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Catering To Co-Creating


Namaste Courageous Co-Creators! I gratefully greet you this first fab February Friday full of conscious cracks (aka shadows!) and conscious co-creating! So deep breath conscious connection … where are you this blessed moment? How are you this moment? How are you really? However, wherever, you are, thank you for being here to take a mindful moment with me to contemplate and celebrate what it is to consciously co-create.
groundhog-629863_640So! Let’s begin with a bit of conscious trivia that was floating about this week … Ground Hog Day was Tuesday, 2/2. Lesser known in mass consciousness is that 2/2 is also the Pagan celebration of Imbolc & Sughnassad (northern/southern hemispheres) wherein there is an Wicca reflection on the power of the gods from which physical and spiritual harvest will come. Some might see the groundhog as a small earthly god or at least a tiny prophet projecting the arrival time of spring. As my mathematician teenager Jeremiah informed me, the groundhog’s prediction success rate is less accurate then the flip of a coin. So why do we bother with such a pastime? It’s become a tradition, it’s fun, it gets our minds on the brighter days of spring … which brings more physical and spiritual harvest. Mmmm … full circle back to the Pagan tradition?!
groundhog-956701_640See, whether we are conscious of it or not, the patterns, rituals, and traditions that have gone before are still very much ingrained in us and what we choose to do today. Some Celtic Christians celebrate February 2nd as Saint Brighid of Kildare Day; recognition of Brighid who displayed unusual compassion. While it is noted that Saint Brighid was brought up as a Druid and became Christian, it is less often attended to that Brighid was a powerful, much revered triple goddess long before she was made a saint. There are many such examples in Christianity, evolutionary evidence of the tide that turned the spiritual consciousness of generations from a more earth based religion to that of one that looked to Jesus Christ and the church for guidance.

So it goes that we bloom through the cracks of consciousness ~ we (re)shape our realities to fit our beliefs in the spirit of evolution, cooperation, co-creation . I share the belief with some that we co-create our reality; this is the shaping that comes from where our free will meets the higher will of the divine Creator ~ whose vantage point is always greater than what we can know from our more ego based human existence. Co-creation is often a blend of surrender to the higher will and courage to follow the path that our heart and soul calls us forward into. We can run into all kinds of (often unconscious) roadblocks and the work of discerning what impulses and desires we cater to can often be tricky. We all can hit potholes along the way but as the courageous bloom picture so beautifully documents, the will to grow, bloom, shine, is a powerful force that will break through any force of darkness. The light of Love and creation is part of that force that cooperates and co-creates miracles in all forms of break through. So how do we know what we are called to co-create? It lights us up! Our yes makes us feel a joyous, expansive energy that irresistibly urges us to cater to the calling.

38.CoCreateAnd then, there are lots of other co-creations that feel less joyful but every bit as irresistible … some reside in compassion. When we are called to serve others like I am with my elders, it is a compassionate urge to do what’s right for the good of others. It is often a balancing act to care for others and ourselves simultaneously. For my part, I have recently set new boundaries with my family and have been getting more of my own work done. Yet, there have been substantial situations that arise like medical emergencies where I choose to act with compassionate care for those who need me. I am catering to co-creating care, compassion, consideration for others.

Then, what about the times we co-create decisions that do not serve the highest good ~ like eating cookie dough for dinner which I did one night this week?! Where did that come from? I confess it actually seemed like a compassionate choice for my emotional self who just wanted comfort food in that moment. Unfortunately, it aided and abetted a breakdown the next morning. I suppose some bodies might tolerate such a decision better than mine. Why publically confess? I guess as compassionate testimony that we all fall off our conscious path in different ways, at different times. And! It is ALL our co-creation … of self, of family, of community ~ whether it be cracked or shadowed, inspired or inspiring, conscious or unconscious!

In the end, we do get to choose our experiences yet Spirit will always meet us with infinite care when we call on our God by any name to co-create with us our highest and best. Our human part is to ask, allow, believe, consciously receive … and yes, activate our capacity to co-create!

In the Leaping Literacy Online Library co-creations, there are some stellar synergies happening between the old and the new. Our New Thought Families daily Play & Pray Calendar embraces C & D this February and even embraces the evasive letter E by month’s end! Join us for a delightful daily dose of spiritual ABC’s … for Humanity! Our Leaping Literacy Free Shelf is stocked with a few short e vowel celebrations as well as some clever, catchy, crawling, comical, and creative C’s featuring Conscious Comedy & SoulPlay storyteller Ruth Humphreys with her original magic carpet story … enJOY!

So courageous convictions! Whatever co-creations you are catering to, may you consciously, compassionately care for them and for yourself in the process. Thank you again for connecting with me and with the infinite possibilities of consciousness and creation. Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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