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Balance Beckons

FireRoseNamaste bright, blooming beacons of beauty!

The last 10 days since I was here in blogland have been an amazing mix of beauty & horror, sorrow and joy. Our mindful meditation moment here and now centers on the oneness of all of it and how balance, sweet balance is the beckoning in how and what we make of this life experience. Truly, we choose our perspective and that is a powerful precipice in which to perch.
Do you see what I see?
The big news at the heart of all that has transpired here is The Butte Fire which had just started at my last post. On 9/11, it became hugely apparent what a big wildfire this was with so many of our neighbors evacuated from their homes, power outages, displaced animals and scores of helping angels stepping up and in to help. I was *so* reminded of *the* 9/11 when I was on the last plane out of Sacramento, CA at 6:00 a.m. with 18 month old Jeremiah on my lap. The intensity of that experience came back to me on *this* 9/11 more in the wake of the way people around me were awakened … awakened to the kinship of who we are. Everyone in the grocery store was talking to each other … really talking … to know how we all were doing and what we needed. I hugged quite a few little known neighbors to convey my support. As the days have progressed, we now know that 545+ homes were lost though most if not all were in our neighboring Calaveras County. Some of these folks work here and are known to us though all of them need the help of a neighbor. When Creative Spirit Families was approached to help, of course I said yes, you can join that effort here.
BalanceThere are so many ways we can support each other. In times of crisis, the goodness of our humanity rises and it is a beautiful thing. I was also shocked to hear of looters found going in evacuated homes so as a balance point, we must realize that the depths of despair can also arise in these times. Certainly the fear and suffering was palpable … not only from humans but all of the life lost in the 71,000+ acres burned. And there are other neighbors only a few hours away in CA suffering the same devastation in the Valley Fire. So, most of us are called to restoration … how can we help?! Certainly donated goods & money + displays and demonstrations of gratitude for the firefighters that came from far and near … MyHero1
Yet I offer that an important balance point is also for us who have not lost to continue living and vibrating our joy. Our September monthly PlayShop strove for that very contribution. Originally scheduled at a nearby lake that was in the thick of where the fire started, it looked like it was going to be cancelled like all else that weekend when even gathering in the local park was out due to smoke. I took it to Spirit in my morning meditation and followed the guidance to ask our neighbors for use of the Methodist church. He immediately reached in his pocket and handed me the key. Instead of making mobiles and wind chimes, we made gratitude signs to join the others popping up around here.
And! We celebrated Equinox ~ equal night, the time of balance is coming this week 9/23 ~ and balance in our lives. Our yogi Keith drove a few hours to be with us! We did a bit of yoga …
YogiBalance1 YogiBalanceAnd! Our small group of 17 went on an inner treasure hunt of listening and guidance with fun surprises tucked around that blessed social hall. One of our families was evacuated and it was a time of community, creativity, play and fun for them and all of us. We all found the vibration of joy to uplift our Spirits if even for that little while. Yes, collectively and creatively, we changed our perspective and hopefully helped lift the Spirits of others in our hurting communities.Happy3View Happy2View So, yes as kindred Spirits in the oneness of creation, of course we feel each other’s pain; compassion in action is the natural reaction! It is indeed a silver lining that tragedy reawakens this within our often sleepy consciousness. One of the gifts for me was a small sense of what the Syrian and other refugees were fleeing when the planes and helicopters were loudly flying overhead constantly for 1 or 2 days in particular. These planes over my head were helping angels. Yet I felt the fear that went with their presence and coupled with the news of homes being destroyed by fire, it helped me know, just a miniscule fragment of what it must be like to live in a war zone, to have ‘home’ destroyed and to need to leave to seek a better life. The refugee crisis is just one of many in our world today and this fire in our backyard helped me feel a deeper kinship with them. Because, truly we are all One. And! An important compassion in action step for me is to step out of my empathic place of sorrow with and for the pain of others and live the joy that I am blessed with. Yes, be aware and send prayer. Yes, take whatever giving steps I can to help. And yes, live the joy I am blessed with. Here I am from this last weekend showing some of my photography and art with other wonderful local artists in a county wide ‘Open Studios’. It was a gift to the county I think in it’s time of healing. It was a joy to be with other artists and an overall good celebration of this part of my soul expressed. It was also a personal remembrance to me of the preciousness of my time and energy and my personal need for balance.


It is all too true that for everything we say yes to, we are saying no to a myriad of other things! In the midst of being in my art love last week, I spent some hours at the hospital with dad and the school with Jeremiah … our lives are always unfolding in our moments made of choices and perspectives!

DSCN3459Yay for art and photos on display!

DSCN3470A new piece speaks of family and divine order all lined up!

DSCN3458And the transformations of life go on … September’s daily Play & Pray Calendar at New Thought Families is all about transformation celebrations. Remember with us here!

Jeremiah and I are giving a concert this Saturday at the El Cerrito Free Folk Festival and gearing up to present an In Our Hands Performance PlayShop, Compassion In Action, at the Parliament of World Religions next month in Salt Lake City ~ you can still go to this amazing event!

Meanwhile, the Leaping Literacy Online Library is still in beta testing … wanna help?! We want YOU! Any helping angels reading this who are called to peruse the Library NOW, give us useful feedback over the coming weeks and enJOY a full year’s free Library Membership, submit the form on our Beta Tester page! We gratefully invite you in for this win-win as we begin again!
Member Library ReOpens!Our weekly Free Shelf where we feature fun freebies from each section of our Leaping Literacy Online Membership Library is featuring a book from each section this week! SoulPlay Playmate Marsha Therese Danzig reads her book, The Tiniest Acorn along with 3 Laurie StorEBooks ~ enJOY!Freebies

MarshaAcornArmadillo00Smell00QuietTitleThanks so much for being here for this sharing … your presence is such a gift! May whatever else you are saying yes to this day, this time, be a blessing to you and others as we ripple our experiences into the oneness of our humanness with the balance that is always beckoning. Namaste, Love!Yes




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