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Holy Ground

SilverLakeNamaste Wild Hearts Blooming in whatever Holy Ground you are Grooming or simply Perusing!

I send you this radiant wildflower energy from Silver Lake in the sacred Sierras where our Feathers Of Freedom Camp is set for July 31st ~ August 3rd. At the base of Thunder Mountain, I always feel the holy energy of energized yesness when there. I will be passing through this holy ground in a few hours with my sisters as we take my dad up the mountain in celebration of his 90th birthday tomorrow. It has been a long year of caretaking my dad as he suffers the indignities of an aging, failing body. Hopefully his Spirit will be renewed and his body will allow this trip to his beloved mountains and Virginia City.

Dad with Jeremiah at Virginia City 3 years ago ...
Dad with Jeremiah at Virginia City 4 years ago …

The many aspects of family caretaking and clean ups continue as I carve out time for my other callings of creativity and business. I squeaked into a very cool contest from Wells Fargo that would really help Creative Spirit Families with working capital and the oh so needed business mentoring! For you good hearted souls who believe in our cause, please vote for our project between now and July 19, 2015 ~ easy click ~ you can vote once per day ~ hooray! Creative Spirit Families on Wells Fargo Works

I just restocked the Free Shelf … a tad early in lieu of the 90th celebration … we are SINGING this week ~ come on & sing along!FreebiesWe continue to chip away at the navigation implementation on all the sites. The summer interns are not working as much as I had thought but there is a divine order to all of it. Our summer camp is right around the corner and these lovely interns will be an integral part of the fun and frolic! I visited the camp this week and felt inspired to issue a kind of last minute video invitation … the wind was moving through it for more of the holy gurgle but I will share it anyway … I want you to know you are still invited to come play!

I have always believed and continue to deepen in the knowing that we are always walking sacred ground. When we bring a mindful, grateful awareness of where our feet are, we align ever more with this truth. Wherever your feet are this moment, this day, may you know the infinite blessing of the sacred ground you are on. If you want some help in remembering or celebrating your path, our New Thought Families Play & Pray July Calendar has our feet forging fearless pathways. Happy trails of blessed yesness to you and yours. Namaste, Love!




Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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