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Yielding Yesness; Zinging Zen Zealousness!

351-yeszealousnessNamaste Yesness Zealously Expressed!

Yikes! The year has nearly ended. Solstice zipped by 3 days ago! It’s Christmas! It’s Hanukah! And Kwanzaa! And it is this deep breath moment whenever you are reading these words. Let’s breathe in the Light of Love we are and yield into the zen of this moment. Yes, we can be zen here and now as we allow.


Yule and Yuletide began long ago as a celebration of light in the darkness of winter. With Christianity came the birth of Jesus and for many, Yule became Christmas and Yuletide became Christmastide. Both celebrate the light with cheer and zeal. There is also good measure of reverent zen in the light. Ever just meditated on a candle flame?! The lighting of the menorah that is Hanukah begins tonight, Kwanzaa on Boxing Day, the 26th. The light, in so many traditions & reflections, is always calling us home!357-zap
No matter what darkness or shadow we experience, we can always call on the light to ZAP our mind, heart, Spirit! Here’s a Play Invitation from our daily Calendar:
Play with zapping your light today! Take a Love filled thought or feeling and ZAP yourself with it!
Hold the Love in your hands, rub your hands together … feel the heat … and the Love … build energy! Build that energy and then let it go with a light filled burst … ZAP! As you go about your day, see if you can ZAP others in this Love filled way. Maybe use your hands or just a thought or smile to ZAP someone with Love. Especially if you see someone who looks sad, ZAP them! You can ZAP anyone, anywhere in the world ~ anytime! ZAP!

The holy days, for so many of us, bring the wholi-daze that can take us far and away from the intended reverie much less the inspirational reverence from whence the traditions sprang. I myself have done it again … the overwhelm of WAY too much family … food prep, travel, boxes and bows … making it increasingly more challenging to just GLOW!339-yelpyowlSolstice Wednesday this week, I mixed playing Santa for my dad, recording a vlog & music video of “Shine Through The Shadows” in front of the ancestor built barn (over 100 years ago) on my dad’s ranch, and hosting a Creative Spirit Families’ Living Light PlayShop at one of our families’ homes. Our intergenerational, interfaith PlayShop lovelies shared food, merriment, singing, crafts to honor our light & dreams, candle light circle of spoken prayers & dreams. It was family fun & Spirit fed zeal and zen expressed ~ YES! Yippee! As part of my season of overwhelm, I have not seen my camera bag since the PlayShop ~ no camera or video camera ~ YIKES! NO! YIELD! Nothing like surrender to bring you back to holy reverence. I am there in certain breaths. Yield to balance! 348-yinyangI did find the missing Christmas present for Jeremiah I had hid from myself and successfully cancelled my missing ATM card and ordered a new one. After a bit of yelping & yowling, the only thing to do in these moments of stress expressed, is follow the seasonal & Solstice invitation to return to the light, surrender into the gift of holy presence even & especially when I feel too stressed to experience it. I continue to affirm divine order, to return to center throughout my long days and (short) sleep nights that are in exact opposition to the season that says sleep more in the darkness … germinate those seeds of grace and goodness to grow more light and shorten your shadow! (Imagine the Solstice video vlog and song  … mmmm … divine order?!!!).364-unzipzenUltimately, we know that ‘peace begins with me’ so in times of stress, we mindfully, trustfully say yes to zen expressed! There are so many great transformational tools to help us say yes to zen … vibrational alignment music is one of my FAVES! There’s Whole Tones which is a brilliant set of all 7 higher frequencies our bodies, minds and Spirits resonate with ~ each of the 7 is 22 minutes long. YouTube has a plethora of free options; The Well Being Academy is wonderful with long pieces of Arch Angel Music and more ~ not commercial free yet way more music than anything else. Ease and grace support of our well being ~ YES for ease and grace!342-sayyes2016 has been a year where many of us rose up to say NO ~ No to the Dakota Access Pipeline and horrible treatment of indigenous people, no to slavery, no to the Syrian war and refugee crisis, no to a President Elect that spews an agenda that threatens human rights and the health of our planet. My last hope of the Electoral College doing their job to stop the runaway train of insanity and not, in fact elect DT did not come to pass. I attended my first protest that day at the State Capitol with my 16 year old Jeremiah who went in solidarity with me and others even though he felt no hope saying, “It’s like protesting the sun coming up in the morning.” My hopes dashed, I am left to find my zealous yes in doing my best ~ figuring out what to do with the inner activist who is SO awake right now! I choose to be yes zealousness expressed in all the zen I can be. Yet! For me, that can’t be a full return to my bubble. So I am opening to the wise one within who knows my best yes.354-zingingzen

You see, I believe what Mother Theresa said, “I won’t come to an anti-war rally but if you have a peace rally, let me know.” And! I believe that if we are uninformed and too quiet, injustice can run rampant. I am grateful to the Water Protectors and to the activists who call on the big tech companies to say no to Trump’s Muslim registry. Ultimately, my core belief is that we belong to each other and in this day and age of global awareness, that means taking care, prayer, and action once we are aware!353-zenithSo we reach for the light. We reach for our own soul’s height. We reach out a hand to someone who needs a hand up. And we keep reaching for center to know what our highest purpose and actions are. If you’re anything like me, we also need to reach out to receive so that we can continue to be a zealous yes expressed!


So! On this Christmas & Hanukah eve, I am saying yes to this moment of zealous, zesty zen … to finish up our Leaping Literacy alphabetic year here with Y & Z! The daily Play & Pray Calendar  is a December of Yes Zealousness (in part, pictured here!) and our Free Shelf is all about zapping & zinging the zippy Z!

If you see this on Christmas eve or the week+ that follows and want a Laurie Story read to your inner child, or to any of the children in your life, here you go! Opened up from our Leaping Literacy LibraryThe Reindeer Were Here Laurie StorETV is linked here:

I wish you and yours beautiful attunement with the Light ~ however you best feel that zest! Sizzling Solstice! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukah! Empowered Kwanzaa! You are the Light of Love and I am so ever so grateful for you shining through the darkness. Namaste, Love!360-zither





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