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Realizing Dreams In 2019

Namaste Shining Blessings In The Everyday Circle Of Time!Happy New Year of awakening and awareness, beauty and blessedness, yessness and zealousness! Glad tidings from the real you! Glad tidings from the real me! Greetings from the Grace Goddess I aspire to be!  And blessings from the Glorious Leaping Literacy Goddess I Am that I Am! Yes, that font grows smaller signifying, dignifying, gratifying the work ahead that calls me to be the best Leaping Literacy Librarian Goddess I can be!
I am paused in a quiet corner of our annual Music Camp, in the last moments of this year 2018, to be here, to touch this space and perhaps connect with a few of you, in these fleeting moments of the ever spinning coming days of our new year, 2019. I am, it seems, perpetually always ‘behind’ in work life. YET! I am declaring here and now, this new year of 2019, as one for REALIZING DREAMS!All of our ancestors are cheering us on as another calendar page turns and another year is gone! All of their dreams merge with ours as the circle of time rolls on and on …Life is a never ending circle offering us endless opportunities to co-create. At this turning point moment, of the new year, may we turn within with compassion and care to be aware of all that is, all that has been, and all that can be. Our New Year is a fresh beginning that asks us to honor the past and embrace the future firmly rooted in the present moment.

So! Aware of this marker in time, the fleeting moments, and the music swirling in my background, I am here. I could make apologies for not making my promised Transformational Tuesdays for the rest of this 2018 year or make a bunch of new promises for 2019 yet for this moment, here in the circle of time, I will not. I will remain mostly silent … yet here, aware, blessed.
Closing this month and year, I am zinging zen and smiling … for the wondrous beings we are and the potential of all we can be. I am accepting the (camp) limitations that will make some of my January 1st deadlines late yet appreciating all that is new and coming in this new year ~ like in the new Victorian!Whatever is on your new year horizon, may you be blessed in it. If you, like me, are feeling late in your implementation, take an appreciation vacation to any and all of your 2018 accomplishments … YES, YOU! We’ll make it a Mindful Monday Mediation Invitation … just what all did you DO and BECOME in 2018???!!! Share here, on FaceBook, in your journal, in your mind and heart, celebrate YOU! And share your celebration! For my part, I will celebrate Jeremiah’s successful launch into the world and UCLA! JUST turning a new step back in the caretaking role of my father and this year’s CD, Feathers Of Family Camp, the new Victorian and making it back to this annual Folk Music Camp Jeremiah has never missed and I have been at since the turn of 1992. Whew! And! For this space … I will trust that I will be here soon and regularly implementing some new guidance and inspiration here and throughout the whole scope of my beloved work.  Whatever is yours to do, WOO HOO! REALIZE THOSE DREAMS! Whether they are still unknown, long time grown, in process, or sleeping sound …. let’s embrace this new round on holy ground with a hopeful, joyous sound that prayerfully, globally abounds! Namaste, Love. Happy New Year!


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Zealous Yes: Love Expressed

Namaste Zealous Breath Of Love & Life Expressed!

Thank you for being here this mindful moment; for saying yes to this breath, yes to this connection. In the midst of what seems a continuous swirl of suffering, injustice and instances of humanity at it’s most horriblest, let us persist in the ways we must resist and insist on experiencing glimpses of bliss despite our hurting hearts. Yes this last week has brought an array of madness moments building the momentum of the insanity of humanity with POTUS Trump actually throwing rolls of paper towels into the hands of devastated Americans in Puerto Rico and the Vegas shooter waging war on innocent civilians spraying a reign of terrifying bullets from on high. As we look on and then look away, we struggle inside and out with what to think, do, say. While some claim prayers are not enough, reaching for our holy Creator and the divinity, compassion, forgiveness inside us, is still some of the best of who we are divinely designed to be. Saying YES to reaching high is indeed, how we rise! And it can be SO challenging sometimes … I myself felt anger this week which is pretty rare for me. In our messy humanness, we feel and we deal. And we surrender, pray and reach high … and higher …

So what do we tell our children?

