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Reflection & Death, Resurrection & Breath

Namaste Spring Renewal of Blossoming Beauty!

Happy April Awareness! Happy Easter ~ Monday! Happy Passover! Always so much to celebrate as our New Thought Families’ interfaith calendar honors and we will briefly explore here and now. I trust your holy days are filling you wholly in happy ways; that you are, indeed, finding heart filled conscious ways to rise from the dark places into bright light shining full expression of the true you! For my part, I continue the swirling dance of being woman, mom, daughter, artist, Leaping Literacy Librarian, and child of Creator ever evolving and emerging from the egg of life’s potentialities, possibilities, endless energies. I have been through some bumpy health and relearned the power of vibrational healing and energy clearings ~ spring cleaning at it’s best! We are energy beings after all. As an empath, I SO take on the energies of others ~ lately that has been prevalent with my parents and their failing health. Like small children who unconsciously try to “fix” their loved ones by taking on the family pain patterns, we can continue to carry them on … and on … and on! Yet! The transformational tool box beckons! We have only to reach in and grab those tools! I was reunited and re-amazed by the simple transforming power of Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Codes as I implemented them recently to shift physical pain from my body and seemingly from my mother’s body as well! AHmazing!Reflection & Death

The art of contemplation & reflection is a transformational tool often overlooked and under-utilized in this busy culture. It requires quiet, stillness, surrender. It requires an openness to listen and receive. Sometimes what we receive, demands further surrender and even death. Death of old patterns perhaps. Death of old habits or ways of being. While death can be a peaceful, deep breath release, it is more often a full on, knock down, drag out battle! My Lenten desire to release doubt was definitely tumultuous at times.  I was reminded that the roots of doubt are deep and long. As I weeded through some of the dark places, I gave more space for the ever present, omnipresent light of Love to shine. My relationship with doubt feels more like a dance now and much less like a battle. It did not die completely yet a good deal of my addiction to it did die leaving my soul freer to rise and shine!

For the past 10 years, I have had an annual writing about Holy Week and Easter …  from the celebratory ride Jesus took on Palm Sunday to the Garden of Gethsemane, to the cross, the tomb, and ultimate Spirit rising. This year, for a myriad of reasons, my reflections in writing are simply this:
The human journey of the soul incorporates great heights of celebration and deep depths of despair often fueled by betrayal and the cruel crucifixions of judgment, doubt, blame, shame, fear, that we inflict on ourselves and each other. Religion, ritual, holy remembrance serves us all by helping us move through the lower energies back into the higher ones. It is a cycle and a circle like that of our sacred mother … seeds sown in darkness reaching for the light to embody divine essence expressed.

This year, from several different sources, I really got how Jewish Passover is the same holy celebration as Holy week and Easter. Jesus was a Jew and the last supper, a Seder. How great is that?! Across traditions, the same themes of humanity have their intersections. Even though I have been doing our New Thought Families’ interfaith calendar for ten years, just this year it came to my attention that on April 9th, the Chinese tradition of Qingming or Tomb Sweeping Day is a day to honor one’s ancestors, visit their grave sites while also welcoming in the new spring season. Birth and death, memory and breath!

Resurrection & Breath

Here on our side of the pretty plant, April is the AHsome awareness of spring renewal and life, sweet life ever regenerating with beauty, color, vibrant vitality. We celebrate Earth Day April 22nd ~ and YES, Earth Day every day and everyday green living, thank you! Arbor Day is always the last Friday in April in the States with each state having its own Arbor Day corresponding to planting times. Globally, many nations have their own Arbor Day ~ trees are indeed an international, interfaith celebration! Our own everyday Green Living is indeed a way of life. The winter is always increased dedication for me doing laundry having given up using a dryer 10 years ago. Our Living Green videos in the Leaping Literacy Library document there are so many ways we can step more lightly and reverently upon our sacred mother who gives so much and asks so little. I invite you to review your ways of being, perhaps add a new habit of sustainability, celebrate every step of recycling or green living you engage in as well as be in deep reverence to our earth’s beauty and sustenance. Breathe in this life giving home and the way she is constantly resurrecting into more and more beauty, more and more life!Yes, we are always in choice, balancing the infinity of callings within us and all around us. Our calendars and ancestral traditions can help guide the way tempered by our own inner reflections to choose to engage with them ~ or not! April is also home to National Library Week ~ this year it corresponded with Holy Week. I spent the last few weeks as Leaping Literacy Librarian working on making the online Library a more user friendly place. Like all else, made good headway on a loooooooooong journey! April’s Free Shelf is a full spring and earth celebration: In wrapping up this April Awareness, I harken back to the first day of this auspicious month … April Fool’s Day. In all of my reflections and detections over the last few months, I have done a fair bit of mindful musings over mental illness. President Trump, to many of us, is clearly mentally ill. Yet, his supporters continue to see him in a positive light. The dropping of the “Mother of all bombs” on Syria last week is a devastating step back for humanity. Yet, unbelievably, some see it as a good thing. Can it be we are all merely fools on this stage of life? The joker card in the deck is sometimes referred to as the ‘trump card’ meaning it thwarts all others. Many card games, discard the joker disallowing it from play. Sometimes the joker or trump card is the wild card meaning anything goes. An interesting ponderance in our current game of life, yes?!

