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Relationally Rooted: Beauty Branches

Beloved dogwood 2015 blooms beginning to fade ... still smiling out the window in today's  early morning misty fog ...
Beloved dogwood 2015 blooms beginning to fade … still smiling out the window in today’s early morning misty fog …

Namaste beautiful, bountiful branching ones rooted in relational reverence!

I greet you this week in the Spirit of Earth Day (4/22) and Arbor Day (4/26) anchoring us in rooted beauty and reverent bounty. Our sacred Mother has always been THE physical touchstone of Spirit for me with one of her most beautiful, bountiful voices being the trees.

Look outside your window now ~ any trees smiling at you? Our magnificent dogwood has graced us again this year with pink splendor despite years of drought conditions ~ testimony to the tenacious truth of beauty ~ Love ~ yes expressed!

Looking up, rooted in truth! This cedar tree is in the front yard of my dad’s house, the old ancestral ranch.

Trees hold such a perfect kinship with us humans that we refer to our family trees, and family roots. As I continue on through generational clean up this week, I look to not only the beauty but the incredible strength of trees to help buoy me on in this journey. When you look at your own family tree, what branches lift you up and what roots anchor you?! As with so much of life, these energies are unseen but often hold more power than we dare be aware of. Yet, knowledge is power and by simply asking our higher Spirit for guidance, the voices of our ancestors, families, roots and branches will surface into our consciousness with accordance of what we need for our highest good. We are one with all our relations … those in our human family tree and all those who co-inhabit our gorgeous planet home.

Here is a sacred moment from our Leaping Literacy Online Member Library:
Sacred Moment Celebration: Redwood Trees Family Ring
Running Time: 1:25
Password: SMCRT2

As I was making baby steps in the Leaping Literacy Membership Library revisions and navigations this last week, I was reminded of the strong presence of nature and trees in our offerings. Our Living Green section is chock full of ways to live a more mindful, low impact existence on our Mother. And there are many Sacred Moment Celebrations of trees. You can look at an overview of some of our videos here.

Lots of Tree Celebrations on the Free Shelf this week!
Lots of Tree Celebrations on the Free Shelf this week!

Of course, I hope our Leaping Literacy offerings can serve you and yours but if so and if not, may you be blessed in this moment to take a mindful deep dive into your roots and a deep breath into the expanse of your branches ~ for sometimes, what is calling you back is also calling you forward!

My old (5th grade +++) clarinet playing happy notes in between pages!
My old (5th grade +++) clarinet playing happy notes in between pages!

For my part, I have been in my creative flows that sustain me and confirm my purpose. In celebration of all of that, and of trees and family, I returned to one of my oldest (and best?!) stories this last week. I performed it Sunday night and it was mm mmm good ~ for all of us! And! I am re-illustrating Hazel’s Home ~ I realized that the re-illustration process of this story started and stopped when I was pregnant with Jeremiah ~! 15 years ago ~ whaaat??!! So! I begin again.
IMG_3018 IMG_3015 HazelTransformation
Part of today’s adventure is tracking down these old paint crayons to be able to finish this re-illustration project ~ helping angels, on the job!! And yes, I must mindfully say that I know the Library navigation et al would have come MUCH further this week had I not been doing all of THIS. Yet, THIS is the root of why I am here to share & explore creativity & literacy and the Library will continue to branch out in good God time!

So whatever family, earth, tree, or other celebrations you engage in this week, may you feel rooted in Love, connected to all, hugged in all ways by life’s infinite branches of isness. Remember, when you hug, you get one back! Here’s a hug of Love for you with our Hugs video … Namaste, Love!

How Many Hugs? Music Video
Running Time: 1:25
Password: SingHugs

Reserve your family's cabin by 5/15!
Reserve your family’s cabin by 5/15!


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