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Dedicated Devotion Drives Direction

48.DevotedTruthNamaste Divine Dance of Daring Devotion!
I greet you in the names of devoted dedication, divine design …  and the letter D! Shall we dance?
45.DivineDanceIn whatever steps you are doing this mindful moment, thank you for pausing here to deliberate how dedicated devotions drive the directions you dance, ultimately determining your destination. Whaaaat do all those dizzying D’s mean exactly? Just that, when we follow the map of our heart, we go the journey of our soul.

Dedicated Devotion.
I became a mom officially 16 years ago today. My Jeremiah came out and I sang to him the song I had written for him while he was in utero. Of course, I had been singing the song for months and then it was his welcoming song here once he made it ‘out’. The song sings, “I vow to honor you and to cherish you, do my absolute best. Say no when it’s needed, more often say yes.” Ah, the mother dance … been singing and stepping it for 16 years now and still my life is dedicated devotion to my son.
Drives Direction.
So it goes that this devotion directs and sometimes dictates the directions I am driven to go. Birthday celebrations this night echo those of long ago … some late night talking and giggles are still leaking from the small bedroom full of large, teenage boys full of pizza, brownies, and a bad movie at the theatre. While they watched the movie, I got my dad some dinner, groceries, a bath, and into bed with goodnight prayer. Doing the elder care is also part of my direction these days as my dedicated devotion to family crosses generational timelines and sprawling dance floors.

What are you dedicated and devoted to that drives your directions? Family? Work? Your own passions? Do you know where they are leading you to? Do you need to know??!!
Determining Destination.
Here is where things get a bit grayer … is there an ultimate destination or is it all about the journey?! “I vow to give you safe nest. I vow to give you the sky.” Jeremiah’s birth song sings on … Can a destination be safe nest sometimes and the open sky at others? Absolutely. Hence, the journey. Over the years, the ‘sky’ looks different as Jeremiah grows more into the man he is becoming ~ and I return (in certain ways) back to the woman I was before I became a mother … as we both prepare for the time when we will no longer share safe nest. “I vow to give you what’s mine; my heart, my home, and my time.”

Listening and following our heart map brings us full circle back to what we’re devoted to … who and what we dance with. I have been dancing with my work in old and new ways these days in the midst of all this family dedication, I am still determined to stay true to the work I am devoted to. Yet, I do seem to still commit to so many other people and things ~ tomorrow we are having a concert cabaret at the school that I have been coordinating. Why do I do these things too? Is it distraction from my work or just part of my ongoing dedication & devotion to my son and our community youth, music … and mothering. It’s all true. And it’s all good. Truly. Life is a divine dance if we let it be!
49.DivinityIn my chosen alphabetic calendar year, I’m still catching some C’s (if not z’s!) as I embrace letter D and the dedicated dreaming, dancing, delighting it delivers. Join us for daily devotions on the New Thought Families Play & Pray Calendar where D is divinely dancing. Sign Up/In to the Free Shelf where we are dancing too! If you’ve never experienced SoulPlay Michelle Peticolas dancing, do! Her heart is definitely leading her divine steps!
FreebiesSo whatever plans you have drawn up, whatever dance steps you are taking, know that your devoted dedication is driving you in divine directions. May your destination be blessed and caressed with the infinity of your divinity.

Awake and aware, breathing blessings, consciously co-creating divinity’s dance! We are the light of Love expressed ~ divinity in action! And so it is. Namaste, Love!




Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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