How can we best help our youngest navigate what we ourselves struggle with??!! The words of beloved Mr. Rogers ~ and his mother! ~ can help us all. Yes, we look for the helpers. Those are the ones that are embodying the highest in humanity. The ones called to rescue, resuscitate, renew … We tell our children to look for the helpers. We answer their questions and no more. We spare their innocence from more detail than they need; we shelter them from too many media images and messages. And we pray with our children ~ reaching on high to lift ourselves and others. We release the yuckies in healthy ways like sounding on our Leaping Literacy Free Shelf with SoulPlay Michelle Peticolas this month. We look for the good and focus there. We live the good we are blessed with, the best we can each day.

Reach High!

It is so ‘normal’ to feel sadness, anger, pain when our brothers and sisters are hurting. In today’s media age, we know so much (too much?!) in real time though of course there is always more we barely hear of (recent near genocide of Rowhingya Muslims). Most if not all of us are feeling degrees of overwhelm and it may seem somehow ‘wrong’ for us to feel good, feel joyful, much less passionate and zealous?! Let’s look deeper, shall we? If those of us who in this moment are safe, loved, surrounded by beauty & comfort are vibrating with sadness, anger or even rage and despair, who will lift humanity?! Think of it in Harry Potter terms; the Death Eaters could swallow one up, heart and soul yet be staved off with good, happy thoughts. We are not so different, friends. Though the level of chaos and darkness is seemingly growing, we must hold heart space of the highest order during these birthing pains of a more evolved, compassionate humankind. We are helpers. We are good. We are divinely designed to be a zealous YES of Love expressed!

No matter the personal or global deets of your days, say YES to your heart ~ listen and tap into … what makes your heart smile? What lights you up? What gives you a sizzling energy of YES ~?! THAT is ZEAL! Zeal is the energy of yes and pure potentiality!


For my part, I stay plenty busy being mighty mom and caretaking elders, especially my dad. These are jobs that can be exhausting and not always fulfilling. My most zealous yes is in creating ~

Above and below are ‘Peacock Cards’ I made for a spiritual literacy class this week ~ we circled up with peacock wisdom, made fruit peacock snacks and art and let this Creature Teacher speak to us of dreams. As you may or may not know, the regal beauty of the peacock embodies a wild voice ~ it kinda cries, squawks, laughs all at once! Like this pretty bird, we are all of it!
Circled up with the Peacock enlightenment!It can be so easy to ignore our hearts and live without zeal ~ seemingly saying no to our deepest desires simply by being too busy with the daily demands or by being engulfed in negativity by the gravity of current affairs. Again, I say, rise up against the ‘Death Eaters’ of insanity and gratefully embrace the goodness all around you and the goodness that is you. Reach into your Transformational Toolbox to let go of all the yuckies, surrender to your higher power and then start giving thanks for all you have and all you are. Reach high and feel the zeal ~ for your highest good and the highest good of all! Right action for what is yours to do will naturally follow your zealous YES!

Our October Leaping Literacy Library Free Shelf has a mix of home Zeal, Halloween, and a special SoulPlay PlayShop with Secrets of Life & Death’s Michelle Peticolas helping us release yuckies with sound. Great for all ages, release with us!My work/play of spiritual literacy has me developing new content for the Leaping Literacy Library as I play it out in the new Creative Spirit Families studio and at Spiritual Life Center on Sundays. Last Sunday, Squirrel was our Feature Creature Teacher. Squirrel works very hard, especially this time of year, gathering for the winter yet always seems to be at play. Rather than worrying about the approaching cold and scarcity, squirrel playfully gathers and stores with a seeming grateful joy.Life is good and the goodness of life is best felt when we stay grateful ~ and when we add some play into our work! When we look at life and death in the circle of time, we can see our lives for what we want them to be … productivity and potentiality played out passionately! Part of my calling keeps returning me to my long list of alliteration titles that are being completed in zig zag formation ~ given that last post, there were 2 new T titles and this time, the newest are from the outstanding letter O!

So! I will keep the words, Library, and live circles at play! And for my hurting brothers and sisters I will pray. With a bit of both play & pray in every breath, may we all, in our own ways, be a zealous YES of Love expressed! Namaste, Love!

