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Precision Of Life Decisions

Namaste Beloved Lights of Love Expressed Life!

Greetings of Grace this integrated, inspirational moment we have chosen to take a deep breath together. Deep breath of Love expressed …

This week has me working on many pieces of life … Jeremiah’s first week of 10th grade and a renewed commitment to rectify the Leaping Literacy Online Library among many other things.

Truthfully, I have also been battling some grandpa grumpies, life tiredness, and disillusioned depressions over what seems like commitments I can’t re-negotiate. Revision decision! Of course I can and I am. Changing at the pace of grace and with deep gratitude. The grateful way is the only way for me to make happy revisions to previous decisions. I am also napping daily!

Always so many pieces … as today’s New Thought Families Calendar entry speaks of … we are always parts of the whole!

Pieces of Beauty
Yesness Expressed: Abundant August Beauty Blessed
Pieces of Whole Beauty
One Love … and each us us expressing it in our own ways!

While some of my big picture plans still seem elusive, I keep returning to my heart of the moment … you know that deep breath centering in the blessedness of yes expressed this moment.

And in what can clearly be argued as creative avoidance of cleaning the Leaping Literacy Library shelves, I illustrated and published a title from the archives with the help of the generous photographers at Pixabay. “Ducks Can” was recorded on our ChildSing Spring Into Summer CD and is one of the Laurie Story Physical Phonics rhymes that engages kids in moving and acting out … the wonderful world of … yes, ducks!

Brand new release is sitting on the Free Shelf this week!
Brand new release is sitting on the Free Shelf this week!

Part of my own generosity and the whacky oh so loose business model I am employing allows this sharing … to release a brand new title and just give it away! Folks are doing it in lots of ways these days on Amazon et al … it is an amazing time for publishing and sharing our gifts!

Ducks Can is Laurie Story word play celebrating a few of our natural wonders found in ducks.
Ducks Can is Laurie Story word play celebrating a few of our natural wonders ~ ducks!

From the metaphysical perspective, we are also in an unprecedented place of co-creation and empowered manifestation in our human evolution. The power of our hearts is growing with tools like gratitude and Spirit connection aiding us to be more of who we truly be. Of course, we still must choose to override the old programming that says “we can’t” and love ourselves and our dreams through every bit of doubt and fear that arises. We just keep choosing Love. No matter what.

This week’s Free Shelf celebration of ducks is a mirror for our own self celebration. The SoulPlay offering of the week is an inspirational Reset Moment with the Wake Up Your Magic Lady Susan Guild who wisely reminds us to find our inner voice with vim, vitality and vigor! We’re also celebrating that SuZQ  has a new release out ~ Wake Up the Creative Healing Power Within: Your Cells and The Mighty Crayon ~ More ways to revise with inner eyes!

Voice your vim, vitality & vigor!
Voice your vim, vitality & vigor!
Free sign up or sign in Leaping Literacy Library card!
Free sign up or sign in Leaping Literacy Library card!

Leaping Literacy Library Free Shelf!

So beautiful blossoms of divine timing, whatever decisions, revisions or incisions you are in the midst of, may you find the encouragement and inspiration you need to keep on being the Love expressed you are. Again, we are infinitely blessed in the media plethora available to us. At a particularly low point this week, the amazing grace voice of icon Oprah Winfrey brought me back home to my heart. The link to that talk is below. May you find whatever re-connects you to your own inner knowing of grace filled precision. We are all an important piece of the whole. Created from Love, so richly blessed, our only ‘job’ in this life is to be Love expressed. Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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