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All Souls ThanksLiving

IMG_3520Namaste Shining Souls Of Light Filled, Love Expressed, LIFE!

On this 2nd day of November, All Soul’s Day, I greet you in the Spirit Of Life & The Transformation Of Death ~ and every sacred breath in between! Following Halloween, the 1st of November marked the Christian All Saints Day and the 1st & 2nd of November hold the international, cultural celebration of  Dia de los Muertos (Day Of The Dead) honoring our ancestors and predecessors in the human journey of leaving our bodies behind. The word dead or death is often avoided in this society for many reasons … and even though denial is often so unhealthy, life is, indeed, a continuous circle. Yes, bodies do breakdown and die but our souls, our true essence, is everlasting energy as life embodied and Love expressed.

Breathe deep and give thanks!
Breathe deep and give thanks!

Let us think of dear ones now that we have lost in death; giving thanks for who they were with us … grateful Love in life’s deep breath … The human journey is one of connection especially to those we love ~ our families, friends, communities. Perhaps the greatest tool we have for experiencing this interdependence is gratitude. The attitude of gratitude not only frees us to live more joy and abundance, it deepens our heart and soul connections with others. Often, we only express the fullness of our appreciation for others after they are gone … in funeral and wake rememberings. How many posts of appreciation have you seen since Robin Williams or Wayne Dyer died? Both beloved spotlight people who died unexpectedly, we are jolted into expressing what they have meant to us. In this way; death can be a great reminder to appreciate & communicate with each other … in the present gift of right here and right now.

DSCN1357Death also reminds us of how our loved ones carry on in the world … pollinating in us and our memories of them as well as in any of the accomplishments of their lifetime. I watched a Hay House Memorial Celebration Service of Wayne Dyer ~ 2 hours, 37 minutes! ~ with many wonderful moments of inspiration. One I’d like to leave with you is to write a letter to any or all of your loved ones saying all the things you would say at their passing … say it now while they are alive to hear, feel, know, how much they’ve touched your life.

MrRogersFor any of your loved ones who are passed, you can still write a letter to them now or speak it aloud. Or, as the wonderful Mr. Rogers would always do when public speaking, accepting awards, etc. … “Take just 10 seconds to think of someone who has made a difference in your life. … How pleased that person must be to know that you have thought of them now.”

So it is that a 5 part series on Thanks Living begins today and will post each mindful Monday as we remember this November. In starting this series with a breath of death, it seems like we are beginning at the end, the conclusion, the punchline, of what it is to explore a life of Thanks Living. Yet, the Circle of Life reminds us that time is truly not linear, and death is, like no other, the great reminder to live. We can even frame our lives from the doorway of death … write our own eulogy now in self reflection of all we have been and dream filled imagination of where we are going … just what would we like others to say of us after we’re gone? Irrespective of what anyone else says, it is a gift to live a mindful, conscious life co-creating the highest callings of our hearts & souls.

It is also a sacred blessing and ancient ritual to honor those who have gone before us. There is an old proverb I’ve heard expressed in different ways. Here is what just googled up: “I mean, they say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.” Banksy

No soul wants to be forgotten so let’s remember this November and beeeeeeeyond to honor, thank, and celebrate ALL of our loved ones! It is pivotal, powerful practice in spiritually parenting ourselves, our families, our local and global communities.

Two of our SoulPlay Camp Counselors were excellent Grief Guides who played and navigated death and loss. Author of Losing Ama, Uma Girish played death games with us and we playfully received inspirational messages from fun friend Ranger Bob Keller and nurturing neighbor Fred Rogers. Tune in from the Free Shelf this week to hear some of Uma’s book and to play games in listening for your own deceased loved ones! You can also do some AWEsome therapeutic sounding, dancing, and cartooning with Michelle Peticolas. Grief, loss, death, can be heart hurting devastation … And! We can embrace it with SoulPlay! Play, as well as gratitude, are powerful, transformative tools. Our Free Shelf is doubled and tripled this week with the SoulPlay section holding 2 Uma Girish audios and 3 Michelle Peticolas videos. Yippee! Hooray! Souls are out to play!SoulPlayFreeShelf

H. Emily Cady
Author of Lessons In Truth, Emily Cady

Thank you so much for remembering and celebrating here with me! I know how precious time is and we all are such busy bees yet there is nothing more important than nurturing our Spirit through remembrance and celebration! For any who are interested in hearing and experiencing more from the Parliament Of World Religions, here is a New Thought Panel discussion with luminaries of our New Thought path + links to other big sessions from that blessed gathering. As I listen to the New Thought panel, I gratefully think of the voices of the past who whispered the tradition into being … Emerson, Quimby, Myrtle & Charles Fillmore, Emma Hopkins, Ernest Holmes.

Since the last Parliament Post here, my own days have been swirling with spiritual parenting 15 year old Jeremiah and 90 year old dad who is undergoing more body breakdown resulting in loss of independence & dignity. Slow death is perhaps the hardest to breathe through moment by moment, day by day. My mom is going in for another major surgery this week and she and my stepdad are also on the radar of care and prayer this week. I’m breathing!

So it goes that my own integration of family, the Parliament, Leaping Literacy, and what is mine to do keeps unfolding. I will (blessedly!) close with my Thanks Living for all beings alive and “dead” now … including all of you, great ones like Wayne Dyer & Pete Seeger as well as beautiful angel Renee, Ranger Bob and Faith Petric (singing below). As Faith sings, let us remember to touch our loved ones by any means of memory, word, story, feeling … in our infinite Circle Of Love. Namaste, Living Love!



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