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Free Spirits! Shine Through The Shadows!

Namaste Shining Stars Of Rising Fortitude, Faith & Freedom!

Ah, August! Hurricane Harvey is devastating parts of Texas, North Korea is shooting off missiles, expressions of fear faced intolerance & hate marching in the streets of Charlottesville and beyond … dark shadows rising!  We began the month on the 7th with a partial lunar eclipse followed 2 weeks later by the ‘Great American’ solar eclipse that brought peeps into the path of totality from all over the planet. Yes, eclipses are a pretty big deal, not just for their natural phenomena; they shine on our human shadows, both individually and collectively. Our nation and so many places all over this earth are seeing shadow effects in the extreme with Mother Nature sometimes in the middle as the great equalizer. Whether gathered for 2 minutes of totality or taking out a boat to rescue neighbors or stopping to admire or hug a tree, nature helps the hearts of humanity find ways to rise and shine … more Love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, oneness.

Life is, after all, a shadow dance of dark and light. Humanity is hopefully birthing a new embodiment of the light yet the birthing pains of fear are showing their shadows large. We do well to remember that all is either Love or fear. Nazi, KKK, white supremist, fear, fear, fear. This remembrance helps me employ more compassion as I, with countless others, dive deep into how to respond to this shadow uprising. I keep choosing Love and giving thanks for those who are willing and able to act, to resist, to rise up. Yes, the affirmation of “This is not who we are” is powerful yet we have to own with accountability that as a nation, as one, it is indeed, sadly, part of who we are and certainly who we have been. Big breath of acceptance. And realignment with the greatest power there has ever been or ever will be, Love.

We All Live With Shadows … In being Love, our own shadows can and do rise up in response to eclipse energies and collective shadows. A sure way to rise is to stay gratefully mindful of the infinity of our blessings especially in the wake of others’ tragedies. Still, as conscious beings growing and glowing on, our shadows help define our light.  In my shadow times, I make bad food choices that effect my well being, I add too many to do’s to my not enoughness, I run into money issues that would name and claim me as inept. Whatever the deets of our personal dance, the light of Love is always available in all of it’s compassionate power! I choose to align and realign with renewed disciplines as the shining disciple I truly be.

Stages and Phases of Grow & Glow!

(So! Speaking of all of the above, I had this August ezine blog *mostly* set mid month before our annual Feathers Of Freedom Family Camp yet I go too bizy with Camp to finish up so now it seems rather moot to be giving you August web updates, etc. ~Not sure what last month’s excuse was, hee hee!~ What I can say is that September’s intention is to show up weekly and at least semi shortly as I do in email for the families I serve at Spiritual Life Center. For many years, I was here most mindful Mondays so we’ll see how a weekly appearance in September goes and perhaps October will bring back the monthly ezine format yet at the TOP of the month! In the end, the hope and the prayer is that YOU are served at whatever mindful moment you land here! Thank you!)

Before we glimpse some of the intuition and imagination teachings and learnings of this month of August, a word on … FEATHERS OF FREEDOM CAMP! Our 12th annual camp served 62 this year … still small yet growing & glowing bigger than before. This little footpath below is where I lay out the Forgiveness Footprint Path and it starts from (and opens into) The Circle Of Love. As with all of life, the path is open and allows for us to choose what, and who, we put on it … Who goes on the path and in what ways can vary, of course.

