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Green Listening

Namaste All Things Possible Seeds Of Green Potentiality!
Below is a little video honoring of St Patrick and a moment of listening in nature. As we celebrated St. Patrick today, and as we embrace Spring Equinox this week, may we align with what it is to listen. To truly listen to the sacred voice of the Divine that whispers inside us and all around us. And as we listen, may we continue to grow and shine in the light of Love we are created of. And so it is.
“Be still and know that I am God.
Be still and know that I am.
Be still and know.
Be still.
― St. Patrick


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Facing Fear With Fortitude

Namaste Centered Seedlings Of Divine Love Expressed To Bless This World!
earth-1599591_1920 Fortitude!
I greet you this mindful moment with the moxy and pluck of fortitude. This energy is spoken and celebrated on today’s New Thought Families Daily Play & Pray Calendar as we plant seeds of Fortitude there. I am breathing into this intention with the action of being here now, choosing to align with fierce fortitude in the face of my own fears triggered by all the outside & inside voices that insidiously whisper, “Failure.” Fortitude moves us powerfully forward in the face of  any fearful facets that show up around us with the gift of triggering those within us.mistake-876597_640
There are so many deets of my recent days, a few almost cartoon real life moments that I could relate here … you know the ones where you later think, ‘Did she really say that’?! And oops, did I really manage ease and grace in that moment and still react later against myself with abuse? Wow. And! What I want to express in this seed moment, is that Love always reigns supreme in face of and in spite of the fear ~ in whatever timeframe we can re-align with Love’s grace, it patiently awaits! It can take some fortitude to re-align! In the hope of further freeing us from the stories that can hold us hostage, I hold the hand of fear now and turn us both towards beauty.  I say yay for the renewal of springtime begin again! Available year round of course. Here, the hills are currently greening and the flowers budding reminding us of eternal renewal. I have been listening to the wonderful Lisa Nichols on YouTube and I love her philosophy that you get a 1000 do overs and when you get to 999, you hit reset! There are so many ways we can put compassion into action!heart-in-snow-3198676_640
Divine Order!
Let’s bring compassion to the fear and cries for Love in this right now moment. Let’s affirm divine order ALWAYS and in ALL WAYS! Let us affirm that even when we consciously or unconsciously hurt each other, everyone is always doing their straight up best. Some days our best is better than other days. Yet no one wakes up in the morning and sets an intention to do harm to themselves or another. Hopefully we awake in gratitude and the intention to do our best with zest. We begin again, shaking off the cold and reaching for the light.nature-3243718_640
Miracle Mindedness!
What miracle would you like to celebrate right here and right now? The miracle of you? The gift of reset, try again and begin again, any day, every day? Any moment?! Whatever manifest miracle comes to mind, hold it in your heart now. In the circle of time, I am here to celebrate it with you ~ woo hoo! Trust in the goodness of Grace and your ability to allow it in and through you now. Affirm, Miracle Minded, Open Hearted, Yes Blessed Expressed I Am! From this week’s Leaping Literacy Free Shelf, here is the song, Glorious Grace. “Grace is good flowing, glowing every place!” Sign In/Up for free if the song and our other green offerings call to your heart this week. Irrespective, let’s be complete for now on the joyous, hopeful note that Love’s grace awaits your open heart and miracle minded consciousness.
May we bathe in this goodness and enJOY Love’s grace!
Namaste, Love!Freebies319B

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March Manifestations: Seeds Of Love

Namaste Divine Energy; Life Blessed Expressed as YES!
Let’s Celebrate Us as Seeds Of Divinity Infinitely Expressed!

Thank you for being here this sacred Sunday or any moment you connect to this. I am grateful for your yes. I am reconnecting with my commitment to communicate here and in the various places I chose to show up including some chosen in the past and those yet to come. Let us think of it all in terms of seeds …

Seeds are each encoded with all the potentiality of their divine design just waiting to grow. We can think of so many aspects of our lives as seeds; thoughts, words, intentions, deeds.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

We know that we co-create our lives through the infinite seeds of thought, desire, action. Some of these are all too often unconscious, steeped in tradition, familial & community patterns. The gift of consciousness allows us to tend to our seeds and weeds mindfully allowing our gardens to grow in alignment with our divine shine and in partnership with the grace filled flow of the Master Gardner. In stepping back to look at the gardens we grow … in our minds, hearts, homes, work, play ~ LIFE! ~ we are freer to tend to the weeds of unhappiness and gratefully harvest the manifested bliss. This can be a global experience of being and also a moment by moment one we choose to manage as the weeds arise. Our emotions can guide us in this as long as we are willing to work within their flow ~ consciously!
Wild flowers like this bell tower spring up in the middle of unmanicured grass. I have always had a hard time with ‘weeds’ because it is all natural beauty sown with seeds from the Master Gardner’s hand! After years of co-creations, I have found many wild spaces in my life can make me feel chaotic, un-focused and even inept. The wonderful web can be seen like this; have you noticed how many directions your computer will try to take you within the first few minutes of booting up? You go to google up something and there are all these other things beckoning?! We must stay focused and committed sowers of intentional seeds tending to our garden needs! We must have a center ~ hopefully that’s Love ~ with a clear compass on what is ours to do to live that Love expressed as blessed!Hibiscus
Of course, the best way to stay centered is in our daily prayer & listening practice. Hearing our own hearts, is a practice that is best done in silence. From that place, we can anchor in and be more apt to be able to get there in the midst of the noise, the chaos, the uncertainty. I have long used a favorite affirmation from
Louise Hay, “Clarity is my natural state of being!”

I am still in the very messy middle of re-engaging with the websites and what is mine to do. As told here in February, I sang 28 Love songs and posted them daily on FaceBook and on the daily Play & Pray Calendar at New Thought Families, As these things go, I learned and grew greatly in some unexpected ways! On the last day, I spoke to the work here and in general with the song, “I Am Free”:

013So whether or not you have the time or desire to share the above with me, I will say as we near wrap up, that Love ~ of one’s work, family, heart callings of any kind is a multi-layered thing. At once it is as simple as the garden and yet a deep mystery born in the divine. As I celebrate 12 years of New Thought Families, I return to the mission statement video on the home page of New Thought Families and below. To know ourselves as Love allows for co-creations and manifestations of the highest order. To always know ourselves as Love is not at all easy. We must tend to our gardens, manage our energy, use transformational tools, practice, practice, practice and always return to Love moment by moment, day by day, season by season. I wish you all infinity of divinity as you continue to reach for the light and grow your divine shine as you align and answer, “What is mine?” … To do with the clarity that is your natural state of being! Namaste Beautiful Seed Of Love!