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Consistent Resistance

Namaste Mindful Monday Matters’ Hopeful Hearts & Singing Souls!
I greet you in the names of consistency, cleanliness, balance, beauty & blessiness this Mindful Monday moment in the circle of time …
I am in this deep breath moment bringing my yessiness to the perfect divine order messiness that is life as I know it this light filled day. In the week since our last connection here, I have cleaned up many messes … some of them generated solely by me and more of them inherited from the ancestors … all of them, I believe, as my soul ordered. So I give thanks as I align with the divine shine of our design. I am a grateful change agent in the circle of time.

At the hospital with dad last July.
At the hospital with dad last July.

My dad is still in the hospital; they operated on his hernias and he came through that well. The effects of his congestive heart failure continue to take their toll and he is processing more and ongoing bouts of anger and denial. I grew up hearing him say, “I want to go with my boots on.” Apparently that order is being overridden by another subconscious soul agenda. My sister had a bout of anger herself this weekend mostly at him for being him and challenging me to make more boundaries. The caseworker at the hospital told me to back off and let him be as he was, adamant about not needing help, as he is of sound mind. He is and he isn’t. Just as our toddlers are brilliant beings with much wisdom to share, we know that we must protect them and care for them in ways they are unable to do for themselves. So it can be with our elders. And yes, boundaries. I have been asking for help for months. Deep breath. There is room for all of it and for the most part, I keep returning to centered gratitude, sweet peace, and unconditional Love amidst the hospital visits, cleaning the old ranch house, feeding the cows, preparing paperwork for the lawyer, finding and paying his bills …

Service is in our hands!
So many ways to serve! “We’re all just walking each other home.” ~ Ram Dass

And the rest of my life! Parenting Jeremiah, advancing the live and online offerings of New Thought Families & Laurie’s Stories under the embracing umbrella of Creative Spirit Families. And yes, caring for me too … and all of our Spirits with the helpful tools of the Emotion Code, Healing Codes, Access Consciousness and light filled prayer and alignment with angel help & guidance.

As I reckon with the years of files and intentions for all the literacy work and the spiritual literacy of New Thought Families, I am publishing here a video recorded in the mountains last October. It has long been on the list to do a section or series for Releasing Resistance and I vowed to start that this January. So it is that I will offer it up in all it’s imperfection. It incorporates the release techniques mentioned above, mostly The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson and I am trusting that at least one of you may benefit from it. It is currently rendering at Vimeo so I will link it below shortly after this posts. It will be open access here for a week before it goes into our Membership Library of 330+ videos.

Membership Library! Our Elf Shelf Sale is good through the end of the week/month. Join us for only 25% of the usual fee for a year’s worth of family inspirations and spiritual support:

Join us for hundreds of songs, videos, eBooks and more ... positive, interfaith, intergenerational media for pennies per title!
Join us for hundreds of songs, videos, eBooks and more … positive, interfaith, intergenerational media for pennies per title!

You can also sign up for a free Leaping Literacy Library Card to experience weekly fab freebies from all our major sections. Here’s this week’s offerings:

Whatever mindful media moments you take in this week, may you release resistance, embrace change and know the depths of your divinity in every bit of it. Namaste, Love!

In all my messiness and yessiness, here’s Releasing Resistance with The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson :

Thank you  for the The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson !



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