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Happy ThanksLiving!

Namaste Gorgeous Glimpses Of Gratefulness Expressed!

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy ThanksLiving! I greet you in the name of all that is holy this holy-day holiday of our November celebration post. November! The month that beckons us to remember our abundant blessings. When we live gratitude as a way of life, we are Thanks Living. Thanks Living Is Gratitude Giving! Let me sing that for you … ~!:

So the principle of trusting “that all of life is gifting me” is often easier sung than done especially when the ‘gifts’ of life don’t feel like that and can even feel like anything but! And this month, I personally, and we collectively, have had PLENTY of practice … in seeing the gifts and being in that trust. And yet when we give thanks for every little thing, it makes it easier to see the gifts in the yuckies. Life is always offering us opportunities to heal our wounds and fears opening and allowing more Love & light to live through us. Last month, we talked about the zealous yes ever calling us to be Creation’s breath of Love expressed. When our world and personal lives get increasingly heavy with pain body, rising up can be challenging at best. That’s why it is vital to secure a spiritual practice that keeps us tethered to our inner wisdom, strength, and innate ability to live on purpose, in passion, in happiness.From the national collective of mass shootings, environmental protection rollbacks in favor of cooperate greed and unsustainable dirty energy sources to the increasing threats of injustice towards the majority of people under the millionaire mark, and the #Me Too movement, there is a volume of yuckies we could dive into. For my part, I have too many #Me Too stories that have been shared in various measures over the decades yet my November moments have been reckoning with increasing overwhelm and over commitment that finally starting taking a toll physically and mentally. For weeks I have been striving for a “To Don’t” List as a means of self preservation. I will share the biggest story from this out picturing as an example of being in ThanksLiving in the midst of turmoil and pain.

So! As told here, I opened a Creative Spirit Families studio a few months ago and have had some magical moments singing, playing, creating with kids and families. The demands of doing the classes, keeping the refrigerator stocked and all supplies flowing in the studio on top of caretaking the elders, shepherding my busy teen applying for colleges, designing and implementing Sunday programs for SLC + doing the supplies and admin there, left zero time and energy for the production work I had intended and the necessary marketing to get more participation in the classes to cover the rent, much less my time and talents. Whew! If that run on sentence left you in the least confused or overwhelmed, welcome to my breakdown! 🙂
Still, to get to the point of letting the studio go, the universe (and my ‘human behind the curtain’ co-creative subconscious) had to gift me with a very low turnout for the second session of classes. My ego was doing major tangos trying to dodge the blame and shame I was directing towards me instead of graciously accepting the clarity of the definite ‘To Don’t”! It culminated before school one morning fixing Jeremiah’s breakfast and getting a text from my ‘biggest supporter’ that had very real life conflicts resulting in her saying they were only doing the first half of the session. I started crying and at Jeremiah’s request spilled it all out with the spoken understanding that I knew it was for the highest and he replying, “Sorry you’re disappointed mom but I’m glad you’re taking it on the chin.” I thanked him and emoted some more which prompted him to come and put his man size arms around me and start singing the 3rd verse of Kate Wolf’s Give Yourself To Love. I tearfully joined in and we sang the 3rd verse and chorus together:

Love is born in fire. It’s planted like a seed.
Love can’t give you everything but it gives you what you need.
Love comes when you’re ready, Love comes when you’re afraid.
It’ll be your greatest teacher, the best friend you have made.

So give yourself to Love if Love is what you’re after.
Open up your heart to the tears and laughter.
Give yourself to Love. Give yourself to Love.

~ From Kate Wolf’s song, Give Yourself To Love

I thanked him from the depth of my being. We told each other “I love you” and my 17 year old man cub left for school. I breathed in a deep breath of divine order ThanksLiving feeling infinitely blessed that I had helped raise this human ~ I’ve done something right! And the truth is the studio was/is right in many ways and it is also right to let it go now. I will fully enjoy the next few weeks of classes being in my fullest ThanksLiving possible!

And so it is that all parts of life are working for good. The more we can focus on the good, all the little things, the more appreciation flows through us and the happier we feel! ThanksLiving, like all of our spiritual practices are just that … a practice that we nurture daily. Thanksgiving and ThanksLiving EVERY day!

