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Choices & Voices: In Our Hands Plans

Namaste Divine Expressions Of Love Expressed & Life Blessed!

Today’s choices and voices are an integrative combination of the events of this last week and the embracing of summer plans … reaffirming that always, our choices and voices are in our hands! As our Begin Again song sings, “… Life is such a series of choice after choice. Why not choose the voice that causes you to rejoice?!”

So, the road trip to Arizona was a safe if not completely serene adventure … loud music and soda to keep me awake for the drive left me in the quake of what feels like days of daze upon our return! The off and on again rain of the wedding day broke for the 30 minute outdoor ceremony and the sky broke out in a double rainbow of yes blessed beauty over the reception clubhouse:
IMG_3572We made it home in time for Jeremiah to march in the Sunday morning parade with the high school band and to host our afternoon PlayShop at the local Lake ~ a perfect precursor to our Feathers Of Freedom Summer Family Camp coming up at Silver Lake in the high Sierras.
IMG_3631 IMG_3670IMG_3641 IMG_3633

 Intergenerational sharing of music, food, art & heart in the splendor of nature, how does it get any better than this?! Feathers Of Freedom Family Camp! Our summer Family Camp is filling up with families ready to play in community & creativity … from yoga & archery … canoes, kayaks on the lake, art, crafts, music, drumming, hikes, drama & talent shows, singing campfires & smores as well as our spirit filled invitations like the Forgiveness Footprints Walk & Angel Wash … mmm mmm good! Our registered families have a range of interests which is one reason why our packed activities calendar is all optional ~ plug in how you want, when you want … FREEDOM! And! YOU are still free to join us!
You can still join us!Cabin reservations are extended ~ 1st come, 1st served!I am seeing, knowing, and feeling all the Love Expressed, Life Blessed Creative Spirit Families gathered in Feathers Of Freedom FUN! My heart keeps being called to host this camp year after year so I make the choice to give the calling voice, plan and ACTION! Such is the beauty of free will.

Our online offerings are also in action with new growth this summer; our Creative Spirit Families’ summer interns, Alex & Jenni officially start tomorrow. Woo Hoo! Break throughs! We have lots to do for the Leaping Literacy Online Library ~ and they will be coming to Camp too! Thank you Alex & Jenni!

This week, we are celebrating the power of our hands on our Free Shelf:
FreebiesThe 2 MP3 songs, In My Hands & In Our Hands from the CD of the same name are among the freebies as well as gorgeous, giveaway, SoulPlay bag art with Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko ~ sing, clap, read, and make art with us this week because the voices of our choices really is in our hands!

I have one more in our hands celebration this week … this is the 200th blog post here! Now granted, there are plenty of weeks when I show up here wondering if it matters in the least to anyone else … but commitment is commitment. And like all of life, sometimes we shine and sometimes we are holding a reflective space for others to see their shine. I don’t always know why I’m here but I show up anyway. I am ever learning that showing up ~ perfectly imperfectly ~ is what matters most. And that I need to be the compassion in action I sing about so often … for myself as well as others. My re-illustration & eBook publication of Hazel’s Home *still* isn’t done but it will be for I will keep showing up until (and after!) it is done! Commitment is a celebration!

Hazel's Home: A Laurie StorEBook "Thanks to you dear Hazel, my things are in ruins. I'll just have to go out and buy some new ones!"
Hazel’s Home: A Laurie StorEBook
“Thanks to you dear Hazel, my things are in ruins.
I’ll just have to go out and buy some new ones!”

Whatever choices & plans your hands are into this week, may you be rejoicing in your voicing! I am so grateful & joyful for the gift of your presence here this moment. I celebrate you! Until our next mindful moment together, may you bathe in the light of your Love Expressed & Life Blessed. Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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