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Vibrating Voices …

The thoughts we think and the words we speak ... in our hands! ~More about young Carter's affirmations below.
The thoughts we think and the words we speak … in our hands!

Namaste vibrant, vibrating voices of past & present ~ vocal stewards of life, Love & light, home, heart & happiness!

As told last week, I continue sorting through ancestral voices of the past, integrating present awareness’ and listening, ever listening to the whisperings that call me forward. In the ongoing clean up and clean out of the old home & store, I elbow greased this magnificent piece of the past into the gift of our present:

Ah, the power of lemon oil brings back the old shine! Gorgeous old wood ~ and stories ~ resurrected!
Ah, the power of lemon oil brings back the old shine! Gorgeous old wood ~ and stories ~ resurrected!

Among the other treasures lately found, are old words … long since printed and now re-read with fresh interest and fascination. My dad’s Uncle Al who had the store with all it’s offerings of his talents, had become a Christian Scientist after reading & following the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy & being restored to health. His hand written, 2 page testimonial is now in my hands:

On page 2 he writes, "I also realized that when I broke the commands, I was cheating, lieing, and stealing from myself."
He writes of many ailments & impending death of 53 years past. Saved &  restored by “god good”, he further writes, “I also realized that when I broke the commands, I was cheating, lieing, and stealing from myself.”

I am also now holding a series of home newspapers published weekly by my then 12 year old dad Harry, his 9 year old brother Bob and their 20 year old cousin Grace ~ a would be writer and teacher and no doubt the ring leader of the production. Called the GHB Voice, it was hand written on brown wrapping paper from the store and covered local & family news, a variety of features including fictional stories and cartoons by none other than my dad ~ really?! What a surprising wonderment in the legacy of our  family literacy!

So as you can see, I have been caught up in lots of reverent family reverie ~ and LOTS of dirt, dust & mess you can’t see! So, where does this leave me with this week’s Creative Spirit Families & our thematic Leaping Literacy Library?! Well …………… More words!CSFAffirmation
Our April PlayShop was Sunday and as promised, our young Carter brought his box of daily affirmations to share: ApPlayShop1Carter had been inspired by our affirmations to make his own. ApPlayShop2 His younger brother Michael helped! They didn’t have any mini rubber bands so they creatively used bread holders to clasp them. My affirmation clearly told me: CMAffirmation OH YES!
We also listened for the song of our heart as we made & played musical instruments like drums. ApPlayShop4 ApPlayShop3 The live, intergenerational creativity and heart sharing of our PlayShops continues to inspire my slowly emerging vision of the Leaping Literacy Library integration of traditional and spiritual voices of body, mind, Spirit. This is National Library Week so I was going to unveil some new navigation of our Online Library but I instead gave my elbow grease to the old dining table … and! I am realigning and divining some action steps for our Leaping Library this week ~ voices for emerging literacy with intergenerational integration lives on! Visit our Free Shelf for Leaping Literacy expressions of intergenerational celebrations:Freebies

Our May PlayShop is coming on 5/8 and we are reserving sacred space now for our frolicking summer Family Camp!

And! I also heartily and heartfully invite you to take a daily Play & Pray moment with us at New Thought Families. Our Calendar for April has us … Thanks Living Every Day ~ Grateful & Grace Filled In Every Way! Grace Filled Gratitude! … You’ll find our Calendar here!
In words, voices, and Love in action expressions to come, I am working on a long overdue calendar anew for May with fresh family voices … I pray that all involved align with these choices! Yet in this mindful moment, there is just the gentle voice of yes, the pace of grace and deep breath gratitude … for beauty, for literacy, for voices ~ past, present and future, and for you. Thank you for YOU! Namaste voice of Love, Namaste!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

3 thoughts on “Vibrating Voices …

  1. Wow Mary – had no idea you were treasure hunting, purging and resurrecting family valuables… Let’s please chat soon. I’m selling the family home that I currently live in, plus looking for an appropriate new home for myself – and there’s stuff from 1969 when the home was purchased…..I need say no more at this point. Let’s schedule time to chat 20-30 minutes week of April 20..later in week probably better Maybe you can share lessons about the how to release “stuff” with love…. as for me, after looking at other properties that feel way too small, I’m developing a blog titled: “The Disease of Attachment”

    Blessings, Harriet

    1. Hey there Harriet! Thanks for being here. Is that Mother Mary?! Sure we can chat and what I can say hands down on the subject of releasing with Love is to let things go mindfully & reverently … taking time to put them back in life’s stream where they can be valued and appreciated … re-used and recycled with as little as possible being ‘dumped’ in a sacred mama earth ‘land fill’ ~! You know the saying, one person’s trash is another’s treasure. I also employ the angel network that are blessedly wonderful in knowing where things should go … helps me move with more ease & speed, the pace of grace!

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