At Spiritual Life Center, our youth program has been centered on abundance this November with Buffalo, Hummingbird, and Turkey as our Feature Creature Teachers. One of our activities last Sunday was to write some things we are grateful for on each finger of our foam hands ~ with more time, and as a home activity, it’s great to trace and cut your own hands for this. The added time and attention to your own hands opens up even more awareness and gratefulness for the lives we are thanks living! And yes, of course, big hands too! As pictured, the hands work as a wonderful turkey tail! Like always, we had plenty of options for the turkeys including feathers and paint dotted with fingertips or spread with a plastic knife for the feather effect. It is fun to be us! At SLC, at the studio and even at today’s family Thanksgiving celebration, I have been offering creative opportunities like this … just some crafty, shiny somethings to put heart and hands to, to express. Through creativity, we let our divinity and spirituality flow!

And so I go with a mix of new co-creations, traditions, To Do’s, To Dont’s, Ta Da’s, calendarizing with lots of trust, patience, forgiveness, allowance, and remembrance. Yes, we remember in November ~! This Sunday, Advent begins and so we sing with angels! Angels all around us and inside us, always ready and able to help center us!

12 Thoughts of Christmas
Sing THIS right here and now! (Tune, What Child Is This?):

“What child is this who lives in me …
In my busyness lies sleeping.
Whom angels greet, singing so sweet …
The truth of the child they’re keeping.
This, this is consciousness.
Christ light awakening, shining bliss.
This, this is consciousness.
I wake up and I shine who I am.”

Our November Free Shelf for Leaping Literacy Library is up for another week with  lots of ThanksLiving invitations celebrating traditional, creative, and spiritual family literacy!

Whatever To Do’s and To Don’ts call to you this holy season, may you be aligned with your angel guidance for days and ways of true ThanksLiving! Namaste, Love!

I am making some progress on a long time vision and though this is a poor sample … I’m grateful for infinite possibilities!

Yes, I have a looooooong way to go with production quality, let’s smile anyway in some Turkey Talk ThanksLiving with the Piccolos! Thank you ALL for the blessing of you being part of holy Creation’s ThanksLiving!

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Equinox Blessings Of Balance

Namaste this Equinox & Rosh Hashanah New Year Day!

In the Jewish New Year tradition, the ram’s horn is blown and apples are dipped in honey to intend and affirm a sweet life. In the Wicca celebration of Equinox, here it is the first day of fall with a Mabon harvest celebration and on the other side of the world, Ostara shines the birth of spring. This is the day of equal dark and light when the sun is directly above the equator, a balance point marking the turning of the wheel. From our New Thought Families Inspiration & Calendar pages, this marking of time has other cultural and religious manifestations and celebrations including these:

Shinto Shinto Shuki-sorei-sai
A memorial service similar to the March equinox service (Shunki-sorei-sai), this day is marked by the cleaning and purification of gravesites and the reverence of ancestors as kami, or divine spirits.

Buddhist Buddhist Ohigon
A celebration of the equinox that is of particular importance to Japanese, Korean, and Tibetan Buddhists.  During this festival, the six Paramitas [virtues] are emphasized: generosity, morality, wisdom, honesty, endeavor, and patience.

Judaism Native American Autumn Feast
A day to honor the harvest end and the coming and going of the seasons, including prayers, songs, and the telling of tribal stories. 

Ritual and holi-days are ways we can re-align with the shine of our divine design. Even just taking a bird’s eye view like this of traditions that belong to others can help to inspire us. We all share the same sky and this equal time of sun and moon so it is an optimal time … to look at time. And BALANCE! And choices. Who do we give our time, talent, and treasure to? What energies are we feeding?For those of us who celebrate the New Year on January 1st, there are 100 days left now in this 2017! Those of us who live mindfully, awake and aware, this blessing of balance and the turning of the wheel is an opportunity to re-evaluate and intend for that sweet life. Sometimes this means making needed adjustments. Revisit the resolutions, if you made them. For those, like me, who do a lot, always good to take a grateful stock of what is & what has been, as well as what’s ahead. As parents, of children, (and some of us) of our own parents, milestones and markers are based on them and their lives. Tonight, my 17 year old Jeremiah is in the homecoming court at school. We are in the midst of college application preparations and Jeremiah is taking a crazy load of courses + drama and band. I am that mom helping with all of it as I also do for my parents, especially my dad, as well as tend to many of the facets of work that call to me, in part preparing for the big job of mom that comes with the child support paycheck to be past me in the circle of time. To that aim, our new Creative Spirit Families local studio began it’s first Creativity Classes & ChildSing this week, YAY! And! I have gotten back to my list of new alliteration titles that inadvertently got put on hold. Yay for Letter T! I am also in the midst of digitizing a re-illustration of a vintage Laurie Story about Hazel the tree to be shared at Spiritual Life Center this Sunday and onto the Free Shelf of the Leaping Literacy Library for the last week of September!Getting back to my Laurie StorEBooks needed to happen though, admittedly, juggling all that I do can be physically exhausting. For all of us, in this abundant culture, our fast paced lives compounded by the stresses of our global family, can really be all too much. Sooooooooooo … balance beckons! Doing what we can for our loved ones, our global family, and our own heart’s desires is a balancing act. We pray for so many devastated by hurricane, fire, earthquake. We give financially or otherwise if possible. There’s the other insanities of humanity playing out through world leaders, rebels causing genocide, hundreds of thousands of new refugees just in the last few weeks … whoa! BREATHE! BALANCE! As my Mabon song sings, “We rest in the dark, we renew in the light …”