A great highlight this year was the Fairy Tea that brought peeps of all ages including my 17 year old Jeremiah and friends who wore wings with the rest of us! Pictured above, it makes my heart smile that they mapped this moment on their journeys.  There are so many treasures from Camp this year, it deserves it’s own post, yet I will use the incentive to do a great revised Camp page letting folks know better just what it is we’re up to! I do SO love this Camp and all the beautiful families that say YES WE WILL and join us! In this time of dark shadows rearing and reaching for the light, I felt doubly grateful and blessed to be setting and standing in the Circle Of Love once more in the sacred Sierras!
Imagine … A World Of Empowered Intuition! In this month’s online offerings (linked below) and at Spiritual Life Center, we have been focused on imagination and intuition. At SLC, our feature Creature Teachers have been Unicorn, Fairy, Dragon & Kokopelli. They all help us touch into the unique, powerful, creation places and spaces of awe and ah that live inside us that we most often cannot see yet ever beckon us to believe in faith moving into more fullness of our divine essence expressed. YES! Imagination! We can be whoever we see is how we’ve been singing it this month. Truly one of our greatest gifts, imagination is an important transformational tool in visioning and becoming. Besides, this FUNdamental sense is what allows us to free play through life! Yippee! Intuition! Our internal GPS … God Positioning System … Grace in Place and Space! Learning to listen to this inner voice of wisdom is a life long journey for most of us. This month, as we focus on what it is to use intuition and imagination, we help plant seeds of awareness in our youngest as we till the garden already in some of our youth. As always, we show up in all our different phases, all in celebration of creativity as the gateway to spirituality. Spiritual practice doesn’t make perfect yet it makes room … for … more … of who we truly be. For any looking for more practical, spiritual resources, we got ‘em!!Integration Of Intuition & Imagination At Home! 
Our New Thought Families Daily Play & Pray Calendar:
August Awareness: An Integration Celebration Of Intuition & Imagination is found here, play & pray every day in sweetly divine everyday ways … every month of the year!

Our August Free Shelf is set to give way to September in a few days yet it is currently fully stocked with attention to LOTS of color exploration, sound & light celebration, intuition & imagination integration including home play packet! Free Shelf Library Card Sign Up or Sign In:
Our August Home Play Packet and 2 of our songs,
I Can Be & When Spirit Says are on the Spiritual Life Center Youth Education Page for easy peasy download right here! Again, changing by week’s end!

Ceativity Classes Leap Of Faith Big News! I am opening a local space of grace for Creative Spirit Families to streamline production work for Leaping Literacy Library as well as bring back Creativity Classes. See our class offerings here!

Fairy Dancing Fire Breathing Dragon Light!  
We often have to employ our blind faith in matters of our personal and humanitarian lives. My opening this local studio is generally not supported by my loved ones who know the over-committed, overwhelmed side of me. I admit I share their fear for my sanity and energy. Yet! I am called to do this on so many levels so I am facing the fear and going forward with fortitude. I know of no other way to answer the calling.

In the wake of the voice of hate in the streets, rising waters, suffering around the world, our own bouts with death & rebirth, fear & Love in this eclipse season, let us remember that no shadow is strong enough to put out our light! The breath of Creator, God, Goddess, Holy Spirit ~ Divinity by any name is our eternal flame. From this powerful place, we can indeed co-
create ~ and maybe even be more ‘lucky’ as we stand in dragon roar, more ‘magical’ as we dance with Kokopelli, the fairies, and unicorns! In implementing our imaginations and intuition, we are indeed better aligned with the shine of our divine design.
However we choose to respond to injustice, or any challenge in our personal and collective lives, may we enlist our soul remembrance bringing it compassionately into our current circumstances. The power of Love fuels all of our gifts … the gift to see and to be … FREE … to imagine! Our imagination! What a celebration! Our intuition! Can you give yours full permission?! The gift of our internal guidance system ~ our inner GPS ~ God Positioning System that is the grace filled whisper allowing us to flow through life with ease … when we listen and heed the direction of course! It becomes highlighted in times of disaster like Hurricane Harvey where peeps take to the flooded streets in their boats to help. May each of us be so guided to act in whatever ways great and small are ours to do this moment, this day, this precious life. Thank you so much for being here now, present, as the gift of you.
Keep Shining! Keep shining your glow through the shadows; we are Life’s breath of Love expressed! And! Together in Spirit Rising, we are so blessed. Namaste, Love! 
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Heart Inspirations

103.HeartVisionNamaste Integrated Hearts of Inspired Humanity!

