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Happy Thanks Living!

HappyThanksLiving copyNamaste Awake and Aware Beings of Light, Love & Prayer!
I greet you in the name of changing seasons, Thanksgiving (USA), and the ongoing Spirit of Thanks Living! How is your attitude of gratitude flowing these fine fall days?! There are so many ways to be Love expressed in the midst of how we are infinitely blessed! The act of saying, thinking, breathing, “Thank You” is such a wonderful way to express Love and appreciation for all we have! Sure, we say it in passing and it is always good to say. Yet when we bring our full attention, awareness and appreciation to our words, it deepens the grateful joy that fills our hearts and perhaps those of others. I am blessed to be surrounded by nature’s beauty and sometimes I just (have to!) get close and personal. Just yesterday, I nuzzled a tree, breathed her beauty, gave thanks, and felt at one with the sacred beauty. Ah, Thanks Living!

Me1 copyMe copy
It was at once a prayer and a breath of fresh air!

Giving thanks is an elixir to the heart. Much like forgiveness, it is mostly for our own good to give thanks. Though others feel the high vibration of gratitude, and everyone likes to be thanked, it generally does us ~ the ones feeling and expressing it ~ the most good. There is an unfortunate pervasive attitude of entitlement in many of the youth I have worked with over the years; so much so that the ones who genuinely express their thanks seem to really stand out ~ like it’s not the norm. Gratitude is one of the higher vibrational ways of being so it truly is for the highest good that we teach our children ~ and ourselves! ~ to not take the infinite blessings of life for granted, but rather to notice and give thanks for the ever present omnipresent blessings in a natural flow of Thanks Living!
ThanksMillion copyAgain, nature is the perfect backdrop for Thanks Living. How wonderful that our days begin and end in a blaze of color! What a reminder that life is a celebration! Yet … we probably miss more of these moments than we embrace? The skies here are magnificent, especially this time of year, but I don’t take in every sunrise and every sunset. Many days I do relish them with reverent reverie yet many days, I don’t. Too busy with the tasks before me. The skies are still ablaze whether I stop to be with them and fill my soul or not. The colors are still glowing in the sky whether or not I give attention and appreciation.SunRiseSet copy
So! Deep breath of awake and aware appreciation! What or who have you been taking for granted lately? Ask that wise heart of yours this marvelous mindful moment … let’s send them or “it” some deep gratitude now! Perhaps even take a tender moment with yourself to give thanks for all you do, all you are. It is so easy to take it all, even ourselves for granted!

So, in the Spirit of Thanks Living, we can expect to see divinity ~ everywhere! And so it is!Divinity copy
CreekPeekABoo copyLast week we looked at forgiving and Thanks Living. I have been widening my education of the humanitarian crisis with refugees and the effects of the civil war in Syria. It is staggering so I am looking to take some small actions … a webpage on the New Thought Families site and I signed up to represent Syria at a local, annual event for young children and families where each participant represents a country. I will keep you posted! While it seems like nothing, it is the small something I can do from here for now. That and prayer of course.

Sometimes when families come together for holidays like Thanksgiving, there can be tension and stress. My family is no exception. In fact, it’s started already! I’ll spare you most of the details though I know the aging elders and all their ongoing health problems is a strain for all. Last week, more doctoring with my dad as my stepdad landed in the hospital on the heals of my mom’s surgery. He is home now and we will all gather there on Thanksgiving Day. I will keep returning to Love & gratitude through any stresses and hopefully the collective grateful vibration will reign. This holiday does indeed remind us to be grateful for each other and all we have. And as you get by now, I am practicing the Earth Day every day way of being this remembrance in daily Thanks Living.

This week’s Leaping Literacy Library Free Shelf  is a full on feast of food, family, and gratitude; 4 Super Songs, 3 Yippee E Books and the Sensational SoulPlay Camp Chef Anne Baker shares body wisdom (what is up with gluten?!) and 2 very cool how to videos … making apple pancakes and gluten free potato latkes ~ so much yummy! Thank you Anne Baker of  Nourish Holistic Nutrition!

SoulPlay Chef & Nourish Holistic Nutrition Anne Baker
SoulPlay Chef & Nourish Holistic Nutrition Anne Baker
“Yum yum color is inside your head!”

Whatever Thanks Living moments of feasting, fun, frolic, aware appreciation, and divinity delights fill your week, may you be blessed in it and may you be blessed by your appreciation of it. If it serves you, remember and appreciate with us on our Thanks Living daily Play & Pray Calendar. I am so grateful for you and the gift of your presence here and on this beautiful planet home. Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanks Living! Namaste, sweet Love.




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