About Laurie Story, Spiritual Family Literacy & New Thought Families

Creative Spirit Families serves traditional, creative, and spiritual family literacy through live events, blog, and multi-media expressions in the Leaping Literacy Online Library. Laurie Story Vela is an author/illustrator, singer/songwriter, performer, blogger, facilitator, and webmaster with Creative Spirit Families, New Thought Families, and Laurie’s Stories. Laurie Story continually co-creates because literacy lasts a lifetime and creativity is a spiritual lifeline into the divine!

ntflllThe Leaping Literacy Online Library features free online resources with no login like the Daily Play & Pray Calendar as well as a revolving Free Shelf of downloads and a Marvelous Membership option to access all. Our Marvelous Memberships have an Abundant Affiliate Program where referrals get 40% of paid Memberships. Leaping Literacy is stocked with 500 Videos, hundreds of songs, hundreds of LaurieStorEBooks, & hundreds of interactive literacy “playsheets” from Laurie Story Vela’s traditional literacy work/play with  Laurie’s Stories. The  spiritual literacy sections of Leaping Literacy include SoulPlay and New Thought Families which originally came from the spiritual foundations of the New Thought traditions expressed in Unity, Church Of Religious Science & others. Our fundamental belief is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that there is one Source, one force, God the good, the omnipotent. Our expressions are an interfaith,  intergenerational invitation to play & pray together. Our intention is to invite & support those who desire more conscious, heart centered time with themselves, their children, their families. We offer ideas & inspirations for home spirituality practices as well as a myriad of mindful, metaphysical multi-media & music. We serve children and the inner child ~ in nurturing the spiritual wisdom of the child, we are more well rounded, happy,
co-creative, Love expressed adults!

Our live events include PlayShops and our annual Feathers Of Freedom Family Camp in the high Sierras where we nurture our creative, sacred,  Free Spirit selves in an energetic vortex of nature’s beauty and power!


One thought on “About Laurie Story, Spiritual Family Literacy & New Thought Families

  1. Laurie and Jeremiah are a wonderful creative team, and graced and talented individuals. If you see them in person, you are certain to be blessed.


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