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Gethsemane: Grace Or Insanity?!

The new continues to bloom in ancient ancestral soil …

Namaste Brilliant, Bright Lights of Spring Spirit Rising this Holy Week!

What is this Holy Week holding for you?! Yes, it is the Christian tradition of Holy Week heading towards Easter Sunday, and I am yet again visiting the Garden of Gethsemane within … all the places of (self) betrayal, questioning, agonizing, allowing and realizing again and again … the flow of blessed grace. If you want a fuller, metaphysical glimpse into The Grace Of Gethsemane, I refer you back into the archives for the post of that title. Though written 3 years ago, it really sums up the positive of what I could say today … yet, rather than simply re-post, I will add a few mindful musings more from the space of darkness I have been battling. Darkness and light, good and bad, right and wrong, asleep or awake, angel strengthened or humanly betrayed, it really is all about perspective. Laundry FriendRemember my scare share last Halloween?! My oh so ugly visitor in the laundry?  I had another visitor this week but this one I took to be way more friend than oh no foe! Perceptions of pretty? I guess! Lizard(And BTW, this one did NOT end up in the washer … she was atop the pile and I have taken to making sure the piles are shaken!) Sooooooo … yes, a word about Gethsemane insanity … What are all of our human battles about? Power. Will power. In the Christian tradition of giving something up for Lent, it is about that … will power … this year, I chose to let something in more than give something up … this self Love decision has brought about (thoughts and) actions that allowed me to release more pounds and inches from my body temple than previous resolutions and determinations revolving around giving up sugar. In the consistence of daily victories over resistance, I have indeed felt more empowered and in alignment with my higher good. Yet there are other dragons breathing down my proverbial neck some of which have left me questioning my sanity. I am reminded of Eckhart Tolle’s look at war as collective insanity and my inside viewpoint of our medical system has me thinking of some of its aspects in the same way ~ My dad had another pacemaker put in this last week which upped my nursing and caretaking duties yet again. The ‘system’ aside, there is my own personal struggle with having my own life and dreams lost in the caretaking of others, specifically my dad ~ in the midst of also being a single mom. I am surrounded by the sins of my fathers … mistakes of the generations and all of their unfinished business. And as I deal with their business, my own lists go undone. I have 8 new Peacemaker pages, in various stages of being ready for the New Thought Families website, some of them started years ago, and I was SO going to have them completed by today. Instead, I will just barely get the April Calendar up by tonight, pacific time … When I look at any of it or all of it, I feel a bit crazy. It is all service. To my father. To the ancestors. To the mystery of Spirit that whispers so many inspirations in my heart. And yet, I think the sanity for me in all of it is simply to ask for ~ and GET ~ HELP! Sound familiar? Yet, my angels are constantly here and helping, fortifying my will, my Spirit, my very being. Through grace, I will bridge the gap of insane suffering and get the help I need. With my dad. With the websites. With partnerships and intimacy. With any and all callings of my heart. Because grace is there for all of us no matter what level of sanity we are operating at. To experience it, we only have to be sane enough to allow that flow of grace and open our awareness of it. And just as Jesus surrendered in the Garden, so can we, in any prayerful moment.

Beloved, blessed dogwood is blooming outside my window again!
Beloved, blessed dogwood is blooming outside my window again!

And so the circle of life goes on … in holiness, in holidays, in seasonal blooms, in ancestral and ancient patterns … all reaching for the light, for the good, for the grace. For my part, I am pulling the ThanksLiving in Grace Calendar out of the archives for April and surrendering into the divine order perfection of allowing grace and activating Thanks Living. Play & Pray with us any day or everyday! This week’s Free Shelf has our Home Spirit Easter Celebration video and you can (re)visit our Easter Blessing Hunt too! And again, if you want more metaphysical musings on the Garden Of Gethsemane, visit The Grace post here.  May your week be filled with holy moments no matter what your spiritual path … may you know the presence of grace in every step, in every breath. Namaste, Love!

From Rusted Residuals To Resurrection & Renewal!
From Rusted Residuals To Resurrection & Renewal!


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