Somehow … we find our balance in the turning of the wheel. For each of us, it is different. As Abraham Hicks and others teach, our feelings are a compass. Generally, when we feel stressed, we are out of balance. We either:

  1. Think something or someone should be different than they are.
  2. Think the way the situation is dictates what or how we are.
  3. Think we do not have the power to change it.

We are well served to bring Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’ to any or all of those thoughts beginning with the question, “Is it true?”

In taking on the new studio, I have had to re-align with the pace of grace and the art of allowance. As a spiritual being, this is the only way to do so much and still be … Truly, “It is not I but the Spirit within me that doeth the work.” Of course, there have been many moments of messiness yet the more I allow grace, the more I am gratefully and abundantly flowing! In this balance of do and be, I am living my best me! At Spiritual Life Center last Sunday, our celebration of oak trees looked at how oaks, like no other tree allow insects of all kinds to breed upon them. Some of the oak balls or galls come from wasps laying their eggs in the bark. The tree forms the gall to protect itself and in turn protects the eggs. A beautiful blesson of oneness! For our art trees, we had puzzle pieces and the little turning of the wheel pastas to add ~ all of our beautiful children created very different, gorgeous trees.

And so it is that we create from the balanced blessings of our lives; integrating all we can of the good and the bad, the dark and the light, the sweetness and the bitterness, all found on the wheel. Here’s hoping that each of us and all of us are able to keep coming into the allowance of grace so we may indeed live the highest heart of humanity ~ no matter what the calamity! Namaste, Love!

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A Disciple’s Decisions

smilecircleNamaste Mindful, Mystical Manifestations of The Mystery!
In the Circle of Time, I greet you with a smile of Love and well wishes for a bright, bountiful, and beautiful New Year!

With 2017 well under way, I am reaching out today with various video messages you can choose to peruse ~ or not! In the sea of offerings that call to our minds, hearts, and souls, we definitely have to choose only those that serve us best! ‘The Mystery’ linked above and here remains some of the best advice I know in choosing how we can live a meaningful life ~ basically by choosing to be happy and be with the ‘Mystery’ every day ~ of any year, any life!

So! How are you living your ‘Mystery’ this new year? This new moment of being? You are HERE! And I, for one, am grateful.  For all my intentions of being here in this blog space to ceremoniously ring in the new year, it is simply here and now that I am showing up with scattered greetings of epiphany, burning bowl and the shine of solstice shadows. The following 3 videos came about on December 21st, December 31st, and January 6th. I suppose the way any ‘real’ person shares such things is in real time like on FaceBook. Somehow, I save things for this space because it feels more sacred and sanctified. And yes, we get to make it all up, whatever meaning we assign to whatever we do … for who … when!

This Epiphany video shares my intention/resolution to DIG in this 2017 as a disciple as well as a new song, “Free To Leave” that sings to the spiritual parenting journey I have been on with my son, my father, and myself. My big epiphany of 2017: Just keep showing up however you are called! DIG in and do it! Be a devoted disciple to the divine callings of your heart with discipline. Not too sexy or exciting yet the discipline will allow me more structure and ultimately more freedom! Too much freedom can lead to chaos. And in my case, the lack of structure and devotion to my own callings in the wake of serving everyone else led to some extreme end of the year exhaustion I am just now recovering from! Inward Investments invite innate inspirations! Intuition! Imagination! I am a disciple of these! And in being a devotee of this infinity of divinity, I gratefully live in the glow of grace. Gratitude garners grace! So it is that I am a disciple of my divinity infinitely inspired by intuition ad imagination as I gratefully grow in grace!

