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Beauty Blessed

Namaste Beloved Beings of Beautiful, Bountiful Blessings!

I greet you in the blessed name of all that is we truly be … holy divinity embodied in the realities of humanity. On the eve of this Martin Luther King Jr. holi ~ day, I sit with a musing mind and a humbled heart with how far we’ve come and how far we have yet to go in what it is to be in human community ~ humanity. The great Dr. King’s dream(s) echoes in all of our hearts as a reminder of what reverent vision and revision can bring to this beautiful planet home and all of us who inhabit it.
While most of us don’t dream as big as Dr. King, we all do have dreams and callings of our hearts. When we answer the call, and act on our dreams however big or small, we truly do bless ourselves, each other, and the whole world. The example of  Dr. King’s life is still such a beautiful blessing so many decades after his death. Thank you Dr. King! Our New Thought Families tribute page to this great one is here. The above picture is from today’s Play and Pray Calendar at New Thought Families where the blessings of bountiful Bs are gracing our days this week and next.

I am reminding myself that I am indeed a BEing in the midst of my doings! And that all I wanted to have done by this moment that is still in process is just part of the I Am that I Am. The one I will share is a song I wrote last week with the Spirit of Pete Seeger. I planned to have a music video of it done for today ~ in celebration recognition of Dr. King’s life and dreams, for our year long theme, For Humanity,  and for this Monday’s mindful musings. What I have is a work in progress and some wonderful life moments along the way. When I get out of the way, lay expectation down and affirm divine order, it truly is all good!

So the writing of the song was a breakthrough freedom of me getting back to me and feeling the wonderful presence of Pete Seeger in the shape and message of the song. I learned it and sang it for the video camera this weekend before going off to a conscious community gathering where I sang it for the folks there who immediately ~ in true Pete Seeger style ~ sang along beautifully! Someone videoed the moment even … but the footage is vertical … oops. Anyway, the perfectly imperfect video will come out eventually and I will post it here. when it does. But what really matters is that the song was birthed, that folks easily and whole heartedly sang along ~ to my great delight and (the Spirit of) Pete’s too. A friend played an amazing guitar part along side me even as he was hearing the song for the first time; that gift always amazes me. Earlier in the week, I sang it with a small group of yoga friends after our class and they sang along too. The power of voices rising up together in song remains one of the best forms of Love expressed I know. Such a beautiful, bountiful blessing!

It is the small moments of dreaming that make up the emerging evolution of each of us and all of us. This song, For Humanity, is indeed our theme song for the year. The lyrics are here with a rough home recording … In the Spirit of ease and grace sharing, Hear It HERE and sing along!:

For Humanity  ©2016 Laurie Story Vela

Hand in Hand we take a stand
Each our own part, heart to heart
One Family … For Humanity … For Humanity

Clean the seas, plant more trees
Save the bees, restore our home to sanity
For Humanity … For Humanity (Chorus)

Set all slaves free, build homes for refugees
Feed & house the hungry, share our wealth of plenty
For Humanity … For Humanity (Chorus)

Let all people be, living with dignity
free from bigotry, change the path of history
For Humanity … For Humanity

There’s enough Love in you, in me
to live this dream of humanity …
Stop suffering and pain at the core
Put an end to war forever more
Restore … Humanity  (Chorus)

Mmmmmmmm … and so it is!

Our Free Shelf is basically restocking every 2 weeks when our letter changes. We have lots of B’s as well as our continued short a vowel celebrations. My A list is still being worked on even with the ushering in of beautiful B. I am choosing to accept, allow, and become the beauty I am dreaming of in this and many other areas of work and life this moment,  and all throughout this sweet 16. So it goes with how we be … dreaming, living, awake and aware, being blessed ~ consciously choosing not to be discouraged or distressed!

The truth is, we are so richly blessed. My prayer for all of us is that we can breathe in our blessings this very moment, and all throughout this beautiful day ~ and life! I behold you as the blessing you are; a breath of beauty gracing this world ~ and gracing this sharing here and now. Thank you. Namaste,  Beauty Blessed Love Expressed!



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