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Returning Light Burning Bright!

HappyThotsNamaste Light of Love Happy Thoughts!

I greet you in the Spirit of the season and light returning in this early dawn after Solstice. Winter Solstice marks the longest, darkest night and the presence of light returning… Indeed, we are ever turning and returning to the Light of Love we are made of!

Walnut tree at dad's ranch gave it's bounty and now stands sunlit and winter bare.
Walnut tree at dad’s ranch gave it’s fall bounty as it has for generations and now stands in its sunlit winter bare beauty.

My daily prayer and intention is to keep turning and returning to the guiding light within me ~ at the moment, the light is shining through my own little Santa studio filled with gift giving madness. I find myself every year with this long list of those I want to remember and thank. My little world is full of good peeps to honor and this year, the nice list is longer for the peeps who are in my dad’s world ~ and thereby mine. The web of elder care is woven with hearts who weave with such Love and dedication. We are blessed. And! What would my world look like if I didn’t have the holiday list?! If I could just continue to keep each in ongoing prayer and let that be enough?! There are different ways to do holiday gratitude and remembrance besides the inevitable overwhelm that seems to be my default setting! I have scaled back with no baking ~ rice krispie treats for all! Utimately, it is ever and always about choice ~ even and especially in the face of overwhelm. I somehow chose not to be present to the gift of this blog over the last few weeks though it has been on the list ~ finding the balance between live life and cyber reflections of life I guess. Our season has been a busy one with plays and music, PlayShop and other events. There is a bit of a pictorial recap below but for any on the holiday go, I offer you this thread from life’s web: keep turning and returning to the light of you … the star, the candle flame, the Solstice sun … light is always calling us home! ShineAnd in this time of holiday heart remembrances & year end reflections, let light ever guide us home. Here is one of the Play suggestions coming up on our New Thought Families, Oh Holy Light daily Play & Pray Calendar:  Map a lighted pathway today! Draw a map of where you’ve been this year. Make sure you mark all the highLIGHTS! Celebrate the bright spots of your year as well as the dark places where the light found you & called you out. See how all the lighted markers on your path helped light the road for your journey. Honor yourself, your family, your year, your life!

For my part, the events of this month have reflected the year; a mix of traditions with stepping more into the light of who I am and what I can offer the world ~ all tempered with what currently is and with the exhaustion that can come from caretaking and running 2 worlds ~ my father’s and my own ~ I have once again been feeding my dad’s cows ~ 4 big hungry mamas who glare at me expectantly when I open the barn door and almost smile gratefully as they chow down their hay:
HungryCows HappyCowsI wonder if our Creator ever sees us like this … the hungry and happy versions of humanity!

One of the gifts of darkness can be a deeper awareness if we let it be. Our December PlayShop included a sing~a~long concert from our 12 Thoughts CD; the whole event was extra preparation & clean up, etc. so when it was lightly attended by just 3 of our oh so beautiful families, my teenage, multi-instrumentalist elf Jeremiah was moved to tears at day’s end. He simply wanted a bigger audience for the effort. I can relate. And so it is, we co-create! I am re-shaping our 2016 local PlayShop schedule in response to what seems to be a healthier balance of what is and what can be. The PlayShops are an opportunity to share creative heart time intergenerationally. I love them. And it is essential I stay in my own creative heart to effectively offer them! PrePS1 PrePS PSSing CHPSSing2 CHPSSing1 CHPSSing CHPS6 CHPS4 CHPS2For any who may be called to sing transformational thoughts this week (or next season!), Our 12 Thoughts Of Christmas CD is available for instant downloads through CD Baby and also on our new Seasonal Specials Shelf offering in the Leaping Literacy Online Library!12CoverSpecials

The Seasonal Special also includes 6 Christmas LaurieStorEBooks each in 7 super fab formats! Our Leaping Literacy Free Shelf is being QUIET this week which I highly recommend for turning and returning to holiday enJOYment! Our SoulPlay featured one is the harp shaman Cymber Lily Quinn playing in the redwood forest ~ treat you & yours to this unusual moment of merriment! FreebiesFor any of you who ever wanted to peruse the entirety of Leaping Literacy, the Library is open free for 3!

Cruise & Peruse the Library in its entirety FREE for 3 days! Then! Save $200 by joining us for a year for just $97 Special Free & Wee Fee Merry Memberships Available through 1/9/16 Celebrate this end of the year, new year beginning circle of life, light, Love, and *Leaping* Literacy!

