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Awakening Awareness

Namaste Awake and Aware Beautiful Beings Consciously Channeling Divine Energy!

Grateful Greetings this 10/10 begin again autumn moment of reverent renewal and reverie! I am much like the fall leaves outside the window ~ some changing color, some holding steadfast and green, some twirling and swirling in their one big moment of flight as they make their way to the ground to begin again anew … the old becoming one in the infinite circle of life. This day has me tending to many areas of life, work, family. A perfect day to realign with our spiritual ABCs …

This is the core of consciousness; without awareness, we can fall into a humdrum human existence with the divine constantly tapping at our door and us too busy to notice. There are, of course, multiple layers of awareness … to be self aware is to be able to course correct in attitude and action, to be divine aware is to be awake to the sacred beauty truly everywhere, and to be oneness aware is to see the divine order connections and perfections always at work and play … in every moment of each day. Today I am aware on all 3 of these levels to various degrees and I am deep breath grateful for how awareness makes me free!

We are so blessed to live on such a beautiful planet! I live surrounded in nature and truly so much beauty is always beckoning. When we embrace beauty, we are called higher ~ into that deeper awareness of who we truly be. And when we look with the eyes of our heart and divine connection, beauty is all around waiting to be noticed. Sometimes I use the prayer to see with God’s eyes or the eyes of my heart and it does indeed help heighten my beauty vision.

What a beautiful awareness compassion is! I regularly employ compassion in action for myself and others; this practice often entails a surrender of judgment for the higher ground of unconditional Love. Again, a simple prayer or intention will bring about this alignment because our hearts are always seeking peace and Love. The adage, “Would you rather be right or kind?” comes into play here; where our ego likes to be right, our heart and soul prefers kindness, compassion, and peace. Every time.
Take a deep breath of the divine energy you are. Right here, right now … allow the divinity of your energy to consciously be. Bringing our awareness of this beauty automatically helps us to align with the divine shine of our design! For my part, I can block this divine, energetic flow consciously and unconsciously in a myriad of ways … too much sugar is still a favorite vice of mine. Yet the beauty of awareness and compassion is that they help shine the light of Love on the divine energies always at hand. Whew! What an AWEsome design!
There are many faith filled freedoms in our spiritual ABC’s and I find fortitude to be a great one. There is a bit of moxy and tenacity in this virtue that combines the power of perseverance with the strength of unwavering faith. There is a fair amount of faith and fortitude sprinkled into this month’s Zealous Yes Expressed daily Play & Pray Calendar. Stop by any day or every day for a dose of intergenerational inspiration as we help each other remember the Yes Expressed we are!
Ah yes, the grace filled gift of gratitude makes anything and all things better! Meister Eckhart named and claimed it best, “If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.” And yes, I am so grateful for this moment with you! And no, I am not going to do ALL 26 letters today ~ to which you may say, “Whew! Thank you!” ~?!
Library Reopens!
I am though, oh so grateful for so many things that make up this 10/10 begin again ~ we have re-opened our Leaping Literacy Online Membership Library ~ yes, again! After much consolidation and renovation that I suspect will be continuing on for some time to come! Our traditional, creative, and spiritual family literacy resources and offerings are vast and humbling … so much co-creation! Here’s your weekly invitation to our freshly stocked Free Shelf:
There is always so much In Our Hands to do, to have, to embrace, to BE! What is yours to do? See what your heart answers zealously!  We continue our online and live offerings with our local PlayShop here tomorrow on 10/11 and our Awareness of Fairness, Compassion In Action In Our Hands PlayShop at the Parliament of World Religions this week on 10/16. Mmm mmm good, we are Love In Action!

And so are you … thank you for all you do! I am so grateful for you, for us, for the divine energy of our compassionate beauty awakened in this moment. Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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