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Unification Communication

Namaste Unified Field Of Forgiveness, Trust, and Understanding!

I greet you in the name of unity and oneness … from the depths of the national division fanning the flames that continue to illuminate the darkness of who we are and who we have become. Us. All of us. Victim and abuser. Right and wrong, right and left. As spiritual beings in these turbulent times, we are ever called to the light. We are called to be centered in the light and to uphold the light as the center of the circle of life.

Remember, we choose who and what we let into our circle. Perhaps more importantly, we choose how we feel and interact with all that is around us. Daily updates of THE Server can unify our hearts with harmony, peace, even happiness in the midst of painful shadows looming large. Each of us is faced with daily choices in how to navigate the negative, let go of the addiction to suffering, and perpetuate peace and well being for ourselves and others. While spiritual practice is an individual journey and an ‘inside job’, today, we reach for unity and oneness.

So ya, I am aligned with the Letter U in the ABCs for Humanity Play & Pray Calendar at New Thought Families. And! I am finding that practicing Oneness and Unity as a Transformational Tool is greatly helping my understanding! Perhaps it can help you too? Let’s try it together!

Align with Divine Order in the Circle of Time
Close your eyes. Think of a situation, political, personal or otherwise that just feels WRONG. Think of something (or someone!) that you wanted in your life that you didn’t get. Think of what (who!) you got instead. Feel grateful for the way things turned out in the circle of time. See if you can build the good feelings of gratitude and right outcome before returning to your original thought of what/who is WRONG. In the circle of time, can you send some grateful acknowledgement to the divine order that is surely unfolding? This may or may not work for you though I guarantee it will work better the more you practice it!Unite In The Circle Of Life
We live in a circle. Humanity has caused so much pain and suffering and continues to do so. Sigh. We cannot escape the victimization of our ancestors and of this very land we call home. Yet we can work to transcend it through expanding our understanding and embracing as much unification as possible. As Kali, the great Goddess of endings and beginnings says, “The old must be released so that the new can enter.” Understanding can help us give up … old systems, old habits, old ways of being and thinking.

As Unity sings in ‘The Peace Song’, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me”. Ultimately, the best place to begin the unification process is with ourselves. I have been unifying with old phases of me and of my life triggered through the ending/beginning of Jeremiah moving onto college. Also, like so many #metoo women, I have been looking at so many of the old traumas that seemingly shaped large parts of my choices and creations. Shine the spotlight on the shadows to grow new, light filled potentialities and realities! Also, lovingly, compassionately, unify with all of who we be … As my ‘Shine Through The Shadows’ song sings the old saying, “You can’t run from your shadow.” But you can unify with it! Truly, before I can unify with ‘other’, I must unify with me, myself, and I!YES! Unify with the unique unicorn you truly be! Transformational Tools of unification can be unique to you; use your imagination and vision, compassion and intuition to guide your heart into a more and more unified you. Unify past, present, future vision. Unify your gifts, talents, yes and no’s to how your time, talent, and treasure flow.

In the Spirit of imagination, word play and the ultimate YOU, below is a Laurie StorEBook, Ultimate U, from our October Leaping Literacy Library’s Free Shelf. May we all keep unifying ourselves and thereby each other into more of the upmost oneness and yesness of true Love expressed. Namaste Unified One!


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Free Spirits! Shine Through The Shadows!

Namaste Shining Stars Of Rising Fortitude, Faith & Freedom!

Ah, August! Hurricane Harvey is devastating parts of Texas, North Korea is shooting off missiles, expressions of fear faced intolerance & hate marching in the streets of Charlottesville and beyond … dark shadows rising!  We began the month on the 7th with a partial lunar eclipse followed 2 weeks later by the ‘Great American’ solar eclipse that brought peeps into the path of totality from all over the planet. Yes, eclipses are a pretty big deal, not just for their natural phenomena; they shine on our human shadows, both individually and collectively. Our nation and so many places all over this earth are seeing shadow effects in the extreme with Mother Nature sometimes in the middle as the great equalizer. Whether gathered for 2 minutes of totality or taking out a boat to rescue neighbors or stopping to admire or hug a tree, nature helps the hearts of humanity find ways to rise and shine … more Love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, oneness.