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Synergies & Energies


Namaste Blessed Yes! In the fleeting moments of this transformational September, the smell of first rain is trickling in and all around me as light sprinkles fall on our drought soaked land … I am smiling a blessed, zealous YES! And! I am making the transition from September’s Trust The Truth To Transform Daily Play & Pray Calendar to October’s Zealous Yes Of Love Expressed.  Join us  any day and every day to remember, to celebrate, to co-create! I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm, and do the things that ought to be done by me.”~ Charles Fillmore, founder of Unity at age 94LeapYes
Ever notice how different folks react differently? Ignited or indifferent? It IS always a choice! As I continue the caretaking and spiritual parenting of my 90 year old father, this truth has become poignantly pronounced. Yet, all I can really change is my own energies in this or any other situation. As my father is dying, there is a myriad of responses around us; denial remaining a prevalent one. For some reason, our society in general prefers quantity over quality. As he constantly talks of death, I am one of the few who engages with him in that conversation, that prayer, that silence, that mystery. Others are constantly affirming he has plenty of good years left even though his days are increasingly full of bad moments. As a life long empath, I have to continually separate my energies from his … I sometimes feel so exhausted ~ like I am dying ~ then I turn to my transformational tools to free my energy and align with the ever present omnipresent synergy of what it is to die/give space for rebirth. And ya, sometimes I simply NAP! For any other caregivers out there, you know the exhaustion and I invite us all to keep nurturing ourselves with the same Love we give others. For all those who may read this who know caregivers ~ especially those (siblings) who provide this service in your own family, stop this moment to send Love (in any form) to those in service. As we all choose who and where we serve, we can honor ourselves and all those who do it … especially those who may do it differently than us.
How we are called to the music of our souls is always different!

So! My other choices of how to align with the shine of my divine design include spiritually parenting my teenager, Jeremiah. He is working on getting his driving permit in time to do some of the driving to Salt Lake City this month of October when we go the Parliament Of World Religions. Do say a prayer for us! And I know our helping angels will have the pretty Prius surrounded! I greatly enjoyed making music with my man cub this last Saturday at the El Cerrito Folk Festival. And am so excited & delighted to be presenting a performance PlayShop at the Parliament with my compassion in action, oh so talented teenage musician & co-presenter! Our Creative Spirit Families ministry both online and in live events is still my favorite way to serve! Did you know that the meaning of the word ministry is to serve? So, when we answer the callings of our hearts and souls, we are not only serving our purpose, but also the others we touch, the earth at large and THE creator that breathed our life, passions and gifts into these bodies in the first place! Yessing that blessing of full circle co-creation and manifestation!CreationInHand
Yes! I am loving the Leaping Literacy Online Library that is in my hands as the consolidation nears completion and we ready for the begin again re-opening to paid Marvelous Memberships on 10/10. This week’s Free Shelf is singing and we update the Free Shelf every Fab Friday so do join us with your free Leaping Literacy Library Card! SoulPlay, Spiritual Literacy, New Thought Families, Laurie StorEBooks, ChildSing Music … so much goodness is zealously YES blessed! Freebies
May the energies and synergies of your heart & soul callings be in full bloom this moment of our connection. Whatever your circumstances, may beauty find you and bring a smile to your heart and a zealous yes to your breath. Namaste, Love!ValleyBloom

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Gratitude’s Place: Saying Grace

Grace will always light your way,
lead you high & love you home.

Namaste this first Mindful Monday in November 2013!

I greet you with great gratitude and in the name of Grace! Let’s begin by embracing the face of grace by looking at it’s meaning. Just because it is a fairly common word, does not at all mean we have a shared definition!

From his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. .~ 1 John 16
HeartsDove FliesHearts
Grace is a concept known in all religions. Grace is a theological word used throughout Christian denominations with various & significant differences. Roman Catholic doctrine teaches that its sacraments and priests facilitate the acceptance of grace from God. Calvinists emphasize the total helplessness of  humanity apart from grace. Arminian doctrine teaches that the grace of God  somehow cooperates with human’s abilities and will. There are many more modern day teachings that speak of the wisdom of the flow of grace throughout all of life as so beautifully explained in the many writings of energy medicine pioneer Carolyn Myss:
Grace … is energy infused with a force greater than our own, a divine intention. When it arrives … “out of the blue” – it fills you with a luminous awareness that is different from everyday consciousness … Grace illuminates your path by moving through your intuition, influencing the choices that you make. … It is a power that works hand in hand with intuition to guide our actions in the right direction that will do the most good. ~ Carolyn Myss