Our Creative Spirit Families’ ‘For Humanity’ year did indeed make it’s way co-creating A-Z in 2016. This co-creator rolled over into 2017 with extra ZZZZZZZZZZs to catch up and replenish in the Circle Of Time!

Ultimately, especially this time of year, we can look to our dreams for the solutions and resolutions we seek for our happiness. Yet, we all have failed resolutions. In fact, the odds are with us that by year’s end we will find ourselves in a similar place in the circle from where we started. YET! As spiritual beings on this human path, we have SO many transformational tools to transform our dreams into realities. Habits can be shifted and changed to support us. Being mindful and proactive in releasing the old and embracing the new is one that comes up this time of year. Setting intentions, using a burning bowl for release and centering into what we are embracing is a ritual that serves us on holy days, calendar milestones, and ANY time the energies beckon! From the small to the tall, there are always milestones along our path …

Breathe deep in blessed, bountiful, beautiful balance! Affirm change with any and every mindful breath ... releasing the old and embracing the new!
Breathe deep in blessed, bountiful, beautiful balance! Affirm change with any and every mindful breath … releasing the old and embracing the new!

Our year always ends and begins with Folk Music Camp; a few hundred of us sing, ring, play, dance out the old and in the new. This was my 25th+ year and Jeremiah’s 17th (counting in utero) so quite the long standing tradition. This was the first time in all those years, I didn’t have kids for a youth chorus. the tradition started when I first joined because there were SO many kids and a need. For the last bunch of years, the kids have been few and the need diminished. This was the year to let it go. So I released that and many other things with some tears and a beautiful burning bowl ceremony with some lovely ladies who joined me. Rather than do it alone, I invited others on the workshop board and The Invitation was beautifully met as shared in this brief Camp video:

And since this is a video sharing day, let me issue one more invitation. Let’s just simply say shine on from the lost and found camera, barn song video, Shine Through The Shadows here!

Shining our light and living our dreams is not about being shadow free but rather a continuous process of bringing our light to the shadows. And! If you’re anything like me, taking the time to shine the light in celebration of all that HAS changed, HAS gone right, HAS manifested is paramount! We can always take time to honor what has come to be! Like water over stone, we are constantly evolving and changing … With each turn of the wheel, we are always in a different place on the circle.

At Camp, I had a little workshop to sing the 36 A-Z Short Spirit Songs created in 2016. I am excited and delighted to be resolved in producing those songs in CD and digital release this year ~ whoopee! I also published in the Leaping Literacy Library, 44 new alliteration titles in 2016! You can get online pictorial & audio samples of any or all of them here:

2016newSo my 2017 is still working on the missing letters and a WHOLE lot more as a disciplined disciple of my muse. One day, one page, one title at a time … at the pace of grace … from my winter zzzzzzzz slumber of rejuvenation ~ resolved not to repeat the exhaustion of 2016! Our January Jubilee Free Shelf is stocked and we are smiling on the New Thought Families daily Play and Pray Calendar!


Whatever mix of new and old you are in this mindful moment, may you breathe in ease and grace in the circle of time knowing that you, and all of life are absolutely fine and divine. And yes, absolutely, continue to release, embrace, and SHINE! “Let the cracks allow more light to shine through your heart.” Thank you, thank you, for the infinity of divinity that is the smiling you. Namaste, Love!Mountain Flowers bloom thru granite



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Using Understanding Utilizes Unity!

284-underNamaste Unique, Understanding, Unified Ones!

Yes, we are celebrating the Letter U with all the understanding and unconditional Love we can muster! First, as peace and all else begins with us, as in each of us, we celebrate what it is to be our unusual, unique selves. Some of us seem to thrive on being more unusual than usual and yet, if it’s one thing this path has taught me; being true to yourself (myself!) is the only way … even if and when you stick out like a unicorn …  or a sore thumb! 283-unusual281-thumbsupThe only way I have found to understand me, much less anyone else, is through the deep dive within … going under to understand. The place of darkness is also the place of light. Nurturing this underbelly of ourselves gives us more access to understanding, and ultimately, the Light within us and all around us.290-uniqueUnder the umbrella of our inner Spirit is also the place where we meet up with the ultimate Source or server. Think of your brain like a computer often running old programs from the hurts of the heart … Like a computer we can update our programs, information, and even the access to our Server, aka Source. Unlike our computers that randomly update as they like, we can update at any moment with the universal Server simply by going into prayerful connection.  291-updateAnd so it is we are called to unionize. First with ourselves and our Source … updating and upgrading regularly, daily. From this place of union down under, our unique umbrella of understanding grows allowing us to better understand others. Our current political climate is calling to us to unionize through raging polarization. We are all feeling it to varying degrees in our own families and communities as well as in all the angst in our world family. The humanitarian crisis of refugees has reached a staggering 65 million people displaced from their homes. Yet, in any given moment, we can harmonize and unionize through a heartfelt prayer.293-union

