

I greet you in the Spirit of co-creation, manifestation, grateful awareness and infinite abundance! This sacred Sunday’s OmHomETV is centered in abundance with prayer, song, transformational tools and Pumpkin as Feature Creature Teacher:

With grateful awareness, we do the dance of abundance!

Grateful awareness of abundance is a recipe for happiness! 2020 has been a year like no other with it’s challenges spotlighting seeming places of lack; lack of freedom, lack of ‘normal’, lack of justice, lack of truth to name some of the big players. Yet! As spiritual beings in this physical manifestation, we know that our Creator and all of creation is infinitely abundant. Our human pain, often caused by the insanity of humanity, may rightly show up as lack yet always, inherently, any lack is an invitation to re-imagine, re-invent, revise, revision, redo. We are always and ever invited to co-create more fully our divine expression in this world. As such, we can bring our transformational tools to any situation to raise the vibration and change the manifestation through our prayerful activations and interactions. Yes we can and yes we do!

Abundance says YES!

What is abundance to you? What do you say YES to?!

As I continue the messy dance of abundance I spoke of last week, I am ever reminded that all of it, all of life, is spiritual practice. And as I keep showing up and saying yes, abundance is on the ready to dance! No matter my confessions or the (national) refusal of concessions, there is a higher order of abundant Love ready to heal, harmonize, energize, revitalize!

I drove away from my beautiful home and stacks of work today for an annual life celebration at the beach. My hotel is covid compliant and welcomed me with a free upgrade to suite. Sweet! My abundant jacuzzi tub awaits. The roses I brought are a beautiful 3 smiling at me. I dance with their beauty as I center in the knowing that our abundant Creator is loving us fully every moment. No matter what.

Wherever you are in your abundance dance, just keep taking steps with trust, knowing you are loved beyond comprehension. The Love of you on the move is natural expansion. The Love of us is the next phase of humanity’s potentiality. We are, necessarily, the dance of abundance!

Yes we can and yes we do!

We are the divine expression of abundance born to co-create more of the Love we are made of! I celebrate life with you abundant YES expressed! Thank you. We are so blessed. Namaste, Love.

And! In addition to OmHomETV’s Abundance, this week’s Leaping Literacy Library ETV is full of birthday cake! Celebrate with me here, on the sites, and at! Yippee!

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Awareness Of Goodness

Namaste Harmonious Goodness Expressed!

I greet you this Transformational Tuesday with deep awareness and an abundance of appreciation. As we all know, it has been an emotional week here in America since our election last Tuesday. It has been an emotional year that has brought all of us to our knees. As Spirits in these physical, emotional bodies, it has been a constant invitation inward to connect with our Source, our higher knowing, our highest selves. Thus, we align, realign, repeat. In this alignment we know the truth of goodness, of harmoniousness, of blessedness, of yesness, no matter what physical circumstances surround us.

From this place of inner alignment, we are called to take our physical actions in this world, to show up for what is ours to do. The goodness I most want to share awareness of in this space on this transformational day is the renewed commitment and actions that are in place and coming to fruition for New Thought Families. Designed to support those called to spiritual family literacy, these resources are re-aligning into consistent calendarization offering heart and soul centered celebrations and invitations. Yes, we continue our daily Play & Pray Calendar , our ABC pages are finally being revised and slowly finalized. And now, we are ready to relaunch our weekly offerings as well.

In September, I launched the Sunday Celebration Om HomETV shows vowing to be here each Sunday. As with other failed promises in the past, mid-October found the production schedule de-railed and me feeling too failed. The phoenix rising awareness from this is the clarity, organization and next phase of yesness in showing up to this life’s work in a way that I can make work as well as share with the people, children, families, playful hearts that are called to play and pray and be in fuller awareness of who we truly be. We are spiritual beings yet like all of life, we deepen this awareness and practice through literacy. Our Leaping Literacy Library spiritual literacy offerings are taking on a new phase of clarity.

The Free Shelf for the Library has multiple offerings from our more traditional FUNdamentals with Laurie’s Stories as well as the spiritual literacy resources centered at New Thought Families. As our Free Shelf picture above depicts, we are spotlighting weekly, thematic offerings for each part of the Library separately. The week’s resources are based on our ETV. For New Thought Families and spiritual literacy, it is Om HomETV:

With Owl as our Feature Creature Teacher, we are seeing through the shadows and seeing with the eyes of our heart. On our Free Shelf, we have the songs and book, Sebastian Wakes Up, from the show + more. We have our Owl power point, as well as Owl centered new offerings with ask and affirm cards and Your TruEBook templates for further exploration of awareness.

As I make this announcement, I stay aware that I am continuing to live the prayer I have been called to for so long. For any who have been with me on this journey or read any of the blog posts here over the last 8 years, you know my struggle is real. Yet! As I reckon with my inner demons and dance with the divine, I do indeed continue to intertwine a huge body of work that is further and further aligned. I embrace it as mine. I embrace messy me and all my failures. I embrace all that I am here to serve. I release the chaos that has swirled for too long and I vow to stand strong, singing my songs and inviting you along.

The center of the apple holds the eye and the star. It is always up to our perception to overcome deception, see clearly with reflection, and co-create with seed conception!