Just as we can develop the gift of intuition by learning to listen and heed our internal whispers, so we allow the flow of grace that is here for us by attuning our hearts to it and allowing its divine flow. One of the absolute best ways to be in this attuned, divine flow is through gratitude. When we adopt a way of thanks living, we notice (all) our good and we express our thankfulness. There truly is always something to be grateful for! “Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us all be thankful.” ~ Buddha

I have always expressed prayers of gratitude with Jeremiah. When he was little, he would just look around the room, “Thank you for our couch, the lamp …” etc. And as the wise Meister Eckhart taught, those are the only prayers needed! “If  the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be  enough.” ~ Meister Eckhart

One of the oldest prayer practices and one of the most widely observed still today is the act of saying grace before a meal. We are giving thanks for our food. We also like to extend our prayer out to all the many hands &  lives ~ known and unknown ~ that brought us our food asking that each of them be blessed as the food is blessed to our body and our bodies (in turn) be blessed to service. It is a spoken affirmation of gratitude and the circle of giving and receiving! Our prayers and table graces have had many forms over the years. Here is a simple grace to sing with young ones:

(To the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star):
Thank you for this food we have,
It makes our minds & bodies glad.
We are so blessed & grateful too.
God bless us. God bless our food.
Thank you for this song we sing,
Thank you God for everything.

~ LaurieStory
Saying Grace: A Circle Dance of Appreciation & Abundance!
This expressed Gratitude opens the gate for the flow of Grace …

I have also found gratitude to be the gateway for the zealous yesness we spoke of last week. Did you take the Zealous Yesness Test as our Mindful Meditation Invitation? I took it a few times at different mindful moments experiencing more yesness than not as well as seeing any ‘nos’ of the moment beckoning for what my heart and soul needed to ‘know’. For this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, say Grace! Make extra space for Gratitude’s place and embrace the flow Grace!

Before we leave you with a music video, here’s a follow up to last week’s honoring of fine friend & folkie Faith Petric. Her daughter Carole wrote a beautiful, honest, heartful account of Faith’s death. Read Carole’s blog and feel the flow of grace as Faith left her earthly place.

Thank you so much for our Mindful Moment together in this place! May you be blessed by the embrace of Grace!

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Zealous Yesness Test!

Namaste this last Mindful Monday in October!
We are having our first whispers of winter weather here today as the winds of change also sweep through New Thought Families this week; our Zealous Yesness theme is giving way to Thanks Living: Cultivating Grace. The whole concept of cultivating grace is founded on allowing the flow of blessings that always await. It begins with noticing and giving thanks ~ as a way of thanks living. Join us next Mindful Monday as we dive into those deep, delicious waters!

We are so blessed ~ it is all Love Expressed!

It has been another full week of reconstruction, transformation and illumination! How did you do with your Mindful Meditation Invitation? Were you able to define your most zealous yes in just a few words that matter most to you? For my part, in meditating on how creativity repressed can suppress Love expressed, I became in tune with that co-creative flow that is always present ~ what a gift! My gift in return is my yesness! I also returned to re-visit the biblical admonition, “You can’t serve two masters.” As we’re gearing up to be Las Posadas musicians again this year, Jeremiah & I returned to our local Methodist church yesterday and the pastor brought this up during his talk on money. My metaphysical young one said to me, “But it’s not two masters! They are the same ~ money & God!” He understands that all of it is energy. Yes, ONENESS! If you missed the speakers on Global Oneness Day 10/24, you can still go there and hear the plethora of wisdom that was presented! When we serve Love, it is the only master though it has a myriad of faces and graces. The abundant Love of God, Creator, Source by any name has many channels to flow through and money is one of them. As I continue to align with my business yesness, the subject of money is one I am ever befriending. But rather than visit that further, I have a moment of honoring to do this mindful moment followed by a fun Zealous Yesness Test!

Faith Petric 9/13-15 ~ 10/23/13
Faith Petric
9/13-15 ~ 10/24/13

Our beloved Faithy died this week going on to join the angel band depicted on the window of her Victorian home in San Francisco. She knew and sang more songs than folks a fraction of her age. As the matriarch of the San Francisco Folk Music Club, she had bi-weekly musical meetings in her home for more than 50 years. Faith Petric was a friend of Pete Seeger, Malvina Reynolds and many more. She was an activist, a feminist, a traditionalist and a reconstructurist. I learned many a good song from Faithy and she lived Tom Hunter’s message from last week to “Keep it going”. In fact, she did what angels do, she helped others to keep it going by opening her home and living by example. Thank you Faith! Faith sings on in the hearts of so many, she sings here, “I Wanna Be A Dog” by Barry Louis Polisar. She’s age 92 3/4  and Ingrid Noyes is playing accordion with her. This was at the Family Program for the Free Folk Festival in 2008. We love you Faith!