Ultimately, my blooming beauties, we do get to reflect on what we give our breath to and what we assign death to. My pathway to peace continues to be through prayer … reflection, breath, renewal, energy management through the transformational toolbox … A simple walk in nature is always a wonderful reset! Our beautiful planet that we celebrate this month is ever awaiting our reverent alignment with her beauty. For all of the craziness ~ our own, our families’, our culture ~ there is ALWAYS divine order! You may want to affirm and anchor this in by hugging a tree … today … on Arbor Day … every day?!!!  Any day and every day is a great day to hug a tree! Thank you so much for pondering and breathing with me. Namaste, Love!

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The Quintessence Of Remembrance

239.QuietReflectionNamaste Quiet Reflections of Reverence & Remembrance!

I greet you today with a deep reverence and respect … for what it is to be alive and what it is to choose to be in oneness remembrance this moment … big breath of connection and reflection … with some reverie & celebration!237.QuackGo ahead and QUACK! Or make any other sound your heart calls you to … a sound of celebration or frustration, retribution or solution … an animal or human sound or any other that is to be found in your remembering being this moment! By giving our thoughts and inner world a voice, we invite in more awareness … of oneness with all that is. Mmmm … oneness is a reverent remembrance worth quacking for!242.Remember

The Quintessence Of Remembrance
There are a myriad of things for us to remember in our busy lives … as a mom spiritually single parenting a 16 year old and a 91 year old in 2 households as well as running Creative Spirit Families & Leaping Literacy Online Library, I sometimes feel like my mind is constantly in review and execution of a never ending To do List. Does busy you ever feel like that too? I often say, ‘more list than day’ which I know is a self defeating affirmation! So I counter affirm, “It is not I but the Spirit within that doeth the work.” Ah, opening up to divinity, infinity, and the quintessential remembrance of who I truly be does indeed set me free!

As our song, “I Remember” affirms, “I remember who I am. I’m a child of God born to Love and serve in all the best ways I can. When I look down deep inside of me, then I truly understand. I’m a child of God born to Love and serve. I remember who I am!” 

Whatever your name for God or Source, we have a thread or direct connection to our origin. When we set our intention to remember, we open our hearts and minds to an ever expanding consciousness that allows more of this remembrance. As we affirm the pervasive presence of sacredness, our awareness is heightened. We see through our hearts with eyes of reverence.241.EyesReverence

Seeing life with reverence can be an AWEsome experience of soul expansion. It is also accessed through joy, play, deLIGHT! Our spiritual reality is one that we develop through our daily spiritual practices ~ at New Thought Families, we employ the energies of pray and play as ways to be more connected and aware …  to take care of ourselves, each other, (global) family, and our planet home. Though we engage in grateful ThanksLiving for our abundance, we also stay in prayer care of our resources.243.RRRLiving Green has always been a thing for me. I remember as a young child crying when I saw litter on the ground. What I have found as an adult in this throw away society is that being reverent and respectful with our resources requires slowing down. And slowing down seems to really lend itself to a prayerful way of being! I quit using a clothes dryer about 10 years ago … hanging the clothes to dry always offers me more time to be mindful and grateful for the clothes themselves … and the water & soap that washed them, the places in our home where they hang to dry, sun, wind,  as well as the hands that made them before they got to me! I am engaging prayerful reverence & gratitude as well as playful imagination, intuition, connection. Oneness! Sure, there are times where my mind is busy on the “To Do’s” of the day as I hang up the clothes … And! I can always remind myself to remember to be yessing the blessing at hand.244.RespectRelationsThe more I practice the ways of remembrance, reverence, and reverie, the better able I am to respect and revere ALL creations! I’ve come along way on say … spiders … while admittedly, I still have a ways to go on a certain current Presidential candidate and those (in my family!) who are choosing to vote for him! Still and all, daily spiritual practice provides Presence for ALL my relations!