As the Leaping Literacy Library speaks to, there are so many ways to explore and express our hearts. Attending to more of the playful and prayerful WHY we read, write, speak, listen ~ communicate! Since attending the Parliament Of World Religions in October, I have been listening ever deeper to what is mine to do in reclaiming the heart of humanity. In the wake of the violence in Paris & San Bernadino along with increasing Islamaphobia, I was called to represent Syria and the humanitarian crisis of refugees in some small way. In trying to put a web page together, talk about overwhelm! But I did post a page in an effort to educate and honor ~ it is mostly some YouTube videos of which there are SO many to choose from. You can share in the ones I chose on our Spotlight On Syria page here.
SyriaFireI also chose to represent Syria at a local event sponsored by an agency that serves children 0-5 and their caregivers. Because how you do 1 thing is how you do everything, I will briefly recap a bit of this experience: Non-profit agencies that serve young children and families were invited to participate by representing a country with a fun, participatory activity/craft, and/or snack. The theme was Winter Festivals though as it turned out, that really meant Christmas. Initially, I signed up saying I would have hummus and pita bread  and a craft to make a Syrian flag. A few days before the event, I was told the flag craft would not fly and to do something holiday related.  Looooooong story shortened, I chose an activity that some of the Christians in Syria have done or do practice. After telling a lot of my participants that 90% of Syrians are Muslim as part of my educational introduction to the activity, I relaxed and related to what was going on around me. Mexico had red and green playdough ~ they were swamped with happy hands. Africa (yes, the whole continent) was making little manger scenes from pre-made craft kits. I had constructed a tissue paper fire representing the bonfire where Syrian Christian families would gather to sing, each holding a lighted candle, hear the Christmas story read by the youngest son and as the fire died down to embers, each would make a wish and jump over the fire (3x). I handed my visitors a battery operated candle to hold as they made a wish and jumped over the tissue paper fire. Many of the littles tried to blow out the flame ~! As I watched the different aged faces making their wishes ~ so beautiful! ~ I was taken back to the heart of my work which is to help others remember their essence by being in their hearts. So simple and yet so complex! And even though I made ‘kid friendly’ hummus replacing the tahini with peanut butter and yogurt, it was still too garlicy and foreign for probably the majority of my visitors! Still and all, I followed my call. And when it was clean up time, I again had to heed my heart and be the Green Queen that I am! ReUse

The manger scene craft next to me yielded a lot of waste that I dumpster dove out ... paper instructions to be recycled, craft remnants to be re-used in PlayShop free form crafts!
The manger scene craft next to me yielded a lot of waste that I dumpster dove out of the trash can … paper instructions to be recycled, craft remnants to be re-used in PlayShop free form crafts!

I only know how to follow my heart as fully as possible. Somewhere in all of it, there is peace, harmony, goodness and balance. I am grateful.

And so it is, we return to the light, the traditions of our hearts, hearths, and homes even as we embrace (or at least accept!) the necessary evolution of change always at play for our families, and this world family of humanity. After several years of being musicians with Jeremiah for our little town’s walking Las Pasadas, this year I sang in the walking choir while Jeremiah played Harry Bailey in the community theatre holiday hit, It’s A Wonderful Life. The high school drama department produced Beauty & The Beast under the direction of Giles Turner (my old drama teacher!) who is a true George Bailey ~ and while I have a fairly cool metaphysical interpretation of Beauty & The Beast that emerged this season, I will close this lengthy holiday post with a simple thought … WE are the gifts and the light of the season ~ for each other. Our higher divine shine aligns with whatever path we find in higher mind, but in the end, us showing up for each other is the gift. Our Feathers Camp Yogi Keith reminded me of this song on our Circle Of Love CD sung to the tune of Simple Gifts:
Some gifts are simple, some gifts are not.
Some gifts are free
and some store bought.
There are lots of ways to give,
here’s just a few.
The best gift we know is the gift of you!

Thank you, thank you shining gift of light and Love! May this moment and season bathe you in the shine of your divine design full of deLIGHT and all things merry and bright! Namaste, Love!

Here is a clip from our local TV station ~ check out 50 + year drama teacher Mr. Turner! ~ while the events we were promoting have passed, the light of our hearts and intentions lingers on!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

2 thoughts on “Returning Light Burning Bright!

  1. Laurie, there was so much Light and Love in this ezine…you covered a lot of territory and reminded us we all have light to shine. I appreciate you and your commitment to creativity, education, even when the topic may be uncomfortable for some. Balancing your family responsibilities with your work is no small feat. Please make time to rest, renew and restore yourself for the New Year!

    1. Thank you wonderful Harriet Tubman Wright!~ I so appreciate you taking time for this sharing and for adding your shine of divine design here ~ and in the world! Your work of the Wright Resort is SO needed and YES I deeply resonate with your reminder to rest, renew, restore ~ crucial and yet …. will I do it??!! mmmmmm … if not me than who?! Without balance, we all topple, yes? Thank you again for being here and for the reminder. Love, Yessings, Hugs & Blessings to you and yours dear one. Namaste!

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