And now, as we wrap up this week’s message and move forward into celebrations of Halloween, All Saint’s Day, All Soul’s Day, and every day is a good day Thanks Living attitude of gratitude, I leave you with some invitations. You are welcome to play & pray with us every day through our daily calendar at New Thought Families. And for this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, take and ponder this …

The Zealous Yesness Test
Simply answer each question with a yes or no. By tapping into what you know, your flow of yesness will grow! Should you want to dive deeper, just ask why your answers are a yes or no and what it would take to change them!
1. Are you happy in this moment?
2. Do you have a song in your heart ~ aka ~ an exciting purpose in life?
3. Are you co-creating your life and happiness?
4. Do you feel like what you are doing matters?
5. Do you feel needed?
6. Do you feel free?
7. Do you feel loved?
8. Do you feel the sizzle of zeal & excitement in your life?
9. Even if all your answers are no, do you know that you can change them to yes?

Breathe in yes! Breathe in yes, breathe out no. Breathe out yes, breathe in know. Your heart knows what matters to you and what lights you up with zeal, excitement and passion. Truth is, all the answers are yes. You are loved, free, needed. You matter & what you are doing matters. The zeal and happiness are here to be felt so even if you can’t feel them right now, keep breathing and asking for your heart light to show you the way. It will, my zealous friend. Happy yesness to you! Namaste, Love!

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Words Matter: The Zealousness Of Yesness!

Namaste this Mindful Monday!
What a wonderful week of words and songs, celebrations and struggles it has been for me ~ how about you? How has the turning of your circle of zealous yesness been?! In keeping with last week’s post I must report that the Completion Queen did indeed reign over the Procrastination Princess in finishing the drama scripts on time (just barely!) and although the co-creation process was more blissful than not, I did lose more sleep than I wish. The weekend brought a grand experience at the National Annual Gathering of the Children’s Music Network held this year about 3 hours from me capped off by a church service at Inner Light Ministries and a long beach walk before heading home. So herein lies a few highlights of all this zealous yesness with a focus on words.  ~ Warning ~ this is a wordy one! I feel like there’s at least 3 weeks worth here ~ or at least 2! So thank you for being here and for your willingness and yessness to read the words that matter to me this week …

On yesterdays beach walk, I saw dolphins & whales but like life's circle, my camera could only catch this one, up close moment ...
On yesterdays beach walk, I saw dolphins jump; whales spout & pelican flocks soaring but like life’s circle, my little camera could only catch this one, up close moment to mark the footsteps though it is all still spouting & soaring inside me …

In writing the drama scripts for the Jr High Drama Club last week, the word reconstructionists was the one that came to me to describe them and the production. I like the name Peacemakers, as it has been in the past and remains at the New Thought Families website but a new layer of truth surfaced that is better captured in the word, reconstructionists. Suffice it to say that the footsteps of Harriet Tubman and lesser known names like Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Claudette Colvin were often turbulent and not so peaceful though they were filled with the courage needed to help re-route our human journey. In looking up the term reconstruction, the meaning was a simple, ‘to re-construct something’ and it also is linked to a time in history in the founding of this country that coincides with many of the reconstructionist people the kids will portray in our production ~ 5 men and 22 women. When I looked up the meaning of the term, ‘reconstructionist‘ last week, I only saw a movement in Judaism, started in the early eighties. Today, I found a marvelous yearlong project blog entitled The Reconstructionists that celebrates women who have changed history ~ one wonderful woman honored each week ~ wow! Woohoo! From the Reconstructionists blog: ” … collaboration between illustrator Lisa Congdon and writer Maria Popova, is a yearlong celebration of remarkable women — beloved artists, writers, and scientists, as well as notable unsung heroes — who have changed the way we define ourselves as a culture and live our lives as individuals of any gender. … The project borrows its title from Anaïs Nin, one of the 52 female icons, who wrote of “woman’s role in the reconstruction of the world” in a poetic 1944 diary entry …” I will definitely be returning to this blog so I can celebrate all 52! Thank you Lisa & Maria!