The number one free resource we offer at New Thought Families is our daily Play & Pray Calendar ~ currently rollin’ in the reverent reverie of Letter R!FreebiesOur revolving Leaping Literacy Library Free Shelf has made way for the rockin’ Letter R ~ with extra offerings on our New Thought Families Shelf in celebration of our Sacred ABC’s presentation tonight … The free Association Of Global New Thought’s Engaged Spirituality Webinar features ME! Yippee! Honored, excited & delighted to be sharing Spiritual Family Literacy ABC’s … Live at 5:30-6:30 Pacific ~ with opportunities for YOU to share too! If you can’t join us live, video replay available for a week and audio up for the duration of the series through October. So many great, grassroots, practical tools in this series for you! I am truly honored to be offering ours especially for families, children, and the inner child in all of us! Webinar Banner ABCLogoNTFIf our playful and prayerful approach to spiritual family literacy calls to you, I do hope you’ll join me tonight LIVE or for the replay. And! Our Leaping Literacy Library is so full of reverent & celebratory resources ~ full Marvelous Members have 24/7 access to a myriad of ways to remember. Shout out to our SoulPlay section ~ 2 years ago today our experimental TeleSummer Camp came to a close and in many ways, it has taken me 2 years to integrate all the offerings into the Library ~ such a rollicking roster of AHmazing SoulPlay Camp Counselors ~ artists, authors, teachers, healers, soul reachers ~  thank you all for your time, talents, treasure ~ now a rich resource for Leaping Literacy’s Spiritual Family Literacy Library! SoulPlay Counselor, Wild Mystic Rachel Flower is on our Free Shelf with really rad rock training including some ‘Unblock with Rocks’ work/play with Laurie Story. So many ways to the rainbows within …240.ReachRainbowsJust as rainbows need the perfect blend of sunshine and rain, so it is with the colorful tapestries of our lives. Whatever color your skies, this day, this moment, may you be filled with the reverent remembrance of the rainbow you are … the rainbow you were born from … May you be wrapped in rainbows now, Love! Namaste!247.WrapRainbows

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Powerful Positivity: Peaceful Practicalities

214.PlantSeedsNamaste Powerful Possibilities of Positivity … Quiet Quests of Peaceful Practicalities!

You, and this quiet, patient blog space have SO been on my mind and heart for weeks now and this Transformational Tuesday is finally the time for now past P and quiet Q to be mindfully mattered. Even as our alphabetic calendar year rolls on, there are remnants of our om-ing Letter O still whispering to be remembered … Succinctly put, even as we organize and order the obituary of our lives ~ living the legacies we leave behind, the practicalities of our possibilities and peace infused priorities are the prana of our purpose. Let’s quietly breathe that in … Prana (life force) … possibilities … priorities … purpose.
“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” –Steve Jobs
225.PeacefulQuietThis has been a summer of organizing & prioritizing for me … some of it in peaceful quiet, some of it in noisy movement. Spiritual single parenting my 16 year old son, 91 year old father and our Creative Spirit Families’ nonprofit the last year or 2 has been increasingly overwhelming so I have sought this summer to bring more organization, order, planning, and peace to all of our homes. What I realized as a pivotal piece in all the puzzles was my personality or prana … the way I do life. Credited to different people, the saying purports, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”
It is my propensity in all my prolific creativity to be over the top overwhelming to myself and others. SO many times growing up I was told, “You’re too much!” Purposefully, our greatest gifts can also be our most challenging weakness. I have long since seen the self sabotaging me that knows (the lie) that I am not enough. I can quantify and qualify that if you make your list long enough, you will indeed, never be enough! So! We have our Transformational Toolboxes of Treasure … Practice! Spiritual Practice is just that. Does practice make perfect? As perfect as we allow ourselves to be!216.PeaceI have been practicing peace. Peace begins with me. Loving, accepting, allowing me to be freely me. And! As I practice acceptance, I also plan, prepare, produce the changes I prioritize for more peaceful practicalities. Sometimes, this requires practicing patience.222.PupaPatiencePatience has always been a challenge for me as I believe it is for many in our fast food society. Personally, parenting  my parent(s) has been huge for me in this. I have come to think of the ‘patient’ who requires care as one of the greatest opportunities to practice patience … as well as compassion and peace. The practicalities of practice call on many of our Ps ~ and a few Q’s! ~ Prayer is a most powerful piece of practice as we align our principles and perceptions to set the precedent of our priorities. In the stillness of quiet, our prayerful hearts can come to peace. Through prayer and contemplation, New Thought & Divine Science posit, “If we consistently “practice the presence” then we will see more and more positive results in our lives.” 223.PrayPeaceOh, how the moments and choices of our pathways press on whether or not we stop to look at the (obituary) big picture of our lives.  My own prayerful path also requires passion and play along the way ~ sometimes preserving this priority provides some of my greatest challenges. Among my own other pressing priorities of the last few weeks, this past weekend was our annual Feathers Of Freedom Family Camp in the sacred Sierras! Camp16In the midst of all the free form loving play, we had  a few prayerful moments; seeds of positivity were planted and scattered all throughout the intergenerational, interfaith hearts in attendance. My own love of the playful presence of parents, grandparents, babies, littles, tweens, teens ~FAMILY! ~ was passionately reignited! Our playtime was heightened along with the freedom inspired invitations to open up to more free and easy for me personally … in how I do … everything! Even though I have been planning & preparing for Camp all year, I felt like a major procrastinator in the packing and final production phases. So, I just kept yessing the blessings, breathing into the stressings, counting on the Love & support of others even as I continue to be so challenged in asking (!) and implementing the true freedoms of forgiveness, acceptance, and trust in the divine order that truly is always perfectly unfolding! “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” –Chinese Proverb218.PresentYes, in being present to the present moment, there is peace, sweet peace. Mixed with non-judgmental acceptance of what is and trust in what is unfolding, peaceful presence can be practiced even when it feels like stormy seas are swirling. My biggest freedoms in producing camp and all else this summer come from loving me no matter what. In preparing and planning, and then flowing with what actually shows up ~ free from the need for everything to go according to plan! And so the peaceful, prayerful path unfolds …226.AskQuestionsI have come to know questions as a powerful part of affirmative prayer. In staying on a prayerful, peaceful path, alignment can come through open hearted questioning. My current question has become, “How can I do easy? Allow ease and grace to flow?” This has been bringing more and more vision as well as applied practical steps to let go, let God, be the ease and grace flowing through, abundant, prolific, co-creative me! Yippee! I do so choose to protect and pamper myself by painting positive pictures of all my ~ and our ~ human potential!224.Protect