Thank you for being here in a celebration of humanity and some spiritual ABC’s for H & I ~ including another springtime splendor Vlog below! I have had a heaping helping of helping others since I was last here celebrating the happy, healthy, harmonious H ~ I also found myself in an inner holding pattern in having the heart to express in this space. Sometimes, the outer busy can force an inner break; perhaps just providing time for integration. Admittedly, I have been over-giving to others, leaving my own heart in need of a hug so I have been doing some of that for physical, mental, and spiritual health. And! All in all, I am still fully committed to communication and celebration ~ for the best of me and for HUMANITY! 112.HipHipHoorayAt the heart of humanity, is the helping hand. When we help each other, we answer the calling of our hearts and we build the collective heart of us ~ the best of what it is to be human. So who have you been lending a hand to, my friend? Lots of someones?! There are so many ways to help ~ a prayer can potentially touch countless others ~ If you turn within, I’m sure your heart will show you what a helper you are! And maybe, you, like me, need to remember to also help YOU!100.HelpingHandYes, let us remember what a help it is to be healthy and HAPPY. Far from being selfish, it is surely for the highest good of our own hearts and that of the world, when we harvest happiness and harbor whatever it is that makes us happy.101.HaveHappinessMay your heart be smiling with happiness now with the beautiful faces above! I am so happy to be able to integrate such smiling hearts into our New Thought Families daily Play & Pray Calendar (thank you Pixabay!). We also have a sprinkling of narration voices there ~ UK Storyteller Ruth Humphreys and our local Creative Spirit Families friend and talent, Jenni Knight narrate a few April days along with teenage Jeremiah and I. My heart is still holding for more voices to join us! How about you?!

Our Leaping Literacy Library Free Shelf is full of I’s as the calendar rolls along!! SoulPlay Wendy Fedan is an imagination celebration not to be missed! Our New Thought Families’ offerings are a few videos from the archives playing with intuition and imagination.
FreebiesAnd NOW! I am so happy to be sharing with you another vlog featuring some of the springtime splendor that surrounds us these fleeting April days. Today’s video speaks to some of our spiritual H’s and I’s ~ with an oh so handsome H that makes an unscripted appearance. It also features 2 of the latest little Spirit ABC songs I wrote yesterday. This Spirit Sing project is called Children’s Chants and there are some great ones coming through though I have started questioning if they are truly ‘chants’ ~ perhaps ‘small songs’ or short songs’ is more accurate. Irrespective, they are being birthed and nurtured this sweet 16 as part of our spiritual ABC’s ~ For Humanity! These 2, in particular, may be bleeding through on melody lines ~ especially in the video. They are Humbled By Humanity and Inside My Heart. Give a listen here to the rough demos if you like:

The process of co-creating is what makes me truly happy. What is it for you? Your inner wisdom, your intuition, is always at the ready to help you invite in more happiness! I wish you all that and more. Namaste, Love!

And! Thank you for sharing the blog ~ and the blog linked vlog below ~ any heart inspired moment you do. Truly grateful for you!

Heart Intuition Vlog Password: HIVLSJ2

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Serendipitous Surprises!

IMG_9280Namaste Surprising, Shining Signs of Goodness!
I greet you this summer day in the Spirit of serendipity and divine order beauty & creativity unfolding every moment! Since last week’s prayerful post, there’s been a whirl, twirl & swirl of blessed lifeness in this New Thought Mama’s world!

On yesterdays beach walk, I saw dolphins & whales but like life's circle, my camera could only catch this moment ...
Beach rejuvenation ~ woo hoo!

This is a quick postcard typed out from the hotel computer … as I am on a deep breath night away getaway and my blessed intern is making Laurie StorEBook links on my laptop! Jeremiah had his week of band camp culminating in 2 wonderful concerts at UOP and then yesterday made his maiden solo flight East for this summer’s 3 weeks with his dad. When I made that reservation, I made this reservation for myself to return to the beach I used to live at … remind my cells there was life before Jeremiah and just give myself some rest, rejuvenation, and space to map the business and life changes I am navigating ~ set to so some beach art business mapping this afternoon ~ yessing that blessing!

Meanwhile, in the midst of the elder care and all else, I have done a few summer music and Laurie StorE programs which have been AWEsome fun! I do so love creating and connecting with children ~ and their fab adults! The many threads of my live and online work are weaving in the web of Love and I am deeply grateful. The Free Shelf in the Leaping Literacy Library is reset to restock on Fab Fridays so better late than never for this space, grab Dad delights while you can! I am SO super stoked with the re-illustration of Dad Is Rad ~ I let the felt faces go for real life lions ~ OH YA!

