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Divine Design Designates Daily Devotions

50.DivineShineNamaste Divine Dance of shining bright Delight!

Thank you for being here and for the shine of your divine design blessing the planet. Even and especially if you are feeling any dark places about now, let me assure you, your light is leaking out … always peeking around any dimly lit corners to shine the truth of your divine design.

There is an infinity of beauty created; we are this divinity too. Do you ever take time to experience your own divinity? Do you ever take much time just to be?
51.DivineMeDivine Design = Daily Devotions!

So … to just be … with divinity … my divinity?! You ever go there? I come and go and as divine as it can truly be, I find the only way I am free to fully align with my divine design is through daily devotion ~ yes, mine but even more so the daily devotion of THE Divine to me … to all of us ~ humanity, and all creations.
CloudsHeartLoveNature, no matter where you live, is a dedicated, diligent, disciplined disciple of the Divine. The angel paintbrushes may change with each shining, but every one of our days begins and ends with color. I can’t help but think of sunrises and sunsets as kisses of daily, divine devotion. All of nature is full of such dedicated dependability, creativity and serendipity. Nature’s beauty always has devoted arms outstretched, saying, “Can I have this dance?” From the tiniest wink of a flower petal to a sky full of pink heart cotton candy, nature shows up with daily devotion. I believe our Creator has infinite faces of the Divine dedicated and devoted to us daily (and nightly!). So I practice daily devotion too … meditative prayers as an anchor and way of being when I allow. Daily devotion helps keep us all awake and divine dancing!54.DelightFollowing our hearts is a divine dance that sometimes brings delight! For my part, I am admittedly a bit dizzy from too many heart steps taken lately … all of it good but sometimes it’s hard to just be divinity when your dance card is full! The school band Cabaret Concert I coordinated last Saturday night was way fun and successful financially, my dad’s cows have all calved again this spring … the last, number 4 is here! Jeremiah is busy, busy with lots including his spring drama play running the next two weeks. I remain determined, devoted, dedicated, diligent, and mostly delighted with the Leaping Literacy Online Library. Alphabetically, we are embracing E this weekend and for the next 2 weeks. I am in various finishing stages of A-D across the shelves of Leaping Literacy and determined to come out the other side for LEAP Day and my next Leap Of Faith!! Stay fine tuned gentle readers! And, of course devoted!
52. Disciple
Our daily devotions at New Thought Families are following the ABC’s … For Humanity! The pictures in this week’s blog have been from this last week of D’s … For Humanity. This coming week on the daily Play & Pray Calendar, we embrace E’s as well as new (delayed!) narrative voices for our daily devotions. Yes, we are evolving!
57.DeterminedEvolutionSo light undenied and Love blessed expressed, I dance in celebration 0f the devotion and evolution of you. Of us. Of Humanity. And so we be! Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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