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Rising Above In Shining Love

Namaste Beautiful Beams of Compassionate, Shining Abundance!

I begin this week’s post with a video from the archives and the New Thought Families Branch of the Leaping Literacy Library. Our Jubilant June Daily Play & Pray Calendar is an invitation to imagine & intuit. So I invite you here and now to breathe in the shining light of intuition with me:
Password: LSIntuition

In sifting through the myriad of thoughts and events of this moment and the last week, I center in this breath now with a compassionate prayer of oneness going to Charleston, SC. Last night, folks gathered to pray and a tormented soul took their bodies away … So in this moment, let us pray … Divine & Sacred Spirit that is Source of all that is, we align with our divine shine pouring forth this light of Love to the souls that have left their bodies, to the soul that pulled the trigger, to the hearts, minds & souls of all that are left behind … families, friends, community. We further pour this light through our compassionate hearts to all those who are suffering in this or any other injustice as well as to all those who would celebrate such atrocities in righteousness. May all beings know Love; unconditional Loving light that says, you matter. We all matter and we are all one. From this place of One Heart, may humanity find our way home into the all encompassing breath of Love we all come from. We pray for peace to prevail through this everlasting light & Love. And so it is. Deep breath of Light …

IMG_3520In our light filled world this week, Jeremiah is enJOYing Jazz Band Camp, my cell phone is broken ~ hence no ‘texting our morning & evening prayers ~, the elder care is an ongoing blessing & challenge, the new interns, Jenni & Alex have begun work with a big learning curve for all of us! We are centered on our Literacy FUNdamentals in the (original) sections of Laurie’s Stories’ Leaping Literacy Online Library and it has been rather overwhelming for at least 2 of us … I am learning on the fly to be a better teacher & delegator. And! Did you ever have a closet that you knew needed cleaning but when you got in there, it was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY messier than you knew? Ya, like that! AND! I am loving the divine order of showing up with yesses to the messes! IMG_3750There is new navigation and all kinds of re-linking going on … we may necessarily need to re-up the (teacher) literacy blog, many moving pieces and possibilities still … the big picture screams for MORE and the divine shine aligns with PATIENCE! Breathe. I found myself cooking on a super low heat today while trying to sort out the cell phone situation …. as a high burner kinda gal, I did sorta relish the peace of low heat realizing that the remake and remodel of our Leaping Literacy Online Library offerings are ALL about that! Slow and easy gets there on the path of peace. And that “getting there” is more about walking a pathway of peace and Love in every breath than anything else.

We are so blessed ~ it is all Love Expressed!

As a master co-creator, I do so love to create. Some of you may remember my online extravaganza last summer of the SoulPlay Camp ~ in many ways a (business) failure but it was soul stirring for me and continues to fuel a visioning I have for all of us … when we are yes expressed, the whole world be blessed! As I continue to sort through and re-navigate my “messes” ~ so that others can too! ~ I will share with you 2 more videos this day ~ from SoulPlay! As part of our teen talent, we had Josh doing part of the “I Have A Dream” speech by ML King, Jr. Somehow, seeing his innocent, young, (white) face carrying the powerful words of Dr. King stirs hope in my heart that we will live Dr. King’s dream. We are living it now as we hold this truth to be self evident for all beings everywhere despite last night’s tragedy in South Carolina and in any other suffering this moment ~ we hold, know, live and embody the dream & reality of freedom, peace, justice for all beings. And so it is.
Password: SPT

Whatever shining dreams you are imagining, intuiting, breathing into, and acting upon this moment, this day, I affirm your soul is calling you into play! I am leaving you with 1 more video ~ the SoulPlay theme song ~ I still LOVE singing this song and I hope it can bring comfort & joy to any of you. May we all align with the shine of our divine design! Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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