Serendipitous Surprises!
After travelling to the Bear Valley Library on Monday and soaking up the splendor of the Sequoias in the Calaveras Big Trees Park, I tried to cancel this reservation thinking I didn’t need it. But it was too late for a summer cancellation and sweet Spirit whispered I was to come here for my divine appointment. This is the place where I married myself on my birthday last November and where I lived prior to moving East with Jeremiah’s dad. I always find deep peace and rejuvenation in the beauty here. This time, I have received 2 delicious surprises ~ and maybe more on the way today??!! ~ I got here and parked and spent glorious beach time yesterday afternoon. Walking back to check in, who do I see but my sister and her significant other?! We each live hours away in different directions and landed here at the same time. As my beautiful son texted after landing safely in Philly, “Looks like God wants you two together!” And we did indeed get in some good giggles last night! I also was the recipient of a free upgrade into a luxurious suite that has made me feel so abundantly pampered and loved! A wonderful surprise I am relishing!

I will be venturing onto my (wedding) beach for the afternoon to soak up more beauty and restoration as well as mindfully map out all the moving pieces of what it is to be Creative Spirit Families. ~Deep Breath ~ SO blessed in Love!
In The Light
Today’s Play & Pray Calendar post invites travel … in our imaginations! Where do you want to go?! What places in your heart are calling you?! I plan to travel into the future with my powerful travel companions intuition & imagination to see, know, affirm who it is we are serving and how with the vast gifts of our Leaping Literacy Online Library and beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyond!

I am so grateful for this touchstone with you here and now ~ whatever moment ~ in this glorious place we call cyberspace and more importantly in the deep recess of our heart and soul energies. We are indeed so blessed in Love. I am so grateful for you and for all of it. Namaste, Love!
You can still join us!Cabin reservations are extended ~ 1st come, 1st served!

You CAN still join us! Woo Hoo for YOU & yours ~ and US!
Free Shelf!

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Top Ten Transformational Tools

Rising Soul! I taped the sunrise for a SoulPlay Camp morning reverie!
Rising Soul! I taped the sunrise for a SoulPlay Camp morning reverie!

Namaste Beautiful Expressions of Love’s Evolution!
I greet you in the name of Love and yes expressed as well as in the allowance of fear and voices suppressed. For truly we are all of that and more, in any given moment … My June moments have been a swirl of allowing yes to flow and facing many blocked places within still saying no … embracing all of it with a commitment to know, deeply know, the Love that I am. I Am that I Am.

I am currently back East at my friend’s beach house on the NJ island of Brigantine. I have had some good moments of healing here … painting my ‘shell fish’ as I did last summer … I love how these broken pieces of shell each have their own stories to tell. Like each of us, of course!

My celebration of the pieces ~ shell fish!
My celebration of the pieces ~ shell fish!

My own sense of broken pieces mostly stems from the deep grief I have been feeling and healing due to shifting relationships in my life. Back home, I have 3 elderly parents who have all been having severe health challenges ~ it is not the dying that is hardest, it is the daily dying of abilities and freedoms. Aging can be one of life’s greatest struggles. While much of it is simply nature taking its course, we don’t, in general, flow with ease and grace ~ we deny, we fight, we cry. As I help my parents in the ways that I can, I further embrace my own aging process including my ongoing dance with the scales and loving a bigger version of this body temple. And in the midst of all of this, my deepest grief is in the parent dance … what feels like on multiple levels, a sort of unwanted divorce from my beloved son, Jeremiah. It is, of course, my whole way of being in the world and nothing more than him growing up and needing me less and less. He is blessedly attending 3 different band camps this summer where my job is to get him there and back home after attending & applauding the end of camp concerts ~ no daily prayers or check ins like I am so used to. Our annual sojourn East for Jeremiah to be with his dad and grandparents is also in a major transition this year. After last summer, I vowed not to stay at his dad’s house again this year so they are on their own. I am East as a sort of backup though it now feels silly for me to be here. This coming week we will do a short family trip to DC and some 4th fireworks and then I will again leave them be and travel for some SoulPlay play dates!

