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Spring Seeds: Kindness Kisses

Namaste Spring Seeds Of Awareness, Goodness, and Blessed Yesness!

Seeds of Infinity Bless Our Endless Possibilities!

I greet you in the name of holy divinity seeding infinite possibilities this International Women’s Day in mighty March! I am ever aware and eternally grateful of the wondrous women who have gone before as well as all those standing tall among us now. We are ever yes blessed by the courage that has been helping to seed our ways today.

This could be a well deserved post about great women. This could be a commentary of the latest women who ran for president only to be outvoted by old white men. This could speak to the corona virus or any of the other top stories in our fast paced news cycle and ongoing, evolving lives. There is always much to say here especially when a month rolls by in-between visits. This is a place I show up to speak my truth in various ways.

-Strangely, I still feel some affinity with this space. I suppose because I have been coming here for so many years. Despite the ongoing invitation and justification to build a social media profile and relationship with others, I haven’t been able to go there. For many reasons.

This is a day when having a social media following and community would be ideal. Not just to celebrate great women but to announce and celebrate something I have been birthing, literally for years! I was sure it was happening on last years ~ and this years! ~ New Thought Families (website) February anniversaries. I was REALLY sure it was happening on super Saturday Leap Day, 2/29/20! Then, I leaned into the great action day of Marth 4th. Too many other ongoing commitments with family elders and my Student Author Program. Yet! Daily actions, chipping way … and today is the day!

Leaping Literacy ETV is born! YIPPEE!

It’s just a little web show from my Victorian Playhouse. It’s just a tiny seed planted long ago raising up taller this day. It’s just a little concept I have been nurturing for years. It’s just a little dream that the great Mr. Rogers has been holding space on my altar for … for a whole lotta months. It’s still far from perfect, production wise. (Deep apologies for what *should* be an Australian accent for the koala Kara! And ongoing green screen learnings!) And ya, production aside, there’s the communication piece that is all but missing. You know, the community I am here to serve waiting to receive this ~ ?! Like dropping my last CD on Independence Day, July 4th, without a waiting audience, it is indeed a tree falling in the forest. I have always been in the camp that says of course there’s a sound even if no one else hears it!

Ah, the Oneness Of Co-Creation … In Imagination, Manifestation, and Celebration!

And goodness knows, there could be a whole team doing this; a team spreading the word much less creating the art. I do have wonderful friends in Rev Karene and Big Don lending their time, talent and treasure in this venture, yay for Owlive, Fido and Gramma K! And I do indeed have a Spirit team that has always been with me in this and all things; I know for sure, it is not I but the Spirit within me that doeth the work.

So here it is!

Because I am too full of it to speak to much else, I do hope you can experience this with us now, for the betterment of all. You can also experience our ETV debut on the New Thought Families’ Inspiration page here!

Serving FUNdamental, Creative, and Spiritual Family Literacy,
Our Leaping Literacy ETV is born with Spring Kisses!

In ramping into this for so long, there is all kinda footage in various stages of production; from fall leaves and squirrels, bats, Christmas, Ida B Wells, Sojourner Truth and MORE. I wanted SO to include the women on this international day of celebration ~ even trying to weave it in at the beginning or end. I let it go for the flow of the show ~ yet! Here it is ~ just because. Also on the NTF Inspirations page, I want some of the honoring to come up out of the silence.

Well there it is. Yes, we are still reorganizing the Leaping Literacy Library. Yes, the Free Shelf is being tended to weekly. And! Our very teeny tiny wee fee of $29 put in place last month is being held over for Membership March. Hundreds of songs! Hundreds of Laurie StorEBooks! Hundreds of videos! All for practically free. That’s Leaping Literacy!

We have also made available our year long For Humanity Calendar as well as our daily Play & Pray Plant Seeds March Calendar. Plant seeds of compassion, tenderness, goodness!

Make no mistake, you are planting seeds of divine goodness all the time. For this I am so grateful. Thank you for being here to share in all that it is to be aware and share the prayer. Namaste Love!