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Ecology Of Evolving Energy


Namaste Elevated, Evolving Energies!
I greet you with the everlasting embrace of entirety … for humanity! Yes, today’s enthusiastic embodiment is all about the letter E so herein are some of the ABC’s of E’s Energy along with updates from me (Laurie Story) and Creative Spirit Families! It all begins with Awareness … being aware of the energy that is in us and all around us. Breathing is a natural way to center and re-center both awareness and the energy itself. Consciousness denotes more awareness of how our energies are flowing and what we are Co-Creating with the Divine Dance of Energy that is us.
70.EmbraceEnormousEnthusiasmEnthusiasm. ENTHUSIASM! ENTHUSIASTIC ENERGY ~ Yippee! It’s great when we feel it, right? But what about when we don’t? What about when energy is low and enthusiasm is lower? Sometimes we need to just be with the ebb. And sometimes we need to reach higher. Just how do we elevate? Let’s start with the basicness of …
Energy’s Ecology
So when looking at ecology, it is where the organism (aka, us) meets the environment. From the green environmental standpoint, it often refers to the necessary clean up of our messes. In our personal and spiritual realms, it can mean the same. Energy flows best in a clear path. As nature begins to wake up in spring, the ‘spring cleaning’ often begins around our homes ~ we clean the dust and clutter to make more room for the blossoming of our growing Spirits. I have long believed that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” because it allows a freer flow of that Spirit in and through us. This is good for our physical environments as well as the ecology in our minds, hearts ~ and hands!62.EnergyInMeTake a moment now to check in … How do you feel? What energies are you embodying in this moment? Look around you … how does your space feel? What is it embodying? Just as we can choose to tidy up our physical spaces, so we can and do with our inner, energetic space. There are many transformational tools for emotional clearing like EFT ~ Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping, free pdf here. The quick and easy one I prefer is The Emotion Code from Dr. Bradley Nelson. Leaping Literacy Library Marvelous Members can join me in a video doing the Emotion Code on a glorious fall day in the sacred Sierras. Our Transformational Tools section of Leaping Literacy is still in development yet given the lag time in this, maybe a simple Recommended Resources page should be the next goal! And though the tools can be essential; the enduring, endearing, everlasting Essence that birthed us is always on the ready within … to guide us towards what our heart and soul needs to elevate at any given time. Often, just centering in prayer or even 1 deep breath … letting Spirit in … can be the only release required to be lifted up.69.EntrustEverlastingEssenceFor my part, this day, I have to entrust my energy’s ecology to the everlasting embrace that helps me juggle the care of 2 sets of household chores, groceries, bills, etc. ~ mine and my fathers ~ + all the entwined generational messiness & energies of the elders, my teenager, and menopausal me … enter the essential Essence of all Love, peace, co-creation … I must *always* and in all ways, trust and entrust, in THE ENERGY! In aligning with what’s mine in the dance of the Divine, using transformational tools and cleaning up the physical messes (mine and the family ones I take on!) are sure fire ways to free energy but ultimately in the surrender to the Essence of Creation, is where sure elevation exists.63..ElevateThe Elevation Of Evolution
So yes, using awareness to implement a clearing breath or prayer for ourselves and cleaning the physical space in our homes & other (work) spaces are sure ways to move energy and allow more flow of positive life enJOYment. There truly is an endless, infinite supply of Spirit to tap into! And this eternal Essence is always in a process of elevation and evolution. And so are we! Life’s evolution is always issuing us invitations for participation …

All the pictures above are from the Evolving Energies of the E’s on our daily Play & Pray Calendar at New Thought Families. As hinted in last week’s blog, we are slowly evolving the narrative voices on these daily devotions. Do you want to add your voice? Send us a note and let’s hear you on some upcoming letters this sweet ’16!

I know, another ‘To Do’ … but maybe one that is calling you?! It is easy to be swept up by life’s ‘To Dos’ and forget that we are ‘To Be’ an ongoing expression of evolving energy. For my part, like so many women, my days can easily fill up with caretaking the needs of others. This very post has been interrupted multiple times by such callings as they are constant. Quite possibly, at least some of the needs that call me are ones I should say ‘no’ to. My own creative avoidance can be a master at skewing priorities. My 16 year old Jeremiah is in a very funny play at school; a spoof on Shakespeare’s “Servant Of Two Masters” I have vowed to be at the theatre each night and last Friday, I was running back and forth from there and my dad’s house. I truly felt like a servant of 2 masters!

What’s mine to do? A question to be continually asked! The evolution process asks it … subtlety but surely. The feeling of elevation is one sure marker that YES, this IS mine to do! As Jeremiah is evolving into a man, our relationship is naturally shifting. I find myself still wanting to be there for him like when he was younger. Sometimes it’s needed and wanted and other times, not so much. This last week at the drama room, I have witnessed the custodian bringing them ‘dumpster dive’ food that these hungry teenagers gobble up. I find myself being called to be a ‘Room Mom’ and provide, at the least, a crock pot of Mac-N-Cheese on performance nights. Jeremiah rolls his eyes knowing how I already have way more list than days. I ask him, “Who else could I get to carry out this great idea?!” He replies, “No one is as crazy as you mom.”

Enough Is Enough!
So how do we decide what’s ours to do? Only we can tell that for ourselves but employing our ABC’s  of Energy can help: Awareness … Breathing … Consciousness Co-Creating Divine Dance Energy!
And! I emphatically also espouse my own needed maxim of Enough! For those of us who continually run the “I’m not enough” programming in the background (or foreground!), our evolving energy is best served by tempering ‘To Do’ with ‘Ta Da’ and just, simply, if not easily, removing a bunch of the ‘To Do’s’. I am personally stepping back to look at why I keep doubling *everything* … is it saying yes to abundant flow or yes to overwhelm to prove I’m not enough?! Only the Aware, Breathing, Conscious, Co-Creating Divine Dance Energetic me ~ or you! ~ knows for sure!

So! Enough of this epic length essay on E! A few ‘Ta Da’s below … And! In an effort to get ahead of my alphabetic wheel and get this blog back at the top of the week rather than the bottom, this is it for E. Our letter and Free Shelf change to Fearless, Faithful F at the end of this week. Explore our Free E’s including some scrumptious SoulPlay Earth Gym with Rachel Flower! This is also Leap Day Membership March where for a measly $29, you can access the WHOLE Library ~ for a whole LEAPing YEAR! Enough is Enough ~ sign up!
FreebiesStill wrapping up some E’s and a few lingering C’s and D’s but lots more Laurie StorEBooks at Kindle and coming onto the Leaping Literacy Library shelves:
C1 C2 Carey ChooD1 D2 DinaDiner00 copyWe are also calling out to any fine feathered friends who want to join us at our Feathers Of Freedom Family Camp this summer ~ early bird registration pricing saves you 17% this marvelous March! Feathers16AFor any of you who have read ~ or skimmed! ~ this far … thank you! And I have 1 last very special invitation for any who are interested any further in the evolving energies of Creative Spirit Families and my enthusiastic embodiment of my childhood dreams. The wonderful Ruth Humphrey’s interviewed me from the UK for her new web series, “Living Your Childhood Dream” embedded below.

As for you … I celebrate your evolving, elevating energy of life’s everlasting YES so beautifully expressed in and through you. Thank you. Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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