My June play date playmates for SoulPlay Camp ~ airs 8/9-8/29!
My June play date playmates for SoulPlay Camp ~ airs 8/9-8/29!

Yes, I am engaging in my own great adventure this summer with SoulPlay and you are invited and encouraged to come along! Following a long time calling, I am producing the SoulPlay TeleSummer Camp which airs online August 9-29. I have been having these super fun play dates with some amazing playmates who are sharing their gifts with me and with us for the camp. Check out the SoulPlay Camp and sign up now!

This free, innovative, integrative experience airs 8/9-8/29!
This free, innovative, integrative experience airs 8/9-8/29!

So as I continue to navigate family & aging and co-create staging SoulPlay Camp, Creative Spirit Families, Leaping Literacy Library, Laurie’s Stories & New Thought Families (whew!), I reflect on the top 10 transformational tools that seem to be at work and play. Here they are with a few more recent life highlights sprinkled in as examples.
Top Ten Transformational Tools
LOVE is THE tool that is at the root of each of the 10 ~ the one that brings all of us through any and every transition, large or small.
1. Aware ~ Truth Telling to Transform
I have watched various stages of denial in myself and in my parents that acts as a block to the shifting energies of what is. Being acutely aware of what is, is  a foundational, transformational step to change.
2. Accept ~ In the embrace of acceptance, Love lives.
Being able to accept is a crucial gateway to the flow of Love; when we judge or condemn ourselves or others as wrong, or ‘shouldn’t be’, we are blocking the Love & grace available to us in any transformation. One of the hardest for me, is accepting the way my body is different now in how it burns and stores energy. When I embrace all of me with Love, it is easier to lose weight ~ on more than 1 level!
3. Allow ~ To deeply accept is to fully allow all that is and isn’t!
Even though I have been aware and accepting of the grief I have been feeling in the middle of the celebration of Jeremiah’s growing up, I only recently fully allowed myself to feel the depth of that pain without judgment and am slowly, subsequently awakening into new levels of freedom.
4. Surrender ~ To fully allow is to completely surrender!
As I have seen with myself, and with each of my parents, each time there is a full surrender into what is, there is a new expanse of peace available. Surrendering is often not our go to response but it is the one that can actually buoy us with strength and peace. As I often affirm, “It is not I but the Spirit within me that doeth the work.”
5. Gratitude ~ Always the most transformative tool we have!
We all know the importance of gratitude for a happier life, right? Using gratitude will always make ourselves and others feel better but get this, you don’t have to feel gratitude for the changes before you’re ready to! Using gratitude in the middle of transformation does not mean that you have to give thanks for the very things you are feeling pain about ~ though you can utter thanks in faith ~ like ‘I know that somehow this is for my highest good’. Irrespective of that faith filled thanks, use an attitude of gratitude to keep you and others lifted by all the things that ARE so good and still right. There truly is always so many things to be grateful for that as you focus on them, you will feel infinitely happier and more empowered. Start with your breath or the sky!

Simple ways to play ~ we can co-create Peace, Love & Joy every day!
6. Generosity ~ Any act of kindness or giving will lift your Spirits and that of others ~ every time!
The other day, I experienced immense joy through a simple act of giving what I had to give in the moment. I was on a train and the 2 little boys across from me were getting bored so I offered them my colored pens and notebook. The way they instantly settled into their creative, quiet selves brought me and others like their parents great joy and peace! Just a simple act. There are infinite ways we can help others and this takes us out of our own self focus and pain to rise up into more of the true nature of Love we are created to be.
7. Curiosity ~ When faced with change, see it as a teacher and ask questions!
Curiosity is our innate gift for embracing change! It is how we grow. Ask questions. Reach out and reach in to explore what is there and more and more of the gifts of the situation will be revealed. As I do my mother dance, I discover more layers of all aspects of my being including the calls to other relationships and community.
8. Intuition ~ Another of our all time, anytime, every time greatest gifts!
Our intuition is our internal GPS that we never have to second guess. This God Positioning System is always available to us! While it is preferable to hone your listening and flowing abilities in the best of times; it is often the worst of times that get us to tune in. Whether or not you are lost, ask your GPS for guidance! As you listen, if the voice you hear is at all critical rather than encouraging, know that is an inner critic putting up roadblocks, just keep affirming and attuning to your divine design intuition and it will come to fruition!
9. Courage ~ The transformations of the human journey often require courage!
As you face what is before you, name and claim the courage required to move forward. Often, the simple act of facing the fear will produce all the courage you need. It has taken courage for me to publically admit the deep grief I feel in my boy growing up and our relationship shifting and yet as I do, the power of the fear dissipates ~ thank you courage!
10. Action ~ Every change or transformation requires the prayer to move our feet!
More often than not, the actions most needed and doable are the small, consistent steps. Just as the headlights on the car only illuminate what is right up ahead rather than the whole journey, we move forward step by small step. It is the only way, I am able to produce SoulPlay!