The creation of ETV is a long, long dream for me. This pandemic, shift your priotites year gifted me a tipping point. While definitely still reckoning with all of it, I am on better track now for the weekly ETV and Om HomETV shows speaking to FUNdamental, life, heart, and Spirit literacy. I have a birthday next Transformational Tuesday and I am more committed than ever to see with the eyes of my heart the shining star that lives in me and inside each and every one of you. We are here to shine. We are here to love. We are here to yes express our goodness and to transcend our perceived limitations in grateful life celebrations! I am so grateful for you sharing that affirmation with me in this right now moment. I am so grateful for your goodness blessing this world.

I will return to this space with this Sunday’s Sacred Celebration of Abundance. Pumpkin will be our Feature Creature Teacher as we grow all the seeds of divinity within us. If you want to see ETV, visit our and along with Owl teachings and resources on our Free Shelf, you can access past ETV shows.

May you continue to see with the eyes of your heart, an increasing awareness of the exquisite goodness you truly be. Namaste, Love!

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ThanksLiving Greeting

Namaste Friends! Welcome to our Nestled November in THE year To Remember! While 2020 has pretty well brought us each and all to our knees, let us surrender and center now in all that is good, all that is kind, all that is soothing to our hearts, souls, and minds. Let us be cradled in November’s faith feathered nest of goodness, of kindness, of  Remembrance. We remember who we are as Love’s breath expressed. Filled with awe and  appreciation, we breathe deep. We awaken all the dreams that went to sleep and we fly into ThanksLiving! This November, we remember. Life is a gift. Every breath. A true celebration we can embody with appreciation. Happy ThanksLiving!

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The Blessedness of Wondrous Oneness

We belong to the whole, we are one!
Sing it with me on today’s Om HomETV!

Namaste threads of Love in the Web Of Life!
I greet you with steadfast faith in the prevailing goodness of humanity even from the moments that feel like our tapestry is unraveling. I suppose it is and at the same time, we are weaving new patterns of ways to be. Such is the gist and the gift of oneness.

Like peace and all else, oneness begins with me, and you, and each heart and conscious mind that inhabits a body. Personal oneness is to be aware and in harmony with maiden, mother, crone, with pacifist, playfulness, and passing, passionate angry thought bursts. In our oneness with self, we reckon with ages, stages, and phases, dreams and schemes, perceived triumphs and failures. Hopefully we love ourselves through it all and when we fall, we find our way back up and in again. Back into self awareness and careness, fairness and dareness. When we can be compassionate with ourselves ~ all parts of ourselves ~ the blessedness of oneness finds us in the circle of time. Every time.

When we allow the infinity of divinity in and through us, we are open to this oneness with self and increasingly, with all others. In this expanded place of awareness and compassion, we can ever more fully understand and live this memorable poem from Thich Nhat Hahn:

Please Call Me By My True Names

Do not say that I’ll depart tomorrow
because even today I still arrive.

Look deeply: I arrive in every second 
to be a bud on a spring branch, 
to be a tiny bird, with wings still fragile, 
learning to sing in my new nest, 
to be a caterpillar in the heart of a flower, 
to be a jewel hiding itself in a stone.

I still arrive, in order to laugh and to cry, 
in order to fear and to hope. 
The rhythm of my heart is the birth and 
death of all that are alive.

I am the mayfly metamorphosing on the surface of the river,
and I am the bird which, when spring comes, arrives in time 
to eat the mayfly.

I am the frog swimming happily in the clear pond, 
and I am also the grass-snake who, approaching in silence, 
feeds itself on the frog.

I am the child in Uganda, all skin and bones, 
my legs as thin as bamboo sticks, 
and I am the arms merchant, selling deadly weapons to 

I am the twelve-year-old girl, refugee on a small boat,
who throws herself into the ocean after being raped by a sea
and I am the pirate, my heart not yet capable of seeing and

I am a member of the politburo, with plenty of power in my
and I am the man who has to pay his “debt of blood” to my
dying slowly in a forced labor camp.

My joy is like spring, so warm it makes flowers bloom in all
walks of life.
My pain is like a river of tears, so full it fills the four oceans.

Please call me by my true names, 
so I can hear all my cries and laughs at once, 
so I can see that my joy and pain are one.

Please call me by my true names, 
so I can wake up, 
and so the door of my heart can be left open, 
the door of compassion.
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

For my part, I am the one woman show, the audience of one, the dreamer who sees something greater than I am able to be. Yet. Yet! I experience the infinity of divinity in the flow of yes, the flow of blessed, the flow of oneness. Check out my flow at!

In today’s Om HomETV, we are celebrating the blessedness of Oneness with heart literacy in song, story, prayer, imagination. Spider is our Feature Creature Teacher in the web of life and we hear from Anansi and Infinity. We playfully practice oneness with imagination in our Transformational Toolbox. We spend time in nature’s oneness affirming the native teaching, :We belong to the whole, we are one.” A visit through this week’s interfaith calendar includes the Hindu festival Navarati Dusserha. We open in oneness, we open with om!

Thank you for being here in any moment that you are. Thank you for practicing presence to oneness, to goodness, to ISness! May you be fully compassionate with all in your circle. I am grateful for you and all you do. Namaste, Love!

From the New Thought Families’ daily Play & Pray Calendar today, the 292nd day of 2020!