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What Now? Allow!


Namaste bright blessings of bold beauty! I great you in the name of beautiful essence always available … especially in the ugly!

Remember this scare share last October?!Remember this scare share last October?! Finding this ginormous cricket in my laundry coming OUT of the washing machine … and still alive …  was a heaping helping of EW! NO THANK YOU!

I am reminded in this moment as I take an ‘ew review’ ~ with lots of appreciation too! ~ of the current challenges I continue to face with family and work et al. I feel a bit like I’ve once again crawled out of the ‘wringer’ in new celebration, determination and preservation!

Briefly, I continue to mindfully evaluate the life I am blessed living … the good, the bad, the ugly. I am embracing my freedom to change AND to love what is and change what I can at the pace of grace. While I know immediate leaps and shifts do happen, my path seems to usually be slower.

Me with dad

And the life I have chosen is intertwined with others … most immediately, my teenage son and elderly dying dad. What I know to be true is that I can and I must make a conscious choice to nurture me ~ dare I say, sometimes first ~ before I nurture them. The mother/daughter dance I am in can be dizzying though I am learning and allowing new dance steps more and more in allowance with my own heart. A big part of caring for myself, especially in the wake of a myriad of situations that come to me for ‘tending’, is to make time and commitment for my beloved artistic, spirit, and literacy work. I am on an exciting new track to re-open our Leaping Literacy Online Membership Library on 9/9 and while I still have the need for a team, I am getting the bit of help needed to do it ~ woo hoo! I am spending the time to complete what has been patiently awaiting my presence and action … I am acting and I am allowing it all to come together. The years I have spent with literacy ~ traditional, creative, and spiritual come together now at Creative Spirit Families and the Leaping Literacy Library. The New Thought Families branch is a rich resource for remembering … playful & reverent family spirituality with hundreds of songs, videos, calendar pages, pictures … I am acting on a renewed commitment to make it all accessible for any who can benefit from it. I am answering the call to finally bring it full circle.NTFLLLThe Free Shelf this week is freshly Friday Freebie re-stocked! The Laurie StorEBook is a whacky version of the ‘Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly’ ~ a singing celebration of Long I Vowels. Our ChildSing song is of the caterpillar to butterfly transformation while our New Thought Families offering is one of our Conscious Comedy episodes, “Which Way To Go?” ~ goofy Godly play! From SoulPlay, cook with our (last summer’s) Camp Chef Anne Baker. FreebiesThe Free Shelf is a little glimpse into our Leaping Literacy ‘OM’ Library re-opening in divine time on 9/9!

Live events coming up are also heart filled exciting. Our next local PlayShop is a mini Feather’s Camp at the lovely Lake Tabeaud:
And! Jeremiah and I will be hosting Compassion In Action: An In Our Hands Performance PlayShop at the Parliament Of World Religions in Salt Lake City in October! Our little presentation is part of a plethora of powerful programs packed into this 5 day event. While we are honored to be anywhere on the roster, it is exciting to just be a attending such a grand event. Maybe you & yours want to go too?! There’s still time!

Whatever you are celebrating, embracing, enduring or tolerating in this moment, this time … may you deep breath allow … Love … that is all around you for your highest good. May you deep breath allow … the flow of Love … that is you. Namaste, Love!




Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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