Breathe deep and give thanks!
Breathe deep and give thanks!

And so it is that I bring this post and this month full circle here in blog land … still in the messy middle of merging all the parts of me and my work, embracing this moment & this day with SoulPlay! Sign up for the online Camp below by becoming a Free Leaping Literacy Library Maverick Member, keep fine tuned here and on the sites for more SoulPlay playmates and updates and also know that we continue to play & pray with you every day at New Thought Families.

I wish you all things Love for whatever transformations you are undergoing. May you be blessed by yes expressed. Namaste, Love!
SoulPlay TeleSummer Camp Ag 9-29, 2014

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Gratitude’s Place: Saying Grace

Grace will always light your way,
lead you high & love you home.

Namaste this first Mindful Monday in November 2013!

I greet you with great gratitude and in the name of Grace! Let’s begin by embracing the face of grace by looking at it’s meaning. Just because it is a fairly common word, does not at all mean we have a shared definition!

From his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. .~ 1 John 16
HeartsDove FliesHearts
Grace is a concept known in all religions. Grace is a theological word used throughout Christian denominations with various & significant differences. Roman Catholic doctrine teaches that its sacraments and priests facilitate the acceptance of grace from God. Calvinists emphasize the total helplessness of  humanity apart from grace. Arminian doctrine teaches that the grace of God  somehow cooperates with human’s abilities and will. There are many more modern day teachings that speak of the wisdom of the flow of grace throughout all of life as so beautifully explained in the many writings of energy medicine pioneer Carolyn Myss:
Grace … is energy infused with a force greater than our own, a divine intention. When it arrives … “out of the blue” – it fills you with a luminous awareness that is different from everyday consciousness … Grace illuminates your path by moving through your intuition, influencing the choices that you make. … It is a power that works hand in hand with intuition to guide our actions in the right direction that will do the most good. ~ Carolyn Myss

Just as we can develop the gift of intuition by learning to listen and heed our internal whispers, so we allow the flow of grace that is here for us by attuning our hearts to it and allowing its divine flow. One of the absolute best ways to be in this attuned, divine flow is through gratitude. When we adopt a way of thanks living, we notice (all) our good and we express our thankfulness. There truly is always something to be grateful for! “Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us all be thankful.” ~ Buddha

I have always expressed prayers of gratitude with Jeremiah. When he was little, he would just look around the room, “Thank you for our couch, the lamp …” etc. And as the wise Meister Eckhart taught, those are the only prayers needed! “If  the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be  enough.” ~ Meister Eckhart

One of the oldest prayer practices and one of the most widely observed still today is the act of saying grace before a meal. We are giving thanks for our food. We also like to extend our prayer out to all the many hands &  lives ~ known and unknown ~ that brought us our food asking that each of them be blessed as the food is blessed to our body and our bodies (in turn) be blessed to service. It is a spoken affirmation of gratitude and the circle of giving and receiving! Our prayers and table graces have had many forms over the years. Here is a simple grace to sing with young ones:

(To the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star):
Thank you for this food we have,
It makes our minds & bodies glad.
We are so blessed & grateful too.
God bless us. God bless our food.
Thank you for this song we sing,
Thank you God for everything.

