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Review & Renew

Namaste Miracle Mindful Moment Makers!

Thank you so much for being here. Greetings of sweet spring wildflower bluebells reemerging … IMG_1867IMG_1874IMG_1872 This week’s reflections are centered in silent contemplation … I am musing on life reviews and choosing which energies & commitments to renew … Unlike our fabulous flower friends, we get to weed out which annuals we want to stop blooming, aka seasonally re-creating! Yet the miracle of nature shows us the beautiful essence of what it is to be an annual …. these wildflowers magically reappear each year in all their smiling glory … sprouting from the Master Gardner’s hand, they shine the divine order of an unseen plan. So much of our lives and our own beauty are tethered in this mysterious circle of life.  Nature & the seasons serve to reawaken in us these timeless truths.

These flowers were planted by the hands of my ancestors and each spring they return to beautiful manifestation again!
These flowers were planted by the hands of my ancestors; each spring they return to manifest beauty again!

As I look out the window this mindful moment, my beloved dogwood tree stands bare with the first buddings of blooms just starting to show. Her bounty of pink blossoms will return and I celebrate them now as well as the essence of this tree itself. I don’t know the hand that planted this seed, seedling, tree but I send my gratitude to that hand now. I send my gratitude to all the planting, building, sowing hands that have come before me …

The barn my ancestors built still houses the hay for my dad's cows with lots of light shining through these old walls!
The barn my ancestors built still houses the hay for my dad’s cows with lots of light shining through old walls!

IMG_1818 I am heading back over to the ranch shortly to feed dad’s cows. The caretaking continues and the (3) baby cows are growing fast! I am surrounded by Spirit Love in the circle of time, the circle of life, that continuously lives, dies, and is reborn to bloom again.

BIG cow babies!
BIG cow babies!

My commitment to New Thought Families continues and there are some marvelous March mindful media matters offerings there for you! Our daily Play & Pray Calendar is flowing gorgeous nature sounds and waters … This is an adapted calendar from the very 1st one I did in May 2009 … perhaps it can serve you & yours with some playful & prayerful, mindful March moments! Our Free Shelf is stocked with water fun as well! (The dates are correct for this week!) And I have dusted off our old Peacemaker games ~ and vowing to finish some new rounds ~ for the Season Of Peace ~ visit the site and play Name That Peacemaker!

Leaping Literacy Library ~ Sign Up/In & enJOY!

No matter the season you are experiencing ~ in your heart, outside your window, or under your feet, may you be blessed with the sweetness of renewal. Perhaps, you can choose as I do, to take time to review and choose what to renew. Again, I am so grateful for your beautiful presence here and on the planet. What a blessing it is to be in this circle of Love, of Life, this circle of One! Namaste, Love.



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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