My own Reconstructurist project was a labor of Love and lots of words (14,000++) likely to be trimmed (way) down by my young thespians and their high school mentors ~ the threading narration & 18 dramatic scenes & dialogue includes lots of quotes & a few speeches ~ Sojourner Truth, ML King, Jr and Malala … powerful words to ignite minds & hearts of all ages. One high school mentor admitted, “I know I should know these people but most of them, I don’t.” So through the words & actions of the reconstructionists, the kids will bring them alive on stage and (re)introduce them to the families that attend our Nov 21st performance ~ I’ll give you a mindful moment update each week …!

And the gathering of the Children’s Music Network ~ so many gems! Each year, CMN gives out a Magic Penny Award for folks in the community who have empowered children through their music and life. Magic Penny is a Malvina Reynolds song that sings, “Love is something if you give it away … you end up having more!” This year’s recipient was Tom Hunter who actually died in 2008 but his music & legacy are still singing strong today. Tom’s life and words have many ripple effects. Among them, a simple phrase of 2 words that remind us that everything we do counts ~ “It matters.” I can’t help but think of the song I wrote with 2nd-3rd graders that’s on the In Our Hands CD entitled, Every Little Thing. Tom Hunter would like that song. I know from being at his life celebration award ceremony. In Tom’s words, “I want my music to be grounded in the realities of what kids and teachers know.  I want it to ‘ring true; as it helps people laugh, cry, remember, celebrate, and learn.” We all did just that during The Magic Penny. I didn’t know him personally though I remember him from past conferences. And during The Magic Penny, I realized he wrote, ‘Rock Me To Sleep’, a song I have sung & cried to many times. With this song and others, I have shared the heart of Tom Hunter as countless others have too. What an honor. And yes, I did cry when singing that song and indeed through much of the ceremony in being heart touched by Tom and by the whole of the community & gathering itself.  These were tender moments that reminded me the cost of my isolation. I sometimes felt socially awkward though accepting of myself & accepted by others. I remembered the divinity of what it is to be in community just in the short 25 hours I was there. The gathering was filled with inspirational, funny, thought provoking moments as well as many great songs!  Tom Hunter is also known for leaving with this phrase, Keep it going“. The Children’s Music Network folks are doing exactly that ~ not just at the annual conference of course, but where it counts so much ~ in classrooms & concert halls across the country! Thank you good hearted CMN folk!

Children's Music Network
Children’s Music Network

The Children’s Music Network Gathering  Keynote Speakers were good friends and colleagues of Tom Hunter’s; Bev Bos & her son in law Michael Leeman spoke and sang beautifully to Creative Art, Music & Language. National speakers, educators, musicians, authors, and Michael is an illustrator, they also run Bev’s preschool where creativity reigns supreme! They were truly inspirational in their educational approach. Bev recommends that every child know 5 old folk songs that include her favorite, Red River Valley and You Are My Sunshine. I asked her about changing the words which she doesn’t agree with. I offered my take on making ‘You Are My Sunshine’ more of a positive affirmation which she dismissed with, “That song was written about a horse.” I found her attitude about this discordant with her educational approach. But within the folk process, there is a wide spectrum between traditionalists and reconstructionists …. Michael shared a wonderful story of a 3 year old asking him for the boat song near the close of the day. He couldn’t figure out which song at first but then when he sang ‘Sloop John B’ and got to the line “…Let me go home …”, he understood. Though I agree whole heartedly with Bev’s philosophy, “If it hasn’t been in the Hand… and the Body… it can’t be in the Brain!”, I also offer that words and music definitely have a  way of getting in the body, certainly the heart and thereby the brain! I can’t help wonder about the Sloop John B lyrics preceding that line, “… Drinking all night, got into a fight, well I feel so broke up …” And while Bev Bos dismissed my version of ‘You Are My Sunshine”, I offer it here. Because words matter. I love you matters and you should know!