Life is, after all, a shadow dance of dark and light. Humanity is hopefully birthing a new embodiment of the light yet the birthing pains of fear are showing their shadows large. We do well to remember that all is either Love or fear. Nazi, KKK, white supremist, fear, fear, fear. This remembrance helps me employ more compassion as I, with countless others, dive deep into how to respond to this shadow uprising. I keep choosing Love and giving thanks for those who are willing and able to act, to resist, to rise up. Yes, the affirmation of “This is not who we are” is powerful yet we have to own with accountability that as a nation, as one, it is indeed, sadly, part of who we are and certainly who we have been. Big breath of acceptance. And realignment with the greatest power there has ever been or ever will be, Love.

We All Live With Shadows … In being Love, our own shadows can and do rise up in response to eclipse energies and collective shadows. A sure way to rise is to stay gratefully mindful of the infinity of our blessings especially in the wake of others’ tragedies. Still, as conscious beings growing and glowing on, our shadows help define our light.  In my shadow times, I make bad food choices that effect my well being, I add too many to do’s to my not enoughness, I run into money issues that would name and claim me as inept. Whatever the deets of our personal dance, the light of Love is always available in all of it’s compassionate power! I choose to align and realign with renewed disciplines as the shining disciple I truly be.

Stages and Phases of Grow & Glow!

(So! Speaking of all of the above, I had this August ezine blog *mostly* set mid month before our annual Feathers Of Freedom Family Camp yet I go too bizy with Camp to finish up so now it seems rather moot to be giving you August web updates, etc. ~Not sure what last month’s excuse was, hee hee!~ What I can say is that September’s intention is to show up weekly and at least semi shortly as I do in email for the families I serve at Spiritual Life Center. For many years, I was here most mindful Mondays so we’ll see how a weekly appearance in September goes and perhaps October will bring back the monthly ezine format yet at the TOP of the month! In the end, the hope and the prayer is that YOU are served at whatever mindful moment you land here! Thank you!)

Before we glimpse some of the intuition and imagination teachings and learnings of this month of August, a word on … FEATHERS OF FREEDOM CAMP! Our 12th annual camp served 62 this year … still small yet growing & glowing bigger than before. This little footpath below is where I lay out the Forgiveness Footprint Path and it starts from (and opens into) The Circle Of Love. As with all of life, the path is open and allows for us to choose what, and who, we put on it … Who goes on the path and in what ways can vary, of course.

A great highlight this year was the Fairy Tea that brought peeps of all ages including my 17 year old Jeremiah and friends who wore wings with the rest of us! Pictured above, it makes my heart smile that they mapped this moment on their journeys.  There are so many treasures from Camp this year, it deserves it’s own post, yet I will use the incentive to do a great revised Camp page letting folks know better just what it is we’re up to! I do SO love this Camp and all the beautiful families that say YES WE WILL and join us! In this time of dark shadows rearing and reaching for the light, I felt doubly grateful and blessed to be setting and standing in the Circle Of Love once more in the sacred Sierras!
Imagine … A World Of Empowered Intuition! In this month’s online offerings (linked below) and at Spiritual Life Center, we have been focused on imagination and intuition. At SLC, our feature Creature Teachers have been Unicorn, Fairy, Dragon & Kokopelli. They all help us touch into the unique, powerful, creation places and spaces of awe and ah that live inside us that we most often cannot see yet ever beckon us to believe in faith moving into more fullness of our divine essence expressed. YES! Imagination! We can be whoever we see is how we’ve been singing it this month. Truly one of our greatest gifts, imagination is an important transformational tool in visioning and becoming. Besides, this FUNdamental sense is what allows us to free play through life! Yippee! Intuition! Our internal GPS … God Positioning System … Grace in Place and Space! Learning to listen to this inner voice of wisdom is a life long journey for most of us. This month, as we focus on what it is to use intuition and imagination, we help plant seeds of awareness in our youngest as we till the garden already in some of our youth. As always, we show up in all our different phases, all in celebration of creativity as the gateway to spirituality. Spiritual practice doesn’t make perfect yet it makes room … for … more … of who we truly be. For any looking for more practical, spiritual resources, we got ‘em!!Integration Of Intuition & Imagination At Home! 
Our New Thought Families Daily Play & Pray Calendar:
August Awareness: An Integration Celebration Of Intuition & Imagination is found here, play & pray every day in sweetly divine everyday ways … every month of the year!

