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Thanks Living Moments

CircleTimeNamaste Circle Of Love & Life!
I greet you this mindful Monday moment full of Thanks Living! As declared last week, this is part 2 of a 5 part series this November To Remember on the art of Thanks Living. I do consider it an art as well as a discipline, a practice, a choice … moment by moment. In the circle of time, we meet at the beginning and at the end in any given moment. And, of course, like time itself, the concepts of start and finish are only human constructions to help us reason and make sense of things. Aging shows us time but our hearts and minds are free from those restraints if we so choose. And yes, I am constantly navigating the effects of aging these days … elders, teens, messy middle. When I free my heart and mind, it doesn’t necessarily change the physical before me yet I allow myself to be happy or at least in compassionate peace with whatever is. And! I often go to gratitude with the prayer to deepen my embrace of the moment.  Let’s take a deep breath of sacred appreciation … here and now … in the circle of time … make a wish if you want or simply revel in the perfection of this now breath.


Great spiritual teachers like Tolle have taught us about the power of the moment. More and more I am finding deeper facets of that power ~ in Thanks Living sacred awareness and gratitude. I practice it all the time. The most sure fire path to happiness I have found is to simply start saying thank you … naming and claiming the beauty around me with sincere appreciation. And when needed, I name and claim my own perfection with the same expansive appreciation of all that I am. Try it with me in this moment … look at your hands with the eyes of Love … the way you would look at your child, pet, spouse, anyone or anything you deeply love and appreciate. Tell your hands either aloud or in your mind how beautiful they are and how much you appreciate all they have done … just this very day. Now see if you can watch your hands in motion for the next little while noticing their beauty and sending that appreciative awareness as they are in motion. Try it even and especially when those hands are washing the dishes or some (other) task you might find unpleasant. Let your awareness and appreciation of water and suds and food consumed flow through your hands. You can do this with any part of you or anyone else or you can simply keep reminding yourself to bring this awareness of gratitude into as many of your moments as possible. Some days I am in this flow of joyous Thanks Living and some days I have to catch myself in some sort of (emotional) pain or misalignment and actively call back the moment … and the gratitude for it. I call on my heart thoughts for Happy Thanks Living! And I often send them out to others ~ bet you do too?! Woo Hoo! If so or if not, send one right now … up, up and away Heart Thought!
HeartThoughtsLast week was intense for me … extra time at doctor offices and hospitals with my parents, the school with Jeremiah. I had more than one frustrated moment of wishing things were different. Yet I put into practice sacred awareness of the present moment and the choice to be grateful for it ~ instant shift! More peaceful happy me able to send heart thoughts to myself and others! And though I got very little of my own Leaping Literacy work done, I did a bit and continue to show up even in fleeting moments.

SO! Leaping Literacy Free Shelf this week:
FreebiesI re-illustrated one of the Long OO vowel celebration Laurie StorEBooks, TWO ~ it’s there in multiple formats for you!

From the Laurie StorEBook, Two.
From the Laurie StorEBook, Two.

The ChildSing Song this week is only 2 words ~ Yes & No ~ a 4 year old Jeremiah is singing with me (we are still doing the yes/no tango at 15!), We Thank You mp3 song & music video is a joyous song of gratitude from the I Am A Seeker CD featuring boisterous young voices from the youth choir days at the Spiritual Life Center. And look who is here from SoulPlay ~ Charmaine Quintana ~ who truly makes numerology easy peasy ~ download her free eBook and hear her explain numerology as well as an 11/2 Day and a 13/4 day in 3 SoulPlay audios. Tuesday of this week is an 11/2, Thursday 13/4 with the auspicious 11/11 on Wednesday and Friday is the 13th. Numerology can be great fun as well as holding ancient wisdom … visit our Free Shelf and let Charmaine make it easy peasy for you! Her free eBook is great for the young too ~ a coloring page animal or totem for each number. Thank you Charmaine!

When we study anything like numerology it can give us more light &  insight into ourselves and our worlds; life is an intricate web of connections. Often, we can be overwhelmed by the volume of what is coming at us. Enter … again … the MOMENT! Any and all we need is always available to us … moment by moment … and when we can gratefully grasp that, we can indeed live the happy Love of Thanks Living. That is my wish for you and all beings … in this and every moment. Namaste, Love!

Play & Pray Every Day with Thanks Living this November To Remember on our free calendar!  If you are local, join us for our Thanks Living Stone Soup Gratitude PlayShop this Sunday!



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