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Mysterious May Melting Away

youth-570881_1920Namaste glorious, free flowing, manifestations of goodness, changes, reflection & celebration!

I greet you in these fast fleeting, full yet mindful, May moments of memories & mysteries. As I continue to be in sacred service to Source, self, son, dad, family, Creative Spirit Families, the multi-facets of each of those can fill my days in sometimes exhausting ways. The energetic thread through all of it is what we have been referring to as The Mystery this month of May at New Thought Families. Our daily Play & Pray Calendar has been speaking to it with beautiful family voices; on each calendar page, there are the 2008 and 2015 God Spot music videos with my son Jeremiah and I as well as this incredible, anonymous audio, “The Mystery”. Did you get a chance to hear it? If so or if not, here it is in video. Yes, in these melting May moments, I finished and posted, “The Mystery” and it serves here and now as the main message of the week:

When New Thought Families first went live as a dot com on 2/7/2007, a friend had introduced me to this anonymous audio and it was a guidepost, a beacon for what it was that was calling me into being an interfaith voice for spiritual family literacy. Doing this video has been on the May list and after what was a disturbing Memorial Day experience, I knew it was an important one to finish here and now. Of the aforementioned experience, I will simply say for now that I took my dad to the local American Legion Memorial Day ceremony and lunch where I found myself witness to disturbing hate speech with the ‘patriotic’ rally cry of ‘taking our country back.’ In that occurrence and in the mindfulness since, I am practicing acceptance, non-judgment, and unconditional Love for those I found so offensive. meditation-511563_1920And! I am, in the midst of the busyness, aligning & realigning with what is mine to do to actively bring Love to these voices of fear. In the end, we all have a voice, a heart, a perspective to share … and I surrender it all in conscious prayer that Love will conquer over fear. There is obviously a lot that can be told here but I am sitting with The Mystery and feeling the song(s) coming to be birthed as another aspect of the voice of my heart who cries for tolerance and fairness. I am also sitting with the questions … Is sharing these things with those that are open to them enough? Is that all I can do?! Is freedom truly the allowance and tolerance of all beliefs? What I do know is that holding a vibration of Love & oneness is always the right thing to do. And for all of us, there is always SO much to do!

I am a supporting band mom and retiring board member as Jeremiah is concluding his freshman year of high school, a trumpet player & a ROCKING bass player in the jazz band with a concert last night and 2 more this weekend. The caretaking with my dad is much like his overgrown cactus starting to bloom … the soft beauty amid the spiny, repelling needles.
CactiHazelAs reported here earlier this month, I have been re-illustrating “Hazel’s Home” ~ picking up where I left off 15 years ago! While I think the re-illustration process will conclude this month, getting it into the sharable Laurie StorEBook formats will slide into June. And June is almost here! We’ll talk June soon, next post! Let’s breathe in more of The Mystery! Our Free Shelf this week is packed with mysterious goodness!FreebiesThe most mysterious & wondrous Luisah Teish shares with us her artwork and how it was *mysteriously* rebirthed! And our ABC Mystery Laurie StorEBook has the alphabet letters looking for our Action Ants in an alliteration adventure! Mystery09Whatever life and heart adventures you are embracing or enduring, may you remember the Mystery of who you are, the power of who you are as co-creator of your gift of life and how the passionate perspective you choose, is always up to you. Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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