Our August Free Shelf is set to give way to September in a few days yet it is currently fully stocked with attention to LOTS of color exploration, sound & light celebration, intuition & imagination integration including home play packet! Free Shelf Library Card Sign Up or Sign In:
Our August Home Play Packet and 2 of our songs,
I Can Be & When Spirit Says are on the Spiritual Life Center Youth Education Page for easy peasy download right here! Again, changing by week’s end!

Ceativity Classes Leap Of Faith Big News! I am opening a local space of grace for Creative Spirit Families to streamline production work for Leaping Literacy Library as well as bring back Creativity Classes. See our class offerings here!

Fairy Dancing Fire Breathing Dragon Light!  
We often have to employ our blind faith in matters of our personal and humanitarian lives. My opening this local studio is generally not supported by my loved ones who know the over-committed, overwhelmed side of me. I admit I share their fear for my sanity and energy. Yet! I am called to do this on so many levels so I am facing the fear and going forward with fortitude. I know of no other way to answer the calling.

In the wake of the voice of hate in the streets, rising waters, suffering around the world, our own bouts with death & rebirth, fear & Love in this eclipse season, let us remember that no shadow is strong enough to put out our light! The breath of Creator, God, Goddess, Holy Spirit ~ Divinity by any name is our eternal flame. From this powerful place, we can indeed co-
create ~ and maybe even be more ‘lucky’ as we stand in dragon roar, more ‘magical’ as we dance with Kokopelli, the fairies, and unicorns! In implementing our imaginations and intuition, we are indeed better aligned with the shine of our divine design.
However we choose to respond to injustice, or any challenge in our personal and collective lives, may we enlist our soul remembrance bringing it compassionately into our current circumstances. The power of Love fuels all of our gifts … the gift to see and to be … FREE … to imagine! Our imagination! What a celebration! Our intuition! Can you give yours full permission?! The gift of our internal guidance system ~ our inner GPS ~ God Positioning System that is the grace filled whisper allowing us to flow through life with ease … when we listen and heed the direction of course! It becomes highlighted in times of disaster like Hurricane Harvey where peeps take to the flooded streets in their boats to help. May each of us be so guided to act in whatever ways great and small are ours to do this moment, this day, this precious life. Thank you so much for being here now, present, as the gift of you.
Keep Shining! Keep shining your glow through the shadows; we are Life’s breath of Love expressed! And! Together in Spirit Rising, we are so blessed. Namaste, Love! 
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Heart Inspirations

103.HeartVisionNamaste Integrated Hearts of Inspired Humanity!

Thank you for being here in a celebration of humanity and some spiritual ABC’s for H & I ~ including another springtime splendor Vlog below! I have had a heaping helping of helping others since I was last here celebrating the happy, healthy, harmonious H ~ I also found myself in an inner holding pattern in having the heart to express in this space. Sometimes, the outer busy can force an inner break; perhaps just providing time for integration. Admittedly, I have been over-giving to others, leaving my own heart in need of a hug so I have been doing some of that for physical, mental, and spiritual health. And! All in all, I am still fully committed to communication and celebration ~ for the best of me and for HUMANITY! 112.HipHipHoorayAt the heart of humanity, is the helping hand. When we help each other, we answer the calling of our hearts and we build the collective heart of us ~ the best of what it is to be human. So who have you been lending a hand to, my friend? Lots of someones?! There are so many ways to help ~ a prayer can potentially touch countless others ~ If you turn within, I’m sure your heart will show you what a helper you are! And maybe, you, like me, need to remember to also help YOU!100.HelpingHandYes, let us remember what a help it is to be healthy and HAPPY. Far from being selfish, it is surely for the highest good of our own hearts and that of the world, when we harvest happiness and harbor whatever it is that makes us happy.101.HaveHappinessMay your heart be smiling with happiness now with the beautiful faces above! I am so happy to be able to integrate such smiling hearts into our New Thought Families daily Play & Pray Calendar (thank you Pixabay!). We also have a sprinkling of narration voices there ~ UK Storyteller Ruth Humphreys and our local Creative Spirit Families friend and talent, Jenni Knight narrate a few April days along with teenage Jeremiah and I. My heart is still holding for more voices to join us! How about you?!