~ LaurieStory
Saying Grace: A Circle Dance of Appreciation & Abundance!
This expressed Gratitude opens the gate for the flow of Grace …

I have also found gratitude to be the gateway for the zealous yesness we spoke of last week. Did you take the Zealous Yesness Test as our Mindful Meditation Invitation? I took it a few times at different mindful moments experiencing more yesness than not as well as seeing any ‘nos’ of the moment beckoning for what my heart and soul needed to ‘know’. For this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, say Grace! Make extra space for Gratitude’s place and embrace the flow Grace!

Before we leave you with a music video, here’s a follow up to last week’s honoring of fine friend & folkie Faith Petric. Her daughter Carole wrote a beautiful, honest, heartful account of Faith’s death. Read Carole’s blog and feel the flow of grace as Faith left her earthly place.

Thank you so much for our Mindful Moment together in this place! May you be blessed by the embrace of Grace!

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Intuitive Silence ~ Open Flow ~

Namaste Conscious Travelers! Thank you for mindfully sharing a bit of your journey here today! Let’s breathe in the whispers of the divine … sit in sacred silence … and just listen …
This is today's picture on our daily Play & Pray Calendar!

This is today’s picture on our daily Play & Pray Calendar!

I took this picture of the oh so beautiful hibiscus when we were in Florida in March. Kinda amazes me sometimes the way the days & moments fly by. The flower called to me out of the busyness of the moment & the place we were in … called to me in beauty as if to say, “Stop! Drop! And center!” Beauty does that ~ often calls me home to my heart, home to my place of Love & truth. In these stopping moments of silence & listening, the truth of Love is always waiting … beautifully & patiently.

That Florida trip was with Jeremiah’s dad, Daniel, and he is here in CA for a long Memorial Day weekend visit. Thankfully gone at the moment with Jeremiah & heading home tomorrow, I am relishing the silent space. In our chosen alternative family situation, I realized a few things in light of last week’s Meditation Invitation. Our invitation was to sense the presence of our intuitive guidance in cutting chords ~ to let go of those energies that no longer serve us but rather, act to hinder us. I have been looking at different facets of our relationship for a long time & suffice it to say that the more awake and aware we choose to be, the more multi-faceted our awareness can become! In an ongoing choice for freedom & Love, I am listening deeper, letting go of certain energies while re-committing to others. I am choosing to stay centered in gratitude for all of it! I have often told Daniel he is my greatest teacher for the way he shows me where my pain body still lives. And thankfully, how much of it has indeed, been healed. No matter how challenging our relationship is, we are doing the right thing for Jeremiah. He has never had to wonder who his father is or why we aren’t together for that matter! Like all of mindful life, it is a process of what to keep, what to let go & how to stay centered while allowing divine flow.

We are letting go of May & our exploration of Intuition at New Thought Families & we are making way for June’s Imagination. I am in a bit of a birthing process with this & some other offerings at Laurie’s Stories so will be leaving more space for silent whispers in this week’s post.

Here is a neighborhood flower currently in bloom that is always buzzing with bees …IMG_5294 I know it from growing up as ‘bottle brush’ & from it’s spiny appearance & popularity with the buzz, I never thought of it as a call to silence. Yet a call to beauty it is:
IMG_5292The whispers within us wait patiently to be heard & our inner GPS will activate our attention in any willing moment! So what is calling you this week? This moment?! Let’s make this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation a continued exploration of our divine flow ~ intuition, imagination … mind, heart, soul ~ OPEN FLOW!  May your journey this week be an open flow blessedness of yesness … Namaste, Love!

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Intuition As Decision

Namaste Mindful Ones!

This comes to you as a deliberate decision amidst the swirling sea of inspired intuition! It suddenly seems there is much more news than a week should hold! Focus, Laurie. Breathe. Mmmm … that’s better. A mindful breath is a great way to come back to center in any moment … allowing … always allowing the flow of energy, the flow of Love, the flow of life itself.

