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Valentine Voices Of Love

My Valentine ... from me to me! ~ To you!
My Valentine affirming Peace at the center of the free flow of Love … from me to me! ~ And now to you too!

Namaste Beautiful, Bountiful Hearts of Love!
I am here this Mindful Monday full of Valentine Voices from February’s local PlayShop. My invitation to yesterday’s interfaith, intergenerational playmates was to make a Valentine for themselves (mine is above) and then to make them for loved ones as they wished and if they wanted, to make a Valentine for someone in the convalescent hospital where my dad remains this week. I will happily deliver these Heart Notes to the hospital on the wings of Love and splash some of these Valentine Voices here now with a few mindful musings on the voice of Love, sweet Love expressed and blessed …

The hearts of all were on display yesterday in most joyous ways!
The hearts of all were on display yesterday in most joyous ways!

I am in Love with what happens when we hold heart space for all ages. There is a synergy of all in a most beautiful example of oneness! And there is simultaneously a grouping of ages that happens in a sharing of similar life experiences ~ i.e., the littles will clump together to run and laugh while the parents will connect, etc. Amidst the grouping however, there is a strong thread of community oneness that fills my heart with the smiles of sweet Love.
IMG_1698IMG_1673 My invitation to do a Valentine for self was not widely followed … some did it, maybe a third of our small group of 22 … and most if not all who did it, did not do it first. Hey peeps, the Love oxygen mask on yourself first, right?! My Valentine to me was the only one I had time to make during our time together and since I pour so much time and energy into the event itself, I was happy with me for honoring me, tee hee! And when one of our littles blurted out in the sharing circle that she thought hers prettier than someone else’s, I interjected with her parent’s gentle reprimand, that I thought it o.k. for her creative heart to prefer her own creation and that somehow our society got off track in the self Love expressed department. No matter what our age, we are made of Love, here to be Love expressed for (and to!) ourselves and all others.
IMG_1691 IMG_1694 IMG_1680And yes, when we feel full of self Love and God Love, we have so much more Love to give others. There were some awesome expressions for loved ones:

For a cat loving cousin!
For a cat loving cousin!
Jeremiah making one for Nana!
Jeremiah making one for Nana!

And my teenage Jeremiah made one for me that had some beautiful words plainly written on a foam orange heart. The words themselves carried all the beauty necessary. Reminiscent of the years when we made heart walls full of Love Notes to each other and to the world, he so beautifully expressed,“You fill my heart with love, compassion, wisdom, and dreams. I love you.” ~ Jeremiah (to mom me!) Oh how we all love to be loved! Our Heart Notes video is part of our Membership Library and our 330+ Vimeo videos. I embed it here and now with the password, in case this bit of technology can deliver Valentine Voices to your heart and/or seeds of home Spirit ideas for your home! If it calls your heart, enJOY!
Password: LJNotes1

Meanwhile, here are some of the Love Note Valentine Voices finding their way to a few seemingly forgotten souls at the convalescent hospital this week:
IMG_1703IMG_1702 And what better note to leave you with than that … Happy Valentine’s Day! You are Love. And you are, indeed, SO loved! Namaste, my vibrant Love filled Valentines!

This week's Leaping Literacy Library's fab Free Shelf!
This week’s Leaping Literacy Library’s fab Free Shelf!


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