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The Breath Of Remembrance

Breathe deep and give thanks!
Breathe deep the Love expressed you are!

Namaste Blessed Breath Of Love Expressed!

In this mindful Monday moment, on this U.S. Presidents Day holi-day following St. Valentine’s Day, let’s pause to breathe in Love remembrance. Yes, we can remember inspirational people like presidents … feeling the love filled legacies they left behind or continue to embark upon. Perhaps you can gratefully breathe in the love of family, friends, community, nature … any Love that has ignited your heart and lit your path. So much Love filled inspiration to tap into! Yet, what I invite you to most remember in this moment is the Love expressed you are ~ the Love you are created from and continue to co-create every sacred moment whether you remember or not. So let’s remember NOW! Let’s celebrate the sacred!
SacredOutCelebration of the sacred is core to our New Thought Families mission and messages. As is remembrance. We are celebrating our 8th year on line this week/month … debuting on 2/7/2007, we typically put out a celebratory remembrance on the February day corresponding to the year … in this case, yesterday ~ 2/15/2015. I had several visions/plans for this but instead simply surrendered them into a prayer for further guidance and some powerful partnership. Below is more on how this prayer was answered yesterday and continues to unfold but here and now is our 2013 Love Expressed which remains a voice for our New Thought Families core beliefs of remembrance:

And of course, our daily invitations are always available on our Play & Pray Every Day Calendar!

So in the midst of our sacred remembrance this mindful moment, let’s talk about Love. What is Love? What is it to you? For me, it truly is the divine flowing through life … it is all Love! As Ernest Holmes said and we sing, it is Always Love! Whether it is an act of Love or a cry for Love, it is always Love. My own acts of Love for my father have sorta taken over my life the last few weeks. He has been in the hospital a month and goes home Wednesday. Logistically, this has turned into yet another unpaid job in my life and an amazing opportunity for me to practice unconditional Love as well as deepened self care. I rejoined the gym last week … I thought it had only been a few years but I was there last in 2008! Some workouts did me a world of good and even got the bulge to budge a few pounds which was a sacred celebration! Mostly, it was just an important body mind Spirit act of Love for me. For my father’s part, there are many aspects of his journey I could focus on … he is dying of congestive heart failure. He is not religious or spiritual and often very negative. He is a classic example of how hurt people hurt people. Yet we are doing some sort of remembrance dance. I am there for him to remember he is loved ~ among other things ~ this seems to be the one he most grasps. He is there for me to remember that I am here to be of service. And he and his situation remind me that our elders are not to be discarded or forgotten. I am also remembering to take great care of me and to re-align with all that calls me to do while I am here and healthy enough to do it. This includes healing the wounds of my heart ~ something my father couldn’t do; in part because he simply didn’t have the consciousness tools to work with. Thankfully, I do. So I honor my heart with all the Love I can. I pledge allegiance to my heart this patriotic President’s Day ~ written this time last year, I remember it again now uttering it in a sacred vow:

Allegiance1In sacred surrender, allegiance, and remembrance, I was blessed with a strong connection yesterday that may actually bring our New Thought Families vision and work back to our old church where we had a Youth Choir and an awesome Peace Cabaret. Those ministry days still play in my heart and I am open to next steps of service and evolution for all of us. The youth education director there is an amazing woman who knew Dr. King Jr as a child … her own father being a Baptist minister and civil rights leader in his own right. The synergies of our work are strong … despite the difference in our backgrounds ~ and our fathers! Yet, Spirit is always weaving this web of Love called life … stay fine tuned!

This week my Jeremiah turns 15 and is counting down the days to get behind the wheel. (gulp) The Christian Lenten season also begins this week with Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. I am meditating on a 40 day practice, not as penance but as co-creation. I could definitely benefit with giving up sugar again but I am breathing into something much more challenging … perhaps actively seeking and allowing myself into a soul mate relationship. There. I said it. January 2014’s PlayShop had me constructing the Vision Board for him/us and November 2014 had me marrying myself. Valentine’s Day 2015 had me full deep breathing so much Love … and yet as I dance the dance of remembrance of who I truly be, I know that I am deserving and capable of a rich and satisfying relationship. I have healed something in my soul that had me choose the father I did. I am pledging allegiance to a grace filled existence of tender loving care. I choose to remember I have a soul mate and I choose to dance with him now. Ooohhh …. breathe that in! ~ And breathe in your own deep heart desires, Love!

Breathe deep and give thanks!
Breathe deep and give thanks!

On that breath of Love, I bid you adieu until next Mindful Monday when I’ll let you know just what 40 day practice I embrace! May your heart be full of Love, sweet Love. Thank you, thank you, Love! Namaste.

If you want to play this week , visit our Leaping Literacy Library!



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