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Forgiving For ThanksLiving


Namaste Vibrant Voices of Leaf Dance!
In this beautiful fall moment, my heart is full of contemplation, celebration, and compassion. In the wake of another unthinkable attack on humanity, I have been holding heart space with our global brothers and sisters as well as many in my immediate family who are hurting. Ah, if only we were as deciduous leaves in our life and death cycle … glowing colors of change throughout the seasons ending in a rapid, victorious dance down to return to the earth! Fall leaves, I celebrate you!

There are so many ways to celebrate life and navigate death and to forgive the injuries sustained along the way. In this 3rd post giving attention to ThanksLiving, let’s sit with life’s tears a moment and the freeing gift of forgiveness. How can we not cry when we are hurt, when our loved ones suffer, when our global family is harmed and heart broken. Forgiveness is a powerful force of the heart and can sound like an empty word or concept sometimes. Let’s practice some right now, this peaceful moment. Think of something that hurts your heart; something you have or are suffering yourself or something that may be outside yourself like the attacks in Paris. Hold the hurt for a moment and let your mind/heart go where it wants to … blame? Anger? Deep sadness? Now let’s think of forgiveness … if it’s just a word, let it be so. Maybe you are already great at this … bring that energy here. Ask your heart to open up room for Love to hold the wound/wounded … Ask your heart to allow the power of forgiveness to bring peace to all those you blame or feel anger towards. Let the peace envelop your  heart in angel wings of light. Speak the words inside and/or aloud, “I forgive you.” And if necessary, “I forgive me.” Breathe into it and feel the peace and Light of Love fill you up. Do you feel lighter? Freer? If so or if not, know that it’s a start. Forgiveness like any spiritual practice comes naturally but usually after some time and choice to keep implementing it. Think of it as necessary heart, soul & joy maintenance!

The cleaning process of release and forgiveness can be important stepping stones to walking the path of ThanksLiving. Everything in this world needs some clean up now and again if not regularly like clockwork. I have written here before about some great tools like Colin Tipping’s Radical Forgiveness, Dr. Brad Nelson’s The Emotion Code, Alex Lloyd’s The Healing Codes, Access Consciousness to name a few. Prayer, intention, meditation, allowance and surrender are also right up there ~ linked within!

You see, I find for me, and I think this true of humanity, we cannot truly be in Thanks Living when we are harboring the heaviness of hurting hearts. We need the clean sweep to free ourselves up to live joyfully and gratefully. As I posted here in the September post, Balance Beckons, among the raging Butte Fire that devastated so many families’ homes, I believe that part of what is ours to do is to lift humanity up by gratefully living the blessings we are so richly blessed with. Yes hold heart space for the pain of others and absolutely do what we can to help but part of what we can do is to fully embrace the good we have joyfully in ongoing Thanks Living.

Our November PlayShop was yesterday and we did just that; we held the doors open for grateful celebration! We made appreciation chains and gratitude rocks as well as stone soup to eat and a creativity stone soup bowl:ChainsGratitudeRocksCRSoupCCRSoupI love our PlayShops and the beautiful families who come. One of our moms had been in a serious car wreck and she was back with her whole family ~ thank you God! Her young daughter sat with her eyes closed and a beautiful smile in a heart filled space while I sang “Grateful For You” ~ it really filled my heart! We drummed our thanks, and sang We Thank You and Soup Of The Soul. We heart shared gratitude and blessings and colorful art creations. Here are a few invitations I gave the families, and now you too, for the old paper chains as holiday decorations ~ and family affirmations!Chains1 1. Take colorful paper strips of paper and decorate them with affirmations of Joy, Love, Peace or anything you are living and/or want more of.
2. Write wonderful words about your family members … Create the chain between now and Thanksgiving and then read them together. You can make it like a riddle and have everyone guess who each one is about!
3. You can simply write things you are grateful for and build your chain up over time. Jeremiah and I did this for a few seasons and a Home Spiritual practice video from our New Thought Families archives is on the Leaping Literacy Free Shelf this week. Also on the Shelf is a Gratitude Walk I took a few years back on my birthday and the Laurie StorEBook Snake In My Birthday Cake in further birthday celebration ~ yes, happy birthday to ME! Whee! I’m turning (gulp) 53! Our SoulPlay featured fun one this week is Harriet Tubman Wright of  The Wright Resort who was our Spirit Sanctuaries Counselor for the SoulPlay Camp. 3 of Harriet’s videos are on the Free Shelf with her building altars and play, play, PLAYing with us! Yes, mixing 2 of my most favorite things ~ sacredness and silliness ~ thank you Harriet! FreebiesAltars are a powerful way to super charge the energy of your home or any space to bring in … beauty, gratitude, mindfulness, peace … forgiveness! Anything goes!

One of my window sill altars with our beloved dogwood smiling fall brilliance!
One of my window sill altars with our beloved dogwood outside smiling fall brilliance!

So yes, this week is full of Thanks Living celebrations … tomorrow/today! (long post process!) is my birthday and I will be pretending to be 3 instead of 53, with no responsibilities, just painting, singing, a teddy bear picnic! On Wednesday, Jeremiah and some of his drama classmates are performing a preview for some of my family of the student written one act play entitled “14 Main” … remember the old store and home of my ancestors I’ve been cleaning out? It’s going onstage! I’m hoping my 90 year old father can be forgiving of the teenage poetic license! Jeremiah has also made his way into the community theatre production of “It’s A Wonderful Life” which opens Friday .. with lots of meetings, appointments … and a teddy bear picnic in between … indeed another full week of Thanks Living!

Whatever your week has in store, may you be filled with deep peace ~ through forgiveness if need be ~ and may you be fully free to enJOY a week of Thanks Living. Thank you for the gift of your presence here and in the world. Namaste, Love!Fall copy



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