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Synergies & Energies


Namaste Blessed Yes! In the fleeting moments of this transformational September, the smell of first rain is trickling in and all around me as light sprinkles fall on our drought soaked land … I am smiling a blessed, zealous YES! And! I am making the transition from September’s Trust The Truth To Transform Daily Play & Pray Calendar to October’s Zealous Yes Of Love Expressed.  Join us  any day and every day to remember, to celebrate, to co-create! I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm, and do the things that ought to be done by me.”~ Charles Fillmore, founder of Unity at age 94LeapYes
Ever notice how different folks react differently? Ignited or indifferent? It IS always a choice! As I continue the caretaking and spiritual parenting of my 90 year old father, this truth has become poignantly pronounced. Yet, all I can really change is my own energies in this or any other situation. As my father is dying, there is a myriad of responses around us; denial remaining a prevalent one. For some reason, our society in general prefers quantity over quality. As he constantly talks of death, I am one of the few who engages with him in that conversation, that prayer, that silence, that mystery. Others are constantly affirming he has plenty of good years left even though his days are increasingly full of bad moments. As a life long empath, I have to continually separate my energies from his … I sometimes feel so exhausted ~ like I am dying ~ then I turn to my transformational tools to free my energy and align with the ever present omnipresent synergy of what it is to die/give space for rebirth. And ya, sometimes I simply NAP! For any other caregivers out there, you know the exhaustion and I invite us all to keep nurturing ourselves with the same Love we give others. For all those who may read this who know caregivers ~ especially those (siblings) who provide this service in your own family, stop this moment to send Love (in any form) to those in service. As we all choose who and where we serve, we can honor ourselves and all those who do it … especially those who may do it differently than us.
How we are called to the music of our souls is always different!

So! My other choices of how to align with the shine of my divine design include spiritually parenting my teenager, Jeremiah. He is working on getting his driving permit in time to do some of the driving to Salt Lake City this month of October when we go the Parliament Of World Religions. Do say a prayer for us! And I know our helping angels will have the pretty Prius surrounded! I greatly enjoyed making music with my man cub this last Saturday at the El Cerrito Folk Festival. And am so excited & delighted to be presenting a performance PlayShop at the Parliament with my compassion in action, oh so talented teenage musician & co-presenter! Our Creative Spirit Families ministry both online and in live events is still my favorite way to serve! Did you know that the meaning of the word ministry is to serve? So, when we answer the callings of our hearts and souls, we are not only serving our purpose, but also the others we touch, the earth at large and THE creator that breathed our life, passions and gifts into these bodies in the first place! Yessing that blessing of full circle co-creation and manifestation!CreationInHand
Yes! I am loving the Leaping Literacy Online Library that is in my hands as the consolidation nears completion and we ready for the begin again re-opening to paid Marvelous Memberships on 10/10. This week’s Free Shelf is singing and we update the Free Shelf every Fab Friday so do join us with your free Leaping Literacy Library Card! SoulPlay, Spiritual Literacy, New Thought Families, Laurie StorEBooks, ChildSing Music … so much goodness is zealously YES blessed! Freebies
May the energies and synergies of your heart & soul callings be in full bloom this moment of our connection. Whatever your circumstances, may beauty find you and bring a smile to your heart and a zealous yes to your breath. Namaste, Love!ValleyBloom



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

2 thoughts on “Synergies & Energies

  1. Laurie, Love the balance portrayed through your care-giving role and your excitement about co-performing with Jeremiah at the Parliament of World Religions. It should be a life-changing experience to be among the throngs that are committed to social justice on a personal and global level. I look forward to hearing about your time there…

    Peace, Harriet

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