Our Leaping Literacy Library Free Shelf is full of I’s as the calendar rolls along!! SoulPlay Wendy Fedan is an imagination celebration not to be missed! Our New Thought Families’ offerings are a few videos from the archives playing with intuition and imagination.
FreebiesAnd NOW! I am so happy to be sharing with you another vlog featuring some of the springtime splendor that surrounds us these fleeting April days. Today’s video speaks to some of our spiritual H’s and I’s ~ with an oh so handsome H that makes an unscripted appearance. It also features 2 of the latest little Spirit ABC songs I wrote yesterday. This Spirit Sing project is called Children’s Chants and there are some great ones coming through though I have started questioning if they are truly ‘chants’ ~ perhaps ‘small songs’ or short songs’ is more accurate. Irrespective, they are being birthed and nurtured this sweet 16 as part of our spiritual ABC’s ~ For Humanity! These 2, in particular, may be bleeding through on melody lines ~ especially in the video. They are Humbled By Humanity and Inside My Heart. Give a listen here to the rough demos if you like:

The process of co-creating is what makes me truly happy. What is it for you? Your inner wisdom, your intuition, is always at the ready to help you invite in more happiness! I wish you all that and more. Namaste, Love!

And! Thank you for sharing the blog ~ and the blog linked vlog below ~ any heart inspired moment you do. Truly grateful for you!

Heart Intuition Vlog Password: HIVLSJ2

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Growing Gratitude: Appreciation’s Altitude

94.GrowGratitudeNamaste Green Growing Gusts of Grateful Gusto!

I greet you with great gratitude and appreciation for you ~ and April, and alphabetic guidelines, for the Letter G ~ and H! ~ and for the grace filled growth of gratitude. In this week’s blog, we are further embracing G’s galore as we explore what it is to grow gratitude. From my blessed, safe, and beauty filled existence, I have 3 pictorial examples of how gratefulness can help garner more grace from experiences that otherwise lean towards doubt, grief, defeat, and fear. Though these stories are small, I hope they may serve you in some way ~ thank you for being here!

Birds and animals gratefully store their acorn groceries for another day!
Birds and animals gratefully store away their acorn groceries for another day!

If you watched last week’s grace vlog, you caught a glimpse of the green glory that is surrounding our home this time of year. We are richly blessed with hills and fields of green, dotted with wonderful wildflowers. Right outside my (office) corner window is a dazzling dogwood tree. Even though this is the 5th spring bloom I have witnessed of this tree, I found myself giving into an annual doubt that the itty bitty buds couldn’t possibly yield big, beautiful blooms this year … Blooms1I remember last year thinking my fabulous pink faced friend wouldn’t bloom because of the drought. With much more rain this year, how could I doubt? I dunno … I just did. I watched myself doubting and had conversations of faith. Surely our dogwood would absolutely sprout in grace …???!!! I have to say, I gave gratitude every day and affirmations of this beautiful life unfolding … as if I was gently scolding my inner doubts, that of course the buds would sprout. YES! Of course blessed! Blooms2My little work corner is once more graced with glorious pink blooms galore! With pink triumphantly smiling and sprouting a go-go, how could I ever have been doubting my little buds would grow and glow?! Blooming WorkSo while I am graced in pink divine, how can I help but rhyme?! I have been co-creating more Laurie StorEBooks in keeping with my alphabetic calendar … still a bit late but loving how great it is to co-create! Now, in this next sharing example, you may easily miss the doubt, fear and defeat that threatened to be ample … Briefly put, I ran into more of the technical difficulties that seemingly can come from old software, no budget or supporting workforce, and a grim reaper that can rise up to shout how silly my ‘work’ is and to just GIVE UP already! Whoa. See how the energy just shifted … In the face of the details, I was able to stay my mind on the freedom of grace ~ firm faith in divine order. Everything turned out more than fine ~ I find these latest alliterative Laurie StorEBooks divine! You may remember seeing this title a few weeks back … but the diner was way too dingy … DinaDiner00 copySo technical difficulties aside … rah, rah, and TA DA!DinaDiner06 copyYou can now find Dina Dimetrodon’s Dessert Diner on Kindle! You can also find Fiona Fay’s Family Flower Farm on our Kindle shelf!FlowerFarm00 copyFlowerFarm07 copy
So! I am ever so grateful for staying grateful … or at least faithful in these little big ways in my world this week. What I found is that appreciation is fed by gratitude and this leads to an inevitable altitude of Spirit! Being grateful and faithful has also been fed with large doses of allowance, acceptance, forgiveness and an intermingling of some big C’s ~ commitment and a much dreaded (by me!) C … compromise! In my alphabetic timeline, I seem to forever be behind … of course, this plays out elsewhere in my “never enough” existence! So! With great and grateful use of the spiritual tools, I am celebrating and adjusting as needed. I am working on “G” books and loving them even as I celebrate the “D” and “F” titles above. The Leaping Literacy Library shelves are slowly be transformed for the way better in how they look as well as what they house. (Patient blooms!) For New Thought Families, our daily Play & Pray Calendar is right on track ~ today, we technically are crossing over from G to H:
99.GrowHopeAs we continue to grow and hold hope for humanity, tomorrow marks our 100th “For Humanity” calendar day! We still have hope of sprinkling more narration voices onto our calendar pages ~ the lovely Ruth Humphrey’s narrates 3 days this coming week ~ yay! How about adding your voice?  Contact us, ok?! The magic of technology could add your voice with ours! What do you say? I also want to say that the new Children’s Chants, A~G (11 of them!) are roughly recorded and in place for our Marvelous Members.

