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Reverence Rocks!

Namaste Glowing, Glorious, Green Growing Beauties of Life & Light!
IMG_2148We are back from our spring break adventure road trip to Arizona ~ the state of amazing cacti, rock mountains, and THE premier museum of musical instruments! For any who are old like me and can remember the TV jokes ~ and real life too ~ of the proverbial slide shows that friends and family would endure after a loved one’s vacation?! Well, here it is … blog style in smallish thumbnails … sprinkled with this week’s musings …
IMG_2847 IMG_2856IMG_2858 IMG_2857
Cacti are such amazing expressions of Love blessed expressed! From the ‘trees’ to the spiney rounds, cactus in Arizona abound and I love every one of them I found! We returned to a cactus walk we had found last year before the St. Patty’s Day Giants spring training game (the team wore green hats) ~ the game found me sitting in our assigned lawn seats while Jeremiah and his dad roamed and sat in whatever seats they liked. I actually sat next to people from Jackson, our neighboring home town ~ and we shared some great memories of our old band teacher, Mr. Hill, who we had both grown up with and been so positively influenced by. Synchronicities! After that game, we returned to the powerful vortexes of Sedona’s sweeping red rocks:
LJ15IMG_2103 IMG_2213 IMG_2167
Maybe due to the power of the rocks and the spiney cactus too ~ or probably mostly just the natural evolution of the circle of life, I declared this to be our last alternative family vacation with Jeremiah’s dad. With Jeremiah now 15, the time has come for him to travel with his dad without me. Our styles are very different ~ from the way we choose a seat at a ballgame, to lots of other things, there’s good reasons we didn’t stay together! And I am naming and claiming the freedom for myself to vacation without him ~ on multiple levels. While change can be painful, sometimes NOT changing is more painful. And with change comes new growth, new opportunities & freedoms. Freedom rocks!IMG_2270 IMG_2258 IMG_2137 IMG_2136
Arizona is full of beauty and glorious rocks. On one hike, I found a plethora of playful piles ~ stacked up for fun! In the old mining town of Jerome, the museum had the above treasure among others on it’s grounds. We also discovered another amazing museum treasure in MIM ~ Musical Instrument Museum in the Phoenix area that would rival any in New York or DC. It was immaculately clean and spectacularly laid out covering every country and musical instrument you could imagine ~ and some you could not! We barely scratched the surface in the few hours we were there ~ there’s great reason to get the 2 day admission pass they offer!
IMG_2609There were sections of instruments that covered many countries like bagpipes and the pipe organ room. There was also a section for every country that not only had instruments but videos of native peoples playing the instruments ~ sometimes with dances, parades, rituals. What a beautiful bird’s eye view into the world!
IMG_2707IMG_2709    IMG_2655 IMG_2656
One of my favorite exhibits was the recycled orchestra with instruments made from trash. While they looked funky, they sounded like the real thing ~ and then some! I will re-visit this with more detail and credits. For now, look for visionary music teacher and creator Favio Chavez from Cateura, Paraguay. Perhaps there are YouTube videos we can find to experience this reverie of musical recycling! Saty fine tuned for more on this inspiration of living green, reverent of the resources at hand …
IMG_2659IMG_2844 Jeremiah is pictured at MIM with the Octobass. I took a video from the demo we were blessed to experience on our short visit there ~ part of the museum’s ‘String Break’! I will definitely get that video posted into our Leaping Literacy Library!Freebies
There are many facets of the Library still at work and play as I continue to navigate family and a myriad of life commitments. It is all about consistency and commitment, awareness and action. One thing I was struck with on our trip away is how hard something relatively simple like recycling can be when away from established routine. ~Another difference with my ex who doesn’t recycle! And me, recycling is part of my religion …  in reverence for resources, and our beautiful planet home. Like anything that matters to us, we must put hands and feet to the intention and prayer!
IMG_2106 IMG_2107
~ Filling and reusing a water jug on the road!~

As the Irish proverb goes … may the road rise up to meet you this moment wherever you are in your journey! For me, I am back tending to home ~ mine and my dad’s ranch ~ yesterday had me chasing after 1 of the calves with a blue plastic trash back someone threw in the field and he decided to eat ~ arg!
IMG_2871Breathe. Affirm divine order. No matter what. And keep naming and claiming freedom in every breath, in every step. I will close with your invitation to our annual summer family camp in the sacred Sierras. Name, claim, and calendarize some freedom, beauty, and fun fun fun for your family ~ with us ~ or with whomever and whatever calls your heart! Namaste, Love!
Freedom is the natural stirring
in our hearts … to fly ever higher.



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

2 thoughts on “Reverence Rocks!

  1. Namaste, Laurie. Glad you were able to discern what you needed to discern, and that you got to talk to the cacti, and go to the museum! That looks amazing 🙂

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