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Appreciation Activation!

Namaste Awake and Alive Ones!03_AlivenessHow are you this sweet 16?!  I am in a mode of integration and celebration with reawakened energies from our annual music camp (my 24th!) and this New Year that holds the integration and completion vibration of 9. Musically, I am declaring that I will have a SINGING 2016! It just really hit me how much I have had my music ~ and other things ~ on hold. So! Back to the best of me.

9!  2016 ~ 2+0+1+6= 9

Numerically, the vibration of 9 is all about completion and integration and I am feeling it ~ are you?! For any who are interested in more about numerology and the power of 9, Kari Samuels has a great explanation here. There are just so many ways to understand and give our lives meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

New Year resolutions are running rampant and all I have to say is I SO appreciate what is and what can be! And! I am armed with plenty of acceptance & allowance as I embark on a year with a very big, alphabetic To Do & To Be List! Already, I have been doing a dance with resistance … procrastination creeping in around the edges when I make the moments for what my heart truly calls me to. Why is this? The reason only 8% of New Year’s resolutions make the full year?! We are complex beings of habit … yet! We are Spirit in action called to higher Love, higher expressions of who we truly be so that’s why we have … EPIPHANY!

Last week was Epiphany; the end of the Christmas season and all of it’s bright light insights. It left me in full solution, resolution and restitution energy with a core of Epiphany ABCs shaping my sweet 16. I am re-establishing a decent work schedule and doing the caretaking of my dad all in 1 day and 1 evening a week. Even though it is finally starting in earnest this (day!) week, I am feeling freer than I have in a long time. Whee!

Came home from cleaning the barn and hay at my dad's ranch, feeling the sweep of new energies, and a full rainbow was smiling over our home!
Came home from cleaning the barn and hay at my dad’s ranch last week, feeling the sweep of new energies, and found a full rainbow smiling over our home!

The Christian tradition of Epiphany follows 12th Night with the arrival of the 3 kings to baby Jesus in the manger. Metaphysically, Epiphany is all about receiving the gifts of our lives. What gifts can you surmise in the midst of the New Year focus on revise?

For my part, on Epiphany I spent time with the gifts of Creative Spirit Families and made a few videos. One is mostly a review of 2015 and the other a candle lighting celebration and look forward into our 2016 focus. If you want to spend a few of your precious moments with me, watching 1 or more of these latest videos, I’d be honored.

2015 Celebration of Creative Spirit Families:

Lighting Candles! Awakening 2016 with Creative Spirit Families:

I also felt compelled to break out the ukulele and my inner awake and aware angel in the home music video, “Best Of Me”.

You see, 2016 is the year of Creative Spirit Families ABCs. Spiritually, we are awake and aware with plenty of appreciation, abundance, allowance and adoration. And as our Happy New Year post unveiled, we are doing our daily New Thought Families Play & Pray Calendar with ABCs … for Humanity! On the 15th of this month, A meets B and the 16th through the 29th is all about Beauty’s Blessings.08_ActivateSacredThere is also a focus on revising our New Thought Families ABC pages complete with related links to the Membership Library materials ~ videos, songs, etc. that correspond to each of the page virtues. It really is more of the needed integration and clarification of the Leaping Literacy Library contents. Leaping Literacy Library Section BranchesWe have sweet 16 things To Do and To Be in every section of Leaping Literacy!

This new beginning time of year begs us to look at what we want to revise in our lives. It also is the perfect time to review and celebrate what has been. Life can be a wonderful mix of tradition and revision. I had a renewed and deep appreciation of our annual music camp this year. Jeremiah played with the band for the swing dance. At one point, the MC asked Jeremiah how old he was, “15”, and how many years he had been coming to camp? “16”. She then said she had known Jeremiah for about 18 years after all my singing about my biological clock and being a childless mother. It was a beautiful reminder of a longing fulfilled, a dream come true, and passionate purpose woven with Love in the web of life.

Another great integrative unfolding was this year’s Camp Kids’ Chorus ~ the 23rd I have held space for … there were some big groups of kids at 1 point with lots of Camp related songs penned and sung over the years … this year just 3 gorgeous girls gathered. As a warm up, we sang I Am A Bright Light (Small After Small CD) which they liked but wanted to change. Sara asked, “Can we be anything?” (other than a bright light). “Of course. Like what?” “A digging mole.” The M song was born! Briefly put, the mermaid, mole, and marshmallow shone the bright light of imagination & merriment ~ and helped me further integrate my love light for the fun of letters, language, and the power of the imagination.

HatParadeTitle Of course, the ‘traditional’ roots of Leaping Literacy and Laurie’s Stories are all about the above. The 26 letters will bring out at least 26 alliteration Laurie StorEBooks this year. And, we are spending each month this sweet singing 16 on each of the major vowel sounds beginning with short a. Our online, interactive game pages will finish their transformation ~ after a failed intern attempt last summer! ~ we are choosing to keep showing up for revision! And! The Laurie StorEBooks ~ of course. Revising 3 more titles for short a this month. JackTitleDanTitle
Password: ZSSSEB

On the Leaping Literacy Free Shelf, you’ll find: Zak the Black Yak stacking snacks with a knack ~ with you, the Color Cloud and color friends like Green Queen Colleen! Zak’s Snack Stacks is available in multiple formats along with Giraffe In Our Bath also on the Free Shelf this January as is the Awake and Aware, Sebastian Wakes Up:Sebastian00

This blog will remain for our Spirit musings most Mindful Mondays this ’16 with many of the offerings regularly appearing on the FaceBook page and perhaps our old (13) freeliteracy blogspot space. 11 days in and still working on the deets perfectly imperfectly! So it might be with (some of) your new resolution solutions?! It’s ok, we have divine timing on our side, always. And in all ways.

Ya, here’s the ’16 thing, my mindful, awake and aware beautiful beloveds; a new start is always welcome but not always easy. I hereby give myself ~ and you! should you choose ~ permission to embrace new resolution solutions and allow the imperfection of slow and faltering steps along the way … to know and be comforted in the peace that is Spirit Yes ever guiding us onward … to begin again … and again … and again … every time we say yes to being Love expressed.

So thank you, thank you for being witness to our Creative Spirit Families Epiphany ABCs … January ~ December 2016. Here they are in their alphabetical divine order. From A-Z, I adore & appreciate you zealously! Namaste Awakening Beauty!

Awake and Aware
Beauty’s Blessings
Conscious Co-Creating
Divine Dance (disciplined devotion!)
Evolving Energies
Faith Filled Freedom
Gratitude’s Grace
Hopeful Hearts
Intuition, Imagination, Inspiration!
Joyful Justice
Kindred Kindness
Love Light
Meditative Mindfulness
Nurturing Nature
Opening Oneness
Playful, Prayerful, Peaceful Practices
Quiet Quest
Reverent Remembrance
Sacred Service
Trusting Transformation
Understanding Unity
Vision’s Voice
Working Wisdom
Exuberant Xenophilia
Yielding Yes
Zippy Zealousness



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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