“You Are My Sunshine” ~ Traditional

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You never know, dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away

The other night, dear, as I lay sleeping
I dreamt I held you in my arms
When I awoke, dear, I was mistaken
So I hung my head, and I cried

“You Are My Sunshine” ~ With Edited Laurie Story Lyrics

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
So you should know, dear, how much I love you
I love you every night and day

When you are playing, when you are sleeping,
when you are laughing, I love you
When you are crying, or scream, “Don’t want to!”
Well, of course, I still love you!

This is how I recorded it on the ChildSing CD, Spring Into Summer. Now, after this last phase of Jeremiah’s growing up and tempered by the cautions of single parents putting too much on their children, I would change the first line I had left alone from “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine” to “You are my sunshine, bright, lovely sunshine.” Simply because words matter. What we say and sing to our kids helps them shape their view of themselves and the world. They do listen on both conscious and unconscious levels.

I had another beautifully humbling experience involving retribution & restitution that could easily be the subject for a whole week’s blog but I will try to share it as a brief recap in the wake of the power of words. I was blessed to be in a small group sharing around grief & bereavement. One woman bravely shared some of her story and a song. I was compelled to comment about the spirit of her abusive father potentially being present in her experience. With all the ancestral energy clearing work I have been doing, this just came up so strong for me, I couldn’t seem to stop myself from offering this unsolicited input. In my sleep deprived state, I unconsciously used the word retribution in regards to his potential presence which was, at the least, confusing! But it wasn’t until hours later when I saw her, it hit me about the line I had crossed when she was vulnerably sharing her heart. I apologized and she brought up the word ‘retribution‘ which I hadn’t realized I had used. So I apologized further and assured her that I meant a spirit of atonement. Then, a few minutes later, I was singing a song and the word, ‘restitution‘ floated in which I relayed back to her and she seemed somewhat relieved as that made a whole lot more sense than ‘retribution‘. The whole incident came full circle the next morning when my appreciating the lessons of knowing how to hold space and how to speak and choose my words with deliberate purpose and caring intersected with this strong woman’s appreciation of my apology ~ in the end, it was the apology itself that was the gift to her as it was something she never got from her abusive father. Another powerful reminder of divine order and how words matter ~ “I’m sorry.” “It matters.”

There are many other nuggets I could share from the weekend but I realize this week’s post is getting ridiculously long. So before I sum up with one more, big, reconstructual, pictorial AHA, let’s look at our Mindful Meditation Invitation. Were you able to look at your zealous yesses in a circle last week? Did you look at what is in the center of your circle?! For this week, define your most zealous yes in just a few words that matter most to you. For me, I will meditate on how creativity repressed can suppress Love expressed!

Being in our fullness as Love expressed, offers us continual opportunities to say no and yes! When we embody a willingness to keep changing and growing, I see that as a zealousness for yesness. Remember, ‘ness’ means full of, so ‘yesness’ is being full of yes! I woke up this morning with yet another yesness to re-vision! I told you that this last week’s free Laurie StorEBook was Wild Wilda Witch? The book went through some good illustration changes though Wilda remained unchanged.
Wilda 3 copy

An old friend & CMN colleague reminded me that she didn’t do songs about witches except for Who Were The Witches? by friend & CMNer  Bonnie Lockhart because Bonnie’s song speaks the truth about women as healers and midwives, etc. I’ve always had that thought about Wilda ~ come on, really Laurie Story, a witch with the pointy hat & a big nose? But perhaps even more so, I have been bothered because ‘Wild Wilda Witch’ has alliterative appeal but no word play or contextual connection to the word building fun of the song. Still, I’ve just let Wilda surface into the featured titles every October because after all, witches and Halloween, right? But words and word play and pictures ALL matter so further thanks to friends at RGB Stock …. and the rhyming substitute who came to call this morning …
Buffalo03 copyWhat do you think??!! I’m feeling some zealousness and a definite yesness! Though of course, a certain attachment to my friend Wild Wilda who of course, can find another Laurie StorEBook along the way. And much as I love this stock photo of the water buffalo, there is a LaurieStory version of Bilbo Buffalo brewing … My 13 year old Jeremiah’s take, “I guess it works (smiling) creative as always!” Creativity, willingness, yesness, it all matters. Words matter! You matter! And your time matters so if you read this whole epic, an extra appreciative THANK YOU to YOU! Namaste, Love!