In these turbulent, trying times, we are constantly being invited to walk our talk, live our prayer, and Love unconditionally, especially those we don’t understand. Here is a short vlog that speaks to this and also utilizes the ukulele with the new Letter U Spirit Short Song:


Being in my creativity keeps me tethered through all the uncertainties I continue to navigate with my parents, family, community, world family. I was blessed to attend the Children’s Music Network’s National Gathering last weekend and truly singing songs with good hearted people is sure to help heal the hurts of humanity! Did you know that this Saturday, October 22nd is World Singing Day?! Sing along, wherever you are! And! October 24th is Global Oneness Day ~ join the chorus of positive voices speaking their YES for Love, light, and humanity in a unification celebration.

Ah, the raising of voices and vibrations with all the hope and goodness humanity has to offer. On the next V post, I will be speaking more about vibrations, music, and inviting YOU to sing our (2016 theme) song, “For Humanity” from your backyard.

In fact, this weekend, our daily Play & Pray Calendar as well as the Leaping Literacy Library Free Shelf are all turning to the visionary voice of Letter V:freebiesWhatever unicorn yearnings are stirring in you, may you honor all of your unique unusuality! And! May you find ways to unify with yourself and others with going under to understand, updating your Source connections, practicing unconditional Love, creating & honoring unions … singing, praying, uniting as One with the many good peeps around you. Namaste universally unified expressions of Love!285-unify

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Appreciation Activation!

Namaste Awake and Alive Ones!03_AlivenessHow are you this sweet 16?!  I am in a mode of integration and celebration with reawakened energies from our annual music camp (my 24th!) and this New Year that holds the integration and completion vibration of 9. Musically, I am declaring that I will have a SINGING 2016! It just really hit me how much I have had my music ~ and other things ~ on hold. So! Back to the best of me.

9!  2016 ~ 2+0+1+6= 9

Numerically, the vibration of 9 is all about completion and integration and I am feeling it ~ are you?! For any who are interested in more about numerology and the power of 9, Kari Samuels has a great explanation here. There are just so many ways to understand and give our lives meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

New Year resolutions are running rampant and all I have to say is I SO appreciate what is and what can be! And! I am armed with plenty of acceptance & allowance as I embark on a year with a very big, alphabetic To Do & To Be List! Already, I have been doing a dance with resistance … procrastination creeping in around the edges when I make the moments for what my heart truly calls me to. Why is this? The reason only 8% of New Year’s resolutions make the full year?! We are complex beings of habit … yet! We are Spirit in action called to higher Love, higher expressions of who we truly be so that’s why we have … EPIPHANY!

Last week was Epiphany; the end of the Christmas season and all of it’s bright light insights. It left me in full solution, resolution and restitution energy with a core of Epiphany ABCs shaping my sweet 16. I am re-establishing a decent work schedule and doing the caretaking of my dad all in 1 day and 1 evening a week. Even though it is finally starting in earnest this (day!) week, I am feeling freer than I have in a long time. Whee!

Came home from cleaning the barn and hay at my dad's ranch, feeling the sweep of new energies, and a full rainbow was smiling over our home!
Came home from cleaning the barn and hay at my dad’s ranch last week, feeling the sweep of new energies, and found a full rainbow smiling over our home!

The Christian tradition of Epiphany follows 12th Night with the arrival of the 3 kings to baby Jesus in the manger. Metaphysically, Epiphany is all about receiving the gifts of our lives. What gifts can you surmise in the midst of the New Year focus on revise?

For my part, on Epiphany I spent time with the gifts of Creative Spirit Families and made a few videos. One is mostly a review of 2015 and the other a candle lighting celebration and look forward into our 2016 focus. If you want to spend a few of your precious moments with me, watching 1 or more of these latest videos, I’d be honored.

2015 Celebration of Creative Spirit Families:

Lighting Candles! Awakening 2016 with Creative Spirit Families:

I also felt compelled to break out the ukulele and my inner awake and aware angel in the home music video, “Best Of Me”.

