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Co-Creative Care

IMG_9280 Namaste Committed, Connected, Compassionate, Caring, Conscious Co-Creators! In this deep breath remembrance Mindful Monday Moment, I greet you in the name of appreciative awareness. Thank you for being here ~ in any given moment!

Born to grow, you know!
Born to grow, you know!

I find myself still in the thick of family service and spiritual parenting ~ for both my teenager and for my elder father. Though they are in totally different places in their lives, I find my job with each, as well as what they need is the same ~ unconditional Love! And so it is with all beings, of course. We each have needs and when they are met, we feel loved, supported, safe & secure. Spiritual Parenting is holding for the highest while doing the day to day and allowing the flow of Love no matter what. Though defiance can make for challenges in the day to day, the divine flow of grace is always available.

No matter what our age, we all need Love! Spiritual Parenting is holding for the highest while allowing the flow of Love no matter what.
No matter what our age, we all grow with Love! (Taken last December, my dad has lost 30 pounds since then & Jeremiah is even bigger & stronger!)

As conscious co-creators, we know that Spirit is always here to care for us and we simply have to keep opening and allowing the flow of amazing grace. In the center of all of it is choice. And commitment. As multi-dimensional beings, busy parents, and all around blessed busy peeps, choosing our pathways can be some of the hardest decisions! But that is why caring for others’ needs has a way of defining our road … Which roads are you choosing to travel? And why??!! Some of our journeys are steeped in ritual and commitment and some are adventurous new roadways. Where are you going these days?!

Which way to go?!
Which way to go?!

Some of the highlight moments this week included hosting a 24 hour birthday party for Jeremiah and a few friends ~ the 15th annual party ~ YES! These big boys played tag for hours, running around and hiding in the dark as well as a few very late night heated chess matches ~ how cool is that?! Also interesting this week was attending a war hero memorial where Jeremiah and some high school youth enacted a beautiful, student written tribute play about this local hero. As the veterans held their ceremony, I felt so much of their pain and honor ~ even as I was reminded of Eckhart Tolle’s insight on war as collective insanity. Even as we perpetuate a broken system, we look to celebrate & honor the souls who have carried forth what I see as the madness. Choices. I also brought dad home from the convalescent hospital ~ another place that is full of caring, compassionate souls carrying on in a broken system. And this last week brought the onset of Lent & re-visiting our old local Methodist church for the first of their weekly Lenten practice that includes a film & discussion. Desmond Tutu was the featured film speaker and he emulated his shining light while articulating his faith eloquently. He invites us all to speak our faith which I did, in part, that night. It was an interesting time of re-connection and disconnection.

Service to each other and to our own hearts ...  is in our hands!
Service to each other and to our own hearts … is in our hands!

In praying on a 40 day spiritual practice for the 40 days of Lent, a great question came forward from my Spirit, “Are you a Christian?” It was cause for pause. And a re-alignment of my faith; Christ was a prophet and great teacher of Love who died because of our sins, not for our sins. I would think many Christians would not find me one. I believe in the presence of God everywhere … speaking to me anytime from anywhere. So for my 40 days, I am choosing to keep remembering this essence while taking small daily steps towards professional and personal goals, dreams, desires, callings. It all seems to fit my ongoing interfaith practices and my 2015 resolution of consistency. As Jeremiah’s birthday party was winding down yesterday, I picked up 3 art pieces I had started long ago ~ and finished all 3. Yippee for art therapy! And the flow of creativity!

©Laurie Story Vela
Sewing Tree © Laurie Story Vela
Snap Tree © Laurie Story Vela
Sparkle Star Sea © Laurie Story Vela

On this week’s Library Free Shelf, we are playing with rocks! In keeping with the evolving feature of Releasing Resistance, check out our SoulPlay video of clearing the blocks! Sign In or Sign Up with your free Leaping Literacy Library card. Free Shelf!The free shelf has been getting stocked since the first website, Laurie’s Stories launched in 2000! Some choices and commitments continue year after year … until we choose differently!

Feathers Of Faith Family Fun Camp is renamed this year, Feathers Of Freedom!

Our live events are also still being offered. We are now taking reservations for our annual Family Camp in the sacred Sierras … join us for intergenerational, interfaith play & pray time! Whatever choices you are consistently making, may you be bathed in compassion and care … for yourself and all others. For truly, Love is heart and home at any age. Namaste, Love!  



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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