The only political point I will posit in this celebration and affirmation of the powerful letter P … is that the current polarizing, politicizing practices plead for peaceful prayers for the path of Humanity!212.PeacefulPath
As I practice patience and peace, acceptance and forgiveness,  I Am that I Am better able to celebrate the organizing time I spent this summer as I return to the alphabetic production schedule of Leaping Literacy that seemingly got somewhat derailed. I affirm divine order perfection! And so it is that Q quietly comes to sit on the Leaping Literacy Library Free Shelf already double packed with powerful, positive P’s:FreebiesOur New Thought Families daily Play & Pray Calendar is our consistent place for everyday spiritual centering and play ~ for all ages. Pop in anytime!

The Association For Global New Thought’s webinar  is in full swing on Monday evenings, 5:30-6:30 Pacific. Last night, Rev Dan Landis spoke on Holy Money ~ you can still catch his and others’ replays! Next Monday, we will experience Spirit guidance through shaman David Cumes, M.D. and on Monday, August 29th, I am honored to share Sacred ABC’s: Everyday Spiritual Family Literacy. Join me and the AHmazing others in these ground breaking, interactive webinars practicing and celebrating engaged spirituality!Webinar Banner ABCLogoNTF
And so it is this Transformational Awareness August Tuesday that I proclaim a peaceful, prayerful, playful positive path for you and me and all of Humanity! May you know your own divine perfection … no matter what! Namaste, Love!


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Returning Light Burning Bright!

HappyThotsNamaste Light of Love Happy Thoughts!

I greet you in the Spirit of the season and light returning in this early dawn after Solstice. Winter Solstice marks the longest, darkest night and the presence of light returning… Indeed, we are ever turning and returning to the Light of Love we are made of!

Walnut tree at dad's ranch gave it's bounty and now stands sunlit and winter bare.
Walnut tree at dad’s ranch gave it’s fall bounty as it has for generations and now stands in its sunlit winter bare beauty.

My daily prayer and intention is to keep turning and returning to the guiding light within me ~ at the moment, the light is shining through my own little Santa studio filled with gift giving madness. I find myself every year with this long list of those I want to remember and thank. My little world is full of good peeps to honor and this year, the nice list is longer for the peeps who are in my dad’s world ~ and thereby mine. The web of elder care is woven with hearts who weave with such Love and dedication. We are blessed. And! What would my world look like if I didn’t have the holiday list?! If I could just continue to keep each in ongoing prayer and let that be enough?! There are different ways to do holiday gratitude and remembrance besides the inevitable overwhelm that seems to be my default setting! I have scaled back with no baking ~ rice krispie treats for all! Utimately, it is ever and always about choice ~ even and especially in the face of overwhelm. I somehow chose not to be present to the gift of this blog over the last few weeks though it has been on the list ~ finding the balance between live life and cyber reflections of life I guess. Our season has been a busy one with plays and music, PlayShop and other events. There is a bit of a pictorial recap below but for any on the holiday go, I offer you this thread from life’s web: keep turning and returning to the light of you … the star, the candle flame, the Solstice sun … light is always calling us home! ShineAnd in this time of holiday heart remembrances & year end reflections, let light ever guide us home. Here is one of the Play suggestions coming up on our New Thought Families, Oh Holy Light daily Play & Pray Calendar:  Map a lighted pathway today! Draw a map of where you’ve been this year. Make sure you mark all the highLIGHTS! Celebrate the bright spots of your year as well as the dark places where the light found you & called you out. See how all the lighted markers on your path helped light the road for your journey. Honor yourself, your family, your year, your life!