You see, 2016 is the year of Creative Spirit Families ABCs. Spiritually, we are awake and aware with plenty of appreciation, abundance, allowance and adoration. And as our Happy New Year post unveiled, we are doing our daily New Thought Families Play & Pray Calendar with ABCs … for Humanity! On the 15th of this month, A meets B and the 16th through the 29th is all about Beauty’s Blessings.08_ActivateSacredThere is also a focus on revising our New Thought Families ABC pages complete with related links to the Membership Library materials ~ videos, songs, etc. that correspond to each of the page virtues. It really is more of the needed integration and clarification of the Leaping Literacy Library contents. Leaping Literacy Library Section BranchesWe have sweet 16 things To Do and To Be in every section of Leaping Literacy!

This new beginning time of year begs us to look at what we want to revise in our lives. It also is the perfect time to review and celebrate what has been. Life can be a wonderful mix of tradition and revision. I had a renewed and deep appreciation of our annual music camp this year. Jeremiah played with the band for the swing dance. At one point, the MC asked Jeremiah how old he was, “15”, and how many years he had been coming to camp? “16”. She then said she had known Jeremiah for about 18 years after all my singing about my biological clock and being a childless mother. It was a beautiful reminder of a longing fulfilled, a dream come true, and passionate purpose woven with Love in the web of life.

Another great integrative unfolding was this year’s Camp Kids’ Chorus ~ the 23rd I have held space for … there were some big groups of kids at 1 point with lots of Camp related songs penned and sung over the years … this year just 3 gorgeous girls gathered. As a warm up, we sang I Am A Bright Light (Small After Small CD) which they liked but wanted to change. Sara asked, “Can we be anything?” (other than a bright light). “Of course. Like what?” “A digging mole.” The M song was born! Briefly put, the mermaid, mole, and marshmallow shone the bright light of imagination & merriment ~ and helped me further integrate my love light for the fun of letters, language, and the power of the imagination.

HatParadeTitle Of course, the ‘traditional’ roots of Leaping Literacy and Laurie’s Stories are all about the above. The 26 letters will bring out at least 26 alliteration Laurie StorEBooks this year. And, we are spending each month this sweet singing 16 on each of the major vowel sounds beginning with short a. Our online, interactive game pages will finish their transformation ~ after a failed intern attempt last summer! ~ we are choosing to keep showing up for revision! And! The Laurie StorEBooks ~ of course. Revising 3 more titles for short a this month. JackTitleDanTitle
Password: ZSSSEB

On the Leaping Literacy Free Shelf, you’ll find: Zak the Black Yak stacking snacks with a knack ~ with you, the Color Cloud and color friends like Green Queen Colleen! Zak’s Snack Stacks is available in multiple formats along with Giraffe In Our Bath also on the Free Shelf this January as is the Awake and Aware, Sebastian Wakes Up:Sebastian00

This blog will remain for our Spirit musings most Mindful Mondays this ’16 with many of the offerings regularly appearing on the FaceBook page and perhaps our old (13) freeliteracy blogspot space. 11 days in and still working on the deets perfectly imperfectly! So it might be with (some of) your new resolution solutions?! It’s ok, we have divine timing on our side, always. And in all ways.

Ya, here’s the ’16 thing, my mindful, awake and aware beautiful beloveds; a new start is always welcome but not always easy. I hereby give myself ~ and you! should you choose ~ permission to embrace new resolution solutions and allow the imperfection of slow and faltering steps along the way … to know and be comforted in the peace that is Spirit Yes ever guiding us onward … to begin again … and again … and again … every time we say yes to being Love expressed.

So thank you, thank you for being witness to our Creative Spirit Families Epiphany ABCs … January ~ December 2016. Here they are in their alphabetical divine order. From A-Z, I adore & appreciate you zealously! Namaste Awakening Beauty!

Awake and Aware
Beauty’s Blessings
Conscious Co-Creating
Divine Dance (disciplined devotion!)
Evolving Energies
Faith Filled Freedom
Gratitude’s Grace
Hopeful Hearts
Intuition, Imagination, Inspiration!
Joyful Justice
Kindred Kindness
Love Light
Meditative Mindfulness
Nurturing Nature
Opening Oneness
Playful, Prayerful, Peaceful Practices
Quiet Quest
Reverent Remembrance
Sacred Service
Trusting Transformation
Understanding Unity
Vision’s Voice
Working Wisdom
Exuberant Xenophilia
Yielding Yes
Zippy Zealousness

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Happy Thanks Living!

