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Life’s Grateful For Shining You!

Namaste Shining Bright Lights!
Greetings to you this 2nd light filled day of December as we usher in this month’s deLIGHT as well as sing a final note on the series of Thanks Living we’ve been celebrating and remembering here this last November. And though we are shining in luminous light, this week’s musings begin in the dark …ChopraLightIn the midst of our holiday Thanks Living last week, I found myself battling darkness and what ensued was a giant wall of resistance. Of course I know what we resist persists but sometimes knowing and acting can be a dark chasm apart. I did remember the November lessons in Thanks Living and they did help expand the light as Deepak Chopra puts so well. So in this Spirit of expansion and renewal, let’s review …

Our Thanks Living series began with giving thanks for our ancestors in a full circle of life ~ grateful for our own living breath even and especially through the eyes and experience of death. We looked at how our loved ones carry on in the world … pollinating in us and in our memories of them …Part 2 of Thanks Living was to be grateful moment by moment in the circle of time. Turning and returning to goodness and happy, loving thoughts each mindful moment.
HeartThoughtsIn part 3, we visited forgiving for Thanks Living. I found myself doing a lot of this in the triggered family moments. It is truly so freeing to accept people for who they are and release for peace.FallLeavesLeavingIn last week’s part 4 Thanks Living post, we (re)visited what it is to be awake and aware and how nature is always calling us home to our hearts to experience more of this truth of who we truly be.
SunRiseSet copyWhich brings us to part 5 … that Life itself is grateful for YOU! Now, as I ever choose to expand the light and allow this possibility in, the whole concept has been under scrutiny in the wake of the gobbling darkness vying for my heart. In the divine order of life, I am seeing how the persistent dark resistance has allowed me to go ever deeper into the seeds of me that seek the light. All of life is a call to growth and the light is ever beckoning … to every blade of grass … to every lost soul … grow, grow, grow! On today’s Oh Holy Light Play & Pray Calendar, we embrace both light and dark, knowing Love is in all of it. In my winter Solstice song, Light Of Love, we reach through the darkness towards the light of truth ~ us as Love expressed.
CloudsHeartLoveYou see, as the song sings, “the Light is Life itself calling us to grow.” And as we do, all of creation smiles and expands as more and more Love. Of course it can be argued that just as the skies glow with color whether or not we notice them, that life is doing life with our growth and participation or in spite of our resistance. From my human perspective, I can only liken it to what it is to be a parent … we love our children unconditionally though when they rise up into more fullness and goodness, we rise up too. I can’t help but think God smiles when we are kind, creative, loving … And every time we rise up against the darkness of our limitations to grow on, Life, Love, Creator rises up to meet us too ~ and even says “Thank you for shining you!”

So, for my part, I just had a round of familial judgements about my work and lack of ability to make money ~ my own worst fears and doubts. Then my computer has decided to no longer work with my old web design program. And! I am still called to the Leaping Literacy Membership Library! So here’s this week’s Free Shelf celebrating & singing Light:
FreebiesSing with us and check out the super shiny, sparkly, SoulPlay playmate Jan Cercone ~ sure to brighten up any (dark) day!

What shine in your divine design is calling to you? Is there an insistence and persistence even through any and all resistance? Whatever darkness may be covering your shining light at the gateway of this Holiday season, may you know that Life is ever calling you to grow, to Love, to shine. And in the Spirit of Thanks Living, perhaps Life is ever grateful to shining, growing you! Maybe, just maybe, Life itself truly is blessed every time you shine yes. Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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