For my part, the events of this month have reflected the year; a mix of traditions with stepping more into the light of who I am and what I can offer the world ~ all tempered with what currently is and with the exhaustion that can come from caretaking and running 2 worlds ~ my father’s and my own ~ I have once again been feeding my dad’s cows ~ 4 big hungry mamas who glare at me expectantly when I open the barn door and almost smile gratefully as they chow down their hay:
HungryCows HappyCowsI wonder if our Creator ever sees us like this … the hungry and happy versions of humanity!

One of the gifts of darkness can be a deeper awareness if we let it be. Our December PlayShop included a sing~a~long concert from our 12 Thoughts CD; the whole event was extra preparation & clean up, etc. so when it was lightly attended by just 3 of our oh so beautiful families, my teenage, multi-instrumentalist elf Jeremiah was moved to tears at day’s end. He simply wanted a bigger audience for the effort. I can relate. And so it is, we co-create! I am re-shaping our 2016 local PlayShop schedule in response to what seems to be a healthier balance of what is and what can be. The PlayShops are an opportunity to share creative heart time intergenerationally. I love them. And it is essential I stay in my own creative heart to effectively offer them! PrePS1 PrePS PSSing CHPSSing2 CHPSSing1 CHPSSing CHPS6 CHPS4 CHPS2For any who may be called to sing transformational thoughts this week (or next season!), Our 12 Thoughts Of Christmas CD is available for instant downloads through CD Baby and also on our new Seasonal Specials Shelf offering in the Leaping Literacy Online Library!12CoverSpecials

The Seasonal Special also includes 6 Christmas LaurieStorEBooks each in 7 super fab formats! Our Leaping Literacy Free Shelf is being QUIET this week which I highly recommend for turning and returning to holiday enJOYment! Our SoulPlay featured one is the harp shaman Cymber Lily Quinn playing in the redwood forest ~ treat you & yours to this unusual moment of merriment! FreebiesFor any of you who ever wanted to peruse the entirety of Leaping Literacy, the Library is open free for 3!

Cruise & Peruse the Library in its entirety FREE for 3 days! Then! Save $200 by joining us for a year for just $97 Special Free & Wee Fee Merry Memberships Available through 1/9/16 Celebrate this end of the year, new year beginning circle of life, light, Love, and *Leaping* Literacy!

As the Leaping Literacy Library speaks to, there are so many ways to explore and express our hearts. Attending to more of the playful and prayerful WHY we read, write, speak, listen ~ communicate! Since attending the Parliament Of World Religions in October, I have been listening ever deeper to what is mine to do in reclaiming the heart of humanity. In the wake of the violence in Paris & San Bernadino along with increasing Islamaphobia, I was called to represent Syria and the humanitarian crisis of refugees in some small way. In trying to put a web page together, talk about overwhelm! But I did post a page in an effort to educate and honor ~ it is mostly some YouTube videos of which there are SO many to choose from. You can share in the ones I chose on our Spotlight On Syria page here.
SyriaFireI also chose to represent Syria at a local event sponsored by an agency that serves children 0-5 and their caregivers. Because how you do 1 thing is how you do everything, I will briefly recap a bit of this experience: Non-profit agencies that serve young children and families were invited to participate by representing a country with a fun, participatory activity/craft, and/or snack. The theme was Winter Festivals though as it turned out, that really meant Christmas. Initially, I signed up saying I would have hummus and pita bread  and a craft to make a Syrian flag. A few days before the event, I was told the flag craft would not fly and to do something holiday related.  Looooooong story shortened, I chose an activity that some of the Christians in Syria have done or do practice. After telling a lot of my participants that 90% of Syrians are Muslim as part of my educational introduction to the activity, I relaxed and related to what was going on around me. Mexico had red and green playdough ~ they were swamped with happy hands. Africa (yes, the whole continent) was making little manger scenes from pre-made craft kits. I had constructed a tissue paper fire representing the bonfire where Syrian Christian families would gather to sing, each holding a lighted candle, hear the Christmas story read by the youngest son and as the fire died down to embers, each would make a wish and jump over the fire (3x). I handed my visitors a battery operated candle to hold as they made a wish and jumped over the tissue paper fire. Many of the littles tried to blow out the flame ~! As I watched the different aged faces making their wishes ~ so beautiful! ~ I was taken back to the heart of my work which is to help others remember their essence by being in their hearts. So simple and yet so complex! And even though I made ‘kid friendly’ hummus replacing the tahini with peanut butter and yogurt, it was still too garlicy and foreign for probably the majority of my visitors! Still and all, I followed my call. And when it was clean up time, I again had to heed my heart and be the Green Queen that I am! ReUse