The final little pictorial story for grace filled gratitude comes from the calf who died on Good Friday at my dad’s ranch. Briefly told, the little calf got sick and kept taking herself into the pond. Her poor mama didn’t know what to do ~ except protect her from us ~ our good ranch neighbor who tried to help …Cow1Mama cow was having none of the cowboy’s tricks. She ended up on the other side of the pond which caused baby to swim across to her … The whole time, the rest of our little herd of 3 mamas and 3 babies were calling and calling …Cow2Simply put, shortly after crossing the pond, we watched the calf die. I had been praying to the helping angels and it seemed they answered with a hastened death. Since she was to go, and she was suffering, quicker is better. The other cows immediately stopped calling and went away. The mama stood grieving and as I turned away in sadness with our neighbor, I turned inwardly to gratitude. With a prayer of surrender similar to that of my ‘technical difficulty’ one, I affirmed divine order. The conversation that ensued, ended up bringing a huge shift in my dad and release for me. Sadly for my 90 year old dad, and in a blessed gift of grace for me, we will be letting the cows go later this year and our good neighbor will rent the fields for his cows grazing. Truly, divine order grace! Meanwhile, our grieving mama cow is most often found with the small herd but looking away from them. Here, another mama sits with her as she gazes into the flowing creek. Grief is real and deep for this mother and even though I can greet at least part of this situation with gratitude, I’m not sure how it soothes mama cow. I do believe she has grace. And in this and hopefully other moments, she has a friend. Sometimes, just to be gathered together is the greatest gift.Cow3Again, I thank you for being here and I do hope that you are able to garner gratitude for whatever gifts of grace you are facing. I really know how gratifying it is to affirm divine order when everything looks good and how challenging it is when things seem ‘wrong’. Yet I also have a deep appreciation of how gratitude grows the altitude of our well being on all levels … especially when we employ faith filled thankfulness for ALL. Truly, there is no spot where God is not and for that, I am forever grateful. Namaste, Love!

PlayShop THIS Sunday! SO grateful to be gathering!

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Thanks Living Moments

CircleTimeNamaste Circle Of Love & Life!
I greet you this mindful Monday moment full of Thanks Living! As declared last week, this is part 2 of a 5 part series this November To Remember on the art of Thanks Living. I do consider it an art as well as a discipline, a practice, a choice … moment by moment. In the circle of time, we meet at the beginning and at the end in any given moment. And, of course, like time itself, the concepts of start and finish are only human constructions to help us reason and make sense of things. Aging shows us time but our hearts and minds are free from those restraints if we so choose. And yes, I am constantly navigating the effects of aging these days … elders, teens, messy middle. When I free my heart and mind, it doesn’t necessarily change the physical before me yet I allow myself to be happy or at least in compassionate peace with whatever is. And! I often go to gratitude with the prayer to deepen my embrace of the moment.  Let’s take a deep breath of sacred appreciation … here and now … in the circle of time … make a wish if you want or simply revel in the perfection of this now breath.


