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Graduation Celebrations!


Namaste glowing, growing, flowing, grace filled graduates in the school of life!

This week’s musings are around graduation and ceremonies for it is that time of year again around here. We attended my nephew’s college graduation Sunday, another nephew is completing a long journey with his high school diploma while my niece is also graduating high school this week and being married in 2 weeks ~ whew! Last year at this time, Jeremiah graduated 8th grade and we travelled for another nephew’s college graduation. In the circle of life, graduations are right up there with our most powerful & recognized ceremonies of birth, death, marriage. As parents, we feel such a range of emotions as our children graduate into the world.

In olden times, the term graduation was part of an alchemical process; brought about by gradual change. Today’s school graduations are a ritualistic mark in the circle of time that are indeed a celebration of perseverance, consistency, and continuous willingness to keep showing up … to classes, projects, tests, papers … word by word, day by day … a gradual sequence leads to graduation. If you think about it, life is a series of graduations as we gradually grow up, grow out, grow on …

Life itself is a gradual growing process ...
Life itself is a gradual growing process …

The big ceremonies like graduations, weddings, funerals, they speak to our heart and souls of the deeper layers of our existence. I had a very sad, impromptu funeral of sorts this week for one of my dad’s cows. Several weeks ago, he (his neighbor) moved them across the road as he does every year where they graze free range for a few months. I have missed them some and wondered often if they were alright. Word came the other day that a cow had died so I walked the fields and sure enough found her. It was the grieving mother cow who had lost her calf.

She stood where the calf was born and died. Waiting. Sometimes sniffing the ground where the scent still was. And sometimes loudly wailing. RIP Mama Cow.
She stood where the calf was born and died. Waiting. Sometimes sniffing the ground where the scent still was. And sometimes loudly wailing. RIP Mama Cow.

When I found her, she had been dead a while. The horror and grief I felt at the sight of her was mixed with a holy wonder for the way nature works … her eyes, tongue, all of her innards really had been so precisely removed and gone on to nurture the buzzards and perhaps others in the circle of life. The rest of her lay there intact, very stiff and somehow solemnly resolved. As the tears flowed, the other cows and calves came over the hill to join me. They stayed a certain distance but were definitely right there with me. One mama called a few times for her calf who came running. The bull who is their pasture buddy this summer came too. They were all looking at me. I felt the need to speak a few words of honoring for our dead friend. So I spoke a bit of a prayer. One cow wailed a few times. I acknowledged my grief and theirs in just a simple, spontaneous honoring of the life lost, a celebration of the life lived tinged with sadness for her end. Just as we were wrapping up and they all were going over the hill, dad’s neighbor came to check. He no doubt thought my tears were silly and that the cows had merely come to me thinking I was there to feed them. Could be I suppose. Though we all get to have our truth and what I felt with the cows was real for me. And maybe, just maybe, they felt some Love and peace in their grieving too and our cow friend’s Spirit sensed us there in the honoring of her life. As I walked slowly back to my dad’s, it began to rain softly over me and the drought soaked fields … as the sun was still shining brightly and beginning to slowly set for the night. I didn’t see a rainbow but I determined to feel one.
So it is that this gradual wheel of Life continues to turn. As I celebrate the accomplishments of the youth in our family and community who are graduating on to the next levels of their place in this world, I continue to gratefully grow my work and offerings in both live and online resources. This week, I had what felt like a graduation celebration for my family spirituality literacy work ~ I received notice that my presentation proposal was accepted for the Parliament Of World Religions Conference! WOO HOO! What an exciting and humbling honor to be anywhere on the roster of these luminaries topped by his holiness, the Dali Lama! The event itself is in October 2015 in Salt Lake city with an anticipated participation of 10,000 from 40 countries and 50 religions. If this kind of interfaith gathering speaks to your heart, sign up and we’ll see you there!

Meanwhile, our annual Family Camp in the sacred Sierras still has some cabin space if you care called to join us!

Cabin reservations are extended ~ 1st come, 1st served!
Cabin reservations are extended ~ 1st come, 1st served!

And our May Mystery Calendar is delightfully there for you 24/7 as are the singing, reading, flying freebies on this week’s Free Shelf! Red Fred’s Red Bread Bedspread is an imagination celebration chock full of short e vowel fun and UK Storyteller Ruth Humphreys provides such colorful enchantment in her magic carpet SoulPlay!
FreebiesThank you precious, passionate, playful one for your presence here. I honor and celebrate you this mindful moment and invite you to do the same ~ for whatever gradual steps you are taking or leaping graduations you are making ~ I honor your journey for we are all a circle of Love. Namaste!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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