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The Truth Transforms

The Light of Love & truth is always burning brightly.Namaste Monday Mindful Matters Hearts a-fire!

I am popping in to take this consistent commitment out of my mind and into reality … as I battle with ongoing bouts of ancestral insanity! As I have mentioned and lamented in this blog at other times, the elders in our lives have been an increasing challenge. Like many of my boomer age group, we are sandwiched between raising our kids/teens and caring for the elders. My father, in particular, has been mine to deal with with increasing needs especially in the last 6 months … as my teen Jeremiah so bluntly put it, “He’s a pain in the ass but he’s our pain in the ass.” And of course, that transformational truth is multi-layered in any kind of language.

Looking up, rooted in truth! This cedar tree is in the front yard of my dad's house, the old ancestral ranch.
Looking up, rooted in truth! This cedar tree is in the front yard of my dad’s house, the old ancestral ranch.
Pete Seeger singing from the heart as he always did!
Pete Seeger singing from the heart as he always did!

Yesterday, Jeremiah and I had a get-away and had some great life experiences highlighted by the great folk singer John McCutcheon; John, an old friend of both Pete Seeger and his brother Mike Seeger had many great stories to tell and songs to sing. He also masterfully played many instruments; the whole of which greatly inspired both Jeremiah and I. Before, during, and after the concert were calls with my sister as my dad had been taken to the hospital during the time of our short get away. He is there now as they work to abate the ever increasing effects of his heart failure. He will most likely be coming home again, to die, and to be again in my care as the one sibling who lives closest. We are hopefully, finally, getting some other care giver help in place.

My dad driving into the sunset ...
My dad driving into the sunset …

Just as John McCutcheon has played The Palms Playhouse every Sunday night of MLK weekend for the last 35 years, my dad has certain rituals of the farm homesteaded in 1850 by our ancestor Jasper who came from the Isle of Minorca. Every tradition starts somewhere. Some of them sustain us and some of them wear us down … slowly … like the consistency of water over stone, shaping, imaging, for what is hopefully always the highest good of all. The truth, in all of it’s facets, is always unfolding in the inevitable transformation of time.

So as my father dies more and more every day, we, the next generation are left with decades of decay. There are still mired legal issues to wade through ~ generations who died without wills ~ properties, bills, bonds, accounts in dead people’s names that my dad has been juggling so where do they land now?! STOP the madness!

Taken last spring at the ranch; cows and wild flowers are re-born there every year.
Taken last spring at the ranch; cows and wild flowers are re-born there every year.

Enter … family … meetings, paperwork … sorting the life of my dad. Cows are fed and covered. And I return here … a few hours later into my Mindful Monday accounting. In the messy middle of all of it, I affirm divine order. I have continuously been calling on and being aware of the angelic divine in all of this … I am at peace. It doesn’t matter that WordPress will say I posted this on Tuesday because I showed up on my Monday … repeatedly! How many times have I spoke of that on this blog? Too many to count. My renewed 2015 commitment to consistency is not about perfection. It is about continued reflection and regular connection. Deep breath. Peace. For all of us … all my relations … peace, peace, peace.

And I am devoted, dedicated and determined to find my way in this world with the gifts that are mine to give. Creative Spirit Families has a wonderful 2015 set of local gatherings and offerings for live circles of creativity and Love. And I continue my calling to sort out the online offerings as well. Yes,  I have my own deep and layered co-creations as reported here and found in the Leaping Literacy Online Library. The Library is open at a BIG discount as I continue to re-stock (and link!) the shelves. And growth & transformation are taking place in many small ways ~ hear the NEW voices on the narration option of our daily Play and Pray Calendar at New Thought Families!

Leaping Literacy Library for Traditional, Creative, & Spiritual Family Literacy!
Leaping Literacy Library for Traditional, Creative, & Spiritual Family Literacy!

And as I vow and re-align to stay consistently showing up for the callings of my heart, I know that gratitude is my way to stay focused on the good that is always present. I am truly grateful for this gift of life ~ even all my first world problems. I am truly blessed in countless ways; including you, dear one, for sharing this with me. I am so grateful for you. Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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