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Boxes in the Circle Of Time

Namaste Bright Lights ~ Shining, Abundant, Blessed Boxing Day Greetings!
With December DeLIGHTs fleeting, here’s a merry message from today’s New Thought Families Play & Pray Calendar:

Affirm: I am filled with blessings of Light, Love, Peace, Joy & Hope!
Thank You Mother/Father/God for this gift of life ~ so full of beauty & promise! I pray to stay glowing with Light ~ aligned with the shine of life!
Shining Peace
Fab Photo “Candles” Thanks Greyman at RGBStock
Feel the fullness of blessings in your life and fill things up for others! Fill containers, boxes, bags with goodies or “re-gifts” & give them away!

Boxing DaySecular/Interfaith ~ December 26th ~ Boxing Day
Observed in Great Britain and some Commonwealth countries, particularly Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, Boxing Day is a holiday in which servants, tradespeople, and the poor traditionally were/are presented with gifts. The tradition is derived from taking excess food & (unwanted) gifts & giving them to the less fortunate.

 I love this tradition and of course the whole concept of giving from our abundance as a way of life ~ ‘Boxing Day Every Day’! And as we talked of in the last post, we are always invited to shine, aka give of ourselves, in whatever ways we are designed to do and capable of in any given moment! The darkness of the Solstice (on our half of the world!) and the candles of Christmas, Hanukah, and other holy & holiday traditions are seasonal reminders to know ourselves as light filled, infinite beings. Kwanza starts today so here is another excerpt from our calendar:
Boxing Day African-American Heritage ~ December 26th ~ January 1st ~ Kawanzaa
A seven-day celebration honoring African American heritage and its continued vitality.
“Kwanzaa” means “first fruits (of the harvest)” in Swahili.

As human beings, traditions, celebrations, rituals can help us align with the shine of our divine design. They can help us remember who we truly be. As human doings, we can get dragged down by the boxes and bows. I know my own ‘To Do’ list is often just plain unattainable and can take me out of my comfort and joy if I allow it so. So! I have come to know that most of my daily lists are weekly lists and that trying to define it all as naughty or nice is fruitless. Rather to focus on all of it as gifts, see it all with grateful presence and thereby embody the fruitful blessings so richly present and accounted for.

My personal December DeLIGHTs have been laden in service … much of it to the elders in my life … with 2 of Jeremiah’s grandpas filling up most of the rest of this beautiful Boxing Day. I am giving of my time and unconditional Love to these men who need me even though it does make me feel a bit boxed in. Yes, I do still have some internal conflict on how my days are consumed, yet I choose to be loyal to family while also being as true as I can to the creative work that calls to me.

The ongoing consolidation and publication of all my Leaping Literacy work is slowly coming together; challenged by years of volume, my limited technical skills, my ongoing challenge to ask for help & receive it, and the other family commitments that (I choose to let) eat up my time. Still, the re-opening of Leaping Literacy Library has happened! ~ In alignment with Solstice if not the very cool 12-13-14. And because there was no waiting throng of followers for the Library, I got to practice the unconditional Love, commitment & perseverance with myself … breathing, believing … knowing, flowing, and glowing! And as I continue to keep showing up to fill and re-link the digital shelves, I am offering paid Library Memberships for a very wee fee as part of the Shelf Elf Sale! Sign up as free or wee fee members and be ready to receive a 2015 full of multi-media inspirations!

Join us at Leaping Literacy Library! Become a Free Library Card Member or a wee fee Marvelous Member for a 2015 full of inspirational DeLIGHTs!
Join us at Leaping Literacy Library! Become a Free Library Card Member or a wee fee Marvelous Member for a 2015 full of inspirational DeLIGHTs!

So I remain true to these creative birthings on and offline! Our Creative Spirit (New Thought) Families December PlayShop was intergenerationally inspirational; our merry making included singing, candle lighting and affirming our inner light, pot luck supper and the big wooden candy cane craft project: IMG_3322IMG_3339IMG_3337IMG_3329IMG_3357The last one here is my teenage Jeremiah who hand painted life affirmation couplets that read from the bottom up:
Remember your roots but always branch out.
No need to march to your drum, jam to it.
Follow your dream into reality.
Stay true to you because there is nobody I’d rather be.
“Do or do not, there’s no try.” ~Yoda, 1980
Give Thanks.
Play MY Music.

This conscious, creative expression tethers my heart for the turbulent times I am facing with him. Like no Christmas present this year. Well, there was the one I had him wrap up for me from him. I guess that was all he thought needed be done in the matter. Everyone says it is normal teenage behavior. Yuck! Yet we are still communicating consciousness through our hormones ~ he in full on pubescence and me in full on menopause! And we pray in and pray out every day which keeps us both tethered in our hearts and sweet Spirit.

As part of the ‘sandwhich’ generation, I not only have the elders to care for but am (single) parenting a teenage son while I navigate the changing landscape of my own body and life’s work ~ WHEW! What I know through all of it is this: Spirit is the ever present, omnipresent light of Love and grace flowing through every decision, action, inaction. I am ~ we are ~ loved beyond measure as the Love expressed we were born as. Abundant blessings fill our lives and overflow our boxes.

May this time of rebirth & renewal be joyous and peaceful for you ~ no matter the circumstances. As you do any 2014 reviews and 2015 resolutions, my wish for you is that you deeply know yourself as the gift you are and the powerful co-creator you truly be. I leave you with a quote from George Bernard Shaw as I bid you farewell this bright, blessed Boxing Day ~ sweet Love, Namaste!
“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~ George Bernard Shaw



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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