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Mother Oneness ~ OM!

Every human being begins in oneness ...

Namaste bright, beautiful, bold birthing beings of imagination, elation, and co-creation!

This past Mother’s Day left me with the above musing … that in the miracle way we are created, every human being begins in oneness … baby and mother’s heartbeats in sync … How wondrous creation is, that every being, no matter where we are born has this same experience. Deep breath aaahh on that one!

Our May PlayShop celebrated motherhood connections, reflections and creativity in our hands!
Our May PlayShop celebrated motherhood connections, reflections and creativity in our hands!

One of our greatest gifts and symbolic expressions of our bodies and beingness is our hands. Our May PlayShop gave way to some wonderful, intergenerational voicing with hands at the center:
InOurHandsMayPlayShop4InOurHandsMayPlayShop3 InOurHandsMayPlayShop2IMG_3179
When we focus on our hands in our PlayShops, we are mindful of all we do with our hands as well as the ways hands can communicate all we be. In addition to actual hands, we also strung beads ~ as gifts ~ and also for the meditative focus this has for our hearts, minds and hands.
My own hand expression grew this time around to show the physical me and the divinity me ~ to speak Love and to just be Love with no words at all … the way the aspects of body, mind, Spirit come together as a prayerful breath of BE!
LHandsI do so love our gatherings and am holding physical and heart space for the special families that are called to play with us in the Sierras this summer!
Reserve your family's cabin by 5/15!

Meanwhile our online offerings are being nurtured along with a hiring process in place for summer interns ~ I am getting help ~ woo hoo! The process of getting some help with my dad has shown me how far just a little help can go. So I am thrilled to finally be getting more hands on deck for the Leaping Literacy Online Library! This week’s fab freebies celebrate mapping things out!
FreebiesSo wherever this week finds your hearts and hands, may your journey be mapped with mindful mothering … the kind that breathes Love into all you do! Here is one more honoring and celebration of mama … the song that sings in us from before we are born … on and on … in oneness … in Love. And so it is. Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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