Great spiritual teachers like Tolle have taught us about the power of the moment. More and more I am finding deeper facets of that power ~ in Thanks Living sacred awareness and gratitude. I practice it all the time. The most sure fire path to happiness I have found is to simply start saying thank you … naming and claiming the beauty around me with sincere appreciation. And when needed, I name and claim my own perfection with the same expansive appreciation of all that I am. Try it with me in this moment … look at your hands with the eyes of Love … the way you would look at your child, pet, spouse, anyone or anything you deeply love and appreciate. Tell your hands either aloud or in your mind how beautiful they are and how much you appreciate all they have done … just this very day. Now see if you can watch your hands in motion for the next little while noticing their beauty and sending that appreciative awareness as they are in motion. Try it even and especially when those hands are washing the dishes or some (other) task you might find unpleasant. Let your awareness and appreciation of water and suds and food consumed flow through your hands. You can do this with any part of you or anyone else or you can simply keep reminding yourself to bring this awareness of gratitude into as many of your moments as possible. Some days I am in this flow of joyous Thanks Living and some days I have to catch myself in some sort of (emotional) pain or misalignment and actively call back the moment … and the gratitude for it. I call on my heart thoughts for Happy Thanks Living! And I often send them out to others ~ bet you do too?! Woo Hoo! If so or if not, send one right now … up, up and away Heart Thought!
HeartThoughtsLast week was intense for me … extra time at doctor offices and hospitals with my parents, the school with Jeremiah. I had more than one frustrated moment of wishing things were different. Yet I put into practice sacred awareness of the present moment and the choice to be grateful for it ~ instant shift! More peaceful happy me able to send heart thoughts to myself and others! And though I got very little of my own Leaping Literacy work done, I did a bit and continue to show up even in fleeting moments.

SO! Leaping Literacy Free Shelf this week:
FreebiesI re-illustrated one of the Long OO vowel celebration Laurie StorEBooks, TWO ~ it’s there in multiple formats for you!

From the Laurie StorEBook, Two.
From the Laurie StorEBook, Two.

The ChildSing Song this week is only 2 words ~ Yes & No ~ a 4 year old Jeremiah is singing with me (we are still doing the yes/no tango at 15!), We Thank You mp3 song & music video is a joyous song of gratitude from the I Am A Seeker CD featuring boisterous young voices from the youth choir days at the Spiritual Life Center. And look who is here from SoulPlay ~ Charmaine Quintana ~ who truly makes numerology easy peasy ~ download her free eBook and hear her explain numerology as well as an 11/2 Day and a 13/4 day in 3 SoulPlay audios. Tuesday of this week is an 11/2, Thursday 13/4 with the auspicious 11/11 on Wednesday and Friday is the 13th. Numerology can be great fun as well as holding ancient wisdom … visit our Free Shelf and let Charmaine make it easy peasy for you! Her free eBook is great for the young too ~ a coloring page animal or totem for each number. Thank you Charmaine!

When we study anything like numerology it can give us more light &  insight into ourselves and our worlds; life is an intricate web of connections. Often, we can be overwhelmed by the volume of what is coming at us. Enter … again … the MOMENT! Any and all we need is always available to us … moment by moment … and when we can gratefully grasp that, we can indeed live the happy Love of Thanks Living. That is my wish for you and all beings … in this and every moment. Namaste, Love!

Play & Pray Every Day with Thanks Living this November To Remember on our free calendar!  If you are local, join us for our Thanks Living Stone Soup Gratitude PlayShop this Sunday!

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Creative Avoidance: Still A Divine Dance!

“I SEE YOU” Laurie Story Photoshop Photo Art

Greetings Co-Creative Beings of WonderFULL Wonderment! I SEE YOU ~ I see the divine perfection of you always acting for Love … and yes, sometimes crying for Love. Ernest Holmes said, “Everything is either an act of love or a cry for love.” Our song, Always Love, sings it HERE along with our upcoming Feathers Of Faith Family Camp song, Circle of Love … Love Always!

Deep breath of Love this divine moment … Stop, drop (into our hearts) and breeeeeeeeeathe. This week’s blog has metaphysical musings sprinkled throughout a show-n-tell of the art creations I entered in our county fair. For anyone who caught last week’s post as I was in the thick of finishing them up … I actually entered 10 of the proposed 14. The fairy garden just HAS TO get finished one of these fine fair days! It’s on the list with LOTS of other unfinished business play! Perhaps some of you can relate? I was heartened by the tireless smiling ones at the fair taking in all of our creations when they said that even they (fair veterans) had not completed all they had signed up for either! Guess that most if not all of us can mis-judge our time.

