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Consistency = Trustworthy Efficiency!

Namaste Beautiful Love Expressed ~ Happy 2015 Mindful Monday Matters! Here is a beautiful friend I met on the beach … shivering with cold, this tropical beauty was wearing a sweater under his colorful feathers … I was reminded of how we weather out where we are, how we are …

As I sit, shivering, I commit to fit.

In this first few weeks of 2015, I have been re-centering, re-committing to what is mine to do. And you?! What’s true for you? We returned to our annual Music Camp for New Years and I reconnected there in a way I hadn’t done in recent years. Like last year, I co-hosted a Goofy Night Concert with a young & talented Folk Club member and through some divine guidance, we took audience participation to a new level! An old time member proclaimed it, “The best concert he’s ever been too.” Woo hoo! And I’m sure there were at least a few who thought we went too far but change is hard! Essentially for every act that was signed up ~ and there were some awesome, zany ones! ~ we called on one or two audience members by random numbers to take the sticky note from under their chair and perform what it said ~ or ask for a lifeline! Many of the actions were done as a whole group, through the sticky notes and also through colored beads each audience member received. The result was lots of play, fun, and laughter. It made everyone welcome and enveloped in the joyful birthing of a creative experience.

Jeremiah playing guitar for my co-host Mary Hill ~ I am there leading an audience refrain I kinda learned right before the show!

Yesterday, Jeremiah helped me host our January PlayShop. It was well attended ~ more so than our other 2014 gatherings, in part because one of our ‘regular’ families invited friends which made for 3 new families + other first time friends including my mom in her wheel chair. JanPlayShopThe theme was Release and Embrace with a Burning Bowl, Treasure Maps & Dream Keepers. We had some intergenerational sharing and a sumptuous pot luck supper! I had an interesting turn of energies in which I later realized I was taking the PlayShop way too seriously! While I am so called to hold sacred space intergenerationally ~ and I do ~ I almost forgot that for the most part, our families are new to spirituality ~ most didn’t know about the burning bowl … so when 2/3 of the group didn’t do that portion, I caught myself taking it personally ~ whoa, ego, get thee behind me! PLAYShop! Hee, hee!

Releasing pain, hurts, fears, judgments, yuckies into the Burning Bowl

We had some wonderful kids come with friends ~ and vow to come back so hopefully their mom will agree! ~ and while some were not taken in with my color chart for the Dream Keeper Sand Castles, 10 year old Colin definitely was! He took my color chart seriously for his castle and on a bird house too! Woo hoo!

Intentional Co-Creating ~ I love that!
The littles were playing too but what you see is the teenagers on the play structure!

The thing about holding creative space, is that anything goes and that is the beauty of it! Though our littles usually head to the park before pot luck, yesterday all the parents went too so that’s when I felt my energies being off … in the moment I self corrected by gratitude for all the good that was and only later I realized that the funky energy was me judging that everyone should plug in with the intentional offerings … silly me. They WERE! They were PLAYing! Ah, so goes the mindful, heart-full journey!

And so it is. While this time of year is perfect for reflection and course correction, I know it to only be effective through radical self acceptance, (yes, forgiveness as needed), and deep gratitude and self Love. Soul level Love goes way past self esteem so it is this level I am nurturing while paying careful attention to the body temple and the face in the mirror. My 2015 intention? Consistency. I started before Christmas with a small practice of washing my face morning and night and applying cream as I look in the mirror, singing, and/or affirming, “I am the face of God.” Just a small, consistent, affirmative Love In Action Step.

Leaping Literacy Library for Traditional, Creative, & Spiritual Family Literacy!
Leaping Literacy Library for Traditional, Creative, & Spiritual Family Literacy!
Applying consistency to my work is also at the forefront as I still strive to show up for my Leaping Literacy Online Library ~ more about that next Mindful Monday Matters! Yes, after doing 4 years of Mondays and giving myself most of 2014 “off” to come and go … I am re-committing to my Monday musings here … consistently being here at roughly the same time each week. Because. Because 2015 is about consistency for me. It might sound like a lackluster goal but if you think of it, our beautiful Creator and this gorgeous planet home we share runs on consistency … there is always air to breathe, a sun coming up in the morning and a moon at night. Just as children thrive in consistent parenting, routines, and Love … so do we all. May you be filled with the persistent, consistent knowing that you are Love. Thank you so much for sharing this mindful moment with me.
Namaste, Love!


Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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