The manger scene craft next to me yielded a lot of waste that I dumpster dove out ... paper instructions to be recycled, craft remnants to be re-used in PlayShop free form crafts!
The manger scene craft next to me yielded a lot of waste that I dumpster dove out of the trash can … paper instructions to be recycled, craft remnants to be re-used in PlayShop free form crafts!

I only know how to follow my heart as fully as possible. Somewhere in all of it, there is peace, harmony, goodness and balance. I am grateful.

And so it is, we return to the light, the traditions of our hearts, hearths, and homes even as we embrace (or at least accept!) the necessary evolution of change always at play for our families, and this world family of humanity. After several years of being musicians with Jeremiah for our little town’s walking Las Pasadas, this year I sang in the walking choir while Jeremiah played Harry Bailey in the community theatre holiday hit, It’s A Wonderful Life. The high school drama department produced Beauty & The Beast under the direction of Giles Turner (my old drama teacher!) who is a true George Bailey ~ and while I have a fairly cool metaphysical interpretation of Beauty & The Beast that emerged this season, I will close this lengthy holiday post with a simple thought … WE are the gifts and the light of the season ~ for each other. Our higher divine shine aligns with whatever path we find in higher mind, but in the end, us showing up for each other is the gift. Our Feathers Camp Yogi Keith reminded me of this song on our Circle Of Love CD sung to the tune of Simple Gifts:
Some gifts are simple, some gifts are not.
Some gifts are free
and some store bought.
There are lots of ways to give,
here’s just a few.
The best gift we know is the gift of you!

Thank you, thank you shining gift of light and Love! May this moment and season bathe you in the shine of your divine design full of deLIGHT and all things merry and bright! Namaste, Love!

Here is a clip from our local TV station ~ check out 50 + year drama teacher Mr. Turner! ~ while the events we were promoting have passed, the light of our hearts and intentions lingers on!

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What Now? Allow!


Namaste bright blessings of bold beauty! I great you in the name of beautiful essence always available … especially in the ugly!

Remember this scare share last October?!Remember this scare share last October?! Finding this ginormous cricket in my laundry coming OUT of the washing machine … and still alive …  was a heaping helping of EW! NO THANK YOU!

I am reminded in this moment as I take an ‘ew review’ ~ with lots of appreciation too! ~ of the current challenges I continue to face with family and work et al. I feel a bit like I’ve once again crawled out of the ‘wringer’ in new celebration, determination and preservation!

Briefly, I continue to mindfully evaluate the life I am blessed living … the good, the bad, the ugly. I am embracing my freedom to change AND to love what is and change what I can at the pace of grace. While I know immediate leaps and shifts do happen, my path seems to usually be slower.

Me with dad

And the life I have chosen is intertwined with others … most immediately, my teenage son and elderly dying dad. What I know to be true is that I can and I must make a conscious choice to nurture me ~ dare I say, sometimes first ~ before I nurture them. The mother/daughter dance I am in can be dizzying though I am learning and allowing new dance steps more and more in allowance with my own heart. A big part of caring for myself, especially in the wake of a myriad of situations that come to me for ‘tending’, is to make time and commitment for my beloved artistic, spirit, and literacy work. I am on an exciting new track to re-open our Leaping Literacy Online Membership Library on 9/9 and while I still have the need for a team, I am getting the bit of help needed to do it ~ woo hoo! I am spending the time to complete what has been patiently awaiting my presence and action … I am acting and I am allowing it all to come together. The years I have spent with literacy ~ traditional, creative, and spiritual come together now at Creative Spirit Families and the Leaping Literacy Library. The New Thought Families branch is a rich resource for remembering … playful & reverent family spirituality with hundreds of songs, videos, calendar pages, pictures … I am acting on a renewed commitment to make it all accessible for any who can benefit from it. I am answering the call to finally bring it full circle.NTFLLLThe Free Shelf this week is freshly Friday Freebie re-stocked! The Laurie StorEBook is a whacky version of the ‘Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly’ ~ a singing celebration of Long I Vowels. Our ChildSing song is of the caterpillar to butterfly transformation while our New Thought Families offering is one of our Conscious Comedy episodes, “Which Way To Go?” ~ goofy Godly play! From SoulPlay, cook with our (last summer’s) Camp Chef Anne Baker. FreebiesThe Free Shelf is a little glimpse into our Leaping Literacy ‘OM’ Library re-opening in divine time on 9/9!