“REVISITED MEMORIES” ~ I took some of my old favorite t-shirts Jeremiah wore when he was little and put them on an old jean jacket. Waiting for Jeremiah at the airport the night before, as he returned from his first solo flight East, I cut up his old shirts. The next day, he helped me carry in all my creations to the fair.
Glass Bouquet from car to display table!
Glass Bouquet from car to display table!

Yes, my Jeremiah returned this week in the middle of my art creation madness … he did a lot of juicing with his dad and lost 20 pounds in the 23 days he was gone. While it seems maybe too fast, Jeremiah remains strong in body and rooted in his heart. In a few months, he will be behind the wheel of our pretty Prius. Of all of my co-creations, I am challenged and fed most by what it is to parent another human from infancy into adulthood. Indeed, always a circle of Love!

The jacket garnered ribbons I strongly suspect because no one else entered recycled wearables!
The jacket garnered ribbons I strongly suspect because no one else entered recycled wearables!
Remember the family house/store I am cleaning out? I took decades of dust off of some found treasures to honor a small bit of Al's creations.
Remember the family house/store I am cleaning out? I took decades of dust off of some found treasures to honor a small bit of Al’s creations.

In weaving together the many threads of our lives … ancestral, generational, gestational … there is a divine order, always. Yet we have this free will that lets us decide if, and how fast, we manifest the callings of our heart and soul. We can choose to forget or honor the past, as well as shape or deny the dreams of our future. And in the all there is moment of now, we can choose to be present to the gift in gratitude & celebration or do an ego dance of finding what’s wrong in a judgment tango of how it should be ~ different.

I was called back to the fair to re-glue my creation after it fell apart ... a learning curve that coulda woulda shoulda been navigated well in advance ... the glass was way to heavy for the canvas but I was a dog with a bone in my insistence to enter it anyway!
I was called back to the fair to re-glue my creation after it fell apart … a learning curve that coulda woulda shoulda been navigated well in advance … the glass was way too heavy for the canvas but I was a dog with a bone in my insistence to enter it anyway! One gift of the repair trip was another view of pre-fair ~ what an incredible creation THAT is ~ so many dedicated hours of service!

Like all of life, this week’s adventures have me looking at how I choose to do life and why. I have long been a queen of ‘Creative Avoidance’ yet through my more seasoned heart eyes of compassion and acceptance, I can see clearly the fear that drives them and the Love that holds them and calls them out into the world. So, in the case of this week’s fair art … I have long since wanted to do this. I learned A LOT … about the all important presentation if nothing else! I am showing up in my community with creative contributions. I honored myself, my dad, my ancestor with a nod to his creations. Maybe I am giving ideas or inspirations to others in my sharing. A lot of good to be sure. The avoidance? My web work and business structure that can support me financially and give others creative tools for educational and family literacy. And yes, it is still my life’s work. I continue chipping away at it; I vow to get it done.  I know the ways I creatively avoid fully owning it. Divine order timing has me allowing to put full focus there … after the fair and next week’s Feather’s Of Freedom Family Camp!

Photo collages of my little town where we live now and my dad's ranch where I grew up.
Photo collages of my little town where we live now and my dad’s ranch where I grew up.
Through digital wonders, my dad's cat Whitey is 'looking' at a squirrel I photo captured in the Calavaras Big Trees state park a few weeks back!
Through digital wonders, my dad’s cat Whitey is ‘looking’ at a squirrel I photo captured in the Calavaras Big Trees state park a few weeks back!
Excited & delighted to ... begin again ... to embrace the heart of freedom in the sacred Sierras and co-create this space for the families who are joining us!
Excited & delighted to … begin again … to embrace the heart of freedom in the sacred Sierras and co-create this space for the families who are joining us in the circle of Love!

So, this deep breath day, I am off to my yoga class and dad care. I will be bringing dad to the fair this afternoon and back again tomorrow. In the past, he has always gone all 4 days to the fair ~ this year, I’ll take him for 2 days and my sister will take him 1. If his 90th birthday trip to the mountains is any indication, I’m sure he will do great! And whether he wants to see it all or not, I will be wheeling him through Pokerville Hall to see all my creations!