I have been clearing the energy flow of life this week in many ways including taking care of incompletes. My Laurie’s Stories’ Leaping Literacy Online Library has been in a curious limbo for quite some time and I am slowly moving along with that; my simple action of a free (revised) Laurie StorEBook a week fell to the wayside for a few weeks so I made the conscious effort to catch up & get current ~ even if only for me!
As I make small revisions & re-illustrations in my Laurie StorEBook pages, I continue the big picture meditation & intuition inspiration of last week’s invitation of co-creation.2013RoutineHeader2

In following that intuitive guidance we’ve been discussing, a flowing set of circumstances & decisions brought us back to our old church on Sunday. Once very active there with a youth choir, etc, it was a home for us for several years and now has been about 4 (!) years since we’ve been. A good hour from here, distance is a multi-faceted deterrent; Jeremiah attended the Sunday School & reported back that he “could have taught the lesson” … I know how he feels & I am happy that he is rooted in spiritual truth & understanding. We saw a number of old friends and enjoyed the smiling sweetness of community. Here is a quote that spoke loudly to me from the talk:

” … I believe that whenever we come to services such as these, what we are really doing is seeking to provide a context in fellowship in which we heighten our awareness of the all good.”~ Rev James Trapp, Spiritual Life Center, Sacramento, CA

It is all good. I have been in an intermingled releasing the past & re-connecting with the threads of truth that have always been in me. Jeremiah is finishing 7th grade & high school geometry; his band concert this week & our Jr High Drama Club play next week. It looks like he may well be the next pianist in the High School Jazz Band next year which means getting him to the school for a 7:00 a.m. start 3 mornings a week. Starting that this week along with a few other factors, it seems my days of walking the mile & a half to school with him are done. In releasing the sadness that comes with this for me, I am noticing how beauty is everywhere and truly in the eye of the beholder. Here are some pictures I took on my solo walk this morning:

Check out this pair of 'weeds'!
Check out this pair of ‘weeds’!
What a sweet little town we live in!
What a sweet little town we live in!
There is always gold!
There is always gold!
Always reaching for beauty!
Always reaching for beauty!
Centered in abundance!
Centered in abundance!

True to divine perfection, I am currently so gratefully experiencing a wonderful program called Love Or Above from Christie Marie Sheldon. She is an alchemist after my own heart with her awareness & intuitive strategies that are all about the family! And just as it is time to be cutting some more of those ‘apron strings’ with Jeremiah, Christie’s program has me cutting all kinds of spiritual chords! These chords (or is it cords?) can keep us tethered to people for many reasons with unhealthy results. By cutting the chords, we allow ourselves more freedom to be our highest & best selves. While I have cut chords before, Christie has helped me realize that this is an ongoing process ~ one that continues as long as it needs to. One snip doesn’t necessarily do it! In parenting, we keep snipping away as our little birdies grow into more & more of their wingspan & into the sky. I will most likely be sharing more about Christie & her Love Or Above program but do experience her here & now! Opening Up Your Intuition with Christie Marie Sheldon:

Thank you Christie for the beautiful gift you are & for the beauty you help unlock in others!
With this inspiration, let’s make this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation to sense the presence of our intuitive guidance in cutting chords … in letting go those energies that not only no longer serve us but act to hinder us. And remember to experience intuition with us in our multimedia, interfaith, intergenerational Play & Pray daily calendar & other *Dream Team* offerings at New Thought Families where you are always old enough to pray & young enough to play!

Before closing, there is one more must share resource this week! It really is a celebration to see! As I cut my cords & tether to my truths, I find myself as the voyager seeing such an expanse and breathing into my next steps … as a mother … as a lover … as an artist, an educator, as a being of light shining so that others may also be fuller expressions of the Love they are … Enter the wonderful Mindful School. It really is so simple; we all need time in the silence, time to breathe deep, time to listen and to be centered. To me, what these light workers are doing in the schools is a form of prayer & meditation & centering in for heart time with intuitive guidance. But words like prayer & meditation can be loaded with various (religious) meanings so they call it mindfulness ~ even though some of that emptying process is really more like mindlessness ~! Whatever you call it, this is such a powerful step in supporting our children & youth into growing as whole beings, body, mind & Spirit. Thank you Mindful School!:

And thank you to you for being mindful expressions of the Love you truly be ~ and for sharing your mindful Love here & now with me! Blessings of Love & freedom to you & yours!