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Believing In Breathing

Breathe deep in blessed belief!
Breathe deep in blessed belief!

Namaste Beautiful, Beloved, Believing, Breathing Beings!

I greet you in the name of the breath and yes expressed for the letter B and our ABCs of humanity! Can you take a deep breath of blessings with me? Here and now … this mindful moment … let’s just … breathe … our blessings. For sanity. For humanity.
25.BreatheBlessingsBefore I bombard you with the plethora of new and developing ABCs at Leaping Literacy and Creative Spirit Families, let’s breathe some more … big, bold, beautiful, centering breaths of yes … of Love expressed … of life itself.

The essence of human existence lives in the breath of life that breathes us. Whether or not we ever stop to think of it, we are always believing in breathing ~ without question! Ok, there’s asthma, and allergies, and colds, and other things that sometimes bring us into conscious connection with our lungs but mostly we just breathe day in and day out. Yet! Our breath can be one of our most powerful re-alignment tools ~ with our hearts, with our calm mind, with our blessings. Have you ever calmed yourself down with breathing? Have you ever garnered strength from a deep breath?
27.BeBraveTaking a Brave Breath is included in the Believing In Breathing video in process for our expanding spiritual literacy library of transformational tools. So is making a Wish Breath … like you’re blowing out a candle on your birthday cake. Try that one now … make a wish aloud or in your mind and then breathe out. Then make your wish again and blow like you’re blowing out the candle … feels different in your body, mind, and Spirit … like a gentle gust of grace!

So! Bravo for breath and bravo for B! And A … and C! I am in the midst of them all at the moment as I stand my holy ground for balance … with plenty of aware allowance and conscious co-creation! With only 52 weeks in the calendar year, 26 letters and my commitment to getting to them all this sweet 16, I find myself on the brink of C already!

B meets C on tomorrow's Play & Pray Calendar at New Thought Families!
B meets C on tomorrow’s Play & Pray Calendar at New Thought Families!

The daily Play & Pray Calendar at New Thought Families is the one place where the alphabetic timeline is completely on track. I am loving all the (Pixabay) graphics, creating new calendar pages, and recording the audio with my teenage Jeremiah who turns sweet 16 himself in a few weeks. Arranged in 2 week increments, we fully embrace letter 3, the big C, this Saturday, the 30th. One of my goals is to incorporate lots of new, intergenerational voices into the calendar this year ~ how about you and yours?!

Our timeline is also clicking with some new songs breathing life into an old vision/project. Our Leaping Literacy Library Members can sing along with us as we add to a developing CD of Children’s Chants ~ Awake And Aware, Appreciation, Yes, I’m Blessed, Breathing … Ah!, I Believe, Creation Celebration, Centered … whew! We’re only 3 letters in … yippee!

And yes, videos too from the aforementioned Transformational Tools … Altars, Affirmations, Angels, Believing In Breathing, Blessing Box … Well, you get the picture. Lots at work and play.

It’s tempting to wonder about my sanity in all of this but I figure there are many ways to be yes Love expressed for humanity so why not play with ABCs of *spiritual* literacy?! And the truth is I feel most alive when I am (co)creating … even if I am mostly a bird singing in a forest not really sure *who* (you?!) can hear me!

January 30th Play & Pray Calendar!
January 30th Play & Pray Calendar!

And! If you can hang in with my Leaping Literacy Library updates a bit further, Physical Phonics songs A~Z have been added to the ChildSing section and I am SO happy to report more Laurie StorEBooks are being re-illustrated and newly initiated! Check out the old and new Dan as well as Animal Airplane!

Dan 3
OLD Dan!
Shiny NEW Dan!

AnimalAirplane00 AnimalAirplane02Ooohh SO fun is this A saturation of animals flying with aviator Annie Alligator on Atlas Animal Airlines! Again, great gratitude for Pixabay where I was able to get gorgeous graphics to allow Annie’s airplane to come alive and soar! We’re still getting our Leaping Literacy Library formats done for Marvelous Members but you can see and hear more here and you can purchase it on Kindle if you want to ~ woo hoo!

Suffice to say there are A LOT of ABCs at work and play in all sections of Leaping Literacy Library … and I’m still trying to figure out the best ways to let folks know what we’re up to should our offerings serve them … not my favorite part of things … happy to be singing in the forest … yet my nest requires rent, utilities, etc. so maybe more tweets?!

By the way, have I mentioned to you that you can try out Leaping Literacy Library for free??!! If the content serves you and yours, it’s just $12 per month ~ wowie zowie!
Member Library ReOpens!
And! In addition to all of our Leaping Literacy Library offerings, early bird registration is open for our annual summer Family Feathers Camp:
Feathers16B Feathers16AHow beauty blessed would you be to join us this Awesome August in the sacred Sierras?! Breathe into it! I would love to put your name on your cabin and hold your space in the Circle Of Love that is Feathers Of Freedom Family Camp!

So! Yes I am breathing and hope that you are too ~ whatever you are beautifully co-creating this moment, this time. Before I bid you adieu, I must make 1 conscious confession from last week’s blog ~ I wasn’t able to be impeccable with my word and post the For Humanity video ~ too much technical difficulty. So I did something I’ve never done before … went in and changed last week’s post! Whaaaaat?! Ya, you can do that and it was kinda fun and freeing! The song MP3 is there … if you’re called, scroll down, listen in and sing along! I love the thought that you might. I love you. If you are reading this, I absolutely love you. And I feel deeply blessed that we have breathed in blessings together, thank you, thank you. Namaste, Love!




Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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