HappyThanksLiving copyNamaste Awake and Aware Beings of Light, Love & Prayer!
I greet you in the name of changing seasons, Thanksgiving (USA), and the ongoing Spirit of Thanks Living! How is your attitude of gratitude flowing these fine fall days?! There are so many ways to be Love expressed in the midst of how we are infinitely blessed! The act of saying, thinking, breathing, “Thank You” is such a wonderful way to express Love and appreciation for all we have! Sure, we say it in passing and it is always good to say. Yet when we bring our full attention, awareness and appreciation to our words, it deepens the grateful joy that fills our hearts and perhaps those of others. I am blessed to be surrounded by nature’s beauty and sometimes I just (have to!) get close and personal. Just yesterday, I nuzzled a tree, breathed her beauty, gave thanks, and felt at one with the sacred beauty. Ah, Thanks Living!

Me1 copyMe copy
It was at once a prayer and a breath of fresh air!

Giving thanks is an elixir to the heart. Much like forgiveness, it is mostly for our own good to give thanks. Though others feel the high vibration of gratitude, and everyone likes to be thanked, it generally does us ~ the ones feeling and expressing it ~ the most good. There is an unfortunate pervasive attitude of entitlement in many of the youth I have worked with over the years; so much so that the ones who genuinely express their thanks seem to really stand out ~ like it’s not the norm. Gratitude is one of the higher vibrational ways of being so it truly is for the highest good that we teach our children ~ and ourselves! ~ to not take the infinite blessings of life for granted, but rather to notice and give thanks for the ever present omnipresent blessings in a natural flow of Thanks Living!
ThanksMillion copyAgain, nature is the perfect backdrop for Thanks Living. How wonderful that our days begin and end in a blaze of color! What a reminder that life is a celebration! Yet … we probably miss more of these moments than we embrace? The skies here are magnificent, especially this time of year, but I don’t take in every sunrise and every sunset. Many days I do relish them with reverent reverie yet many days, I don’t. Too busy with the tasks before me. The skies are still ablaze whether I stop to be with them and fill my soul or not. The colors are still glowing in the sky whether or not I give attention and appreciation.SunRiseSet copy
So! Deep breath of awake and aware appreciation! What or who have you been taking for granted lately? Ask that wise heart of yours this marvelous mindful moment … let’s send them or “it” some deep gratitude now! Perhaps even take a tender moment with yourself to give thanks for all you do, all you are. It is so easy to take it all, even ourselves for granted!

So, in the Spirit of Thanks Living, we can expect to see divinity ~ everywhere! And so it is!Divinity copy
CreekPeekABoo copyLast week we looked at forgiving and Thanks Living. I have been widening my education of the humanitarian crisis with refugees and the effects of the civil war in Syria. It is staggering so I am looking to take some small actions … a webpage on the New Thought Families site and I signed up to represent Syria at a local, annual event for young children and families where each participant represents a country. I will keep you posted! While it seems like nothing, it is the small something I can do from here for now. That and prayer of course.

Sometimes when families come together for holidays like Thanksgiving, there can be tension and stress. My family is no exception. In fact, it’s started already! I’ll spare you most of the details though I know the aging elders and all their ongoing health problems is a strain for all. Last week, more doctoring with my dad as my stepdad landed in the hospital on the heals of my mom’s surgery. He is home now and we will all gather there on Thanksgiving Day. I will keep returning to Love & gratitude through any stresses and hopefully the collective grateful vibration will reign. This holiday does indeed remind us to be grateful for each other and all we have. And as you get by now, I am practicing the Earth Day every day way of being this remembrance in daily Thanks Living.

This week’s Leaping Literacy Library Free Shelf  is a full on feast of food, family, and gratitude; 4 Super Songs, 3 Yippee E Books and the Sensational SoulPlay Camp Chef Anne Baker shares body wisdom (what is up with gluten?!) and 2 very cool how to videos … making apple pancakes and gluten free potato latkes ~ so much yummy! Thank you Anne Baker of  Nourish Holistic Nutrition!

SoulPlay Chef & Nourish Holistic Nutrition Anne Baker
SoulPlay Chef & Nourish Holistic Nutrition Anne Baker
“Yum yum color is inside your head!”

Whatever Thanks Living moments of feasting, fun, frolic, aware appreciation, and divinity delights fill your week, may you be blessed in it and may you be blessed by your appreciation of it. If it serves you, remember and appreciate with us on our Thanks Living daily Play & Pray Calendar. I am so grateful for you and the gift of your presence here and on this beautiful planet home. Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanks Living! Namaste, sweet Love.


