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Co-Creation Contemplation & Celebration

34.Calculate  Namaste Committed, Creative, Conscious Co-Creators!

Thank you for being here; centered in the circle of time for another mindful moment to contemplate and celebrate what it is to co-create  ~ life, death, and every breath in between.
CircleTimeI attended a funeral today; driving my mom and stepdad down to honor the passing of Clyde. In our mostly unblended patchwork family, Clyde has been with my stepbrother Michael since before our parents were married in 1980. I have often talked of Michael and Clyde as a ‘go to’ example of what true Love and partnership looks like. Their names have always been linked together ~ they embodied the oneness of marriage. Clyde was only 2 years older than I and he truly brought a smile into the heart of this world. It is so true that we remember most how people made us feel and Mike and Clyde have always made me feel loved, happy, and appreciated in their presence. Thank you for your life Clyde Ralph Brown!

This, with so many other family events and service this week alone, have left me feeling a bit wiped out. Thankfully, there are so many transformational tools we can use to clear energies ~ whew!

Of course, it is always a choice to implement our tools ~ or not! For instance, last week my ego consciousness was saying to eat the ‘comfort food’ of cookie dough for dinner when in reality, that choice only led to lotsa avoidable feel bad. I could have so easily used the quick and easy Emotion Code to release some trapped (concealed) emotions instead which undoubtedly would have led to a more nurturing, sustaining dinner choice. Consciously cleaning our energies just makes for a happier journey! No matter the energetic clearing work, it seems I feel continually and consistently challenged in the callings of my contributions and communications to keep up with my calendar. Yet I let the courage of my convictions be fed by Love and my commitment to keep showing up! Ultimately, compromise is called for and though what I calculate as my ‘To Do’s’ often feels more undone than not, it’s important to relish and celebrate the ‘Ta Da’s’ ~ otherwise, the part of me that is driven towards overwhelm and not enoughness threatens to not allow deep breath gratification and celebration. The circle of calculation and contemplation is not complete without celebration.

So! Celebrate!

My creative process has me publishing more Laurie StorEBooks ~ reaching back into my early reading fluency work with Physical Phonics ~ creating 2 levels for each letter ~  still completing the letter C and yet to start on letter D, won’t you celebrate with me, A and B?!!!








And! One of the alliterative blends celebrating the br sound has been in the re-making for some time. This week, Brittney became a brontosaurus and her brown bread branch took on new proportions!
BrittneysBranch00 copyBrittneysBranch05 copy

These Laurie StorEBooks and so many others are being added to our Kindle shelf and into our Leaping Literacy Online Library along with a long list of our Spiritual ABC’s … A-D … to zealous Z!

In this celebration of commitment, Love, and the circle of time, I have to honor a dear friend and colleague Carol Ingram Moore who published her book, Mama Left Me this week. A book about young Natalie left in the care of her grandmother, Ellen. Speaking to so many grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, this co-creation runs deep into the heart consciousness of every one of us ~ read the first few pages and you will be instantly drawn in. Carol has been working on this book in the 4 years I have known her and I believe for many years before that. She has stayed committed to the calling … clearly this was hers to do! Carol, I celebrate you! You can celebrate this family Love too ~  Mama Left Me on Amazon here!


Whatever dreams you are contemplating and co-creating, may you also be celebrating and allowing your heart to dance with delight ~ this special weekend of Valentine Love remembrances and every day of this precious life … conceived in the circle of time, we are the dream. Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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