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The Dance Of Zealousness

EarthTiny LoveLetters

Namaste this Mindful Monday!
The zealous yes in me greets the same in you! I hope the yesses on your list are bringing you some measure of bliss! Did you take the suggestion from last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation & Spiritual Tool Box to write your yesses down in a love letter & mail it to yourself?!  It’s not too late! You can always send yourself a love letter!letter_written

And you can always keep showing up for your yesses! For my part, I continue to marvel at the way my yesses necessarily co-create my no’s and my knows! I spent a lot of last week completely immersed in re-illustration of a LaurieStorEBook, Travelling ABCs …. it brought me some measure of bliss & YES and also left me with a certain, “Yikes!”

TravelY2 copy
Travelling ABCs is a Laurie StorEBook found on Kindle and also in the
Laurie’s Stories’ Leaping Literacy Online Library!

Yes, the yellow yarn web I am spinning is a multi-faceted tale … my zealousness with this project like so many of my callings and doings left me in a turbulent tango with my inner Procrastination Princess & my Completion Queen ~ an ongoing dance of zealous proportions! Before I can catch my breath, Wild Wilda Witch, who made an appearance in Travelling ABCs is coming out in her own revised title tomorrow as this week’s free Laurie StorEBook in yet another NOSE!

Wild Wilda Witch is in the Laurie StorEBook, Travelling ABCs available from Laurie's Stories and on Kindle too!
Wild Wilda Witch is in the Laurie StorEBook, Travelling ABCs found on Kindle
and also in the Laurie’s Stories’ Leaping Literacy Online Library!

I must say a certain amount of my zealousness & blissful yessness with this re-illustration process was the new vision as an artist that allowed these revision decisions ~ and the generous photographers & illustrators at RGB Stock where I got my background images ~ each of them is credited with a big thank you at the back of the Laurie StorEBook. But in the midst of all this colorful fun, my Procrastination Princess is fearing the worst … not Wild Wilda Witch’s deadline but the other huge project of the week … crayon & pencil roll please … New Thought Families Co-Creates!I am writing nearly twenty scenes for Jeremiah’s Jr High Drama Club’s next production … the latest and greatest version of my tributes to Peacemakers, aka wondrous & zealous people who have walked before us and/or walk among us. If you’ve never played with our online Peacemaker games at New Thought Families, check them out! So while I am keeping excellent company with inspirations that range from Claudette Colvin & Rosa Parks to Grace Hopper & Steve Jobs, I am feeling a bit frayed & dismayed that I did not get further ahead on this before the looming deadline. I have done a lot … there’s just still a lot to go … Deep breath. Arms of acceptance, compassion & yessness firmly planted around my beating heart. Another deep breath of yes. I can do this for it is not I but the Spirit within me that doeth the work. The Completion Queen reigns with my all things possible God. Creativity most often is born out of chaos and my chaos needed time to percolate …  or procrastinate. The yessness of the princess … So my Namaste friends, clearly I must dance away now … but I will leave you with a few more inspiration invitations …

Our lives clearly are a circle and when we look at what we do that way, things soften; compassion & acceptance flow more naturally leaving us so much better disposed to feel our zealous yesses and to be Love expressed. “You  can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking  backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your  future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma,  whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the  difference in my life.” ~ Steve Jobs

For this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, make your list of yesses in a circle … what is in the center? What gets edged out? Is there room for it all? ~ Just not all this week?! If it is one zealous thread I see in all the peacemakers & change makers I am currently honoring, it is the willingness to keep showing up for their callings and doings. The ability to keep saying yes and to find the zealousness needed to feed that yes!

“For  the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself:  ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do  today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know  I need to change something.” ~ Steve Jobs

There are inspirations among us everywhere … and our Dream Team Rev Kanta Bosniak paints them so well as mentioned last week … visit Kanta’s page at New Thought Families this month for a visit with Steve Jobs & others:

Steve Jobs ~ Art & print C Kanta Bosniak
Steve Jobs ~ Art & print C Kanta Bosniak

You can also visit with more of our wonderful Dream Team like creative Callie & Carol linked from the Inspirations page. A younger Jeremiah & I are sharing from our New Thought Families zealous archives on our Creative Yes page and in the zeal & fortitude filled daily Play & Pray Calendar. Here we are from a few years back in our fun & funky music video, Zeal Appeal:

Thank you so much for this mindful moment together and for the zealous yes you truly be! Namaste, Love!