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Thanks Living Moments

CircleTimeNamaste Circle Of Love & Life!
I greet you this mindful Monday moment full of Thanks Living! As declared last week, this is part 2 of a 5 part series this November To Remember on the art of Thanks Living. I do consider it an art as well as a discipline, a practice, a choice … moment by moment. In the circle of time, we meet at the beginning and at the end in any given moment. And, of course, like time itself, the concepts of start and finish are only human constructions to help us reason and make sense of things. Aging shows us time but our hearts and minds are free from those restraints if we so choose. And yes, I am constantly navigating the effects of aging these days … elders, teens, messy middle. When I free my heart and mind, it doesn’t necessarily change the physical before me yet I allow myself to be happy or at least in compassionate peace with whatever is. And! I often go to gratitude with the prayer to deepen my embrace of the moment.  Let’s take a deep breath of sacred appreciation … here and now … in the circle of time … make a wish if you want or simply revel in the perfection of this now breath.


Great spiritual teachers like Tolle have taught us about the power of the moment. More and more I am finding deeper facets of that power ~ in Thanks Living sacred awareness and gratitude. I practice it all the time. The most sure fire path to happiness I have found is to simply start saying thank you … naming and claiming the beauty around me with sincere appreciation. And when needed, I name and claim my own perfection with the same expansive appreciation of all that I am. Try it with me in this moment … look at your hands with the eyes of Love … the way you would look at your child, pet, spouse, anyone or anything you deeply love and appreciate. Tell your hands either aloud or in your mind how beautiful they are and how much you appreciate all they have done … just this very day. Now see if you can watch your hands in motion for the next little while noticing their beauty and sending that appreciative awareness as they are in motion. Try it even and especially when those hands are washing the dishes or some (other) task you might find unpleasant. Let your awareness and appreciation of water and suds and food consumed flow through your hands. You can do this with any part of you or anyone else or you can simply keep reminding yourself to bring this awareness of gratitude into as many of your moments as possible. Some days I am in this flow of joyous Thanks Living and some days I have to catch myself in some sort of (emotional) pain or misalignment and actively call back the moment … and the gratitude for it. I call on my heart thoughts for Happy Thanks Living! And I often send them out to others ~ bet you do too?! Woo Hoo! If so or if not, send one right now … up, up and away Heart Thought!
HeartThoughtsLast week was intense for me … extra time at doctor offices and hospitals with my parents, the school with Jeremiah. I had more than one frustrated moment of wishing things were different. Yet I put into practice sacred awareness of the present moment and the choice to be grateful for it ~ instant shift! More peaceful happy me able to send heart thoughts to myself and others! And though I got very little of my own Leaping Literacy work done, I did a bit and continue to show up even in fleeting moments.

SO! Leaping Literacy Free Shelf this week:
FreebiesI re-illustrated one of the Long OO vowel celebration Laurie StorEBooks, TWO ~ it’s there in multiple formats for you!

From the Laurie StorEBook, Two.
From the Laurie StorEBook, Two.

The ChildSing Song this week is only 2 words ~ Yes & No ~ a 4 year old Jeremiah is singing with me (we are still doing the yes/no tango at 15!), We Thank You mp3 song & music video is a joyous song of gratitude from the I Am A Seeker CD featuring boisterous young voices from the youth choir days at the Spiritual Life Center. And look who is here from SoulPlay ~ Charmaine Quintana ~ who truly makes numerology easy peasy ~ download her free eBook and hear her explain numerology as well as an 11/2 Day and a 13/4 day in 3 SoulPlay audios. Tuesday of this week is an 11/2, Thursday 13/4 with the auspicious 11/11 on Wednesday and Friday is the 13th. Numerology can be great fun as well as holding ancient wisdom … visit our Free Shelf and let Charmaine make it easy peasy for you! Her free eBook is great for the young too ~ a coloring page animal or totem for each number. Thank you Charmaine!

When we study anything like numerology it can give us more light &  insight into ourselves and our worlds; life is an intricate web of connections. Often, we can be overwhelmed by the volume of what is coming at us. Enter … again … the MOMENT! Any and all we need is always available to us … moment by moment … and when we can gratefully grasp that, we can indeed live the happy Love of Thanks Living. That is my wish for you and all beings … in this and every moment. Namaste, Love!

Play & Pray Every Day with Thanks Living this November To Remember on our free calendar!  If you are local, join us for our Thanks Living Stone Soup Gratitude PlayShop this Sunday!