Live events coming up are also heart filled exciting. Our next local PlayShop is a mini Feather’s Camp at the lovely Lake Tabeaud:
And! Jeremiah and I will be hosting Compassion In Action: An In Our Hands Performance PlayShop at the Parliament Of World Religions in Salt Lake City in October! Our little presentation is part of a plethora of powerful programs packed into this 5 day event. While we are honored to be anywhere on the roster, it is exciting to just be a attending such a grand event. Maybe you & yours want to go too?! There’s still time!

Whatever you are celebrating, embracing, enduring or tolerating in this moment, this time … may you deep breath allow … Love … that is all around you for your highest good. May you deep breath allow … the flow of Love … that is you. Namaste, Love!


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Vision Whispers

Namaste Dream Filled Visionaries Of Intention & Manifestation!

1314BeachIt has been a fun & faith filled week of endings & beginnings and I find myself here balanced with one foot still in 2013 and the other planting in 2014! The beautiful pictures above were taken New Year’s Day at a glorious Northern CA beach at very low tide … with undersea colors and life forms exposed through open sea caves … nurturing the knowledge that life is indeed multilayered and that we are blessed way beyond what our eyes or even our hearts can see.

In the  afterglow of our December theme of quietude, I have lost my voice ~ at least the spoken one ~ which makes me that much more grateful for the written one! Our annual music camp was funner than ever … I felt more at home again after many years of feeling like I was there more for Jeremiah than for me … I felt the love of Folk Club founder and matriarch Faith Petric nearly and dearly … her spirit was there so strongly in all of us remembering her and in she remembering us … a spiritual essence not easily expressed but definitely experienced. I laughed so much one night that I woke up hoarse the next morning. The hoarseness has continued and in fact gotten worse leaving me at a whisper. Metaphysically, I am seeing all the places of darkness in the silence where I have not spoken my truth or have spoken it but not been heard. I also found some stuffed down anger raging to be heard ~ Anger I didn’t know was there ~ at Ranger Bob for leaving us this year … for other friends and/or men that I have loved and lost or ones I simply longed for in isolation. Anger has never been comfortable for me so I would just feel it as sadness … so mutely finding some repressed places that need expression … As much as silence can be a holy sanctuary, it can also be a prison of denial, shame, dishonored truth.  Yet the biggest truth remains, that Love is all there is … Love is the only thing that’s real. In my song, Always Love, I affirm this truth succinctly expressed by Earnest Holmes, “Everything is an act of Love or a cry for Love.” It is Love and only Love that can heal and harmonize us. Our ‘dark side’ as individuals and as humanity bravely serves to shine the light on the dark places where healing light is required. Thus, it is only through fully embracing all of ourselves with unconditional Love that we make peace with the past and the now as well as how we fully allow ourselves to dream into embodying the next, higher expressions of ourselves. Acceptance with unconditional Love of all that is, is the first step to change. Thereby, the solution to broken New Year’s resolutions is Love; we consistently persist and insist on meeting the natural resist with Love. We design a way to re-align with our divine shine time after time after time! There are many tools for such alignment; visual, sensual, and otherwise with the biggest factor for success being consistency. Vision Boards were made widely known through the movie, The Secret as a tool for Law Of Attraction manifestation. When we let our inner creative wisdom guide us, Vision Boards can be powerful reminders of what we truly desire as the highest and best expressions of ourselves. I held a workshop for making these at Music Camp and have one coming up this Sunday in the first of our monthly, local 2014 Creative Spirit Families PlayShops. My own process is doing panels for the main areas calling for co-creation. The first to surface loud and clear into completion is for having a partner, a man to share my life with. Given that it’s been a 10 year lapse, it is no wonder that this has surfaced along with the unknown aforementioned repressed anger ~! So lovely one to come, here you/we are:
And as I am taking a stand for my man, I am also naming and claiming my changes for body, business, money, community. Taking experiences missed this past season as a GPS of where to go next season … I see, know, and feel the church of lighted, like-minded flames, the musical gifts shared and served … and so much more!

As I embrace new levels of clarity, I am re-committing to all the work before me. Though it feels still hopelessly behind, the new formats and offerings are taking shape and on their way ~ New Thought Families remains a place to Play & Pray Every Day! For this first week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation for 2014, may you resolve to live in full embrace of ALL of YOU! What a gift of new beginning you are ~ Namaste Love!

