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Home Is Where The Healing Is

Have Hope For Humanity ~ Creative Spirit Families

Hello Hopeful Hearts, Helping Hands, and Hearty Hugs of Humanity!

I heartfully greet you in this home based celebration of letter H in our progressing spiritual ABCs. Hope this finds your heart and home happy and harmonized. Ours? Mostly so ~ both of them! As I continue to run my dad’s homestead in addition to our own, and all the extra curriculars, I find in addition to the exhaustion, I have some deeper questions and answers about what home is … to me. So for this week, let’s explore some aspects of heart and home …

It is famously said that home is where the heart is.

Heart Home ~ Creative Spirit Families

When our heart feels at home ~ wherever that is ~ we are safe to feel, safe to express, safe to be. When home is harmonious, we not only feel safe and supported but also free to laugh, play, create, fully express who we truly be. In harmony, home and heart are united in co-creating dreams, hopes, indeed, our highest potential.

Happy Hippos ~ Heartful Home ~ Creative Spirit Families

All too often, home is a place that isn’t the safe nest we would hope for ~ for a myriad of reasons. And there are so many ways that home ~ and our hopeful ideal of it ~ simply crumble.

In my song, “When Dreams Die”,  the bridge sings,
“A house is a home yet dreams are of the heart.
Can there be home when dreams are torn apart?
Is home a feeling? A person or a place?
Can dreams find home in empty space?”

So, when family and home split up through divorce, death or even happier occasions like graduation or job change, home can be the place where hurt is. Irrespective of circumstances, home is often a hurtful place ~ one that nurtures pain patterns rather than providing a more positive presence of support and encouragement. Sometimes, it is the very safety of home that allows for the freedom to express our darker sides like sadness and anger.

Angry Hippo ~ Hurtful Home ~ Creative Spirit Families
Anyone in your home ever look like this?! Quick! Hide!

 Hurting Home ~ Creative Spirit FamiliesIt is in the haven of home where we can hone horrible habits like hording, hiding, hitting ~ with words or fists ~ or less overtly offensive horrible habits like complaining, laziness, overdoing with food, drink, work, or other addictions. In the cycle of family pain patterns, our parents can unconsciously pass down the hurts of their parents. In energetic healing work like Dr. Bradley Nelson’s,  The Emotion Code, heart wall pain is often traced back generations. Even though we haven’t literally met our ancestors, we may be unconsciously carrying forward these family pain patterns. Sometimes the horrible habits are right in our face ~ like hording. The family store we have been cleaning out is a great example of stuff, dust, and more stuff and dust layered deep that I still have my hands in. This last week, Jeremiah’s high school cast performed a new round of their student written one act version of the tale of this family store, 14 Main. We went into the store, with friend, cast member and co-author of the play, Jenni to do a bit more cleaning and take out some of old Uncle Al’s taxidermy pieces for the set. It is moments like these where we can clearly see the heart, dirt, and the hurt of our family ‘home’ carried forward into our own hands and hearts. Cleaning Home Hurt & Dirt ~ Creative Spirit FamiliesHere is where I turn to the divine order perfection discussed last week. The very hurt of home is indeed where the heart is. And even in truly horrible homes where abuse runs rampant or in the absence of home all together for homeless, or in makeshift tent city homes for refugees, there is heart on some measure. And there is a call for healing. Hurt provides the opportunity to heal. And as we heal layers of (generational) hurt, heart has the opportunity to transcend habit. Each of our hearts is called to heal. In the divine order perfection of the soul journey, the family patterns are carefully co-created so that our souls may completely heal and evolve. Healing Home ~ Creative Spirit FamiliesIn looking at the human journey, family is home and where the circle of hurt and healing originates. This holds true for the family of humanity. With more and more conscious awareness, I believe we can and will heal at least some of the horrible hurts of the past. I know my heart and hands are dedicated to the cause. Happy Hippos ~ Healing Home ~ Creative Spirit FamiliesAnd as for the heart and family of humanity …. It is each of us that can heal our human legacy, if not for the human journey, for this planet home. We have undoubtedly inflicted horrible hurt on our earth mother yet we have the collective heart and hands to heal her. At home in the heart of humanity, we will heal. With Earth Day coming up, it is a great time to think of our planet home holding her in heart and hands for healing harmony.Earth Day Every Day Creative Spirit Families
So! Hopeful hearts of humanity! Let us do what is ours to do as we can with harmonious hearts and hands ~ to uplift the beauty and sanity of humanity. Could be as simple as cleaning one corner of your home, taking time to honor a loved one with kind words, careful attention, and an apology if necessary. Perhaps you can take some time for energetic healing or happy celebration of your home and family. Maybe this week in particular, you want to use your hands to plant a tree or pick up litter. I hand it to you to hug ~ facing and embracing the callings of your heart to hold more happiness.

We have another week of Happy H’s on our daily Play and Pray Calendar at New Thought Families. Our Leaping Literacy Free Shelf has a huge, heaping helping of Hands, Hearts, Hugs, Harps! SoulPlay Harpist Cymber Lily Quinn is in the redwood forest playing her celestial sounds ~ playing so beautifully! Experience this in Earth Day & Humanitarian Celebration! Thanks Cymber!Leaping Literacy Library Free Shelf!And thank you! For sharing this mindful moment here and for being aware of your home, heart, hands, hurts, and healings. May you have ease and grace harmony in all … May we all be happy in our healing choices and voices … for ourselves, for family, for earth, for humanity. Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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