“SHIMMERING SHELLFISH” hanging at the fair!
Hard to see, but I glued real money on these money trees … an affirmation that, “Oh Yes It Does!”

RibbonsIn the eyes of creation, every note the bird sings is divine. truly, all we do is in divine order. When we allow ourselves to celebrate our choices … and yes, absolutely (lovingly!) course correct when those choices don’t feel good … the sacred perfection of our lives reveals itself and there is no sweeter place to be. 8 of my 10 fair entries have ribbons next to them but believe me when I tell you, it truly doesn’t matter to me. I won the battle with myself to follow through and show up expressing the creative urgings that called me.

I wish the same for you beloved ones. May you celebrate all the ways you are blessed in saying YES today! Namaste, Love.

This week's Free Shelf is bursting with COLOR!
This week’s Free Shelf is bursting with COLOR!
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Serendipitous Surprises!

IMG_9280Namaste Surprising, Shining Signs of Goodness!
I greet you this summer day in the Spirit of serendipity and divine order beauty & creativity unfolding every moment! Since last week’s prayerful post, there’s been a whirl, twirl & swirl of blessed lifeness in this New Thought Mama’s world!

On yesterdays beach walk, I saw dolphins & whales but like life's circle, my camera could only catch this moment ...
Beach rejuvenation ~ woo hoo!

This is a quick postcard typed out from the hotel computer … as I am on a deep breath night away getaway and my blessed intern is making Laurie StorEBook links on my laptop! Jeremiah had his week of band camp culminating in 2 wonderful concerts at UOP and then yesterday made his maiden solo flight East for this summer’s 3 weeks with his dad. When I made that reservation, I made this reservation for myself to return to the beach I used to live at … remind my cells there was life before Jeremiah and just give myself some rest, rejuvenation, and space to map the business and life changes I am navigating ~ set to so some beach art business mapping this afternoon ~ yessing that blessing!

Meanwhile, in the midst of the elder care and all else, I have done a few summer music and Laurie StorE programs which have been AWEsome fun! I do so love creating and connecting with children ~ and their fab adults! The many threads of my live and online work are weaving in the web of Love and I am deeply grateful. The Free Shelf in the Leaping Literacy Library is reset to restock on Fab Fridays so better late than never for this space, grab Dad delights while you can! I am SO super stoked with the re-illustration of Dad Is Rad ~ I let the felt faces go for real life lions ~ OH YA!

Serendipitous Surprises!
After travelling to the Bear Valley Library on Monday and soaking up the splendor of the Sequoias in the Calaveras Big Trees Park, I tried to cancel this reservation thinking I didn’t need it. But it was too late for a summer cancellation and sweet Spirit whispered I was to come here for my divine appointment. This is the place where I married myself on my birthday last November and where I lived prior to moving East with Jeremiah’s dad. I always find deep peace and rejuvenation in the beauty here. This time, I have received 2 delicious surprises ~ and maybe more on the way today??!! ~ I got here and parked and spent glorious beach time yesterday afternoon. Walking back to check in, who do I see but my sister and her significant other?! We each live hours away in different directions and landed here at the same time. As my beautiful son texted after landing safely in Philly, “Looks like God wants you two together!” And we did indeed get in some good giggles last night! I also was the recipient of a free upgrade into a luxurious suite that has made me feel so abundantly pampered and loved! A wonderful surprise I am relishing!

I will be venturing onto my (wedding) beach for the afternoon to soak up more beauty and restoration as well as mindfully map out all the moving pieces of what it is to be Creative Spirit Families. ~Deep Breath ~ SO blessed in Love!
In The Light
Today’s Play & Pray Calendar post invites travel … in our imaginations! Where do you want to go?! What places in your heart are calling you?! I plan to travel into the future with my powerful travel companions intuition & imagination to see, know, affirm who it is we are serving and how with the vast gifts of our Leaping Literacy Online Library and beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyond!

I am so grateful for this touchstone with you here and now ~ whatever moment ~ in this glorious place we call cyberspace and more importantly in the deep recess of our heart and soul energies. We are indeed so blessed in Love. I am so grateful for you and for all of it. Namaste, Love!
You can still join us!Cabin reservations are extended ~ 1st come, 1st served!

You CAN still join us! Woo Hoo for YOU & yours ~ and US!
Free Shelf!