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Listen! Enlist Silent Tinsel Inlets!

TinselInlets1Yes, namaste this mindful moment of the season with a fun focus on 6 letters! So last week, 2013 New Thought Families Dream Team member artist Carol Moore brought it to my attention that the letters in the word silent are the same letters in listen. In looking it up, this aha is attributed to Alfred Brendal, “The word ‘listen’ contains the same letters as the word ‘silent’.” Isn’t that great?! Well the Laurie Story wordsmith in me had to know what other words were made with these 6 letters and thus, we have enlist, inlets & tinsel! So forgive my need to play with these connections but here goes … ~!

Some words, like ‘silent’ have many aspects of meaning which is requiring of another post! So for today’s mindful moment, we will hold ‘silent’ as stillness and ‘listen’ as attentiveness. The definition for inlet is an opening providing a means of entrance or intake. To enlist, is to participate actively in a cause or enterprise. And we are looking at our Christmas friend tinsel as a sparkly means of decoration. So with these meanings as a backdrop, does it not follow that we can attentively, actively take in the silent, sparkly moments of energy constantly available?!

ToolChestRelease In this season of sparkle, enlisting the still moments of shimmering Spirit intake, can be particularly challenging. As I move into more manifestation of a longtime vision, namely opening the New Thought Families branch of the Leaping Literacy Library, I am yet again dancing with resistance even as I am being cradled in comfort and joy. Part of the goodness being birthed is a new 2014 monthly feature on New Thought Families called ‘Releasing Resistance’ featuring some of the great teachers and tools that I have encountered on my journey. As conscious creators, releasing resistance is an important component in forward motion. Having these tools is a blessing for us, our children, and all those we are meant to serve. So when the small me tells me all the reasons I am further wasting my time in putting these materials together, I use the tools to realign with my greater good, the greater me. In all we have created and co-created for New Thought Families since 2006, the core essence is Love, the main principle, consciousness of divinity, the primary participant target is families with many if not most of our multimedia materials geared toward children and inner children in all of us adults! Our inspiration invitation remains to play & pray together as one family. We invoke a moment of stillness to listen, we make time for spiritual intake, and we celebrate with sparkle ~ hence, today’s silly & sacred message! Do have a look at our new Membership offering scheduled to open on Solstice, 12/21/2013.
MembershipIn light of this week’s word play, I am thinking on tinsel … it has, for some, the connotation of flashy or cheap ~ ‘Tinsel Town’ ~ for me it has always been the crowning glory on the Christmas tree … the last thing to be added and sparsely … not in clumps. In fact, my dad would painstakingly hang it strand by strand and forbid it going on any other way. I quickly learned to appreciate the result of such patience … a single strand was so pretty dancing in the light especially compared to a clump that sat there, often covering up some favorite ornament. So it is not only the sparkle of tinsel that I am making an inlet for this season … it is the mindful patience to tend to and notice the gleam in each drop of light ~ all around me and especially inside me.

Check the light tinsel sprinkle!
Check the light tinsel sprinkle!

Our annual Las Pasadas was this past weekend and Jeremiah & I were once again musicians. It was another lesson in patience and perseverance for me this year given the bitter cold temperatures. Las Pasadas is a Mexican tradition dating about 500 years. Our little town’s version is to make our way down a side street and the main street of town singing with candles, accompanying Mary on donkey (our donkey’s name is Sweet Pea), shepherds, a few angels, and Joseph knocking on doors. Since we were amplified, Jeremiah read for Joseph at 4 of the doors. The procession ends at the Methodist church with a real baby and a real manger. It is a holy & stirring event. This year, there were some challenges with weather and equipment ~ my guitar case was covered in frost & our trailer a very slippery ‘ship deck’ by the end! ~ but at least all the singers were together this year (no echo effect!) due to better amplification and fewer numbers braving the cold. And though we were shaking & quaking with cold, there was the sacred, silent invitation to enlist inlets of Spirit … in ourselves and in each other. And isn’t that the sparkle of the season that the tinsel invites us to listen for?las-posadas-candlelight-walk

Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to breathe in the quiet … even for just a moment every day. I relished mine ~ how about you?! For this week, let’s continue to Listen! YES! Let’s do Enlist Silent Tinsel Inlets! AKA ~Make way for sparkling stillness~!
Remember you can always take a moment of quietude with us & our multimedia Play & Pray Calendar!

As we are once again putting up our same re-usable Christmas tree this year, here’s a video from the archives, in the Living Green section of our New Thought Families ~ because it truly is In Our Hands! Thank you for making this one of your mindful silent inlets today ~ Namaste, Love!