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Love Expressed: Balance In Oneness

Oneness in all stages of Life!
Life is always expressing yesness ~in balance & oneness!

Namaste brave branches of the tree of Life!
May this moment find you in heart connection with all that is! As the seasonal wheel turns us back & forward towards Equinox, we look to the wisdom of balance. Yin & Yang, the Tao, dark & light, male & female, etc. all translated into decisions of time and calendarizing. When we prioritize something onto our calendar, I call that calendarizing. This is a continued process of balance for all of us between family, work, friends, community, and personal needs. Sometimes us (single) moms put our personal needs so far down on the list, we never quite get there. I am getting better at calendarizing me time but it is a dance. And there’s the dance of resistance which I still tango with all too often! So what about you? What are you calendarizing & how are you keeping it in balance?!

Keeping play in balance!
Keeping play in balance!

Sometimes the unexpected events of life throw us off balance ~ like losing our friend Ranger Bob as we spoke of last week. Sometimes, it is a much slower process like it is with my son becoming a teenager. For the most part, he is still an amazing human. Yet, there are those13 year old, Jr. High moments like when he passionately expounded on how the Velcro shoes were a grievous offence. At such moments, my confused heart, mind & soul wonders, “Who are you and what have you done with my son?” I made the mistake of actually saying that out loud the other day and the impassioned response from him was anything but balanced. Sigh. But within a short period of time, we were indeed back in heart balance. Blessedly, because of our lifetime spiritual practice I believe, we do seem to bounce back from hormonal moments (his & mine!) into a place of heart connection. Still, I have found myself grieving life as we knew it as I embrace the circle of life & the man he is becoming. Herein lies the balance of oneness for as Spirit beings, we all embody all stages of our life here simultaneously!

Every stage of life ~ All One!
Every stage of life ~ All One!

Our journey is further challenged these days by physically ailing elders. Heart troubles, neck surgery, strong drugs & side effects ~ so much to this medical system that Star Trek called ‘barbaric’ ~ I do think that Star Trek has it right ~ some years from now, humanity will say the medicine of today was barbaric at best. With a new system of healing the body with energy and clearing the heart of (emotional) pain, it does indeed make screws, plates, and chemical pills with life threatening side effects seem at the least outdated. Still and all, we are one with all of it. Before & during my mom’s neck surgery, I prayed for the surgeon’s hands … filled with light and healing as they set about their ‘barbaric’ tasks. I don’t have to agree or believe in the method, to be at one with the desired result of healing. Love expressed ~ every bit of it! Again, herein is the balance. We walk the fine line of choice everyday ~ what we choose for ourselves and how we choose to show up for others even, and especially when we don’t agree with their choices. This balance of oneness = unconditional Love.

Jeremiah & Grandpa Harry seeing eye to eye in Virginia City, NV
Jeremiah & Grandpa Harry seeing eye to eye in Virginia City, NV

Our Mindful Meditation Invitation last week was to look at all the ways we are connected ~ we asked who do you sense is part of your journey even if you cannot see or talk to them in human form? Did you give that any mindful attention? I found myself more aware of how ‘everything talks to me’ and of the conscious choice to listen (or not!) and to give it meaning (or not!). I am grateful to know that everything truly is here for my highest good and I can choose to see all of life that way. I can also see all sides of a matter in oneness blessed balance if I so choose. For this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, let us see how we can integrate the ‘bad’ & ‘good’ side of things for the highest good in oneness blessed. Further, can we see it all as one magical miracle?!

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

Bee One!
Bee One!

Our New Thought Families September’s theme is Oneness Blessed. Visit our multimedia, daily Play & Pray Calendar for playful & prayerful practice moments of daily remembrance. Our calendar is a retro one re-visited with Jeremiah’s younger voice of innocence & wisdom. The calendar also features many fine photos like the one above from fab photographer Michel Kotski of Third Eye Photo Creations ~ thank you Michel! And thank you, blessed branch on this living tree of Love. I am so grateful for this mindful moment of sharing. Now, I’m off to the pharmacy in service to a loved one, irrespective of what I think of the errand itself! May your travels this week be full of Love expressed in oneness blessed balance. Namaste Love!



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